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Cristiano Roversi - AntiQua Review!

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Spot Light: Cristiano Roversi - AntiQua (Galileo Records 2012)

Right off the bat I'll admit that I'm not that familiar with Mr. Roversi's past musical achievements. This new CD was recommended to me by someone who knew I enjoyed prog, and therefore suggested I give it a listen. After the first hearing, I felt comfortable enough to invest some time getting to know each song individually. Ends up by doing a little researching that Cristiano Roversi is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. Facts like that always peaks my curiosity.

Roversi's AntiQua opens with an almost new age feel. Matter of fact it made me think if this was more a new age CD then a progressive rock one. To some of us anyway, there is a difference. I listened to AntiQua enough to think of it as a crossover. Should appeal to both type of listeners.

The CD begins with a song called "Morning In AntiQua". Right away I get this retro feel. Reminds me of a studio CD that Steve Howe and Paul Sutin did back in the 1990's called Voyagers. So even with the experience of hearing AntiQua for the first time, it started off for me with a comfortable feeling. Making the comparison is a good thing. My recolection was of solid instrumental borderline new age / prog rock compositions sounding as fresh today as they did back when they were first released. So something new and original to my ears that while being heard, promotes memories of yesterday giving it a retro kind of vibe.

Track two is called "Tales From Solitude Suite". I find it both unique and memorable. Broken into four parts, this song very much has a prog feel to it. Bernardo Lanzetti's vocals remind me of Broadway singers in New York City. Somewhat over exaggerated in delivery, but needed to carry the tune across the theater. A fine job. The rest of the suite blew my socks off the first time hearing it. Contains all the ingredients that in my opinion make it a stand out composition.

I find I have a slight disadvantage when listening to the third song on Roversi's AntiQua entitled "L'amore". Beautiful singing by
Aldo Tagliapietra, who also is credited for lyrics and guitar work on the song. The gentlemen sings in Italian. This American with Irish heritage is lucky to know and understand what English that I do. Still, even sung is a language unknown to me, the song is enjoyable to hear.

The next song is called "Falling". Broken down into two pieces in true prog style. Contains a really cool female narrative. She speaks of things that can take flight. Musically it includes the very pleasing sounds of flute and acoustic guitar.

The rest of the CD is instrumental. From a grinding beat in AntiQua, to the mellow closing sounds of a piano in the last track "AntiQua's Evening". With voluntary repeat listening, I came to dig the last half of the CD as much as I do the first half. Makes it a Uncle G solid listen.

Rating: Using the one to five star rating system, I give Cristiano Roversi's - AntiQua - 5 stars. When looking for something different or off the beaten path, this would make a cool addition to any new age or prog music fans music collection.

One more thing. The artwork for the CD was done by Ed Unitsky. I been aware of him for some time now. Is a wonderful fantasy artist, and worth the time invested further investigating his catalog of work.

Gary Brown
American Corespondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU

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