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12 July 2015

Uncle G's After Hours FUN Movie Reviews
Keepin' up with Full Moon Features - Special Hulu Edition

                                  Devious (Full Moon Features)

Since I'm not in the movie business, I really am clueless to why the entertainment world does certain things. Example, why do movies that have already been released in one form or another, change names and with new poster art, appear like it's a brand new offering? I noticed a few of these when I recently logged on to Hulu. On the Full Moon Features webpage, second from the top left was a film called; Devious. The accompanying image art work has skeletons hanging from a tree, and in the background this weird ass face with these evil looking eyes. Putting my cursor over this selection, a synopsis pops up saying:

"The unusual Arkoff family faces off against a trio of treacherous art thieves with the help of their castle's ancient protectors (the Skull Heads) in a fight for their lives."

After reading, I say to myself; "I say Self, this is 2009's Charles Band's Skull Heads. I KNOW this movie!"

Original Cover Art: Charles Band's Skull Heads
Then I got up, and headed towards my Full Moon Movie Collection. Pulled from the shelf, that very DVD; Charles Band's Skull Heads. Once in my hand it triggered the coolest memory. Back in '09, I volunteered to be a Full Moon Features Street Team person. Mister Band was coming to Houston to do one of his famous Full Moon Horror Road Shows. I spent weeks before hand driving around the city of Houston, and dropping off fliers promoting the event where ever I imagined would be good; head shops, and places that was in the DVD business. The event comes, and Charles Band himself gives me for free, this movie called Skull Heads that he produced and directed. What an honor! He asked if I had it yet, and I replied, no but how I saw it via Red Box rental. He left, and a few moments later came back with that. What an honor! I thanked him of course. And should I ever have the fortune of ever being around him again, would like if he autographed the Skull Heads DVD he gave me, back in '09. Am sure he would in a heartbeat. 

Under it's original title, Skull Heads was a Charles Band produced and directed, straight to DVD horror film, that hit the retail market back in 2009. A movie that I think was pretty cool, but perhaps back then could have been overlooked? Maybe be a reason for a reissue / name change? A true indie B horror movie made on a shoestring budget, when compared to those that typically come out of Big Hollywood. Remember, plenty of movies with hardly any budgets, became cult classics. Made millions in profits. Spawned other films that also made millions in profit. George Romero's Night Of The Living Dead, for one example. Another being Sam Raimi's Evil Dead. As I type this, four films in the franchise,and now a highly anticipated television series with Bruce Campbell reprising his role as, Ash. In the beginning, these guys when making the first Evil Dead, were begging for investors. Sam Raimi and company made a horror film masterpiece. Proves you don't need millions and millions of dollars to make some solid entertainment, that people enjoy, and don't mind paying for. To recap, imagination (original - not a damn remake), people to get the job done, and at least some funding. Bills got to get paid. 

I have actually seen Charles Band's Skull Heads more than once. A rare activity for me. Am not into repeat views per-se. First as a rental, then the DVD Mr. Band gave me, and now just recently to refresh the memory, on Hulu. Could it have been Robin Sydney's sexy scene in front of a mirror that kept me coming back for more? I'll admit she is a pretty lady, and a very good actress. Simply, I just liked the whole film. And the Skull Heads themselves, are totally groovy.

Devious AKA Skull Heads, starts an actress with more than one Full Moon Features title under her belt; Robin Sydney. Popular nowadays also on the QVC home shopping network selling her own line of bracelets. I became aware of Robin's acting when she stared in Full Moon Features, Ginger Dead Man (2005). It's now a successful Full Moon Features franchise with several popular sequels. Ms. Sydney is also a part of Full Moon Features Evil Bong franchise. I of course am on record digging those as well. What can I say? I enjoy "R" rated adult comedy / horror / science fiction movies. That's what the majority of this is. Cool for teenagers, and adults alike. Independent films, made without Big Hollywood's blessing. Usually ignored at the major award shows. Loyal followers like myself who can't wait for whatever new Full Moon Features offering that is next.

Official "Uncle G" Rating:

Using the same one to ten star rating system the IMDb uses, yours truly gives Charles Band's Devious (aka Skull Heads) … 10 stars! As I keep telling Mr. Band, you keep making them, and I'll keep watching them.

                               Official Skull Heads Movie Trailer

Note # 01: The name Arkoff, is also same last name as a famous B movie producer of decades gone by; Samuel Zachary Arkoff (1918 - 2001). Worth an Internet search to familiarize yourself on his body of work, if interested in these kinds of things.

Note # 02: Devious was released on Hulu last month, and doing well with the numbers in total views.

If deciding to check out more Charles Band / Full Moon Features releases, a solid collection of Full Moon movies can also be found on Hulu, as well as Full Moon's new web series; Trophy Heads. The reason why I first subscribed to Hulu (streaming service) in the first place was because it offered this new Charles Band directed, web series. Over all Hulu is pretty cool. I have a small list of other programs besides what could be found on the Full Moon Features channel that I also enjoy; Inside Amy Schumer, the original Odd Couple television series, Moral Orel, and The Ren & Stimpy Show. Quality entertainment for pennies on the dollar. The Hulu channel is on at my house, everyday. Cable television is quickly losing its appeal.

Bonus: Other Full Moon titles that can be found NOW on Hulu (America's best streaming service) include; Zombie Decadence (aka 2012's Zombies Vs. Strippers), Haunted Hollywood (aka 2012's The Dead Want Women), The Disembodied (aka 2011's Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt), and Paranormal Casino (aka 2007's Dead Man's Hands: The Haunted Casino). Also, under their original titles, many Full Moon classics, even films from their ever popular Puppetmaster franchise. 

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