Tuesday 25 February 2014

Gotthard are set to release their new album ‘BANG!’ on the 7th April 2014 through PIAS.

The Swiss rock band has been at home touring the globe for over 20 years throughout Europe, North and South America and Asia on the back of 14 studio and live albums. Gotthard have collected multiple gold and platinum awards on the way, selling almost three million records and appearing at the biggest, most important festivals on the map of rock.

The dynamic boogie groove of the title track is also new ground for the band, reflecting their unbridled energy and pure confidence. Also worthy of mention is a duet with the unknown (so far) American vocalist Melody Tibbits on a ballad entitled ‘Maybe’. As is the blues excursion the band takes in ‘Spread Your Wings’. The final ‘Thank You’ is a veritable epic complete with orchestra and goosebumps, flowing against radio friendly convention to a length of more than ten minutes. Written as a tribute to the departed mother of guitarist Leo Leoni, it serves as a homage to mothers everywhere.

The first single from the new album is ‘Feel What I Feel’, a perfect demonstration of the group’s talent for combining melodic vocals with strong guitar hooks. These songs are set against a background of classic Gotthard rock tunes like ‘Get Up‘N’Move On’, ‘Jump The Gun’ and ‘My Belief’ which traditionally grace every album by the Swiss combo. All told, ‘BANG!’ presents a compelling mix that is sure to take its rightful place in the proud legend of Gotthard.

Recorded and produced by Charlie Bauerfeind & Gotthard's own Leo Leoni at Yellow House Studios in Lugano in the Swiss canton of Tessin, ‘BANG!’ was then mixed at the Dutch Wisseloord Studios (Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner) by Ronald Prent, who has managed to keep the Gotthard sound but transport them into 2014.  No wonder, after all Prent has worked in the studio with bands such as The Scorpions, 3 Doors Down, Def Leppard and Within Temptation.  

Apart from a standard jewel case, the album will be available in digipack version, with 2 bonus tracks and also on vinyl.

‘BANG!’ will be released through PIAS on 7th April 2014.

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