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NEW Music Review_Consider The Source - World War Trio Part 1 (2014)

   Consider The Source - World War Trio Part 1 

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29 March 2015 NEW Music Review
Consider The Source - World War Trio Part 1 (2014)

So if one asked me how I mostly spent this past March, I'd say besides listening to, that I seemed to have totally engulf myself in the new EP CD by a band called Consider The Source. This EP CD is called; World War Trio Part 1. A 23:31 minute instrumental entitled 'Put Another Rock In That Bag' starts and finishes the music disc. Having played well over twenty times, it still impresses the shit out of me, each and every time I hear it. Hard to do when taken into consideration, that I have submerged myself in GREAT music since the 1960's.

"NO keyboards were used in the making of this album"

I remember Queen using that line or something akin, decades ago. All eyes and ears on the guitarist now. No problem, for original band member, Consider The Sources, Gabriel Marin, got this in his sleep. My research tells me this young man, lives and breathes the guitar. The vibes I get when listening told me he's a passionate player, for he and the guitar sound as one. Like he's inside the guitar, or the guitar is inside him.

Add a bass / drum team capable of not only keeping up, but adding their own unique textures as well. On drums we have Consider The Source's newest member; Jeff Mann. His percussion skills make his not just the drummer in a three man band, but one who cements all that is going around him. Add my new favorite bass player; John Ferrara. Been playing since age thirteen. I can't believe no one has mentioned this dude to me before now. Especially knowing how much I dig really good bass players; Tony Levin (King Crimson_Peter Gabriel_Levin Brothers) / John Entwistle (original member of The Who; deceased) / Dennis Dunaway (original Alice Cooper). Just to name a few. I actually have a LONG list of bass players I really dig. These players in my mind not only blend in when it's appropriate, but otherwise STAND OUT when the time comes. John Ferrara is one of the best bass slap players I come across in a while. Like the other two members of 'Consider The Source' that I previously mentioned, serious about what he does. On internet videos I've seen, he appears to be a stand out, entertaining performer. Same said for the band as a whole. I'm skipping ahead of myself now.

"We ask that when you listen to this album, please do so in an undistracted environment, preferably in headphones or high quality speakers. We tried to capture unique emotions that cannot fully come across while listening on laptop speakers."

When I open a brand new music CD, and find these words written, it makes my inner prog-rock child smile (insert favorite smiley face image here). What helps 'Consider The Source' here the most, meaning even more than their superior knowledge and skill displayed while playing their musical instruments, is what's being played. A poorly written number done by brilliant musicians, is normally still, a poorly done song. Not the case here. This effort bought and paid for by the generous donations of fans via a successful internet 'Indiegogo' campaign. Pros and Cons of asking the public for financing, as everyone, including myself have an opinion. Another fish to fry on another day. In this case, I'm glad all worked out. For this being my introduction to the Sci-Fi, Middle Eastern, Fusion, progressive rock, Funk, progressive metal, Psychedelic group that is Consider The Source, could not have turned out any better. 'World War One Trio EP Part 1, made in Brooklyn New York. The almost twenty four minute's worth of music, is simply outstanding. To say this recording blew me away, would be an understatement.

Here's what happened to me to those individuals I said two weeks ago that I was reviewing the new Consider The Source EP CD. I FELL INTO IT. From the opening notes, to it's finish. So much so that when I researched the band as I usually do before writing a review, I started becoming a fan.

I broke the CD in while driving into Houston, Texas one early Saturday morning while in the middle of a downpour that made driving almost impossible. My silver lining was hearing these sounds fill up the car while I tried to not get myself killed. Get this, the CD starts playing, I'm not hearing any singer. Two minutes go by. Five minutes go by. I hear temp / style chances. Similar to a classical piece written hundreds of years ago, where a song is made of different parts. Musicians with classical training were composing / helping to compose material doing what they were taught, but being more stylist about it. Back in my day someone like Deep Purple's Jon Lord (R.I.P.). And then the self taught musicians (Steve Howe of Yes) researching song composition are usually sooner or later steered the way of Beethoven, and others considered to be a part of the Master composers. Not only to help them play better, but write better as well. One lesson learned along the way is that a four bar intro is a four bar intro, be it classical or classic rock. Other similarities as well.

Rating: Using the one to five star rating system, in which one star means it sucks through a long straw, to five stars in which means it's cool to spend your hard earned money on, Uncle G gives Consider The Source - World War One Trio Part 1 …FIVE STARS! All day long. To perform a song lasting over twenty minutes that's capable of keeping people whose taste in music varies, all focused and grooving as one, impresses me to the max. This is a rocker! Has it's melodic moments. Sounds structured and improvised. The song entitled 'Put Another Rock In That Bag' sounding ALIVE and VIBRANT! Capable of shooting a band like 'Consider The Source', up a notch on the popularity poll. And mark my words, it will. Executed brilliantly behind the scenes! Has a smooth sound that the ears seem able to handle throughout. Nothing sound distortion. artwork! Add to that, it passes Uncle G's Senheiser Headphones test! Songwriting wise, 'Put Another Rock In That Bag' is structured / performed with a perfect beginning , middle part, and end that leaves the listener wanting PART TWO.

WARNING: The bar is raised sky high on this one. Like many others, intently waiting for what will follow.

          Consider the Source - Put Another Rock In That Bag (Single Edit)

Helpful Internet Link

Consider The Source Official Website     

Note: CD Artwork by Max Greis.

Gary Brown
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Twitter @GBrown0816

Thursday 26 March 2015


New Deal Covers Recordings and Videos by Fight, 2wo and Halford 

March 25, 2015 - New York, NY - SONY Music Entertainment and Legacy Recordings, SME's catalog division, have signed a worldwide rights deal to with the Metal God, Rob Halford. Frontman of the legendary heavy metal band Judas Priest, Rob Halford brought his iconic charisma and influential vocal style to a variety of side projects since 1992, notably his bands Fight, 2wo and Halford. The new SONY/Legacy agreement with Rob Halford will include individual album catalog titles and audio-visual releases. Upcoming Rob Halford anthology titles will include an Essential and Playlist collection with plans for a definitive Complete Albums Box.

Born Robert John Arthur Halford on August 25, 1951, Rob Halford rocketed to fame as the lead singer for the Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band Judas Priest. One of the genre's most powerful, distinctive and influential vocalists, Halford set the standard for generations of metal singers. After leaving Judas Priest in 1992, Halford formed the band Fight and, between 1993 and 1995, recorded two albums, War of Words and A Small Deadly Space, and an EP, Mutations, with the band. Following Fight, Halford moved into the realm of industrial metal with his Two project. In 2000, he launched the straight-ahead no-nonsense pure metal ensemble Halford. The SONY/Legacy release agreement includes virtually all of Rob Halford's work with Fight, Two and Halford from 1992 onward. Coming on March 31, Columbia/Legacy Recordings will release The Essential Rob Halford (2 CD-30 tracks).
Rob Halford Catalog includes:


War of Words
A Small Deadly Space
K5 – The “War of Words” Demos

War of Words: The Film
Live in Phoenix


Metal God Essentials: Volume 1
Live Insurrection
Live at Rock in Rio 3 (album and audio/visual)
Live in Anaheim (album and audio/visual)
Winter Songs
Made of Metal
Live at Saitama Super Arena (album and audio/visual)
Live in London
Live 2010 North & South America Tour (album and audio/visual)
Metal God Essentials: Volume 2

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Lost Songs – The Basement Tapes Continued”.
DVD and Blu Ray Release

On 25 May 2015, Eagle Rock Entertainment release “Lost Songs – The Basement Tapes Continued”.  This is simultaneous release on DVD, Blu-ray and digital formats [Cat Nos: EREDV1181, ERBRD5266 and EVD1151 respectively].  This release presents the development of a unique project bringing together an extraordinary group of artists to work on previously unknown Bob Dylan lyrics with Grammy-winning producer T Bone Burnett. This release was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Sam Jones (the Wilco documentary “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart”).

“Lost Songs – The Basement Tapes Continued” is aimed to be an accompany piece to the album “Lost On The River” that was released by Harvest Records in November 2014. The project focuses on sixteen sets of lyrics that were written by Bob Dylan during the legendary “The Basement Tapes” sessions in 1967 but only recently rediscovered.

Under the auspices of producer T Bone Burnett and with the approval of Bob Dylan an extraordinary collective of musicians was brought together to set the lyrics to music: Elvis Costello, Rhiannon Giddens, Taylor Goldsmith, Jim James and Marcus Mumford. The film presents an exclusive and intimate look at the making of the “Lost On The River” album set against the important and historical cultural backdrop of Bob Dylan and The Band’s original “The Basement Tapes”.

As well as offering an unrivalled insight into these sessions, the film also comes bolstered with Bonus Tracks: ‘Diamond Ring’, ‘Down On The Bottom’, ‘Hidee Hidee Ho #16’, ‘Kansas City’, ‘Six Months In Kansas City (Liberty Street)’ and ‘The Whistle Is Blowing’.

A must for fans of Bob Dylan, of course, “Lost On The River” itself and indeed anyone interested in the creative genesis and development of incredible music.

Monday 23 March 2015

Randy Hansen ~ 'Electric Ladyland Live' DVD

Grooveyard Records has just released guitar virtuoso Randy Hansen's newest DVD 'Electric Ladyland Live' recorded 7 November 2012 at Markt Halle in Hamburg, Germany. This brilliant performance was filmed by Michael Schorlepp at Soundfactory and mixed and edited by Marco T. Alleata. The disc comes in a DVD long-box digi-pack covered with a photo of the dark shadowy image of Randy Hansen on stage captured by photographer Cristina Arrigoni. This film was shot using a 10 camera Pro Shot and is zero region for worldwide playback.

'Electric Ladyland Live' starts out with Randy's European band, Ufo Walter on bass and back up vocals, Manni Von Bohr on drums, and Randy Hansen on guitar and vocals, taking their places on stage. Randy stands in the middle of the stage and takes a bow before going into the first song "Electric Ladyland." The sound quality is AMAZING! I instantly had goosebumps travel from my head to my toes. I could hear every tap of the cymbals, every bass line, and every melodic chord played on Randy's Strat. The camera work is superb too. I was delighted that the camera was fully focused on the band with clear, crisp filming with wide and close-up shots. The camera does pan out once in a while capturing the audience diggin' the show! 

By the third song "Voo Doo Chile " Randy is warmed up and moving around the stage and playing his ass off, one handed guitar, playing with his teeth, flippin' his guitar pick in the air, and all the while wearing his big sweet smile for everyone. Randy's energy for this song is an ocean tide, rushing in with big solos and slowly moving out with soft rhythm guitar. Randy's main guitar is a black and white Fender Stratocaster that's a left handed guitar flipped over and played right handed. I asked him about his guitar before a show a few months ago and he explained to me that he can reach the frets better with the guitar flipped over. Also, he is left handed and the guitar is easier to play right handed, making his left hand do all the fret work rather than strumming.

Before the next tune "Little Miss Strange" Randy takes the time to let the audience know that the band wanted to do a different kind of show and not play the obvious Jimi Hendrix songs, but to play Jimi Hendrix's album 'Electric Ladyland' for as many songs as time would allow. Ufo Walter would be singing this next number and before Randy opened with the riff he said, "Noel Redding told me himself that he wrote this guitar part." Noel Redding was the first member to join the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1966 switching from guitar to bass when he joined Jimi's band.

Ufo Walter doesn't usually sing, but he does an amazing job on vocals for "Little Miss Strange" while laying down a solid foundation for this awesome performance! Again, the camera work is superb with close-ups on Ufo, Manni, and Randy having a great time on stage. That's what the Randy Hansen Band is all about, besides their phenomenal talent, it's all about having a great time and sharing the music of Jimi Hendrix and keeping it alive, Randy Hansen style. To quote Randy, "My performance is based on what Jimi's music did to me as a kid, I'm that kid on stage." Randy and his band, whether it be the US band with Kevin Adams (bass) and Rick Spano (drums), or the Euro Band seen here in the video, guarantee's a jaw dropping experience!

Some of the highlights of Randy Hansen's career was playing with original member and drummer for Jimi Hendrix Experience, Mitch Mitchell and drummer for Jimi Hendrix and the Band Of Gypsys, Buddy Miles, so it's not surprising that he has a skilled drummer like Manni Von Bohr who leads us into the next song "Gypsy Eyes". We get a brilliant close up of Manni behind his DW kit wearing his Jimi Hendrix shirt, bangin' his bass drum and drum sticks together forming the beat for Randy to come in with the opening guitar riff and slide. As the performance of "Gypsy Eyes" goes on, Randy's guitar work just gets better and better. One of his exceptional abilities that I really like is that he's pretty slick on the wah wah pedal and he uses it a lot in his performance, as did Jimi. The wah wah pedal had just been invented when Jimi Hendrix burst into the music scene in 1967 and really gave Jimi his mind-bending sound.

I feel compelled to write about nearly every song I've seen performed on the 'Electric Ladyland Live' DVD so far because it's that commendable! "Rainy Day's" is such a kick ass song and Randy, Ufo, and Manni totally nail it! Randy has been performing these Jimi Hendrix songs since 1977 so with his experience and today's technology applied to guitars, amps, and pedals, Randy is able to give these Hendrix masterpieces a refreshed feel with added toughness and strength, but not to the point where the integrity of the song is lost, in fact, you get the feeling as if you are watching and listening to a 20th century Jimi Hendrix sing and play guitar. 

For me, the highlight of the DVD is "1983". I'd like to give you a background on this song and keep in mind that the Vietnam war was still active and peaking in 1968 when this song was written. Jimi's two favorite metaphors were sand and the sea. "1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)" was written to tell a strange tale of the destruction and hopelessness of mankind which Jimi would then return to the sea, the source of all life and thrive. This would suggest Jimi's belief in the power of positive thinking. Randy Hansen once said that Jimi's music held answers to many of life's problems. Jimi's music being dear to Randy, Ufo and Manni, the band really make this song special taking you on an eleven minute musical journey of bass and drums intertwined together in perfect unison with beautiful melodic guitar mingled with fast electrifying guitar solos and whimsical guitar effects. It is an outstanding performance!

"Electric Ladyland Live" is a DVD you definitely want in your music collection. It is a timeless dedication to the great Jimi Hendrix by one of the most talented, nicest, and energetic guitarists in the music business, Randy Hansen.

1. Electric Ladyland
2. Crosstown Traffic
3. Voo Doo Chile
4. Little Miss Strange
5. Gypsy Eyes
6. Rainy Day's
7. 1983
8. House Burning Down
9. Voo Doo Chile (Slight Return)
10. Foxy Lady

Purchase 'Electric Ladyland Live' DVD

*Randy Hansen Band start their European tour 24 April 2015.  Check out the calendar on the website for tour dates!

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Review By:
Jill Maciel
West Coast Correspondent

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Bloodiest Music Video_New Found Glory_Lloyd Kaufman

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22 March 2015

*Bloodiest Music Video*

With a headline LIKE that, how can I not get everyone's attention? So what do you think is the bloodiest music video EVER produced? I'm thinking Alice Cooper must be involved, right? You too? We're wrong. The honor goes to a band that came around back in 1997. An American group whose name came about in a Red Lobster restaurant, where two of the original band members worked; Jordan Pundik (vocals), and Ian Grushka (bass). Rock stars ever since steadily building a solid music catalog, and a reputation for superb road shows. Musicians since high school. 
Songs whose lyrics can be meaningful. Living the dream!

High energy, or seriously focused? A question answered with one word; both. And apparently BIG fans of B movie, independent motion picture film company, Troma Entertainment. For how on Earth could the band get such bragging rights as 'most bloodiest video' without the help of independent film's leader / authorities in sci-fi horror comedy with ambles of gratuitous nudity thrown in for good measure; Mr. Lloyd Kaufman. A professional artist, who along with Michael Herz created Troma Entertainment in 1974. For those not good at math, Troma Entertainment is now in it's 41st year of rotting the minds of young teenage boys. An audience has to start from someplace. Appears to all ages. Lucky for the young men category that Mommy is too caught up in all her shit to even bother noticing what mindless drivel on the expense television she purchased that her little sunny boy is consuming. Say what you will about Fox News, for I personally don't think it's that bad.

Compare the evening news with official Troma motion pictures; The original VHS tapes, and then the DVDs, and now the Blu-rays. Troma is so over the top when it comes to certain things, but nothing as bad as what the talking heads are telling us routinely about terror groups, and the next BIG Hollywood remake.

Be warned one finds out after purchasing their FIRST item from Tromaville...these damn things are like crack. Once you buy one, you'll be willing to meet up with someone on Craig's List whose watched his now out of print collector's (it said so on the box) version, VHS tape of Nuke 'Em High (1979) forty seven times, and is willing to meet you at a Waffle House off I-10 at 3 a.m. in which you ponder if you should go or not. Just to discuss the film with someone who won't make fun of you for liking such a movie. Uncle G says go on and go. Be safe, and don't forget to tip the waitress.

You wanna see real Americana, watch Troma's Pot Zombies. Who needs being preached to when you can watch stoners turn green, and all get a serious case of the munchies? By typical Hollywood critic standards completely horrible. Uncle G says to those over the age eighteen, and working a 40 hour week; Time to decompress. Lite up! Pour yourself one! In your underwear! At home so not to get arrested, and pay a HUGE fine. Make it a Troma night. Spend the evening with Toxie. Fun B film entertainment with boobies of all sizes. Have a special friend with you so you can reenact your favorite scenes. Nine months later if this pertains to you and it's a boy, you can think of naming it, Lloyd. Or after a deceased Uncle on your spouse's side that you never really knew.

The band, New Found Glory. Now a four piece that along with Jordan and Ian, has Ian Grushka on bass, and Cyrus Bolooki laying down a solid foundation of drums and percussion. Not considered classic rock, but seeing how plays the last 50 years of the best rock music has to offer, I know some listeners LIKE myself are also interested. If one must classify, the web tells me 'New Found Glory' is said to be an alternative pop punk American Rock Band, that hails from Florida. From what I heard, the music's good. That's all Uncle G really cares about. Must all we listen to be ghosts? The greats whose family could afford it, would want the musical part of us to move on after their departure, and discover new acts. Not that going from the usual 1970's act in which I usually report on, to one from the 1990's is that BIG of a leap.

Without anymore suspense, the bloodiest Music Video is; New Found Glory - One More Round. The song is from their eighth studio album entitled; Resurrection (2014). And why the bloodiest? After seeing it, lets just say you should agree. One reason, because the legendary Lloyd Kaufman, was on set as the video was being made. An expert in this field of theatrical blood, by the way.

Here's what it says on the official TromaMovie You Tube channel;

"Published on Mar 17, 2015

Back in January, Lloyd was invited to bless the behind-the-scenes promo for big time pop-punk band New Found Glory's "One More Round" music video--which set out to be the bloodiest music video of all time. See what happened!

See more Troma at!"

Additional Uncle G Comments:

Pretty much LIKE I said huh?

And where is what Lloyd Kaufman himself (or had someone he trusted to do it for him) tweeted yesterday about the making of the video, One More Round.

"New Found Glory was kind enough to invite me to host a behind the scenes look at their new music video 'One More...

… and then Lloyd MUST HAVE ran out of characters. ONLY 140 remember Lloyd? I know you're getting older. Remember, this is Twitter, and not a sequel to, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. So simple, even a toxic waste human mutation could do it. On a serious note, besides all that Twitter nonsense, congrats on an outstanding career. Was a pleasure meeting you in Houston last year as well..hush hush. People might think of how a very enjoyable few minute meet and greet might affect my point of view and rate, and thus speak of whatever product you are associated with, more highly. And how right they would be (only kidding...wink wink...looking forward to 2015's release of Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 2).

So here's the video. Did I say how bloody it was? Maybe if you just ate a heavy meal, you should put off watching until you digested food. Just saying.

Cool to post links to the behind the scenes, and the actual video. So here you go:

New Found Glory - One More Round - Official Video Link:

Troma Movies - Behind the Scenes on New Found Glory's "One More Round" - Official Video Link

Gary Brown

American Correspondent for

Twitter @GBrown0816

                        Pictured: New Found Glory with Lloyd Kaufman

Tuesday 17 March 2015

New album, ‘Strange Tales’ available on CD on Tour


The Humans’ third album ‘Strange Tales, recorded in Pearl Jam’s studio, is available digitally now and will be available exclusively on CD at the six UK tour dates.

The band is the brainchild of renowned singer, actress and household name Toyah Willcox and brings together three lifetimes of musical experience, experimentation and craftsmanship. 

TOYAH needs little introduction having been a household name since the early 80s with platinum selling-albums, a string of top 40 UK hit singles and scores of prestigious screen and stage roles alongside Katharine Hepburn and Laurence Olivier.

BILL RIEFLIN is a respected and acclaimed figure from the US music scene and was the live drummer for REM for over ten years. Most recently he played drums on the ROBBIE WILLIAMS album TAKE THE CROWN and the no1 hit single CANDY.  Bill Rieflin recently completed a series of live US concert dates as a member of the legendary rock band KING CRIMSON which he is now a permanent member of.
CHRIS WONG is a Cambridge-born musician and a professional guitarist, bass guitarist, arranger, orchestrator, composer and musical director. Alongside band work Chris musically directs extensively in musical theatre. His debut solo album The Edible Suite reflects his interest in jazz/funk/rock.

TELLING STRANGE TALES will kick off on 11 April 2015 at Trading Boundaries, Uckfield and close at The Britannia Theatre, Chatham on 19 April. It will also include the first London gig by The Humans since the 4-star reviewed (Financial Times) gig in 2011. Most notably this London club date is at the 100 Club, Oxford Street which Toyah last played some 36 years ago as an unsigned emerging music act.


APRIL 2015

SAT.11TH: UCKFIELD - TRADING BOUNDARIES, Sheffield Green Uckfield East Sussex TN22 3RB  01825 790200   Doors 7.30pm £25 & £65 (Dining)
TUES.14TH: GLOUCESTER – GUILDHALL, 23 Eastgate Street, Gloucester GL1 1NS 01452 503050  7.30pm £20

THURS.16th: SOUTHAMPTON - TALKING HEADS, 320 Portswood Road, Southampton SO17 2TD 023 8067 8446  7.30pm  £15
FRI.17th: SWANSEA - THE GARAGE (WHITEZ) 47 Uplands Crescent, Swansea, West Glamorgan SA2 0NP 01792 475147  9pm  £20 Adv
SAT.18TH: LONDON - 100 CLUB  100, Oxford Street, London W1D 1LL  020 7636 0933  6.30pm  £20Adv +B/Fee
SUN. 19TH: CHATHAM - BRITANNIA THEATRE Leviathan Way,Chatham Maritime, Kent ME4 4LL 0844 858 6656  7pm  £15 Adv + B/Fee   £20 door

“The Humans have made that record we might have gotten if Tori Amos and Trent Reznor had ever come together for a full album in the late-nineties.”
“It’s the musical equivalent of a drive through a part of town you’ve never seen, and just when you think you’ve got the area figured out, you pass a sign welcoming you to the nearby town with restaurants of a different vibe, and even the sky looks a bit different. But don’t consider driving back now, because you’re on a one-way and the scenery stays intriguing.”

They will be aided and abetted in these live concerts by returning live guest human Igor Abuladze and for this tour by Tim Rose. Alongside Wong, Tim Rose has played in Toyah’s live touring band since 2005. The tour will see the first UK live performances of material from 2014’s Strange Tales album which was met with much praise from fans old and new. ‘Get In Your Car’ and ‘Amnesia’ have already become firm favourites.

THE HUMANS were formed in 2007 after Toyah was invited by the Estonian ambassador to tour Estonia. Highly experimental, the band reflects the distinctly different musical backgrounds and life experiences of its members. Before they had ever set foot into a recording studio, The Humans premiered their material in 2008 with a sell-out series of concerts in Estonia attended by the Estonian president. Their debut album was mastered by Simon Heyworth (Tubular Bells, Brian Eno). It was released in May 2009 to coincide with the band’s return to Estonia to headline at ‘Tartufest’.

Progressive Rock Pioneers, 

Renaissance is a band with a rich history unique unto themselves as progressive rock pioneers who rose from the ashes of the seminal UK rock band, The Yardbirds. Their career has spanned forty plus years spearheaded by the 5 octave voice of Annie Haslam and the masterful songwriting skills of Michael Dunford.

The band also featured John Tout on piano, Jon Camp on bass and Terry Sullivan on drums, all of whom further molded the sound of the band through the powerful technical command of their instruments. They were first acknowledged for uniquely blending progressive rock with classical influences and symphonic arrangements.

They are widely considered to be the band that most successfully and routinely utilised the sound of a full orchestra in their recordings.
In the early years Renaissance toured Europe extensively. It wasn’t long before influential progressive rock stations in the US, such as WNEW (NYC), WMMR (Philadelphia) and WHFS (Washington) were turning on America to Renaissance. Before too long the band started thrilling concertgoers on the world’s most distinguished stages, from Carnegie Hall in NYC with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, to the Royal Albert Hall in London with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Royal Chorale Society. In 1978 they had a top ten hit in the UK with ‘Northern Lights’, which has become a classic radio favourite, still demanding regular airplay to this day.

The band eventually disbanded in the late 1980’s at which time Annie Haslam launched a solo career. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the original founding of Renaissance, Michael and Annie in 2009 decided to form a new touring band which consisted of; Rave Tesar on keyboards, David J Keyes on bass, Tom Brislin on keyboards and Frank Pagano on drums.

More recently they have toured North America, Canada, Japan and South Korea and produced their first album in 13 years entitled ‘Symphony of Light’. The album is a testament to the unforgettable melodies that Michael Dunford infused into his work, Michael died prematurely in 2012. The album starts off with powerful lyrics by Annie Haslam in the title track about the life of Leonardo da Vinci followed by ‘Waterfall’, a song written about the rainforests in Brazil. All the songs bathe the listener in flavours from far off countries, with lush orchestral arrangements and unusual lyrical content, with guest appearances from Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) and John Wetton (Asia/King Crimson/UK).

The current personel of Renaissance include: Annie Haslam lead vocals, Rave Tesar keyboards, David J Keyes bass guitar, Jason Hart keyboards, Frank Pagano drums and Ryche Chlanda acoustic guitars.

14th: MILTON KEYNES, The Stables, Stockwell Lane, Wavendon, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK17 8LU Time tbc Price tbc

16th: LONDON, Union Chapel, 19B Compton Terrace, London N1 2UN Doors 7pm £28.50 (adv) plus bf. 020 7226 1686

17th: FROME, Cheese & Grain, Market Yard, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BE 18.50 (adv) £22.00 (door). Tickets from b/o 01373 455 420 OR – Raves From The Grave 01373 464 666. Doors 8pm Fully seated event. Support - Amelia Orgill & The Teazle Band

18th: FARNHAM, The Maltings, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7QR 01252 745444 £28/£30 plus bf 8pm

19th: LEAMINGTON SPA, Assembly, Spencer Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV31 3NF, £21.50 7pm Ticketline 0871 220 0260

21st: WIMBORNE, The Tivoli, West Borough, Wimborne Minster, Dorset BH21 1LT £20 7.30pm

23rd: BILSTON, The Robin 2, 20-28 Mount Pleasant, Bilston, Wolverhampton WV14 7LJ 01902 401211 £20 (adv)/£22 (door) Time tbc

24th: ST.HELENS, Citadel Arts Centre, Waterloo Street, St Helens, Merseyside WA10 1PX  01744 735436 £20 Doors 7.30pm presented in association with the Classic Rock Society
Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama DVD/CD Release

On 1 June 2015, Eagle Rock Entertainment release “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd on DVD + 2CD set and LP [Cat Nos EREDV1131 and EAGLP637].  This release includes extremely rare footage of the original Lynyrd Skynyrd line-up and features all their classics including: “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Free Bird”, “Working For MCA”, “Saturday Night Special”, “Gimme Three Steps”, “I Ain’t The One” and many more. This is the first release of the audio from the show on CD.

Lynyrd Skynyrd are the ultimate Southern Rock band. Their signature three guitar attack coupled to superb songwriting and massive on stage charisma has rightfully earned them a reputation as one of the greatest live bands of all time. The original band infamously had their career cut short by a disastrous plane crash in 1977 which took the lives of three members plus two of their road crew and seriously injured several others. In 1987 the surviving members reformed the band with Johnny Van Zant taking the place of his brother Ronnie. This concert from 1996 captures the band on top form at Rockpalast’s Loreley Festival on 23 June 1996.

The Bonus Features [DVD + CD set format only] offer a real treat for Lynyrd Skynyrd fans we have three tracks from the Hamburg Musikhalle on 5 December 1974 featuring the original line-up of the band performing three classic songs: “Working For MCA”, “Free Bird” and “Sweet Home Alabama”.

The Line-Ups for the 1996 show was: Johnny Van Zant (v), Gary Rossington (g), Rickey Medlocke (g, v), Hughie Thomasson (g), Billy Powell (k), Leon Wilkeson (b, v), Owen Hale (d), Dale Krantz-Rossington (bv), Carol Chase (bv).  For the 1974 show the band featured:  Ronnie Van Zant (v), Gary Rossington (g), Allen Collins (g, v), Ed King (g), Billy Powell (k), Leon Wilkeson (b, v), Bob Burns (d).

TRACKLISTING [All tracks on DVD]:
1) Workin’ For MCA   2) I Ain’t The One   3) Down South Junkin’   4) Double Trouble   5) I Know A Little   6) Saturday Night Special**   7) Swamp Music   8) What’s Your Name   9) That Smell   10) Simple Man***  11) Gimme Three Steps   12) Call Me The Breeze 13) Sweet Home Alabama*/**** 14) Free Bird  
Bonus Tracks From Hamburg 1974: 3) Workin’ For MCA   4) Free Bird   5) Sweet Home Alabama
*First track of CD2 in DVD + 2CD set
**Side B of 2LP format  ***Side B of 2LP format  ****Side D of 2LP format 

Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd is simply a must for any fan of the legendary band.






London, Monday 16 March: Announced today is ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ a tribute concert to the late Jack Bruce, one of the finest musicians of his generation and sadly missed. The concert, in aid of Jack’s favourite charity, East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), will be held on Saturday 24 October at The Roundhouse. Tickets will be on sale from Wednesday 18 March and available from

Artists confirmed so far: Ginger Baker, Joss Stone, Phil Manzanera, Ian Anderson, Vernon Reid, Mark King, Liam Bailey, Fiona Bevan and Jack Bruce’s Big Blues Band. Further additions and special guests yet to be announced. Musical Director, Nitin Sawhney has said:

“Jack Bruce was one of my biggest heroes when I was growing up – a consummate musician, composer and all round rock genius with a killer voice and one of the most creative and versatile musical minds of his generation. Being asked to musically direct this show celebrating his life and work is a great honour and privilege and I look forward to working with an amazing line up of contemporary artists and rock legends.”

Jack Bruce was a music colossus with a restless musical spirit. His 50-year career saw him work with a wide range of collaborators, across many genres. He was respected by all for his inventiveness and instrumental dexterity. He composed some of the greatest songs of the 20th Century including: White Room, I Feel Free, Sunshine Of Your Love, and Theme For An Imaginary Western. His last album was Silver Rails, released in March 2014 and recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

Tickets will be available to Roundhouse members on Tuesday 17 March with general sale available from Wednesday 18 March.
Ticket prices are £37.50 - £45.00 and available from

Monday 16 March 2015

Yes_Like It Is

Classic Rock Radio (Dot CO Dot UK)
14 March 2015 
Classic Rock...LIVE! Yes - Like It Is (2014 Frontiers Music SRL) 

So I decided on a whim to go into my local Best Buy, which is nowadays more an electronic / appliance store, then the SUPER CD / DVD store it was in what I'll refer to as it's former glory days. Rows and rows of music CDs and movies. Not anymore. Very limited selection. So imagine my surprise when I glance down while checking out what CDs they did have, and found the new Yes live album, released just this past December called; Yes - Like It Is_At The Bristol Hippodrome (2014). The deluxe 2 CD & DVD edition. With new Roger Dean artwork. Been a fan of his, and the band Yes, since the nineteen seventies. So I asked myself. I said; "Self, how can I walk out without purchasing this fine item?" With change back from my twenty dollar bill, I traveled home with a new addition to my ever expanding Yes CD collection. Been a collector of Yes and what I call Yes Related CDs since 1992. My first Yes on compact disc was, The Yes Album (1971). Gave the CD away some years later to one of my teenage nephews, when I got the remastered version. A move with someone of the younger generation, so to help keep the Yes flame going. Their newest retail product, Yes - Like It Is, is also available on Blu-ray in which I might have gotten instead if stocked. That's OK. For me, this deluxe package works! 

Before munching on a yummy dinner of baked chicken and rice, I inserted the DVD into my player. Let the show begin, I told myself. Was seriously looking forward having seen this line-up last year perform in their entirety two albums from Yes' glorious past; Fragile (1972) and it's follow up, Close To The Edge (1973). Plus new material from their latest studio, Heaven And Earth (2014), and a few GREATEST hits. The review I did on this show for Classic Rock Radio is online. Was my first time witnessing Jon Davison on vocals, and Geoff Downes play as a member of Yes. Wasn't disappointed in ethers performance. Both helped make the core members of the band, shine and be themselves. 

Yes - Like It Is was recorded May 11th of last year, at the beautiful Bristol Hippodrome (U.K.), before what appeared to be a sold out crowd. Released from that concert, about three quarters of the entire performance. Set list included playing three entire albums, starting off with Close To The Edge (1973), and then cap it off with one of the bands earliest hits, Roundabout. Believe me, the audience got their money's worth...PLUS! Preserved for the archives, and presented here, is the bands live performance of two classic albums from Yes' glorious past; Going For The One (1976), and guitarist Steve Howe's first studio with the group, 1971's The Yes Album. 

After hearing a snippet of Igor Stravinsky's Firebird Suite, the DVD starts with the band launching into the album, Going For The One, with an outstanding performance of the title track. When released back in the day, FM radio played this, and a song they will perform later on called, Wonderous Stories. Both crowd favorites. If into gifted guitarist, watching Steve Howe will blow you away. And if not on this song, surely the next; Turn Of The Century. 

My favorite song out of the five offered on 'Going For The One', comes next. A Chris Squire penned number called; Parallels. This, and 'Going For The One', being the more upbeat rock songs on the album. The last two songs on 'Going For The One', being more on the mellow side. When I had a turntable decades ago, I played 'Side A' of this album, way more then 'Side B' which had contained two songs; Wonderour Stories, and many a Yes fans favorite; Awaken. I liked Yes best when they were the traditional five piece rock band. An electric guitar, instead of acoustic. A pounding beat, and a bass line you can feel. With standout keyboard playing. That to me was Yes. There is a part of 'Awaken' that rocks, but for me it don't last long enough. Regarded a masterpiece by critics worldwide. The three minute forty five second long Wonderous Stories, was popular, and is nowadays on the official list as one of Yes' greatest hits. 

The 'Yes Album' is a top five Yes album for me. Popular with a lot of other people as well. Traditional FM radio classic rock stations have half the album in their daily playlist. My favorite previously released live versions, being off Yessongs (1973). On wax, a PERFECT album side. Just two songs; Yours Is Not Disgrace, and Starship Trooper. One of Yes' finest recorded moments. Were certainly on fire that night. This version done 31 years later will not disappoint. Same with the Yes classic, I Seen All Good People. 

A smile comes when vocalist Jon Davison introduces what ended up as one of Steve Howe's greatest hits; Clap. 

The last two songs performed for the camera are two of Yes' deeper cuts; A Venture, and Perpetual Change. Most music performed up to now has been pretty much on the mark, meaning it resembled what one heard when playing the records. Even the silent part in between songs. Not much distraction with tuning, or stage banter. A little different is Geoff Downes stand out performance on the rarely ever performed song entitled; A Venture. Nice added keyboard work by Geoff, with the finished song sounding more like a group composition. Next, original Yes member, bass player Chris Squire gets to boogie some during a rousing version of Perpetual Change. Also not to be unnoticed...Chris Squire's nicely done backup vocals throughout the evening as well. Been that way since day one with the band. Some Yes fans have wondered to me why Yes didn't just become a four piece after Jon Anderson's departure, and have Chris do all the singing. Because he sounds so capable of doing so, the decision to do this sounds most logical. What a lot of hard work this would be. Chris I'm sure knows his bass parts very well. Easier to just hire another singer. Besides, Jon Davison sounds akin to Jon Anderson when he was in his thirties. A few Yes fans have told me this as well. 

Rating: Using the one to five star rating system, whereas one star means it sucks every way imaginable, to five stars which means it's cool spending hard earned cash on it, Uncle G gives Yes - Like It IS … the CD / DVD Deluxe Edition; 5 stars! Worth the price of admission is the last two songs mentioned. The rest is fine as well. I did play the CDs the day after viewing the DVD. Produced by Yes, with audio mixed by ex-Yes member, Billy Sherwood (World Trade / Circa:). Good job on that btw! When it comes to music, I prefer hearing it out of my home stereo unit. I have a BIG pair of Sony speakers, that I love blasting music out of. Am not into it being so loud, that it distorts. Not the case here. This has a real crisp, live sound to it. When played I can almost feel like I'm right there in the auditoriums sweet spot. Here in Texas, am sure my neighbors loved hearing this latest live official release by Yes, as much as I did. 

Oh yeah...forgot one thing. Didn't get an opportunity to mention him anywhere; Mr. Alan White. One of the BEST drummers on the planet. His performance on Yes - Like It Is … solid as usual. Never to be taken for granted. A pillar of strength in the Yes establishment. 

And while at it, a sincere thanks to those formerly associated with the group, especially those who helped create the music heard on this new live release, and were not a part of this official Yes presentation. 

Gary Brown 
American Correspondent for 
Twitter @GBrown0816

Note: Review of concert I attended / authored - Yes_Houston Texas_05 Aug 2014

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Primus Return To UK For Live Shows. 
First Shows In The UK For 18 Years 

Primus are set to return to the UK for the first time since 2012 for 3 special shows.   ‘An evening with Primus’ will consist of 2 full sets and encores.

All three shows will be extra special as they will be the first UK shows for 18 years to feature the original line up of Tim Alexander, Led Claypool and Larry Lalonde.

‘Primus & The Chocolate Factory’ will be performed in it’s entirely, an album born out of a New Years Eve Willy Wonka-themed Primus show. Claypool says “…it felt good… I don’t think we’ve ever had a better combination of elements,” it felt so good, in fact, that he decided to take Primus into the studio to prepare the soundtrack for an album release.  Claypool admits that he’s always, “in some way, wanted to be Willy Wonka,” and, also, that he’s always wanted to work a cover of “The Candyman” -- a memorable number from the film’s soundtrack -- into Primus sets

Primus are one of the most influential and forward thinking guitar bands of our time, known for their alternative anthems ‘Tommy The Cat, ‘Those Dammed Blue Collar Tweekers’, ‘Lacquer Head’ , ‘My Name Is Mud’, ‘Jerry Was A Racecar Driver’ and of course the ‘South Park Theme’.

Formed in 1984 Primus has gone onto become one of the most important alt-rock bands of the last 30 years with releases such as ‘Suck On This’, ‘Sailing The Sea Of Cheese’, ‘Pork Soda’, The Brown Album’, ‘The Anti Popand more recently with ‘Green Naugahyde’. The band have gone on to tour with the likes of Rush, U2 and Public Enemy, showing their versatility and have sold over 7 million albums worldwide. Be sure to catch what will no doubt be an extremely memorable evening.

Dates: June 2015
Tues 23rd                     London 02 Brixton Academy
Wed 24th                     Manchester 02 Apollo
Thu 25th                      Birmingham 02 Academy

Tickets on sale Friday 6th March 10am.

Special Report_TKG

Classic Rock Radio (Dot CO Dot UK)
10 March 2015 
Special Report: Music You Might Not Know Exists  
Band: TKG (Country of Origin: Greece) 

One of the cool things about writing for is the constant flow of new music that keeps magically appearing in my snail mailbox. Mostly new releases, and just being frank, in hopes of a good review. Other times, promo stuff that I sometimes use in my regular column that routinely appears on the official Facebook page. Stuff like autographs. It's ALL very cool. Sorry I can't / don't use everything sent my way. I appreciate everything, especially a good idea or suggestion. Fact is, I need a new topic in which to express my opinion / experience with or about, five days a week. Within certain parameters of course. I do write for a classic rock station. Unique in that we play on our station, music from the last fifty years. Those who have read my reviews / columns / posts long enough, have an idea as to what I do and don't dig. At least slightly. 

From over six thousand miles away comes a promo / press kit for a band that comes out of Athens, Greece called TKG. Included was a music CD, that in part read; "Do Not Sell - PROMO". Erase that, and it's a band product that was released back in 2012, and still selling today called Pattern Partner. Been in several of my CD players within the past week. Took it with me just about every place I went. Repeat listens. Whoever sent it to me knew it's right up my alley. Moments where it really rocks too! Friends of mine know that at times I do enjoy music with a little get up and go to it. After a couple listens, I decided that there was something here to write about. 

Before I type anything, I usually research. So I started off by reading the press kit that was included. Nice job to whoever did that, by the way. As I listen to TKG - Pattern Partner play in the background, I then proceed to expand my search, and get on the world wide web. 

I bookmarked a dozen or so pages on TKG, which also included their guitar player, Theodore Kalantzakos. A well respected, educated musician who appears, at least from six thousand miles away to eat, sleep, drink, and dream the guitar. His reputation as an professional musician appears to be impeccable. Cream of the crop player so to say. Explains the comparisons I have been seeing. One that caught my eye was to Guthrie Govan. In my opinion, Guthrie is one of the Top 100 most proficient guitar players on the planet. And then I read how TKG is akin to another band I really dug called Liquid Tension Experiment. Those guys are so tight! Conclusion is this was a serious, almost all instrumental prog-rock band, with a hint of jazz to it. Expect even some avant garde moments. So much for spoilers. Time to let the music do the talking.

TKG - Pattern Partner (2012) 

In my ears, TKG is very similar to a metal prog-band, more than anything else. Stating that, the group's music can now go in any direction you'd expect musicians with a label like this over their heads to go. Forget about anything even remotely sounding like your average rock n' roll musician / group. Which reminds me how much I hate micro-categorizing. I just saw on the Internet someone describe Billy Joel's music as...get this, "Italian Rock." But TKG has elements of jazz music also. Not all of its almost 46 minutes is in your face loud music that amplifies musician proficiency to the max. That would just be part of it. TKG's Pattern Partner has mellower material that also amplifies musician proficiency to the max, as well. Nice when that happens, isn't it? 

There is only one track with vocals. I mention it, especially because the song usually got a reaction out of all that were within earshot. For those I played it for, called 'Shifting Sand (Dead End)', I either got a response similar to: 

01.) WTF was that (looking puzzled)? 

02.) Grows on you with each listen (looking appreciated) 

Answer number two is more the direction I tend to go with. More Goth / Death Metal in nature. Must admit that it's fun singing aloud the words. 

Rating: I find the whole CD, TKG - Pattern Partner, to be a valuable new addition to my collection, as I expect it would be in yours. The package I received in the mail as a introduction to the group is a success. Every song on the CD displays above-average musicianship and songwriting skills. What good is being a good player, and then not having the proper music for which to display such talent? Everything matters, and on Pattern Partner every ingredient is just right. 

Lets talk Trumpet. Scattered throughout Pattern Partner is superb trumpet by TKG band member, Christodoulos Aspromallis. The horn, of course, gives the music another layer for which the listener can zone in on. It doesn't work with all bands and yet fits well here! The vibes are reminiscent of Bruford/Levin's Upper Extremities. All done very well. 

Two Favorite Tracks: All are excellent in one way or another, but it's these two songs off TKG - Pattern Partner that I LIKE the most: 

                                                Track #02 - Echoing Chemical Reaction

Track #10 - Juggling Act.

OH...I'd feel bad if I didn't say how impressed I am with every member of TKG / those who made a guest appearance on Pattern Partner.

Credits: TKG - Pattern Partner (2012)

All guitars and synth guitars recorded by Theodore Kalantzakos
Drums, Electronic Drums and FX loops by Loukas Kalantzakos
Bass by George Politis Trumpet by Christodoulos Aspromallis
All keyboards and solo guitar at “Human Parasitology” by Sinnik
-CD also includes- Guest Solos from Theodore Ziras Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud)
Guest Vocals by Chris Kounelis (Disharmony) at “Sifting Sand(Dead End)”

Using the one to five star rating system, where one star means to completely skip over, to five stars meaning it's worth part of your most recent paycheck to secure a copy, Uncle G rates TKG - Pattern Partner … 5 stars! Having something this impressive in your catalog so early on, means that everything after will be compared to it. Equates to having to work even harder. And since it's release, TKG been doing just that, for they are still a vibrant contributor to the world of good music.

For general downloads...and NEW music...check out the TKG official website.

Official TKG Website Link:

Gary Brown - American Correspondent for
Twitter @GBrown0816

Monday 9 March 2015

Two Live Collections Debut Newly Discovered Recordings From The Prog-Rock Pioneer’s Acclaimed 1972 World Tour
Double-Disc, Triple-LP, And 14-Disc Boxed Set Available May 18 From Rhino

Yes was firing on all cylinders in the fall of 1972. The prog-rock pioneers’ fifth studio album Close To The Edge was a smash success as audiences around the world packed arenas to see the legendary group perform. The band captured the magic of that tour on its first live album, Yessongs. Released in 1973, the triple-LP sold over a million copies and blew minds with Roger Dean’s iconic artwork.
The band recently discovered recordings of seven complete concerts from the weeks leading up to the shows heard on Yessongs. The latest audio technology was used to restore the reel-to-reel recordings and bring out incredible sonic detail, creating an open, immediate sound that drops listeners right into the front row.

Rhino has assembled three new releases featuring previously unreleased music included on these newly discovered tapes. HIGHLIGHTS FROM SEVENTY-TWO includes 90 minutes of live recordings selected from various shows. Available on two CDs or three LPs, the music flows like a typical setlist from the tour as it spotlights standout performances from different cities. The set will be available May  18.

PROGENY: SEVEN SHOWS FROM SEVENTY-TWO is a 14-disc set that holds every note from all seven shows, recorded in the fall of 1972 as the band’s tour jumped from Canada to North Carolina, and then Georgia and Tennessee, before their last stop in New York at Nassau Coliseum on November 20th. This comprehensive set comes in a cigarette-style flip top box with new artwork by Dean and will be available on the same day.

This was Yes’ first tour with drummer Alan White, who’s been with the band ever since. He replaced Bill Bruford, who recorded Close To The Edge before leaving to join King Crimson. White only had three days to learn the band’s live show before his first night on stage with Jon Anderson (vocals), Steve Howe (guitar), Chris Squire (bass) and Rick Wakeman (keyboards).  

Recorded three months into the tour, these powerful performances attest to how quickly the new line-up came together musically as they navigate hits like “Roundabout,” and complex pieces like “And You and I.” Even though the setlist didn’t vary much from night to night, the individual performances are strikingly different.

Track Listing
Disc One
1. Opening (Excerpt From “Firebird Suite”)
2. “Siberian Khatru”
3. “I’ve Seen All Good People”
a. “Your Move”
b. “All Good People”
4. “Heart Of The Sunrise”
5. “Clap/Mood For A Day”
6. “And You And I”
a. “Cord Of Life”
b. “Eclipse”
c.  “The Preacher The Teacher”
d. “Apocalypse”

Disc Two
1. “Close To The Edge”
a.           “The Solid Time Of Change”
b.           “Total Mass Retain”
c.           “I Get Up I Get Down”
d.           “Seasons Of Man”
2. Excerpts From “The Six Wives Of Henry VIII”
3. “Roundabout”
4. “Yours Is No Disgrace”

Show listing:
October 31, 1972                    Toronto, Canada
November 1, 1972                  Ottawa, Canada
November 11, 1972                Durham, NC
November 12, 1972                Greensboro, NC
November 14, 1972                Athens, GA
November 15, 1972                Knoxville, TN
November 20, 1972                Uniondale, NY