Sunday, 13 February 2011

In Concert

Well as it is the weekend and I am listening to the output of Classic Rock Radio I have been thinking of some more feastures to thrill you all here at Classic Rock Radio and one of the popular features on the old Rockahead Rock radio programmes was the "In Concert" Section.

Quite simply what we do is take three or four tracks or in the new instance half an hours worth of tracks from a Classic live album and play them out as a half hour Mini "In Concert" feature on a Saturday and Sunday evening.

Of course there are a great many Classic live albums and I am sure we won't have any trouble filling the slots we have decided on but I would love to hear from you what Classic Live albums would you like to hear featured on the station? Let is know by dropping us a line at

I have just received the Delxe re mastreed edition of Thin Lizzy'z Live And Dangerous which is probably one of the most iconic and influential live albums of all time. I have to say that the new version sounds absolutely amazing and I will be writing a review of that and posting it here soon. So there you have it let us know your favourite live albums and we will feature them in the Live In Concert feature on Saturday and Sunday nights at Classic Rock radio

Boot Up Tune In and Rock On!

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