Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lionsex: Get It (Review)

Lionsex: Get It
Roar Power
Latest “Big New Thing” to come out of the UK is Milton Keynes band Lionsex. The band’s debut album Get It is a great mix of hard rock classic anthems with a highly commercial edge
Opening with Get It the band really do slam it down in convincing time. Straight away you can hear that the band have presented us with something we can get our teeth into (No pun intended)
The production is taut and tight and the songs stick in your head from the off. Of course it is easy to say that The American market will love this band but to be honest I see no reason why the band should not make big inroads into the lucrative American market and perhaps a few well times support slots could do the band a great deal of good followed by selected  headline  club dates . Make no mistake though this band are a band who can present their act on a big stage they have big songs the type that will fill an arena
Favourites? Well the opener  Get It is a Killer and there are another few great songs on this album that stand out straight away Like M.I.A. (Missing In Action),Rocket To Your Heart, Bringing Back The Heartache and the single Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy. I would also say that they will have to make radio edits of some of the songs due to the language which I know is a drag but in terms of the bigger picture is good for business but if they do that then there are a lot of radio friendly songs on this album and as such the guys should be really proud of delivering a debut of such a high standard.
Now get out on the road Boys and give it some serious stick and yes if you do they Will “Get It”

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