Friday, 11 February 2011

End Of A Busy Week!!!

Well here I am at the end of a very busy week. I have been writing sleeve notes for a couple of forthcoming releases for a record company. The releases in question are by a band called Night. Night was an American based band which actually came together ot of a loose grouping of musicians who met up to play at The Bridge House in London. they started under the name of Filthy McNasty and subsequently changed their name to Night; probably a good decision in the end.

The band featured a number of old hands in Chris Thompson former vocalist and front man for Manfred Mann's Earthband and Nicky Hopkins a very very famous keyboard player who made his name playing for Screaming Lord Sutch, The Rolling Stones, The Jeff Beck group and Quicksilver Messenger Service amongst many many others. Other members of the band were vocalsit Stevie Lange a fantastic vocalist and guitarist Robbie McIntosh who at the time had just finished a stint with The Foster Brothers who had recorded one album for Elton John's Rocket records label. He would go on to enjoy massive success with the Pretenders and Paul McCartney's band. He did along with the other members of Night however taste success with the bands debut self titled album and a couple of hit singles in Hot Summer Nights and If You Remember Me which some of you may remember from the John Voight film The Champ.

Anyway the bands two albums are coming out with bonus tracks and sleeve notes by yours truly. I have also recorded a podcast and interview with Chris Thompson who talks about the two albums and takes us through the history of the band so look out for that on the CRR website

I have also been working on two albums from Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe. The first to be released is the self titkled debut album upgraded to include a second disc with rare mixes and live tracs and the second is a live album from the bands only tour. I have been Executive Producer on both those albums and the recenltly released Yes UNION DVD/CD package and believe me these three releases have taken almost two years to put together and there was so much to do in order to get them out and finished. Hopefully though the Yes fan base will love them. The response so far to the UNION has been really good thankfully which is really good after all the time spent on them. You can check out the Union set here

Finally this past week has been a sad one for me because as I am sure you will have heard by now Gary Moore died last Sunday. At Classic Rock Radio we played an extended tribute to one of my favourite guitarists featuring music from his solo career, Thin Lizzy and his brief time with the Greg Lake band and if you wrote in or just listened in thaks for doing so. Gary was an exceptional talent and a really nice guy to boot and his passing is a sad one for me and I guess millions of others. I will be trying to put up an old interview I did with Gary around the time of his album A Different Beat which as you may remember a very contentuious album. However he was extremely gracious and happy to talk about both the album and his past including his time with Thin Lizzy.

Right, that is it for me for the time being stay in touch and if there is something you feel we should be playing at Classic Rock Radio and we aren't then please let us know using the normal channels!!!



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