Sunday, 13 February 2011

Typo Traumas

<--------- This is what happens when Typo Traumas occur. This is why it is important to proof read 3 times before posting, because in my very first Classic Rock Radio blog post I made an awful typo and didn't even see it.
When the error was pointed out to me after I had gone on Facebook and posted the link to the blog page, I hid my face in my hands just like in the photo.
What's even worse is I had copied and pasted it to my boyfriend in email earlier who had read it, spotted the typo and not said a word. Double EEK!!
So the moral of the story, proofread 3 times. Or 300. Now don't ask about the typo, typo, what typo? You are imagining it!! Thank goodness for the edit button. Enough said!! Keep on rocking, good night!


  1. Oh Dear been there and done that more times than I care to mention ha ha

  2. I am the "typo" queen. spaces in the wrong place, teh instead of the....bad really

  3. I always try to sign emails with 'Regards, but it always comes out as 'Regrads'. Mostly I correct it but sometimes I just get fed up and let it go.

  4. Yes typos can be a pain but this one was a killer

    Maybe we should auction it on ebay, there's an idea!