Friday 17 October 2014


For me, there’s nothing more intriguing than when an accomplished songwriter and musician takes you on their creative journey of thought and events that inspire them to write music that stands the test of time and that’s exactly what Randy Bachman does with his new CD/DVD, “Every Song Tells a Story.”

The DVD portion was recorded at Pantages Playhouse Theater in Winnipeg in 2013. The entire performance is a smooth flowing, humorous story of Randy Bachman’s career and experiences told by Randy himself. With each experience the band goes into a short song break.

Randy starts right at the beginning of being a teenager in Winnipeg performing cover songs like, “Shakin’ All Over,” to forming the Guess Who band, writing his own songs and touring the US in a time of war, draft lottery, and hippies. He goes on to finally finding his own way in Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

Sometimes all it took was a phrase for Randy to be inspired and that’s exactly what happened when he wrote the hit, “Takin’ Care Of Business.” Another favorite of mine, “These Eyes” was an emotional song written in a matter of minutes while Randy awaits his dream girl. These are just a few examples of his writing process. The funniest story was a game between Randy and his brother called, “Got you last.” Without giving it away, it’s the story behind the hit song, “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.” Originally a throw-away song, that won the Juno Award for best-selling single of 1976. Did I mention that Randy busts Burton Cummings chops at every turn? Yeah, it’s hilarious!

The CD portion of the set is an excellent production! The first track is an incredible song called “Prairie Town” which is a true account of Randy’s love for music and how it all started. For being a live CD, the sound is amazing and the band is tight!

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this fun and entertaining journey with Randy Bachman and his polished band! It’s amazing how a thought or experience in the mind of such a talent as Randy Bachman can turn into timeless and classic rock!

The Band:

Randy Bachman: lead vocals-guitar

Marc LaFrance: drums-vocals

Brent Howard Knudsen: guitar-vocals

Mick Dalla-Vee: bass guitar-vocals

Track List:

Praire Town

Shakin’ All Over

These Eyes


No Sugar Tonight

No Time

American Woman

Roll On Down The Highway

Let It Ride

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

Takin’ Care of Business

Hey You


Looking Out For #1

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