Friday 13 February 2015

Music_Beginning Stages_Making a Demo

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13 Feb 2015

*Music - Beginning Stages - Making a Demo*

All these great classic rock songs we play everyday here had a beginning. I read in interviews before that some musicians equate writing a song, to giving birth. An experience that I'll never to be able to describe what it's like. Giving birth that is. Writing a song...check. My first one. Only took 53 years for it to happen. Long story short, was only weeks ago that I took a keyboard out of a closet we had, plugged it in, and after several sessions, I finished composing my first musical composition.

So I made a DEMO

The next step having completed the demo, would be to record it properly, in a real recording studio. Having the demo, takes the possibility up a notch. Hopes would be to sell the finished number on iTunes, and then have fun traveling the country-side performing the ditty in concert. And a song in demo form is usually where it all begins. So without further ado, here's mine.

Published on YouTube Feb 8, 2015

Song Title: Uncle G's Theme
a. Playful Demons
b. The Trudge

Composed and performed by Gary Brown
Musical Instrument Used: A 1990's Casio CA-110
Recorded in the Brown's home office / music room, which is located in beautiful Katy Texas.

Inspired Playing Style: Thanks to Matt Elkins (Music Teacher_Katy Texas)

Thanks to: Charles Zittle (professional musician_drummer_local Houston Band; Generation:Landslide!) -- for when in it's early stages telling me it's worth pursuing.

Generation:Landslide! OFFICIAL Facebook Page:

If having an interest in the demo, and would like to chat with Gary, PLEASE feel free to contact him through our station. 

HINT: GB's writing can be found on the Main Website in the stations BLOG, our official Facebook page:


Twitter: @GBrown0816

* GB *

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