Friday, 4 October 2013

Classic Rock Radio Dot EU New CD Review
Spotlight: Levin Minnemann Rudess – Levin Minnemann Rudess (2013 Lazy Bone Recordings)

Immediately upon finding out that Lazy Bone Recordings was taking pre-sale orders for the up and coming Levin Minnemann Rudess CD they were getting close to releasing, I gladly handed over my credit card details ,  and then proceeded to wait till it would arrive in my mailbox. I ordered the LMR Special Edition CD at a very reasonable price. Included would be a DVD. An incentive to pre-order was that the first however many who ordered would receive theirs signed by all three musicians. As a part time hobby I collect autographs. Already having Tony's from the 2011 Lazy Bone Recordings release of Levin Torn White, for me it meant picking up Jordan's and Marco's. What was not to like about that?

Tony Levin: I got turned on to Mr Levin's playing while he was recording with Alice Cooper. Tony's a stupendous bass player. Has performed with some of the best musicians to walk the planet including Peter Gabriel, and the late John Lennon. I personally saw him play in concert on two occasions. Once in New Orleans with King Crimson, and another time at what is now the ever famous Lakewood Church in Houston, with prog-rock giants Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, and Howe.

Marco Minnemann: I met Marco here in Houston just this past August. He was in town with his band, The Aristocrats. The PR person before the show in e-mail advised me the guys would not have the proper time for interviews. So if possible to not occupy a lot of their time. I figured one topic with each player. With Marco I spent time asking him about playing with the reformed prog-rock band; UK. I had recently watched repeatedly a DVD of Marco with UK (Eddie Jobson and John Wetton) recorded in Japan (UK – Live in Japan 2012). I always been a UK fan. Was so impressed watching the UK - Live In Japan 2012 DVD that it made it damn near impossible upon meeting Marco, to not ask him about that experience. Regarding the rest of the band, I thanked Bryan Beller for always being cool with me online, and then finished up by chatting to Guthrie Govan about the weather. Imagine what I cold have done with being able to address two topics.

Jordan Rudess: I only saw Jordan perform once, and that being with his band Dream Theater. They were touring what is now one of Uncle G's favorite Dream Theater albums; Systematic Chaos (2007). One of the tightest rock shows I ever seen performed. This band definitely had their shit together. An excellent set list of what was then past and present material guaranteed for an excellent time. Dream Theater on that night worked the Houston audience into a tizzy.
Levin Minnemann Rudess – Levin Minnemann Rudess (2013 Lazy Bone Recordings)

Rating: Using the one to five star rating system, I give Levin Minnemann Rudess – LMR 5 stars!! Nearly all instrumental. It's prog-rock...rock-fusion at it's best. Great to play at parties, or when humping your best friend. If already familiar with these three gentleman’s work then when playing, one won't be surprised by how good it is. All three receive equal credit for the production. Fourteen songs total. Worth every penny paid. The DVD by the way, is worth repeat watches. It's been charting since released. Obviously I'm not the only one with this opinion.

Gary Brown
American Corespondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU

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