Wednesday 30 October 2013

Drums that crackle with life and bristle with energy

Most if not all drummers will customize their kit to some extent, there is no reason to have a plain vanilla when you can get creative. Metal flake shells, printed faces, even glowing sticks(watch out for our Xmas Suggestions) all make a statement about the owner and help generate extra interest with the audience. When you get to lighting well I have yet to see anything as eyecatching as this kit from Chequerplate Drums. Starting with the Lightening Snare the plasma effect is just incredible, 2.2 million volts from an electron beam accelerator generate plasma lightning through the transparent shell of the snare, colour changing leds accent the crackling energy pulses - do not worry though this is not going to crisp up your percussionist the system is very safe.

If that does not get some attention, then the house lights need dimming,now your other drums need something to make them stand out so more LEDs in the focused Lug units to make the shells glow obviously this works with transparent acrylic shells where the whole shell and the heads glow in a changing array of green purple blue and red or maybe just a single colour with the added option of strobe fade or flash effects.

Not to leave out the cymbals a smart collar on the stand reflects the LEDs giving a pool of light further enhancing the drum area and the underside of the metal becomes a glowing saucer.

So now you have an island of light but that is not the final word the connecting bars and stands can be given the same treatment as the snare so the whole kit appears to crackle with energy. Time to start saving your cash, who knows what other enhancements the Drum Wizards can be mixing up in their lighting cauldron, whatever it is you are bound to get noticed sat in a castle of power glowing like a Demon.

Chequerplate Drums website

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