Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Charity Christmas single from our favourite TV Doc

You may find yourself wondering why a non-rock song is   getting posted  on our rock station blog.

Especially when there is currently a drive in the rock world to get AC/DC to Christmas No1 this year.

However,  I recently had a quick chat with popular TV actor/musician   Alan Fletcher who plays Dr Karl Kennedy in Neighbours, 

Alan is a bit of a rocker himself and  often belts out a rock tune or three at his live shows and we support our fellow rockers  - right?Especially when that fellow rocker is doing his utmost to support a cancer charity, and 'Fletch' will be donating his revenue from this Christmas single to Blue September to help fund cancer research for men

The rock twist, spot the Motorhead shirt !

Not to mention the fact that if you are racking your head about what to dance to this Christmas with  your Gran or Mom   then this is perfect. It's fun, it's cheesy, it's catchy and quite frankly I am  secretly addicted to the video that goes with it (ok perhaps not so secretly now)

(I just wish there was a Chanukah  version  too ;-)     )

Alan has teamed up with the Pacific Belles on the song (think of the Andrews sisters) and you will even find a few other faces from Neighbours in the video which you can view by clicking  here

If You Want a Happy Christmas  is released on 1st of December but you can pre-order.

It's available from ITunes  here:  

and for Amazon just click here

and kiss kiss kiss the one you love with a merry Ho Ho Ho!  

PS:  Alan will be headlining this years pantomime at the Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks. He will be playing the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood .

''Blue September is a fun way of delivering a serious message about ‘facing up to cancer in men’. Why BLUE? Blue is for men and we lose too many of them to prostate, lung, skin, bowel and testicular cancer.  To find out more visit the site with a click  right here
Marilyn Michaels @RadioGirlProds


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