Saturday, 12 February 2011

so what does this button do

Well, I have had my arm twisted, ahem, I mean I have agreed to contribute to our Classic Rock Radio Blog. Now I sit here thinking ''what the heck can I contribute''

Should I discuss the weather? It's cold (no surprises there)

Should I discuss economics - uh no! ( that will get my blood pressure to rise )

Should I 'talk' sure why not, it can give you an easy insomnia remedy :-)

Well listeners tuning in may be somewhat confused by my many voices and accents, they can change like the weather, but that's ok, it confuses me too!

I started life in Canada, and from there both lived in / spent a lot of time in many other places such as Germany, South Africa and Australia, in theory this could give me the multi-tasking ability to drink maple syrup at Oktoberfest while watching lions and throwing a boomerang... or maybe not!

How the heck did I fall into radio? Well I guess I work backwards, some people start in radio and go onto other things, me I started as an actress and singer , did a bit of modelling and then fell into radio and voiceovers totally by accident. Having many different accents has been a help in that I guess. Valley girl one moment, plummy BBC tones the next, and various others inbetween.

Have I mentioned how thrilled I am to be involved with Classic Rock Radio? Well I am, utterly and totally, I mean how cool is getting to listen to and talk about music..and rockkkkk music at that, and with such a great team too!

Where would we be without music? Well it would be a dull world for sure. Music forms us, shapes us, and even controls us, ever noticed how some songs are like literal hypnosis? Music can make or break our mood, it can bring back memories both good and bad.

As I write this Queen's We Will Rock You is playing On Classic Rock Radio, which reminds me of the stage musical of same title, have you seen it? I saw it in London some years ago and loved it, if you get the chance to see it you really should. It was on in Manchester not that long ago but I didn't get chance to see it again, drats!

I love a wide range of music, from opera and classical right through to rock and metal. This used to confuse my father a great deal as I could be listening to Mozart one moment and Metallica the next.

anyway, that's enough from me for now, now I must see if this button does what it says and 'posts' we go!

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  1. Well I can remember that we met at a voice over recording session. Should I say when? er well maybe I will save your blushes but suffice to say we were both very much younger (Possibly just out of school....Infants school that is ha ha )
    Anyway glad you are working here too.