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Spotlight: Steve Costello – Vol. 1 (Independent Music Artist – Steve Costello Music 2013)

Nothing better than being turned onto a new musician(s) that you feel is worth the time and interest. The music we are familiar with we instinctively hold so dear and is a pleasure to listen to day in and day out, but getting over-exposed can cause burn out. Besides, in the nineteen seventies it was said that, variety was the spice of life. Regarding back then if I remember right to pertain to either human beings eating or sex habits. Maybe I just missed the music option? Certainly applies. New music keeps us alert, and all the time while searching for some good, we actually come come along someone who is not only good, but more towards the scale of exceptional; Steve Costello.

Steve Costello is a musician that I learned of from CRR Dot EU's official Facebook page. Just out of nowhere I saw this post by fellow CRR Dot EU colleague, Derek Watts. Was a usual as cool write-up from DW, that motivated me to check out the web-link that was included to Costello's official YouTube station. I found Steve to be a guitar player who could rock the balls off a charging rhino, fifty paces away. The video to “Strat-o-matic” simply blew me away. Still does when I heard it today. A rocking, view speed ahead rock instrumental with in your face playing from all three musicians involved. Seriously had my attention, so much so I did one of my daily columns on him. From there it was to his EP that's a three-song instrumental extravaganza and the best thing you can buy on the Internet for three bucks. I dare you to find something that can find of equal entertainment, and especially for that price. Please know and understand, Steve's an INDEPENDENT musician. So much for the middle man. I'll say a word or two more about that before I'm finished. Time to move on to what's most important; the music.

The Steve Costello Band ( Steve and his other two band mates) is Steve Costello (guitar, vocals), Kevin Barbe (bass), and Robert Sibony (drums). In my ears these guys are tight. Every track on Steve Costello's Vol. 1 are performed brilliantly. The songs are all well written. The album is produced by Steve Costello and co-produced by Robert Sibony, who also co-wrote with Steve three songs on the disc. All the rest are Costello compositions. I went old school and actually purchased the physical CD. Same old school route when playing it...REAL LOUD on the home stereo. People walking past I'm sure could hear it as well. Has a proper rock and roll CD sound to it.

Track three entitled Lady Libra is the hook. The first two songs, 'Too Late' & 'Risk', reeled you in. Made you interested. Opened your mind as to what's next. This is what followed; Lady Libra. The first song on Costello's Vol. 1 that I stopped the CD, and pressed repeat. I just had to hear it again. Sometimes the mind can play tricks. Is it as good of a song as I was thinking it was? So I give it another spin. Most times I turn the volume up when going through this procedure. A great rock song with all the right riffs and attitude. Before it finishes I could hear a tad of Aerosmith influence. Towards the end of the song and before the chorus, it gets for a few seconds anyway sounding early Aerosmith like. A high-lite of the tune, I'd recommend riding that moment out some when playing the song live.

Balls to the wall, 'Lie To Me' takes it up a notch. Solid rocker !! Continuing in it's footsteps is track five's; Insane. Deserves radio play.

A song with a great drum intro and then a crunching rock riff leads off Prodigal Son. Like the songs previous, an infectious melody. Lyrics compliment to the point where they can easily stick the listens mind. Prodigal Song is a power rock song that like track five's Insane, easily deserves radio play. Steve's vocal performance stands out as does the music involved. Nice playing guys !!

Track Seven is another favorite of mind; Evil. In the groove of a could be Led Zeppelin song. Someone should keep the vibe going. Costello's guitar playing is good enough to be considered in the same ballpark of Jimmy Page. Another fine vocal delivery that just adds to the brilliance of the performance.

The last track is called, Took It All. A great closing song, that rocks throughout showing yet again what outstanding player and song writers we got here.


At around the four minute mark should you let the disc play after what you believed was the last track, you'll start hearing this gritty instrumental filled with sound bits and done so superbly. Reminds me of Kevin Moore's (ex-Dream Theater / OSI) work. When done correctly the audio sample’s and instrumental track combine and compliment each other making for a cool listening experience. It's just what happened here.

Uncle G's Rating: Using the one to five star rating system, I give Steve Costello – Vol. 1 – FIVE STARS!! Some of the BEST new up and rising talent I have heard in a LONG time. From here on out, I'm paying very close attention. Steve has the chops, along with his band, to be one of the best new rock bands to come out of Canada, since Nickelback (who I'm a casual fan of). Not as much pop rock, in which I think will promote longevity.


Steve's official website gives all kinds of information; lyrics, bio, contact info...the whole nine yards. That's where you find information on how to BUY the following CD that I am now STRONGLY recommending you getting. Especially if you're one of those folks who always complain about today's music scene. Supporting Steve and his band mates sends a message. Mine is positive. Has a classic rock Led Zeppelin / The Kinks vibe, yet sounding very 2013. Shows LOTS of promise. If you climb on board the Steve Costello fan band wagon, you'll have bragging rights about how Uncle G turned you on to Steve, all the way back in '13.

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Gary Brown
American Corespondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU


  1. Excellent review !!! Steve is like a virus, once you catch it, you've got it !!! This is just the beginning, you will definitely see a lot more of Steve Costello in the future !!!

  2. Uncle G, you are spot on about Steve Costello!! I met Steve in London, England in 2009 when he won a Joe Bonamassa contest to sell the most Joe CDs and he won a trip to London to see Joe perform at the Royal Albert Hall. I actually took a picture of Steve on the day of Joe's show (I am a BonaBuddy who traveled to the show myself) forward to 2010-11. I reconnected with Steve in about 2010-11 and we became FB friends and when he started posting his own music ("Strat-O-Matic" and other vids), I blown away by how talented he was! Who would have known such a quiet, shy kid could play like this!

    I then saw the 2012 video Steve did with Elijah Wood (not the actor) called "Somnium." If you haven't checked that one out yet, do! It KICKS ASS! Steve was 20 in that video and Elijah was 16. I was impressed by their talent at such a young age.

    Many more communications on FB with Steve showed that he was a humble, nice guy, who could play the hell out of the guitar and who have a wonderful, supportive family! I can hear "BonaFluence" (Joe Bonamassa) in Steve's tone, and Steve's riffs mixed with that tone just yank you off your feet and take you on a ride you don't want to get off of!

    I have always been blown away by Steve's sound, style, and creativity. In 2013 in anticipation of the release of Steve's independent debut CD (August 6, 2013), I became his Official Street Team Director. Check out the Street Team page on FB at We have 125 official Street Team members worldwide (check out the ST map) who are also spreading the word about Steve and his music.

    I enjoyed your review of "Steve Costello Vol. 1" because I totally agree with what you said and am so happy you love his music and are spreading the word. As an independent artist, to have this tight of a debut CD is impressive indeed.

    My fav song is Lady Libra, oh wait, I mean it's Evil, no, ummmm, it's Took It All, wait-wait, ummm it's Prodigal So! Damn! They are all so good I love 'em all!

    Keep up the good work Uncle G and hopefully we'll see you "LIKE" Steve's pages AND may see you at a show one day soon!