Saturday, 16 November 2013


At last night's 2013 Classic Rock Awards Rory was honoured with the Tommy Vance 'Inspiration' Award!
The ability to inspire a new generation is a genuinely special trait. To be an inspirational figure you must not only be mercurially talented, but also a boundary-pusher, someone who breaks down walls and refuses to let their creativity  be stifled.' - Classic Rock.
One of the most acclaimed, energetic and best-selling blues-rock guitarists of all time, Gallagher’s passing in 1995 hasn’t done anything to reduce appreciation of the legacy he left. Just this month a unique collaboration album entitled Kickback City was released, including a novella written by crime author and fan Ian Rankin. His battered old Fender Strat, on display this evening, has been played by Joe Bonamassa and many others, and it’s true to say that Rory will remain alive as long as his catalogue does. Two former members of his band, Gerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna, just won the European Blues Award for Band Of The Year. Fittingly they’re on tour in Ireland this very moment.
Donal Gallagher Accepts Award
Rory’s brother Donal accepts the award on his behalf: “Ideally Rory should be here himself. It’s sad he isn’t, particularly since he played a couple of great gigs here. Thanks everyone for flying the Rory flag. This one’s for the fans.”
Gerry McAvoy and Band Of Friends
Won European Blues Award's Best Band of The Year
Rory Gallagher
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