Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Animals and music

This poor cat was obviously forced to listen to The Spice Girls or something

Animals are soooo amusing, where would we be without our faithful friends.

My husky (pictured here ) loves listening to music with me and loves singing along to it just as much. (This is the same dog who has his own claim to fame, he sings duets with my friend Hazel (O'Connor) when she stays at my place during tours.)

He has a favourite song that we play on CRR , he just loves Werewolves Of London by Warren Zevon and is also keen to join in with AC/DC when Who Made Who is playing, anything with OOOOO he joins in singing with me ''aroooooooooooooo !!'' I also had a cat and horse who loved music.

When my dog hears me on CRR or anything else, his ears move and he puts his head to the side, looking at me as if to say '' did you just throw your voice Mom??' ' It's sweet as!

So do your pets like to sing along and what do they like to sing? I have a friend who's budgie went crazy and danced to The Killers. Bless our pets! Long may they rock!

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