Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Jail time for Vince Neil - I am baffled

While I loathe gossip, and don't want to become a 'tabloid talker' as I prefer to focus on the music side of things I am rather annoyed and baffled right now. Earlier I was looking at the Daily Mail website and saw the piece about Motley Crue's Vince Neil having 'checked himself into jail'' to begin serving a 15 day sentence for a drink-driving conviction. To be followed by 15 days of house arrest afterwards.

Huh?? Checked himself in? Is it supposed to be a vacation? Hellraiser Hotel Holiday? 15 days house arrest to follow that? This is meant to be a punishment. It's as pointless as sending a child to their room because the child probably has a pc, x-box and tv in room!

15 days...for putting not only himself in danger but others also. This is the same chap that in 1984 while driving under the influence of alcohol crashed his car, killing Nicholas 'Razzle' Dingley the drummer from Hanoi Rocks and injuring 2 others. ( I was not aware of this until our CRR Fountain Of Rock Knowledge Jon Kirkman informed me of this )

Oddly enough he served just 15 days of a 30 day sentence then. Oh and got fined, and a bit of community service, and had to pay out $2.5 million in compensation. 30 days for killing someone??!!

Why is it that most people who are in the public eye ( and who thus should be setting a better example) seem to get off lightly? Look at the Paris Hilton palava! (Who is she??? Indeed! Pffft!) I say most because there is actor Wesley Snipes getting himself a 3 year sentence for TAX evasion,

So tax is obviously MORE important than possibly endangering lives eh? How can that be?!

I would have thought Vince would have learned the lesson the first time. Following common sense and laws may not be very 'rock and roll' but even so...!!

I love the music Motley Crue gave the world but this leaves a foul taste in the mouth!

My humble opinion anyway

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  1. Well in America at least and also to a certain extent in the UK if you rob a load of money or at least try and keep some of your money by tax evasion then you seem to be treaed quite harshly and yet if you commit murder or manslaughter as it is usually downgraded to then the sentence does seem light in comparison.

    Vince Neil has been very honest about his problems with alcohol and substance abuse in the past and he certainly has not got off lightly in his personal life having gone through a number of personal tragedies through the years not lesast the death of his daughter but at his age rock star or not the Rock n Roll lifestyle must surely be getting a litle boring by now. Come on Vince clean up your act for good and just get on with making great music :)