Monday, 7 October 2013

Protomythos New Concept Album 

After writing and recording at home for several years Israeli musician Tom Treivish decided to take his material to the next level and record a concept album that centers on a subject close to his heart......Animal rights!

After contacting producer Noam Akrabi in 2011, they began to consolidate the songs into "In Human Sight", a rock concept album comprising of 10 original songs that stray away from the mainstream while remaining accessible and engaging

Protomythos' debut album In Human Sight,  was released on August 27,  and is a concept album that deals with the human perception of the lives of animals, and contains 10 songs of varied styles, including progressive rock, hard rock and more.

In Human Sight deals with Animal treatment and animal rights today and is meant to serve as a voice for the voiceless
20% of the album's profits will be donated to animal rights organizations.


1. In Human Sight
2. Cage Bound
3. House Of Slaughter
4. Inside A Square
5. The Blind Spot
6. Condiments And Blood
7. Science Moved On
8. Part Of The Fold
9. We Beed For real
10. Voiceless

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