Thursday, 13 December 2012

Daniel Kramer: Photographs of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan in Top Hat Pointing in Philadelphia PA 1964 Photo Copyright Daniel Kramer

British Music Experience presents:

Daniel Kramer: Photographs of Bob Dylan


An exclusive exhibition of the noted Daniel Kramer’s work that offers the definitive image of Dylan

The British Music Experience, presented by The co-operative has announced that it will be celebrating 50 years since Bob Dylan first toured the UK this season with an exclusive exhibition of his time with Daniel Kramer.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Daniel Kramer: Photographs of Bob Dylan’ documents Dylan’s metamorphosis from folk musician to rock-n-roll icon through the photography of noted American film director and photographer Daniel Kramer.

Curated by the Los Angeles-based GRAMMY Museum, the exhibition features more than 50 of Kramer’s photographs from his time with Bob Dylan on tour in 1964 and 1965.  His photographs are a striking, intimate account of the folk singer’s metamorphosis into a rock star.  This photographic “backstage view” of the singer-songwriter — frail, almost androgynous, with a determined look in his eye — showcases key moments in Dylan’s musical career during one of the most dynamic periods in American history.

Rolling Stone magazine called Kramer ‘the photographer most associated with Dylan’ and it’s not difficult to see why — these seminal pictures of Dylan not only revealed the rising young star to international audiences, but set a standard by which all other rock portraits would be judged.

Curator of the British Music Experience Paul Lilley said; ‘I’m delighted to be hosting this exhibition. Through Kramer’s photographs we see Dylan, folk music and a generation undergoing a transformation. It represents a kind of ‘coming of age’ for a new generation, a new articulation for the youth of America at that time.’

Alongside the exhibition, the museum is also running a series of guided tours and events. On Thursday 24 January, in partnership with the English Folk Dance and Song Society, the museum will be exploring the London scene Dylan met through an event entitled ‘Come Gather Round People: When Dylan Met the London Folk.’ The Society's incredible library archive – the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library – at Cecil Sharp House will be providing a snapshot of Folk Music in the UK during the '60s. UK Artists such as Martin Carthy, Paul Simon and Ewan MacColl rivalled the New York Greenwich beat scene with a truly British sound – something that has inspired and engaged Dylan throughout his career.

The evening will also explore the controversy Dylan’s music caused amongst this scene, as some embraced the 21 year-old musician, while others struck out with scathing reviews.

The exhibition and events capture and document some extraordinary moments in our shared global cultural history, while offering intimate insight into one of the world’s greatest musicians, whose influence can still be seen today in popular British music and rock ‘n roll. 

Daniel Kramer: Photographs of Bob Dylan will be at the British Music Experience from Monday 12 November 2012 to 3 February 2013. Admission to the exhibition is included in the price of a ticket to the British Music Experience.  Tickets are £12 adults, £6 concessions, £8 students.

Guided tours are available at 12pm or 2pm on Sunday 16 December 2012 and Sunday 2 February 2013. Tickets are £15 adults, £9 children (includes entry to the museum and other exhibits).

Come Gather Round People: When Dylan Met the London Folk: (in association with English Folk Dance and Song Society) will be at the British Music Experience on Thursday 24 January, 7pm-9pm.  Tickets are £6.

Tickets and more information are available from

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