Friday, 15 February 2013

GET IN TUNE with Min-ETune™ Guitar Technology Moves On!

GET IN TUNE with Min-ETune™
Gibson introduces the Min-ETune™, an automated system that tunes your guitar in seconds so you can spend more time playing.

Min-ETune is a small, compact battery-powered tuning unit attached to the back of the guitar and invisible from the front. You can adjust the tuning pegs manually or turn on the Min-ETuneTM to choose from 12 popular tunings or program 6 of your own.

A guitar with Min-ETune looks the same, feels the same, and plays the same. — it’s just always in tune. Perfect for home, studio and gigging — it even adjusts your guitar's tunings to match other instruments' with the reference tuning feature. This allows you to play longer without having to stop and either change guitars or spend time manually tuning. MinEtune is fast, accurate and can quickly tune your guitar 80 to 100 times on one charge.

Digital tuners that emulate open tunings are available, BUT because the Min-ETune physically turns the tuners, the system is always natural. There is no delay, no dampening and no dead sound — just the natural vibration of guitar strings in total harmony with the amp producing ringing harmonics and powerful sustain.
With the new Min-ETune equipped guitars all you have to do is PUSH abutton, STRUM, until the red lights on the back turn green and you’re ready to rock. . Min-ETune is a huge boost to the live performer, the touring professional, the experienced enthusiast, the beginner and novice player alike.

Spend less time learning to tune and more time learning to play the guitar. Perfect for the beginner – Min-ETune puts a variety of tunings at your fingertips. So you are ready to rock!
Min-ETune is available for the guitar you want and style of music you choose to play. In the mood for some retro rockabilly? Get the Les Paul ‘50s Tribute with Min-ETune. Digging the quintessential Les Paul but prefer a slim neck? Get rocking with the Les Paul ‘60s Tribute with Min-ETune. Want to get heavy? Try the SG ‘70s Tribute with Dirty Fingers and Min-ETune. Looking for edgy and modern? You will love the playability and speed of the Future Tribute. No matter what your taste, one thing is for sure — the 2013 Gibsons with Min-ETune will up your coolness on every tune.

On Stage
Does your setlist consist of pop songs in E Standard, grunge songs in Drop D, an alt metal song in D Standard, and a blues song in open G with bottle slide? There is no need to drag along 4 guitars to the gig with Min-ETune. Quickly switch tunings between songs with just a few strums. And it doesn’t matter how loud your bandmates are, Min-ETune automatically adjusts by sensing the tension of the strings, and dials in to perfect tune with an isolated piezo pickup that is immune to outside noise.

Sometimes songwriting happens right where the inspiration hits you — in the back of a tour bus, on the balcony of your city apartment or around a campfire. With Min-ETune, changing the tuning is easy, so when the muse strikes and you create that unique song, save the tuning in the programmable bank of the system for safe keeping.

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