Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Spotlight: Psych-Out Christmas (2013 Cleopatra Records)

So this CD floats pass my desk and does a safe landing near the home stereo system. Glad it did because it caught my eye. Good thing I have a pair. They focus and in the left hand corner of the cover it says via a sticker covered with POT LEAFS; “GET HIGH WITH SANTA.” There is even a picture of Old Saint Nick with a joint hangin’ out his mouth. I opened the CD and searched, searched, and didn't find any grass, except for when I later on went outside. Maybe an offer not made in my State? In very small print for my benefit the words; “Except Texas.” Why am I surprised? So I put on the disc and hope for a contact buzz. IF included, mine by-passed the distribution center. Finally giving up, concluding it’s more like a Bring Your Own Pot situation. 

My first time hearing Psych-Out Christmas with the sounds emitting loudly from three feet tall speakers, and I’m flabbergasted. The audio enters my brain cells, they responded in kind. I must have gotten soft, I wonder to myself. Most first listens to something new, and on the average, I’m more negative towards what I just heard. At the end of the tunnel that was near a well, I had to stop, look up, and evaluate. I’m impressed.

How hard is it to make a new Christmas album and not have it suck trough a long straw,  and made fun of? Cleopatra Records COMPLETLY AVOIDS THAT and does an OUTSTANDING job offering this exceptional NEW Christmas CD. Includes new, and all time favorites that when played at any Christmas party would be a HUGE hit. And that’s without the “adult” eggnog. Put that in your Santa Claus pipe and inhale deeply. That’s right…to the toes and then hold…keep holding…a little more….while turning blue listen to the kick ass guitar solo included in the bluesy Christmas Tears…and THEN exhale (snapping the selfie right then). Press repeat.

Uncle G’s Offers A Few Words On Content

Christmas Monster Party (Intro) by Len  – What a cool inventive retro WAY of starting a cannabis disc. Yeah…I know what I just said. It’s a line from a newly recorded retro 1960’s novelty record recreation done beautifully, howls and all. The non-singing track also acts as a cool bridge to an excellent cover of The Beatles Christmas Time (Is Here Again). Performed brilliantly by Elephant Stone.

Silent Night by Quintron & The Pussycat – a very groovy bongo and keyboard intro that stay consistent throughout this very well done instrumental.

Time Of The Season by Sons Of Hippies – they cover a vintage song by The Zombies that fits the festive season like a cozy pair of fuzzy slippers. This actually has HIT written all over it. If I were programming a cool radio station that teen and young adults listened to nowadays, I would definitely include this in my holiday play list. Like fine wine, good all year round. The Sons Of Hippies made the iconic 1960’s song their own. That’s the coolest part. Do a cover and have it sound exactly like the original, and I would rather hear the original. I mean really…what’s the point?

Frosty The Snowman by The Candy Store. Wonderful female lead vocals with nice harmonies. The song is classic oldies sounding with an upbeat tempo accompanied by a solid rhythm section.

White Christmas (Guitar Stooge Version) by the one and only, Iggy Pop. His vocals are so his own. It begs to ask who else would want them. Once you hear this you’ll appreciate a version of this timeless classic, heard like NO other version you EVER heard. If Mom’s being a drag, lock yourself in the bedroom and pressing the repeat button, play Iggy’s tribute to Irvin Berlin and the late and great Bing Crosby…no wait…a couple listens and you’ll LOVE it. And that’s all that matters. Now lite up, inhale, and vision the real meaning of the holiday…in 3D (really far out man).

Rating: Using the 5 star rating system that starts from zero, meaning IT SUCKS, to 5 stars with a meaning that it totally fucking rules, and that the originality and presentation are to the max times five, and to the tenth power. Psych-Out Christmas would be that. Nice job coming up with the concept and then following that through Cleo. Admit it, a Christmas album centering on booze, would blow chunks. Uncle G's been around the Corner more than once, and seriously doesn't have a problem with marijuana. Google that and find out yourself. I love this Christmas album. Been a while since I said that. It’s very non-traditional…non-boring….and appropriate for every pothead, Narc, and otherwise alright straight person who we live with in perfect harmony. And, all because we inhaled.  

Next Cleopatra, how about a Cannabis Valentines? Cannabis Memorial Day?  Cannabis Forth Of July?  Cannabis Thanksgiving fer sure. It’s all about giving thanks , and then eating insanely. Do a bong…eat turkey. And listen to The Sons Of Hippies, who just happen to be on this album. And everyone involved and their friends. Also, don’t forget to help out your other Brothers and Sisters who live in other States; Legalize & Decriminalize Weed ALL across our GREAT land, and all over the globe. Victory comes in UNITY !! Celebrate being naked, and good Christmas music. Pssst!……Psych-Out Christmas…puff puff…tell a friend.

Gary Brown
American Correspondent for Classic Rock Radio (Dot EU)

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