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TOMMY remains magnificent 9/10” UNCUT

November 25th 2013 - When it was first released in 1969 Tommy, The Who’s defining rock opera about a deaf, dumb and blind pinball playing boy was a groundbreaking leap forward for the long playing album format. It only seems fitting that the 2013 edition of the album should once again push the concept of the ‘boxset’ into new territories.

To complement the recently released in Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions of ‘Tommy’ Universal Music Catalogue have collaborated with developers MODO to produce a brand new iPad digital box set application.

The first of its kind, fans can download the app for free and if already have Tommy in their iTunes music collection, they can play the full tracks on their tablets along with the visuals/extra that accompany the super deluxe set. If not, they can play 90 second edited previews through iTunes & buy them directly.

The critically acclaimed book written by Richard Barnes, Mike McInnerney’s original artwork & photos included in the box are available to flip through and view using the usual pinch & swipe navigation of the iPad. As with the music, the photos and the book are included in the in app purchase mechanic.

The digital box set also includes: a built-in Music Player – fans can listen to the album whilst reading the book & exploring the photos. The video section includes five tracks streamed into the app taken from the Who’s Live At The Coliseum ’69 show. A specially developed Pinball Game – created using the NYC Metropolitan Opera House gig of 1970 poster image that encourages fans to play and post their scores as well as links to the official Who site, official store and social channels.

The digital box set enables fans to have their full super deluxe experience with them on the move and shows off the wonderful assets from the physical deluxe that many people would never see, due to the limited nature of the boxset.

Geoff Smith, head of digital for Universal Music Group International ‘The Tommy digital box set transforms the beautiful physical box edition into a unique & fully immersive experience allowing fans of all ages across the world to access & explore this seminal album in a fully interactive way’.

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