Thursday 23 April 2015

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23 April 2015

                              Spotlight: Get Hard (2015 Warner Bros.)

So besides my love of B films, I also like R Rated movies, especially comedies. I grew up in the 1970's, and spent a bit of time at the local movie theater. One day, my Father, believing it was a kids movie, took myself and a nephew of similar age who was staying with us, to Perth Amboy (New Jersey_South Amboy at the time didn't have a movie theater) so we could all see Robert Altman's M*A*S*H. I LOVED the shower scene. In March of 1970 that would make me eight years old. And to this day, in my book, showers rule! Take one every day, and sometimes two.

Most films I see advertised nowadays on TV are rated; PG. I'm a 53 year old mature male. Unless it's a story that is capable of being told within the PG / G rated parameters that I have an interest in, I have absolutely no desire to spend valuable breathing time, viewing whatever it is. I just don't. So when viewing television lately and seeing an R Rated comedy being advertised, I became immediately interested. That is until I saw who was starring in it; Will Ferrell. And I'm not the only one who feels this way. The man is very talented. That's a given. His choice of material at times, is infantile. That in itself functions like a repellent. Actor Bill Murray's been successful picking vehicles that can stimulate one's intelligence, so where he's not playing the same dumb stereotypical characters he played early on in his film career. Steve Martin did the same. On the flip side, Jim Carrey's career was sucking so hard, he had to play dumb again, just so to remain relevant. Serves him right for picking on the ghost of Charlton Heston. Damn dirty 'In Living Color' actor.

The premise of the new comedy entitled, Get Hard, is Will Ferrell's character wanting to avoid being made a sexual plaything in a male only maximum security prison. A strong desire to avoid giving fellatio in particular. Sounds like a major laugh riot to me. I can see comedy in that situation. Make it R Rated. Now we're on to something. Add a solid cast of actors including one of 2015's coolest comedians; Kevin Hart. The man is an actor as well. Did a GREAT job in this film.

The script, in a few places could have been better. The story itself, fairly predictable.

Warning guys … more male nudity than female. I don't know what's up with that? I like to vomit the cold beer I was enjoying when I saw it; another guy's penis. Right there in full view on the big screen. I overheard a lady sounding rather well informed on the subject sitting nearby me, remarking how it was fake. Will take her word for it. And so to feel like a man again and recoup should that be needed, a young actress name Alison Brie supplies eye candy throughout the feature.

Rating: For film I usually follow the rating system set up by the IMDb website. They use a ten star system. Uncle G gives the movie Get Hard, seven stars. I was entertained. More so than when watching previous Will Ferrell films. If interested, catch it when you can. OH … and if having Netflix, try to catch Kevin Hart doing stand up. Now that's entertainment!

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