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Days Of Ukraine In The UK - Festival in London 17th - 19th October


Fancy something a bit different to do ? London will be enjoying a taste of the Ukraine when The Days of Ukraine  In The UK Festival hits the heart of London for the very first time later this month.

This three-day  festival  which will  celebrate Ukrainian culture, is being organised by charity  *The Firtash Foundation,  with the support of  Group DF, an international group of companies based in Ukraine.

It will run on 17-19 October 2013. There will be a real multitude of events including a free concert and fair at Potters Field Park (by Tower Bridge) on 19 October. A stage will host a series of Ukrainian music groups led by Ukranian 'rock legend' Oleg Skrypka    (pictured below ) who I met on a recent press trip to Kiev.

  Oleg Skrypka

The  various festival events will bring together Ukraine’s premier performers, musicians  , designers and artists. There will be plenty of things to do and see regardless of age. Learning some fun Ukranian crafts is just one of the many fun things to  keep children occupied (and adults will certainly be welcome to  try too!)

 Those attending the festival will be introduced  to Ukrainian music, arts, fashion and cuisine.  (do make sure to sample the varenyky (vareniki)  they are a delicious light dumpling and can be stuffed with anything be it sweet or savory!  I went for the vegetarian option )
                                          Varenyky are so more-ish!


We strive to promote Ukrainian culture, literature, and language abroad. Ukraine is a European country, and we wish the world to know it. Ukraine has many advantages over other European countries - a vast area, mountain ranges, two seas, the fabled fertile black earth, a long rich history, colourful folk traditions, and talented youth.  Days of Ukraine is a great opportunity to showcase our homeland to British residents, and tourists,politicians, diplomats, and cultural figures. This is a project that every Ukrainian can be proud of,”  said Lada Firtash, the chairwoman of the organizing committee and head of the Firtash Foundation.



For the full events program click HERE . Please note that some of the events are by invitation only and you will need to contact the organisers if interested in attending those particular events, email

 If art interests you then note that the 18th of October will see the official opening of  a Ukrainian art exhibition, which will last for 2 weeks 

Last month I attended a press conference in Kiev about the festival and can tell you it all looks very interesting. This will hopefully become an annual event but I think  it would be rather special to attend the very first one!

 To connect via social media with the festival on Twitter follow @UkraineDays  ( you can search for the hashtag #ukrainedays to see (and join in ) what others are saying about it ) and Facebook: 
A number of rock acts tour the Ukraine, on the recent media trip I took to Kiev I saw numerous rock related posters including top Pink Floyd tribute band Brit Floyd, as well as The Scorpions to name just two, so if you want to go further afield to take in a great rock show and enjoy a vacation at the same time you  may find the Ukraine a great place to visit. I certainly enjoyed it there!
                                       Just waiting to serve up the festival on a platter

*Firtash Foundation is a private charity founded by Dmitry and Lada Firtash. The Foundation’s primary objective is long-term and systematic support of education and culture in Ukraine, The Foundation’s priority areas are support of talented and pro-active Ukrainian youth, encouraging studies of Ukrainian language, history and culture of Ukraine in  Western Europe, as well as supporting  and preserving Ukraine’s culture and heritage,. One of the best known projects of the FIRTASH Foundation is the Cambridge Ukrainian Studies, which provides foreign students with an opportunity to study Ukrainian language, history, culture, literature, and cinema.


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