Monday 18 January 2016

Bigfoot Are Putting Their Stamp on Rock!

Just a couple of months ago Bigfoot were opening the stage at the Hard Rock Hell festival and wowing the audience with a performance that was every bit as impressive as the last time I saw them at the Rockers Reunited Southport Festival earlier in the year.
Bigfoot are getting around quicker than a rabbit on Viagra and gigs are not just confined to their native South Lancashire, in fact it seems every week I hear a glowing review of the young band who seem to becoming the "go to" act for festivals ( and overseas gigs too) with their signature blend of blues and rock.
On stage they are far from the static blues bands of old they have more energy than a bunch of Meerkats and filling the stage no matter the size of it while connecting with the audience those winks and smiles are making a big impact with the female following and in between generating sparks between themselves. When you see photos of a lot of bands in the news they seem detached or putting on the rock “hard stare” Bigfoot? 
Not a a bit of it, the majority of the time they are smiling and  are 
obviously enjoying every minute of playing, even making light of the large distances the job requires they cover. Like the bands of old they stuff the kit in the van check the drummer is safely loaded and off they go over the hills and certainly far away.

  I was able to catch a few minutes with the band backstage at Hard Rock Hell to ask about the upcoming EP 
CRR -  Fantastic set you must be well pleased with the reception
Bigfoot - Yeah it was great that everybody turned out so early.
CRR- I hear you have been in the studio recording
Bigfoot - Yes new EP five tracks
Bigfoot -
Last one we had four so we've upped our game cos we are so hard hardworking 
CRR - Extra Value for the fans!
Bigfoot -Same price as last one, if it does as well we will be well pleased!
Bigfoot - Should be out by the end of January
CRR Have you any teaser clips out there?
Bigfoot - Sort of there is a lot of clips of us playing the songs live
Bigfoot - Loads of people are asking "Can we have a copy at Hard Rock Hell? "   but we are still mixing and tweaking the songs .
Bigfoot- We taking time getting it just how we think it should sound .
CRR- Have you recorded any of your Hard Rock Hell set?
Bigfoot- We haven't but apparently the whole set has been filmed
Bigfoot - Yeah its a good one because we were all stone cold sober heehee.
CRR - Heh heh Yes its a help, I did see the big cameras catching the action hopefully it won't be long before its put online.
Bigfoot - We're looking forward to seeing it ,  before we went on we agreed- try not to do that ,  don't do this and  then maybe a bit more of that. Its a big gig Hard Rock Hell we wanted to get in straight to the point but you know its difficult and a couple of times I just couldn't help myself, I love it  I just got carried away.
Bigfoot - Yes and there are loads of our friends in the bands here so we said whatever we do we mustn't mention the other bands.
Bigfoot- And first thing he says was "How good were Massive Wagons" and they were so good. There's a lot of rivalry between us and I know its a business but we are all friends.
CRR- Well you are all going sell records off the back of those performances.
Bigfoot - We came off the stage smiling I couldn't help being carried away but it was so great, just carried away in the moment!
CRR- Thank you guys best of luck with the EP I'm really looking forward to it! 

The EP 'Stone Soldiers' is released on January 30th
Preview and orders from   Bigfoot "Stone Soldiers"

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