Tuesday 18 December 2012

Def Leppard Acoustic Medley Released Today On iTunes

Def Leppard, Great Britain’s premier arena rock band, have announced that they will be releasing a special medley of acoustic rock songs that were featured during their 2012 live shows, exclusively on iTunes today.

The 7 ½ minute medley includes snippets of: “Where Does Love Go When It Dies,” “Now,” “When Love and Hate Collide,” “Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad” and “Two Steps Behind.”

“We decided to change the acoustic section of the set for the Rock Of Ages tour, and what we ended up with just grew into a really magical experience every night,” says frontman Joe Elliott. “We all enjoyed doing it so much and it was so well received by our audience, we decided to do a studio recording of it. I think it complements our main body of work very well.”

The release comes on the heels of the band’s announcement of a nine-show residency in Las Vegas. Titled VIVA Hysteria!,

Def Leppard will take over The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to play their iconic album Hysteria in full. The spring 2013 residency will kick off in March and run through mid-April.

For more information please visit www.defleppard.com.

Sunday 16 December 2012

Dan Reed Band UK Tour in 2013 Plus Dan Reed Network One Off Reunion New Years Eve!

 Dan Reed has announced a nine date UK tour featuring the Dan Reed Band . The concerts take place in March 2013  and ties in with the release of Dan Reed's new studio album Signal Fire
The dates are:

March 2nd Oxford o2 Academy 2
March 6th Sheffield Corporation
March 8th Birtmingham o2 Academy 2
March 9th Manchester Academy 3
March 10th Glasgow ABC 2
March 12th Newcastle o2 Academy 2
March 13th Liverpool Academy 2
March 14th Nottingham Rock City basement
March 16th London Islington o2 Academy

In other news it has ben announced that the 'Dan Reed Network' has been asked to reunite to perform in Portland, Oregon, in celebration of New Year's Eve 2012 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom. It will be a one off performance to honor the 25 year anniversary of the band's line up of  Dan Reed,Dan Pred, Brion James, Melvin Brannon II, Blake Sakamoto to ring in 2013... celebrating the energy shift in December 2012!

VIP tickets will get access to both the NYE performance and live Rehearsal Performance on December 30th. It will be a true joy sharing the stage with the guys again! Dan Pred will be creating a multi-camera filmed DVD of the performances for those who are not able to attend
Tickets are availabhle here

Friday 14 December 2012

James Williams: Eclectic Shred review.

Uncle G's Pick For Future Classic Rocker of the Year 2012
Winner: James Williams

Being in Houston, I sooner or later find out about good local or state talent. Monte Montgomery comes to mind. Excellent guitarist who rocks while preferring the more acoustic side of things. And a new one to add to the list,
out of Plano Texas, is James Williams. Not only an excellent guitarist, but a multi-instrumentalist. Dude nails everything he touches. Was raised in a musical household. Devoted his life to, and it shows. My first time hearing of him.

I get this CD in the mail: James Williams - Eclectic Shred (2012 Eclectic Shred Records). From the first second I put it in the home stereo and pressed play, I was absolutely amazed. Even more so when hearing them with my Sennheiser head phones on.

Hate to categorize, but so the reader can imagine what kind of music we got going on here, I'll label this sound metal prog. A lot of speed pickin', up tempo hard rocking sounding stuff. Not all are like that though. Representing the prog side is more than one slower-paced styled tunes. By the time the CD is finished playing, your mind will be blown. Especially if you read the credits. Just about everything you heard is one man. By himself, he's playing music in the same ballpark as Planet X. Uncle G does not say that lightly. It's seriously that good. I'd say something stupid like I'll refund your money if you don't like the CD, but music is personal taste. For those who read my column everyday, y'all should know a bit about my musical likings by now. I should have proven myself by now. Odds are their is something to it when I recommend checking something out. Just saying...

By the time the first three songs on William's Eclectic Shred are over, you've heard some already fine rock. Some of the BEST instruments I heard out of this field all year. Includes guitar playing equal to that of John Petrucci, or even Mike Oldfield, and keyboard work reminiscent of a young Rick Wakeman. Names that are are just not thrown around. None of that three chords that made a million stuff here. These composers today are the same composers and players they will be worshiping in centuries to come. Speaking of Mr. Wakeman, wait till you hear James Williams keyboard work. To be so excelled at guitar, and then display the same talent for keyboards is mind boggling. Listening to this CD makes you wonder just how the hell he did it. Would love to see him and friends recreate on stage one night. Worthy of Austin City Limits for sure.

Like I said, solid songwriting, each song an adventure in musical excellence. The CD is an exercise in real guitar shedding. Helps if you like that. Not for the faint of heart. Still, some moments so beautiful, any chick would dig listening. The songs, also a fine example of song structure, of course all a display of superior playing skills. This dude's gonna take off. The super players of now have their warning. James Williams is on their path. Don't come upon guys like this everyday. Thank you Plano and the state of Texas. But y'all knew you could not keep this a secret forever, right? Time to share with the masses.

Rating: Using the one to five star system, I'd be out of my mind to say anything lower than 5 stars.

James Williams Official Website:


James Williams Official Facebook:


Thursday 13 December 2012

Asia Cancels 30th Anniversary UK Tour

ASIA, featuring the original line-up of Geoff Downes (keyboards), Steve Howe (guitar), Carl Palmer (drums) and John Wetton (Lead Vocal, bass), has been forced to cancel the 30th Anniversary UK Tour due to drummer Carl Palmer coming down with a severe case of E. coli.

Tickets are refundable from the point of purchase.

A list of the cancelled dates are as follows:

Tavistock The Wharf (Dec 15)
Holmfirth Picturedrome (Dec 16)
Edinburgh Queen’s Hall (Dec 17)
Salisbury City Hall (Dec 19)
Birmingham Town Hall (Dec 20)
Manchester Royal Northern College of Music (Dec 21)
London o2 Shepherds Bush Empire (Dec 22)

Daniel Kramer: Photographs of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan in Top Hat Pointing in Philadelphia PA 1964 Photo Copyright Daniel Kramer

British Music Experience presents:

Daniel Kramer: Photographs of Bob Dylan


An exclusive exhibition of the noted Daniel Kramer’s work that offers the definitive image of Dylan

The British Music Experience, presented by The co-operative has announced that it will be celebrating 50 years since Bob Dylan first toured the UK this season with an exclusive exhibition of his time with Daniel Kramer.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Daniel Kramer: Photographs of Bob Dylan’ documents Dylan’s metamorphosis from folk musician to rock-n-roll icon through the photography of noted American film director and photographer Daniel Kramer.

Curated by the Los Angeles-based GRAMMY Museum, the exhibition features more than 50 of Kramer’s photographs from his time with Bob Dylan on tour in 1964 and 1965.  His photographs are a striking, intimate account of the folk singer’s metamorphosis into a rock star.  This photographic “backstage view” of the singer-songwriter — frail, almost androgynous, with a determined look in his eye — showcases key moments in Dylan’s musical career during one of the most dynamic periods in American history.

Rolling Stone magazine called Kramer ‘the photographer most associated with Dylan’ and it’s not difficult to see why — these seminal pictures of Dylan not only revealed the rising young star to international audiences, but set a standard by which all other rock portraits would be judged.

Curator of the British Music Experience Paul Lilley said; ‘I’m delighted to be hosting this exhibition. Through Kramer’s photographs we see Dylan, folk music and a generation undergoing a transformation. It represents a kind of ‘coming of age’ for a new generation, a new articulation for the youth of America at that time.’

Alongside the exhibition, the museum is also running a series of guided tours and events. On Thursday 24 January, in partnership with the English Folk Dance and Song Society, the museum will be exploring the London scene Dylan met through an event entitled ‘Come Gather Round People: When Dylan Met the London Folk.’ The Society's incredible library archive – the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library – at Cecil Sharp House will be providing a snapshot of Folk Music in the UK during the '60s. UK Artists such as Martin Carthy, Paul Simon and Ewan MacColl rivalled the New York Greenwich beat scene with a truly British sound – something that has inspired and engaged Dylan throughout his career.

The evening will also explore the controversy Dylan’s music caused amongst this scene, as some embraced the 21 year-old musician, while others struck out with scathing reviews.

The exhibition and events capture and document some extraordinary moments in our shared global cultural history, while offering intimate insight into one of the world’s greatest musicians, whose influence can still be seen today in popular British music and rock ‘n roll. 

Daniel Kramer: Photographs of Bob Dylan will be at the British Music Experience from Monday 12 November 2012 to 3 February 2013. Admission to the exhibition is included in the price of a ticket to the British Music Experience.  Tickets are £12 adults, £6 concessions, £8 students.

Guided tours are available at 12pm or 2pm on Sunday 16 December 2012 and Sunday 2 February 2013. Tickets are £15 adults, £9 children (includes entry to the museum and other exhibits).

Come Gather Round People: When Dylan Met the London Folk: (in association with English Folk Dance and Song Society) will be at the British Music Experience on Thursday 24 January, 7pm-9pm.  Tickets are £6.

Tickets and more information are available from www.britishmusicexperience.com

Wednesday 12 December 2012

John Lawton & Diana Express - The Power Of Mind

Classic Rock Radio Dot EU

Classic Rock Radio Dot EU - New Music from Classic Rock Artists
Topic: John Lawton & Diana Express - The Power Of Mind (2012)

So across my desk falls this CD; John Lawton & Diana Express - The Power Of Mind (2012). I'm thinking I know Lawton and then it dawns on me; Uriah Heep. A powerful singer. I know he keeps busy, but I'm not one hundred percent up on all his work. Still, what little I might know is enough to make me look forward to this, his latest project. Add the Bulgarian rock band; Diana Express. I heard mention previously, and was curious.

Getting the celafain off it, I see a roster of folks who I later on find out to be all very polished musicians. All participating their fullest in what is a concept album about people's faith in good and love. Speaking of love, I adore concept albums. Since I enjoy the art of storytelling, it's a format I'm very interested in. Progressive rock has offered some of the best over the decades.

Starts off with a guitar very reminiscent to my ears of the fine playing of a, Steve Hunter. This is followed by a narrative reminisce of a Moody Blues recording. Add an orchestra. Things are really starting to show promise. Throw in a producer and whoever mixed it, with a knowledge of what they are doing. I've heard rock albums like this where there ended up basically with too much they could handle. There even was a kind of formula; narrative_orchestra_rock band_REPEAT. Every ingredient in it's place, ready to use when it's their turn. Results were in some case, sometimes below par. Not the case here.

While in the somewhat beginning stages of finding out more about Mr. Lawton (not a requirement to have a basic knowledge of your subject matter_but it helps) I asked a musician friend of mine how much he knew of the subject. Started off a conversation which was highlighted later on with clips / audio of John singing Lucifer's Friend / Uriah Heep songs. What sparked this was the liner notes to this fresh CD, The Power Of Mind. John being a REAL singer, the project here included focus on harmonies / polyphonic vocal arrangements. My friend and I had a rather mentally stimulating conversation, with him leading the way and us going back all the way to 13th century entertainment in general. Fascinating, and worth the adventure back in time. A trip all listeners can embark on themselves between listens. No ones reinventing the wheel here. More a celebration of the basics. Uncle G's take on it anyway.

Giving The Power Of Mind repeat plays, it naturally reminded me of other artists I heard over the years, as it does with music. We naturally compare. At least I do.

One instance would be two people who I felt worked well together, back in a time they called; the 70's. Jim Steinman and Meatloaf (Marvin Lee Aday). Their first time working together, made Meatloaf a star. Easy now to sit back and say it was the song material being so strong, that did that. That would only be half correct. It's also the way the songs were presented. Not only to be credited to Steinman, for I'm sure it was his vision, but all else involved in the 'Bat Out Of Hell' project. Todd Rundgren who produced, engineered, and mixed the iconic '70's album, knew every single person involved belonged on that recording. Todd knew what everyone's role, exactly was. He executed this perfectly. Proof is in the millions of records sold since it's release. Listening to The Power Of Mind, reminds me of that. The music at times jumps out of the speakers at you. In places reminiscent to something heard in a magnificent Broadway play. That or a well done rock n' roll album concept album.

Rating: Let me think. Motivated my crack research team and myself to investigate. For something totally unknown to catch your ear, and actually stimulate not only your body, but also a word in it's title; mind. Using the one to five star rating system, Uncle G so graciously gives John Lawton & Diana Express The Power Of Mind; 5 stars. A very well done rock n' roll / prog production. Nice job !!!

John Lawton Official Website:


Diana Express Official Website:


Gary Brown
American Corespondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU (24/7 Internet Classic Rock Station)


Tuesday 11 December 2012


Los Angeles, CA….Before Huw Lloyd-Langton passed away on December 6, 2012, he had put the finishing touches on a very personal, very unique collection of tracks from his private vault.  On January 29, 2013, Cleopatra Records will proudly release HUW LLOYD-LANGTON: RARE & UNRELEASED ANTHOLOGY 1971-2012.  This 2-CD set includes seldom or never-heard gems that highlight Huw’s legacy of dynamic and melodic guitarwork.

RARE & UNRELEASED ANTHOLOGY features unheard solo acoustic recordings of “Rocky Paths” and “Damn Shame” (later recorded by Hawkwind and The Lloyd Langton Group), full-band recordings from side projects Magill and Jawa, and brand new acoustic recordings from 2012 being released for the first time here.

Self-taught guitarist with mind-bending scope and range, Lloyd-Langton joined Hawkwind as a teen in 1970 and immediately made his mark by contributing his unique guitar stylings on the band’s groundbreaking self-titled debut album, considered one the first space-rock albums to be released.  While maintaining an important albeit inconsistent role in Hawkwind for many years, Lloyd-Langton expanded his personal creativity with heavy focus on songwriting and via bands he formed, like Magill.

Comfortable and exceptional playing all styles of music – from hard rock to classical to blues – Lloyd-Langton toured with Leo Sayer before co-founding acclaimed U.K. hard rock band Widowmaker.  He taught himself classical music composition, and always stayed aware of newer music climates.  As a much-loved member of the Cleopatra Records family, Lloyd-Langton had been a significant part of projects, like working with Kinks legend Dave Davies on a track for The Black Keys tribute album Black on Blues, and with Joe Elliott, Rick Wakeman and Carmine Appice on Who Are You, an all-star tribute to The Who.  His innovative guitar work was featured on the Space Rock Invasion DVD taken from the 2011 Space Rock Invasion tour.

RARE & UNRELEASED ANTHOLOGY, curated by Lloyd-Langton himself, is now, sadly but beautifully, a remarkable tribute to the life’s work of a musical genius whose broad-minded explorations offered so much to so many.

Solo Acoustic Recordings 1971
1. Got A Love (Blues)
2. I Can See It All Again
3. Things Just Ain’t The Same
4. Sleep
5. The Morning Dove’s Song
6. Damn Shame*
7. Seasons
8. Love You Wear A Pretty Face
9. Painted Evergreen (a/k/a Night Air)
10. Little Girl*
11. Battle Of Battles
Magill with Pete Scott, John Clark & Rob Rawlinson (1973)
12. Rag Man
13. Feed Your Friends With A Long Handled Spoon
14. I Can’t Be Satisfied
15. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
Jawa with Simon King & Nic Potter (1979)
17. Jealousy*
18. Heart Of Stone
19. Damn Shame*
20. Dark, Dark Night
Lloyd-Langton Group
21. Hurry On Sundown (Unreleased Hawkwind Tribute track)

* Later recorded by LLG
** Later recorded by Hawkwind

From Night Air (1985)
1. Für Kristy
2. Alien Jiggers
From Like An Arrow...(Through The Heart) [1987]
3. On The Move
4. Can You Feel
From Elegy (1991)
5. Farewell
6. Elegy
From River Run (1994)
7. All Jigged Up
8. Louise
From Chain Reaction (1999)
9. Dedications
10. 5 To 4
11. Who Went Before
From Hard Graft (2010)
12. So Long Baby
13. Cowboy Blues
New Acoustic Tracks
14. 12 String Shuffle
15. Fragile Journey
16. Into The Storm
17. Out Of The Storm
18. Fast Lane To McFaden
19. She Moves Through The Fair
HUW LLOYD-LANGTON: RARE & UNRELEASED ANTHOLOGY 1971-2012 comes with rich liner notes and a special photo collection.  It will be available on iTunes, amazon.com, and at your favorite record store.  The 2-CD set is $16.98. 

Rush 2112 Deluxe Edition

Rush 2112 Deluxe Edition
By the time this album rolled in from Rush in mid-1976 Rush were on the edge of breaking into the big league; odd then that it was with a part concept concept album rather than a straight ahead rock album. The suite of songs which made up the 2112 concept took up the whole of side one on the album and remains hugely popular with the massive Rush fan base to this day and from time to time the band perform the song in its entirety in the live arena.
The concept behind 2112 is a Sci-Fi one about a man who finds a guitar and then learns how to play (Very prog like and remember it was 1976)
Ultimately you either get the story or you don’t although the concept is not necessarily something that would exclude listeners. The concept and the album however at the time did get the British music presses knickers in a collective twist with the NME going as far as to allude to Nazism which if you know anything about the members of Rush you will know is ludicrous.
No matter it was this album where Rush started to step up to the big time and the band’s first live album was recorded during the tour to promote 2112.
As ever with Rush the lyrics come from drummer Neil Peart although both Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee write a complete song apiece with Lessons and Tears respectively. The other songs on the album bear no relation whatsoever to the main 2112 track although the album as a whole does hold together incredibly well
What you get here with the Deluxe edition are three extra live tracks, Overture, Temples of Syrinx and A Passage To Bangkok. These live tracks also proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Rush could re produce the sophisticated sound heard on the studio version of 2112 The second disc in the set is a 5.1 re master of the original album. Having got the re mastered edition of this album around ten years ago I must say that to my ears the re mastered version does sound that little bit crisper and clearer which is always a good thing particularly when you want to crank up the volume as believe me you surely will on the 2112 track itself. Oh while I am at it the length of 2112 should, not put you off because even though the track is over twenty minutes long never do you think the song has outworn its welcome. Of course if you are a Rush fan you will know this hence the song is incredibly popular when it makes an appearance in the Rush live set.

On the basic Deluxe edition the sound on  the DVD /5.1  set up is incredibly clear and the visuals are a coming book interpretation of the story which makes it very easy nopw to follow the narrative. There are also options to view the lyrics liner notes photos and comic strip . My one gripe is that the record company have changed the artwork for the album which was not really necessary to be honest as the original artwork was in its way iconic but it is a small complaint.  
In the super Deluxe edition which really is for the diehards you also get a hardback book which is aimed at those with a little extra cash to spare. If not then the standard Deluxe edition will most certainly hit the spot. For me I suppose the Super Deluxe would be the one to get but if Rush are your bag then I suggest that the deluxe edition will be high on the want list no matter which edition you plump for.
For many this is where the Rush story really began and was the first time the band appeared on the horizon. For those who had been fans of the band prior to this album it was a case of “I told You so” but in reality commercially 2112 was the first album to hit the target……Something they would do with increasing regularity from here on in

Dick Wagner: Not Only Women Bleed. Book Review

Dick Wagner: Not Only Women Bleed:
Vignettes From The Heart Of A Rock Musician
Desert Dreams Books
Dick Wagner as many who know will tell you is one of the great guitarists in rock. He is famous for playing with Lou reed and even more famously for playing for Alice Cooper alongside Steve Hunter who also played with Dick in the Lou Reed band that recorded the legendary Rock n Roll Animal live album. The guitar solo on the introduction to the track Sweet Jane by Dick and Steve Hunter was voted #25 in the top 50 guitar solos of all time.
Dick recounts early encounters with rock n roll legends including Little Richard, Roy Orbison, BB King and Les Paul. His life as a musician is highlighted by success and also hit records and sells out concert dates. The darker side of the music business is also laid bare with Dick’s account of the drugs and addictions which almost led to his death. Thankfully while bruised and battered Dick Wagner is not finished and continues to fight back even after two heart attacks and a recent operation to remove a blood clot on the brain. Not Only Women Bleed is an inspirational account of one of Rock Music’s most famous sidemen and is a story worth telling and certainly a story worth reading. Dick’s musical history however stretches wider and deeper than those two artists he is most commonly associated with, Alice Cooper and Lou Reed and good as they both may be they are just part of the bigger picture.
Dick like many kids in America first got hooked into music by rock n roll and through the sixties like many other aspiring musicians was in a number of bands trying to emulate their musical heroes and become famous. By the end of the sixties Dick was leading his own bands and into the seventies was even recording and releasing albums with these bands. From the early seventies however Dick was also playing sessions and continues to do so for the likes of Kiss, Aerosmith, Meatloaf, Peter Gabriel and of course Alice Cooper and it is in 1972 that he first got to play with Alice Cooper on the School’s Out album.  He would also guest on Billion Dollar Babies and Muscle Of Love before finally becoming a member of the band Alice put together to record albums from Welcome To My Nightmare onwards. Dick was a major part of the Cooper song writing team that wrote the Welcome To My Nightmare album and the hits Only Women Bleed, How You Gonna See Me Now You And Me  and I Never Cry. In fact it is fair to say that Dick was a major part of the Cooper success story from 1975 right through to the early eighties.
Most people will of course want to read about the Cooper years and of all the other great sessions that Dick has played on over the last forty plus years but what really comes across here in this book is the man. The book is not set out in conventional chapters as such but rather shorter stories which cover the relevant period of time or particular memory thus making the book incredibly easy to read and follow. The other great thing about this book is that you can almost pick it up and let it fall open anywhere and read the relevant story where the book fell open. The stories themselves are absolute gold dust and there are many many big names within the pages that have added colour to Dick Wagner’s life and of course by his work with these artists Dick has added to their lives and music also
As I say the book really comes across well as the story of Dick Wagner the man and he is brutally honest about the times in his life where he feels he could have done better particularly where his family and relationships are concerned. As Dick worked and continues to work in the music industry there are also the stories concerning his various addictions and again Dick is brutally honest. Not in a confessional kind of way just an honest appraisal of what he did and how he got through it.
Dick Wagner is a survivor and in the music industry that is something to be celebrated believe me. He has success and has known disappointment but he is still fired up enough to continue playing concerts and recording and getting out there and playing.
Not Only Women Bleed is a tremendous book and one which I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone remotely interested in rock music and the life and times of a musician.
The book contains a foreword by Alice Cooper and also contains two audio CDs of previously unreleased music which fans of Dick Wagner will definitely find interesting. As Dick heads up to his 70th birthday we find him still playing and enjoying playing and recording and still with the fire that he had when he first decided to become a musician all those years ago. This book will be a must have for Cooper fans but I urge you to look beyond the Cooper connection and find the man. You will not be disappointed by the humorous anecdotes and you will certainly be touched by his insightful memories of what has been an incredible rock n roll life.
More details of the book can be found at Dick Wagner’s website
And can be purchased from all good book shops and online retailers or directly from the dedicated website where you will find more information about the book

Monday 10 December 2012

Steve Vai live at the Manchester Apollo Friday 7th December 2012

Steve Vai live at the Manchester Apollo Friday 7th December 2012
As far as superstar guitarists go Steve Vai is probably at the top of the tree. Billed as an “Evening With Steve Vai” and having already been told that due to illness that there was no support and that Steve was going to play an extended set I was not disappointed in the least when Steve and his band walked onstage at 8pm and stormed into what would be the first song in a 24 song set.  Looking like a member of Prince’s band and even claiming that he had borrowed Prince’s pants Steve certainly looked the part although this first outfit was merely the first of a number of “Costume” changes.

One thing that cannot be argued was the man has style whichever way you look at it. As a guitarist Steve Vai has a jaw droppingly  amazing talent although it is not all 100mph, as many notes as you can get into it style of playing. No, Steve Vai is more than capable of smoking up the fret board better than any speed merchant but in this case  there is a good mix of styles and feel throughout the concert which all eventually boiled down to Steve Vai’s own unique style and feel for the instrument that so many people want to play.  
A quick heads up for the excellent band accompanying Steve here as well. We have the standard bass  (Phillip Bynoe), Drums (Jeremy Colson) and second guitar (Dave Weiner) but the really unusual member of the band is the harpist. Deborah Henson-Conant  is almost as big a showstopper as Steve Vai and your eyes are drawn to her and while at times the subtlety of the harp is lost  sometimes it really cuts through  and really adds to the show and of course Deborah does get to shine in her own solo showcase as do all the members.
The set is built around a mix of the old and known amongst material from the latest album the latest album The Story Of Light and five songs from the album feature in the set (Racing The World, Velorum, Gravity Storm, Weeping China Doll and The Moon And I)
Highlights are hard to identify purely because the whole show was a highlight from start to finish, however if I had to pick one moment it was For the Love of God. I have been a huge admirer of that particular song since first hearing it on Passion and Warfare more than twenty years ago. The song never fails to get to me and tonight Steve’s playing was superb. Passion and Warfare still stands up as an album and obviously Steve agrees as he also includes Sisters, The Audience Is Listening and The Animal and all without exception were lapped up by the audience.
Nice to see an acoustic mini set thrown into the mix as well and also shock horror Steve Vai sings. I say shock horror because for some this will have been out of place c’mon I heard one guy say just play. It was all part of a thoroughly enjoyable concert though and as such did not detract in any way from the rest of the set.
Throughout the concert Steve showed he had a great rapport with the audience and this was highlighted when he invited three members up out of the audience for the Build A Song part of the show and even allowed one of the members of the audience to hold his guitar for a photo. The whole piece was an enjoyable not to mention amusing part of the show with shades of one of Steve’s former employers Frank Zappa.
It looked as though the show was recorded for potential future release for a live album and if this is the case then it was almost a perfect concert and Steve should get much mileage out of the performance   which stretched out to almost three hours. Not bad for a cold Friday night in Manchester, in fact Bloody brilliant
Set List

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Steve Hackett Announces Extra Live Shows Due To Pehenomenal Demand

Photograph Martin Christgau and Bettina Dorr
Due to huge public demand, Steve Hackett has added another 9 UK dates to his Genesis Revisited Tour in 2013.
The additional shows will be in October and November 2013 and will take in Birmingham (22nd October), Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffileld, Cambridge and London's Royal Albert Hall on Thur 24th October……  Tickets go onsale on Friday 7th December.

Steve Hackett released Genesis Revisited II in November and the album went straight into the charts on the first week of release. This is the first album chart placing for Steve since 1982. In addition to the UK tour dates Steve Hackett is also touring America with the Genesis revisited II Show and will also be appearing on the Cruise To the Edge event which takes place in March.
The Full Tour dates are listed below
MAY 2013

10th May  London Hammersmith Apollo  08432210100 www.hammersmithapollo.com
11th May  Cardiff   St. Davids Hall            02920878444 www.stdavidshallcardiff.co.uk
12th May  Liverpool Philharmonic             01517093789 www.liverpoolphil.com
14th May  Glasgow  Royal Concert hall    01413538000 www.glasgowconcerthalls.com
15th May  Gateshead The Sage               01914434661 www.thesagegateshead.org
16th May  Birmingham Symphony Hall    SOLD OUT

Second Leg
22nd October Birmingham Symphony Hall 01213450603 www.thsh.co.uk
23rd October Bristol Colston Hall 01179223686                 www.colstonhall.org
24th October London Royal Albert Hall 02075898212        www.royalalberthall.com
26th October Manchester O2 Appollo 08444777677          www.o2apollomanchester.co.uk
27th October Newcastle City Hall 01912778030                  www.newcastlecityhall.org
29th October Liverpool Philharmonic Hall 01517093789    www.liverpoolphil.com
30th October Sheffield City Hall 01142789789                     www.shwffieldcityhall.org

Cambridge Corn Exchange  01223357851                          www.cornex.co.uk

Michael Schenker Adds London Date to 2013 UK Tour‏

Photograph Lee Millward 2011
Rock guitarist Michael Schenker has added a London o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire concert on Friday May 31st to his 2013 Temple of Rock UK Tour. Tickets for the London concert goes on sale Wednesday December 5th from www.thegigcartel.com and 0844 478 0898.  

Stockton on Tees ARC (April 9)
Aberdeen Lemon Tree (April 10)

Edinburgh HMV Picturehouse (April 11)
Newcastle o2 Academy (April 12)
Holmfirth Picturedrome (April 13)
Warrington Parr Hall (April 14)
Falmouth Princess Pavilion (April 16)
Bristol o2 Academy (April 17)
Salisbury City Hall (April 18)

Oxford o2 Academy (April 19)
Nottingham Rock City (April 20)
Norwich Waterfront (April 21)
London o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire (May 31)

The London o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire concert dovetails Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock: Live in Europe  CD, DVD, Blu-ray and Ltd Deluxe Collector’s Edition, released by inakustik on Monday December 10th.  Live In Europe was recorded and filmed in Tilburg, the Netherlands in May 2012, and at 2011’s London’s High Voltage Festival.

Tuesday 4 December 2012

BB King Life Of Riley: Extra Screenings Announced Due To Exceptional Deman

BB King: The Life Of Riley
Following Critically Acclaimed Premiere More Screenings Across UK Announced Due To Exceptional Demand
“From Panton Street To Peckham”

One of the Most Inspirational Stories in the History of Music
Narrated By Morgan Freeman

Accompanied by a major Soundtrack Release from Universal Music

"The invaluable and definitive autobiography on film of the last great bluesman, BB King. And much more: this movie is BB's valedictory testimony, and a monument to the essence of the blues and whence he and they came - in Mississippi delta cotton country - and their impact on us all" – The Observer

Emperor Media are pleased to announce select screenings of the acclaimed film “BB King The Life Of Riley”. The film was first released theatrically to widespread critical acclaim in October 2012. Reviews of the theatrical release include the below

“A powerful insight into BB King…Music fans will love this” – Sunday Mirror
“A meticulous record of a long and industrious life in the blues” Mojo 4/5
“Engrossing” Radio Times 4/5
“King is modest, wise and charming in his reminiscence” – Sunday Times
“Morgan Freeman’s wise drawl underscores this tribute to Riley “B.B.” King” Total Film 4/5
“Affectionate and illuminating” Time Out 4/5
“A seriously impressive tribute to the big B’s raw talent, iron determination and irresistible charm” –Classic Rock 8/10
“Jon Brewer’s film about the great bluesman features excellent footage and tributes…” – Observer
“Excellent use of archive footage and interviews…but the real stars are King, his music and his gregarious humility” – Evening Standard

The legendary BB KING worked closely with Director Jon Brewer for 2 years to create this powerful film released theatrically in 2012. The  ecstatic, from-the-heart, contributions from a plethora of music's superstars  was a vast indication that this was the time for his story to be told. At 86 years old, BB King, his family, friends and contemporaries unveil the true life drama that was the springboard for the future 'King of the Blues'. Battling unrelenting racism and the humiliation of segregation whist working in the cotton fields as an orphaned child, BB King lived to overcome the toughest critics in the entertainment industry and ultimately be hailed as one of the kingpins of an entire genre of music. This candid biopic of the life story of one of our living legends is highlighted by rare archive footage and beautifully shot scenes of America's Deep South. Informative and visually stunning, 'The Life of Riley' is supported by an incredible soundtrack featuring BB King.

More Screening Now Announced

Friday 7th to the Thursday 13th December 2012 – Panton Street Odeon http://www.odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s117/Panton_St/?scope=more

Friday 14th to Thursday 20th December 2012 – Peckham, Peckham Plex www.peckhamplex.com / 0844 567 2742 (Tickets priced at £4.99)

‘BB King: The Life of Riley’ – Contributors
Aaron Neville                                                              Allan Hammons
Annie Clay                                                                  B.B. King
Bernard Purdie                                                            Bill Cosby
Bill Szymczyk                                                             Bill Wyman
Billy Boy Arnold                                                         Bobby Bland
Bono                                                                            Bonnie Raitt
Bruce Willis                                                                  Buddy Guy
Calvin Owens                                                               Carlos Santana
Carver Randle                                                              Cato Walker
Charles Evers                                                               Charles Sawyer
Clemmie Truevellian                                                    Derek Trucks
Delcia Davis                                                                 Doyle Bramhall
Dr. John                                                                        Eric Clapton
Ernest Withers                                                              Ford Nelson
George Benson                                                         JamesToney                                                                
Jessie May Golden                                                       Joe Bihari                                                                       
Joe Bonamassa                                                             Joe Walsh
John Cadillac Holden                                                    John Fair
John Mayer                                                                  John Mayall
Johnny Winter                                                            Jonny Lang
Kenny Wayne Shepherd                                                Lessie May Fair
LaVerne Toney                                                            Leon Russell
Mick Hucknall                                                              Mick Taylor
Morgan Freeman                                                            Paul Rodgers
Peter Green                                                                  Polly Walker
Rev. David Matthews                                                     Ringo Starr
Robert Cray                                                                   Robert Lockwood
Ronnie Wood                                                               Sara Betty Lou Henson
Slash                                                                             Stewart Levine
Sue King Evans                                                            Susan Tedeschi
Tina France                                                                 Walter Trout
Wayne Cartledge

To tie in to the film release Universal Music will be releasing an Original Soundtrack, “BB King: The Life Of Riley” OST, with songs from the film, on the 26th November 2012.