Sunday 9 November 2014

Dave Flett ~ Flying Blind Album released in April 2014

Dave Flett is BACK! After playing in Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, dueling with Scott Gorham on the Thin Lizzy Tour of Japan, and a long break from the music scene to become an addictions counselor in 1988, (which makes me wonder if Phil Lynott and Scott Gorham influenced this decision, Phil died from a heroin overdose in 1986) Dave went through a stolen identity crisis which sparked his creative juices and it only made sense to make a striking guitar driven album called, “Flying Blind.” Dave is quoted as saying:

“Because I was producing my first new record in years, I committed myself to creating an album of songs which are each different in tone and pace - and which are all ‘familiar, but fresh’. I hope you feel I’ve achieved that for you.” 

“Flying Blind” was released in April 2014 via Breaking Records LLC with Tony Manna’s heavy contributions in production and engineering. Sally Novak did an amazing job collaborating with Dave Flett on designing the album cover, which is sort of a brain teaser and for YOU to develop your own ideas of what the artwork represents.

Dave Flett is a very skillful guitar player and has many styles of playing which is represented in this album, “Flying Blind.” The album kicks off in high gear with, “The Only Thing.” It’s a great opening track with a high energy flow. This is definitely a catchy tune, one you will easily sing along to. Three quarters into the song, Dave plays some sweet guitar harmonizing, giving you taste of some hot licks to come!

Tony Manna’s vocals are not over powering, really letting the music be the power house. The second track, “Walking With Angels” is an example of that. Tony’s smooth vocals are woven into a dark heavy rhythm. The song is about a guy who thought he was invincible, but has died unexpectedly and now, “he’s walking with angels, singing a song, living the highlife.”

“Stolen Identity” is the fifth track on the album and this is what Dave had to say about writing this song:

“I wrote the ‘Stolen Identity’ track when I found out that someone was trying to pass himself off as me,” says Dave Flett. “When that guy impersonated me, I had to do something to make sure all those good people who’ve loyally appreciated my past work know who is actually playing what!”

Dave definitely owns this tune and puts his heart and guitar strings on his sleeve for this one. This isn’t a revengeful song like you would expect, it’s more about being strong and taking back what is rightfully his! Dave superbly executed two awesome guitar solos for this song!

One of my favorite tracks on the album is the seventh track, “Forget You.” The melodic guitar work in this song weaves itself around my soul. I especially like the way Louie Vigilante plays bass in this song, also. He plays a little more prominent and lays down an awesome groove! My other favorite is the tenth track, “Greatest Story.” The first sound that pulled me in is the acoustic guitar with an electric synthesized background. The second and most important is Dave Flett’s emotional guitar solos!! Tone and sensitivity mixed with loud and in-your-face oomph is what I live for in rock music and Dave serves it right up in this song with two bleeding heart solos!

They say, musicians make music when they have something to say. It was a very unfortunate event that happened to Dave Flett that led to a very positive and creative outcome with this phenomenal album! I am very happy he was able to settle the identity theft and I am very happy and excited to tell you that this is a brilliant album you MUST have!!


Dave Flett - guitars

Tony Manna – vocals, keyboards

Eric Van Lugo – additional vocals

Mannfred Man – keyboards

Louie Vigilante – bass

John Lingwood – drums

Charlie De Chant – saxophone


1.  The Only Thing

2.  Walking With Angels

3.  Flying Blind

4.  Walk Away With My Heart

5.  Stolen Identity

6.  Drive

7.  Forget You

8.  Justify

9.  Kings

10. Greatest Story

11. Pound Of Flesh

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Review by:
Jill Maciel
West Coast Correspondent 

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