Thursday, 28 August 2014


When I missed YES’s tour last year I was devastated! I thought I had missed my chance to see one of the greatest bands ever formed, but to mine and the Northwest’s delight, they not only returned to play at the Tulalip Casino Resort in Marysville, Washington, but they came with a new offering, ‘Heaven and Earth.’

YES, Chris Squire-bass, Steve Howe-guitar, Jon Davison-singer, Geoff Downes-keys, and Allen White-drums, took their respective places on the stage. Picking up their instruments, Steve Howe started strumming the funky opening chords to “Siberian Khatru,” the goose bumps rose from my soul to the top of my skin immediately! Just from the opening song, one got a great idea of how genius this band called YES is.

For starters, YES played the entire ‘Close To The Edge’ album in reverse. The entirety of the performance sounded just as it does on the album, a timeless experience! After the band played “Siberian Khatru,” and Steve Howe came out with his acoustic guitar and started the intro to “And You And I,” I watched people in the audience fall over in their seats and react in the most profound ways. It was incredible, every note, every sound having a purpose. The complexity of the music tied up most of the players for the first quarter of the show, but Jon Davison did a fantastic job engaging the crowd with his easy flowing presence as he moved around the stage teaming up with each member as his soothing voice filled the open air.

After that incredible performance, Chris Squire welcomed Seattle to the show…’s ok Chris, it’s been a long tour and you’re close enough, nobody minded one bit! He announced the next few songs were off of their new album, “Heaven and Earth.” They went on to play the new, bright and vibrant tunes, “Believe Again,” and “The Game.”

Then, as if playing the entire ‘Close To The Edge’ album wasn’t enough, YES played the entire ‘Fragile’ album! They started it off with the first song on the album, “Roundabout.” The band was warmed up by now and cutting loose and having fun as the audience helped sing this classic tune. Geoff Downes did an amazing job on “Cans and Brahms!” The chatter around me as each song played was the realization that another classic album is being played in the entirety. “South Side Of The Sky” was just amazing! Allen White opened up this tune with a good drumming! Chris Squire’s bass leaped around Steve Howes’ guitar and Geoff Downes came in sprinkling the song with magic keys. The very first time I’ve ever felt good vibrations was during “The Fish!” Who can pull off a bass song/solo like that? Only Chris Squire, the master!

The rest of the show was just as amazing as the beginning, masterpiece after masterpiece, performing each song with incredible timing and collaboration! YES received a long and well deserved appreciation from the audience, everyone standing up calling out their name….YES…YES…YES!!! They came out and gave us two more including, “Starship Trooper!” I don’t smoke, but I almost had to have a cigarette after that show!


1.  Siberian Khatru

2.  And You And I

I. "Cord of Life"
II. "Eclipse"
III. "The Preacher, the Teacher"
IV. "The Apocalypse""

3.  Close To The Edge

I. "The Solid Time of Change"
II. "Total Mass Retain"
III. "I Get Up, I Get Down"
IV. "Seasons of Man" 

4.  Believe Again
5.  The Game

6.  Roundabout
7.  Cans and Brahms
8.  We Have Heaven
9.  South Side Of The Sky
10. Five Per Cent For Nothing
11. Long Distance Runaround
12. The Fish
13. Mood For A Day
14. Heart Of The Sunrise


I've Seen All Good People
Starship Trooper

Review By:
Jill Maciel/West Coast Correspondent

Photos By:
Scott Banning


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