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Brian May - Battle for Badgers Update - MPs to debate on October 25th

People power is certainly making a big noise on the issue of the Badger Cull When QUEEN guitarist BRIAN MAY set up a petition in protest of the intended badger cull 100,000 signatures were needed, this petition as of today has now had over 158,000 people in the UK sign it (and that number is growing, if you haven't signed it yet and wish to do so you can sign it here )

Via a press release issued on Tuesday 16th October:

The Parliamentary Back Bench Business Committee, which met this afternoon, has agreed to table a debate in the House of Commons on controversial Government plans to cull badgers.

Their decision follows a petition against the planned cull, which has been signed by more than 156,000 people in less than a month.

 MPs will debate the plans on Thursday 25th October.

Queen guitarist and animal welfare campaigner, Brian May, who has been front-person in the hard-fought Team Badger campaign to prevent the implementation of the badger cull, was in Parliament to hear that the debate has been granted.

 “This is an important step forward”, said May, “The people have spoken, our MPs have listened, and we now have the opportunity for this ill-advised culling policy to be properly debated in Parliament. We have committed support from MPs of all political colours. We appeal to all MPs: please attend the debate and play your part in ensuring that this scientifically flawed and ethically unjustifiable cull of badgers does not happen on your watch.”

The decision to debate the planned cull marks a significant point in the campaign to prevent the implementation of the badger cull given the go-ahead by the UK Government, which has already seen licences granted for the slaughter of badgers in so-called ‘pilot’ trials in the UK countryside, and which May and fellow anti-cull partners vigorously oppose.

The Team Badger campaign, which was launched in London last month as a partnership of all Britain’s leading animal welfare NGOs, has continued to gather momentum.

Anne Brummer, Chief Executive of Brian May’s Save Me Campaign, said, “More than 156,000 people have signed our petition against this cull. This is not about politics. It’s about doing the right thing for badgers, for cattle and for farmers. This scheme has been sold to the farmers as a solution, but in fact cannot even begin to solve their problems, and may well make matters worse. The sooner this grossly misguided cull is called off, the sooner we can all get back to working together towards the solution we all agree is needed - and that’s vaccination of cattle against this terrible disease.”

 Gavin Grant, chief executive of the RSPCA, said, "MPs of all Parties must stand-up for good science and commonsense. Let's stop the cull and start vaccinating. Our badgers and cows, dairy farmers and animal lovers deserve nothing less"

 Robbie Marsland, director at IFAW UK, said, "It's about time this mockery of a policy was opened up to Parliamentary scrutiny and we look forward to science winning the day for badgers."

The cull is now opposed by all of the UK’s major animal welfare organisations, including RSPCA, Save Me, Stroud 100, Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting, Animal Aid, Network for Animals, International Fund for Animal Welfare, League Against Cruel Sports, Humane Society International/UK, The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Blue Badger, Born Free, Peta, and RSPB. .
(end of press release)

People Power is still very much needed - if you want to help further then please write to your MP . Brian wrote the following on his 'soapbox' page (see ) ''Now we have the news that we DO have our debate in the House of Commons - 6 hours on the 25th October .. next week! PLEASE help. This is where the real work starts ! We need to make sure every MP knows how strongly his constituents feel about the Badger Cull. Please write to your MP now - tell him how concerned you are about the misguided cull of badgers. Tell him you want him to be there for the debate, all the way through, and vote at the end against the Badger Cull. Tell him you will be checking to see what he does ! And that your vote next time depends on it !! Thanks!

Brian May at The Sunflower Jam 2012

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