Friday, 26 August 2011

Classic Rock Radio -In Feature - Dave Lewis- author of Led Zeppelin: Feather In The Wind- over Europe 1980

Classic Rock Radio Feature - 26th & 27th August at 8pm -Marilyn Michaels interviews DAVE LEWIS the author of “LED ZEPPELIN: FEATHER IN THE WIND – OVER EUROPE 1980” (Tight But Loose Publishing)

Dave Lewis is certainly well known to Led Zeppelin fans, he's chronicled the band for over twenty years. His excellent magazine Tight But Loose (published 3 times a year ) is probably the best example of a contemporary rock fanzine Dave has written a number of books on the band.

His latest is an excellent limited edition hardback book which chronicles the final era of the band and their final tour .Excellent addition to any rock library! Sit back and enjoy this feature which naturally comes complete with classic Led Zeppelin tracks!

Hear it right here on Classic Rock Radio just after the news on Friday night (26 Aug at 8pm) and again on Saturday night (27th Aug at 8pm).

For more information on the book and the rather excellent magazine Tight But Loose (published 3 times a year) please visit
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