Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Aerosmith - Back To Work

It seems ages since the last Aerosmith album, in fact the last studio album was back in 2004 OK not strictly true there has been a compilation album Devil's Got a New Disguise but no bonafide new stuff. It wasn't looking too good what with the various spells in hospital for knees (Perry) throats (Tyler) cancer (Tom Hamilton) and lots of other stuff adding to the medical bills.
The continuing animosity between Joe Perry and Steven Tyler was making it look unlikely the band would be together for much longer and when Tyler fell off the stage landing back in hospital I was certain it was just a question of getting a 'fat lady to sing'.

The handbagging continued through the media with stories that Tyler was out of the band which were denied, that Perry was looking for another more responsible singer rumoured to be Lenny Kravitz ( Just checking to see if that was a pig flying by the window).Then just as it all seemed to going down the pan in 2010 off they go touring but even that did not go so well as Joe Perry got struck by Tylers microphone stand and then Tyler fell off the stage after a 'playful' nudge from Perry .

It must have been the final straw when it emerged Tyler was going to be a judge on American Idol ,Joe Perry was more annoyed that he found out rather than the band being told by Steven

So thats it then? well not so as of this week the band is back in the studio recording with Joe Douglas as their producer what will be their fifteenth studio album. Drummer Joey Kramer commented today on Twitter "One word bout first day in studio; Inspiring" Good luck guys

Checkin out the studio w the man himself Jack Douglas on Twitpic

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