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Christine McVie to make a guest appearance with Fleetwood Mac at two upcoming UK shows,



Great news for rockers!!

There's sure to be cheers echoing around with the news that Fleetwood Mac will welcome former singer Christine McVie back into their line-up for two upcoming concerts, 15 years after she quit the group 

She's kept a low profile since leaving the band in 1998, but  recently confessed she would consider coming out of retirement to join her former band-mates back onstage.

She said, "If they wanted me to, I might pop back onstage when they're in London just to do a little duet or something like that."

  This prompted Fleetwood Mac to get in touch -

Stevie Nicks has confirmed that Christine  will make a guest appearance with Fleetwood Mac at two of their upcoming UK shows

 Christine has attended several Mac shows since retiring but hadn’t taken to the stage with  Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and ex-husband John McVie.

Now Stevie says  “She’s going to come and do a song on the second two shows. I think it will probably be Don’t Stop. I don’t know – but she’s coming to Ireland to rehearse with us.”

It's not been clarified which two out of the eight  Fleetwood Mac  shows she referred to, although it’s likely to be their appearances in London on September 24 and 25.

It’s also probably not likely that she will make guest appearances further afield

  (oh but we can hope can't we? )

Stevie says she didn’t realise how much her co-singer brought to the band until she’d left. “From the very beginning, we made a pact that we would be a force of nature together – and we were.
“We had a lot of power when there were two of us. That wasn’t really so noticeable to us, because we just had, it until she left.
“Then I realised how much power we had when she was there, and how when she left she took 50% of the power with her. I felt powerless in many ways.”

She  had previously insisted there was no chance Christine  would want to join them on the road again.

She had told Rolling Stone magazine, "I would say there's no more a chance of that happening than an asteroid hitting the earth. She is done.
"You know when you look in somebody's face and you can just tell? She doesn't want to do it anymore. She doesn't want to fly. She doesn't want to come back to America. When she left, she left... She went to England and she has never been back (to America) since 1998, so it's not really feasible, as much as we would all like to think that she'll just change her mind one day. I don't think it'll happen."

Fleetwood Mac UK dates

Sep 20: Dublin O2
Sep 21: Dublin O2
Sep 24: London O2 Arena
Sep 25: London O2 Arena
Sep 27: London O2 Arena
Sep 29: Birmingham LG Arena
Oct 01: Manchester Arena
Oct 03: Glasgow Hydro


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