Tuesday 25 September 2012

Eric Johnson UK Tour Dates April 2013

Eric Johnson, the celebrated American electric guitarist, hailed by Joe Bonamassa as “one of the greatest guitar players of all time,” returns to the UK in 2013 for a tour that kicks off at the London o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Wednesday 3rd April. 
The 6-date tour will showcase material from his current album Up Close, as well as from his rich back catalogue, including the classic Cliffs of Dover.
Tickets will be available on a general on-sale date of Friday 28th September from www.thegigcartel.com and 0844 478 0898.

Eric Johnson is also a respected acoustic, lap steel, resonator and an accomplished pianist and vocalist. He’s best known for his diverse array of music genres evidenced by many different styles incorporated in his studio and live performances, including rock, blues, jazz, fusion, folk, New Age & country.
Guitar Player magazine called Johnson "one of the most respected guitarists on the planet.” His critically acclaimed, platinum-selling 1990 recording Ah Via Musicom produced the single Cliffs of Dover, for which he won the 1991 Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance (the track also appeared in Guitar Hero 3 – Legends of Rock.)

In 1996 he joined forces with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai for the original and legendary G3 tour that garnered a worldwide audience with the platinum selling CD/DVD.
Johnson’s best known for playing stock Fender Stratocasters and Gibson ES-335 electric guitars through a triple amp setup, consisting of vintage Fender and Marshall amplifiers.
He plays vintage Stratocasters but also his ‘Fender Signature Stratocaster’ model, which is one of the best selling instruments in the Fender catalogue. He also designed a Signature acoustic guitar that was released by Martin guitars.

24 HOUR BOX OFFICE: 0844 478 0898
BOOK ONLINE: www.thegigcartel.com
All Tickets £25 (except £30, London)
London o2 Shepherds Bush Empire
Wednesday 3rd April

Tickets: £30 / Box Office: 0844 477 2000
Doors 7pm/ Stage 8pm
Shepherd's Bush Green, London W12 8TT

Thursday 4th April
Harrogate Theatre

Tickets: £25 / Box Office: 01423 502 116
Doors 7pm / Stage 7.30pm
Oxford Street, Harrogate, HG1 1QF
Edinburgh Queen's Hall 
Friday 5th April

Tickets: £25 / Box Office: 0131 668 2019 
85 - 89 Clerk Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9JG
Doors 6.30pm / Stage 7.30pm

Manchester Royal Northern College of Music
Saturday 6th April

Tickets: £25 / Box Office: 0161 907 5555 
Doors: 7pm / Stage: 7:30pm
124 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9RD

 Birmingham Town Hall
Sunday 7th April

Tickets: £25 / Box Office: 0121 345 0600
Doors: 7:30pm / Stage: 8pm
Victoria Square, Birmingham, B3 3DQ
Salisbury City Hall
Monday 8th April

Tickets: £25 / Box Office: 01722 434 434
Doors: 7:30pm / Stage: 8pm
Malthouse Lane, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 7TU


Monday 24 September 2012

Tracer are back on tour with some hot news and a new band member

Tracer - photo credit: Benon Koebsch (www.bjwok.com)

Aussie rockers TRACER are   back for more - ready to rock loud 'n' proud  around the UK & EU

When Tracer were last over here in April  the line-up  was   Michael Brown (Vocals and guitar) Leigh Brown (Vocals and Bass) with drummer Andre Wise, however Leigh recently decided his musical journey with Tracer had  come to end  ''We'd like to thank Leigh Brown for his tireless efforts and massive contribution to the band'' said Andre Wise

Time to welcome new band member Pat Saracino!

They  also recently announced that they will be heading to LA at the end of the year to record their new album with producer Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Silverchair, Cold Chisel).

The band were nominated as Best New Band at this year's Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards - you will see why when you hear them.  Their album Spaces InBetween is one to check out for sure

Some of the  UK dates include:

  26 Sep  Slade Rooms  Wolverhampton,

  • 27 Sep T Manchester Academy  Manchester,

  • 28 Sep  The Cluny  Newcastle

  • 29 Sep Tracer in O2  Glasgow

  • 30 Sep Tracer in The Cockpit  Leeds,

  • 3 Oct Tracer in Rescue Rooms Nottingham

  • 4 Oct Tracer in Komedia  Bath,

  • More UK & EU dates  for this tour  are on their website  check out www.tracer-band.com

    Marilyn Michaels

    Sunday 23 September 2012

    "The Prog Collective":Review

    Classic Rock Radio Dot EU - New music from Classic Rockers
    Topic: The Prog Collective

    Billy Sherwood has an enviable reputation in the music industry as both a songwriter and musician and also a successful producer. Billy also worked for many years with thr British rock band Yes. Billy has worked on many themed albums over the years and his most recent project to reach the stores is "The Prog Collective".

    Classic Rock radio's American correspondent Gary Brown gives us the lowdown on the contents of Billy's new album

    Glory days are here again. That is, if you are a prog fan. That's short for; admirer of progressive rock music. I started noticing after a while that a lot of the bands I liked, were labeled this. Groups like Yes, Pink Floyd, or Rush. The lyrics and sounds contained, able to carry away a listener to a kind of music not everyone understood, or even cared to like. Able to sell out stadiums and sell millions of records over the decades. Yet it always had it haters. The rock magazines never gave the prog bands back in the 1970's a fair shake really. And then it got worse. When making fun of Kraftwerk got old, they go attack someone like Rick Wakeman. Words such as grandiose, or excess, were often used. Granted, Wakeman sometimes did bring this onto himself; example...a rock concert performed on ice.

    Yes, I said; "on ice." But see what I mean? I saw a video of this, and actually the whole event was pretty cool. People skating around in costume. More than the spectacle , it was the music that counted most. The album performed on ice was; Myths And Legends Of King Arthur and His Knights Of The Roundtable. This has been a consistent seller since it was first released, back in 1975. Mr. Wakeman will get the last laugh also. Well, his great, great, great ,great grandchildren will. The way I see it, in the future, Rick's catalog of music will still be played. A majority of prog music from the late 1960's to present time, will be also. It's more in common with the classic works of Beethoven, or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, then other forms of today's popular music. Seeing how that all survived, I don't see why a song like The Pink Floyd's Shine On Your Crazy Diamond won't get played hundreds of years from now. That's Uncle G's opinion anyway.

    Written and produced by Billy Sherwood is a magnificent, new release called; The Prog Collection. An instant buy if a Yes / Billy Sherwood fan already, in which I certainly qualify. Guest stars are some of the best names found in classic prog rock music. More than one musician from the band, Yes. All those involved give performances to remember, and play again and again.

    From the bands UK, King Crimson, and Asia, is; Mr. John Wetton. A strong start when pressing the play button, and hearing this mans voice come out of the speakers. The songs called, 'The Laws Of Nature". Includes legendary bass player; Tony Levin. And on kick ass electric violin, from the Mahavishnu Orchestra; Mr. Jerry Goodman. What a nifty bunch of players here. The song begs repeated plays. Keep the CD going for their is more cool prog to come.

    Rounding out the edges throughout the CD is multi-instrumentalist Billy Sherwood. This is Mr. Sherwood at his best. I've been into Sherwood's work since the early 90's. An incredible amount of Uncle G's CD Collection, has this mans name on it. Some of my favorite stuff; Paul Rodgers - Muddy Water Blues / Yes - Keys To Ascension Parts 1 & 2. Just to name but a few. I'm tempted to say Billy's playing has gotten better over the decades. I was a fan of World Trade, and Lodgic (which I might still have on cassette someplace). Goes far back enough to where I should notice an improvement as the years have been going by. The man has always put out a good product. He did it back in the 1990's, and he's doing the same thing now.

    Track Two is called; Over Again. Such a solid song. Some great jamming. Nice work from all included. Honorable mention goes to Geoff Downes, current keyboard player for Asia, and Yes. Geoff rocks on here !!! Yet another brilliant solo. Absolutely blistering hot !!! I liked this guy since The Buggles, and then his playing with Yes (the first time...such Drama). Got all the Asia catalog. Most all his solo CDs with my favorite being The Light Programme. No better nookie music on the planet.

    The Technical Divide is the CD's third selection. Want to hear Alan Parsons and Chris Squire on the same song? This is it !! Also, it should be noted that this he first time Squire worked with Sherwood in some time. It's cool hearing the two on a new track. I enjoyed their previous projects together. Hopefully the rock will be rocking out more, and putting out more new music in the future.

    If I had to pick a favorite song off this CD, then it might be the fourth one; 'Social Circles'. Annie Haslam from the band Renaissance is on lead vocals. Always a beautiful voice. Billy's playing is all over this. Sensational stuff !! The icing on the cake, a most groovy guitar solo from original Yes guitar player, Peter Banks. Dude's in top form !!!

    "Buried Beneath", is song number five. Features keyboard wizard Larry Fast. Interesting rhythms, and lush vocals. Steve Hillage provides tasty guitar moments. A solid prog song if their ever was one.

    The album / CDs last two songs are; "Follow The Signs", and "Check Point Karma". John Wesley (touring member with Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson...also John maintains a solo career as well) knocks it out of the park, as does two times Yes keyboardist, Tony Kaye on 'Follow The Signs."

    The last song, "Check Point Karma", has some of the best Rick Wakeman solos, you ever want to hear. It's a catchy song also. I found myself humming the lyrics one day here a couple days ago to myself while doing chores around the house. That's a sign of good song writing. To have a song stick in someones mind. My buddy Michael Bruce of Alice Cooper could do that (No More Mr. Nice Guy). Certainly a talent, but I feel it's more a skill. Especially when it pertains to more then one song on a CD, like this one does.

    Rating: Using the one to five star system, with one star meaning it sucks thru a long straw, to five stars meaning SPECTACULAR, Uncle G gives Billy Sherwood's The Prog Collective; 4.75 stars.

    Damn close to five stars, I know. Leaves a little room for improvement, should their be a follow up. I'm thinking ahead.

    Prog bands / musicians can rock. Prog bands like Dream Theater, or Porcupine Tree, do so very well. Assuming their is a Prog Collective 2, my request would be for the musicians to really let go, and seriously rock out. Some shredding from a cool ass guitar. A hot thumping beat on the bass. The bang of the electronic drums. Keyboards creating the most out of this World sounds. The last movement in the classic Yes song; Starship Trooper - Wurm. An infectious instrumental that rocks so much you just die to turn up the volume to eleven. Just like that.

    In closing, I see The Prog Collective as kind of like, Ringo and his All-Starr's. Not the same music, but same band structure, and idea of making it a continual touring unit. You have the core players (example; Billy Sherwood), and then have other positions that would change out with each tour. Different guest stars; Rick Wakeman on keyboards. Make it traditional / yearly. I like Summer time myself. Hit the road with the best musicians, and perform the best prog set list, known to mankind. Night time, outdoor shows. Have lasers shooting out at the audience. And maybe if Mr. Wakeman was on board, one show could be performed, on ICE. Bring out the old stick horses. That would be so cool !!

    Copyright Gary Brown 2012

    Official Prog Collective Facebook Page:
    Official Website of Billy Sherwood:

    Big Country statement

    After 24 hours of rumours flying around the internet following  yesterday's statement from bassist Tony Butler that he was retiring from the band,  Big Country have released the following statement /information on their new website:

    Re-Introducing BIG COUNTRY

    "When we are playing it is as if we never stopped, but I know we have, I know we suffered a great loss. But you heal . . . slowly. I can assure you that Stuart will be there with us every night, in our thoughts, in our words, and in our hearts. And now we find ourselves maybe not fully healed, but whole enough to hear the calling to continue this story. And time has made me realize that this story has always been about our fans, the love we have for our fans, and the love they have selflessly given us back." Bruce Watson – Big Country

    BIG COUNTRY Announce Exclusive Engagement

    The Journey Begins (ave atque vale)
    Big Country would like to extend an invitation to all fans and friends to be a part of a new adventure. This adventure marks the first staging post on a journey towards a new beginning, a renewed energy, and a dedication to carry on with new dreams and new music, as the band closes a chapter with the finale performance of their 30th Anniversary celebration.

    This exclusive engagement will take place at the legendary Glen Pavilion in the band’s home town of Dunfermline, on Sunday, December 30th, 2012. Big Country was born on this stage when they performed their first ever concert on February 2nd, 1982 with a line up consisting of founding members Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson, together with Clive Parker, Pete and Alan Wishart.

    The Glen Pavilion stage also hosted the inaugural gig with the members that would record the signature album 'The Crossing' when Bruce and Stuart were joined for the first time by bass player Tony Butler and drummer Mark Brzezicki.

    Sadly, Tony Butler has decided to retire from his bass playing duties with Big Country. We wish him all the best. The Glen Pavilion will once again hold the keys of history for Big Country, as this will mark the second anniversary of vocalist Mike Peters and guitarist Jamie Watson, as well as being the first show to feature the introduction of bassist Derek Forbes (Simple Minds) into the Big Country family. A longtime friend of the band, Derek was originally asked to play bass on two early Big Country demos by Stuart Adamson back in 1982. Derek was recently voted "Best Scottish bass player of all time".

    At 14.00 hours on the day of the concert, inside the grounds of Pittencrief Park, the journey towards a renewed Big Country will begin with a hail and farewell ceremony in the form of an open recording session on the outdoor stage of the Glen Pavilion. Big Country would like to extend an invitation to all fans and friends to be a part of this new adventure. Please be there by no later than 13.45 to not only witness, but to participate in the recording of the first notes of BIG COUNTRY’s new music, and together we’ll place the first cornerstone of the future.
    Stay Alive! - Big Country

    (Hail and Farewell (ave atque vale) is a traditional event whereby those coming to and departing from an organization are celebrated. This may coincide with a change in command, be scheduled on an annual basis, or be prompted by any momentous organizational change. It is a time to honor those who have departed and thank them for their service. At the same time it is a welcome to those who are joining and introduces them to the special history and traditions of their new organization. This celebration builds organizational camaraderie and esprit de corps. It supports a sense of continuity through change. )
                                                                * * * * * * * * * *
    The band's  new website is:  www.bigcountry.uk.com

    The new Facebook page can be found here: www.facebook.com/bigcountryofficial

    We  wish Big Country all the best for the onward journey....

    Marilyn Michaels

    Saturday 22 September 2012

    Queen's Brian May - Battles on behalf of Badgers and you can help too

    Brian May

    If you are a Twitter user you have probably noticed all the 'Badger Tweets' that are 'trending' on Twitter encouraging you to act on behalf of Badgers, you may also have seen it on Facebook
    When writing a news article I am meant to remain 'neutral' however there are times it is impossible to do so. So personally as a vegetarian 'bunny hugger' (as someone once sneeringly described me) I have welcomed this campaign - and not purely from 'sentimental' reason.  I fail to see how badgers can be described in this country as 'protected' when this woodland genocide has been given the go ahead. Gives a whole new twisted meaning to the word protected doesn't it! I struggle to see why the vaccination option is not being put into place - does it come down to money?. I also feel it will be a case of 'shoot first and check the badger had TB afterwards'  That's my opinion..article follows below- Marilyn Michaels Classic Rock Radio

    Queen guitarist Brian May has launched a campaign to stop the " indefensible " cull of badgers, a cruelty which has been given the go-ahead because it's believed by many that badgers carry the bovine TB virus in cattle. The guitarist claims the cull will make bovine TB rates worse as sick badgers will travel to other areas, thereby spreading infection even further.

    He is urging people to sign the petition at  http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/38257  and to boycott dairy products made in the areas where badgers are being killed, insisting, "I would certainly not drink milk that comes at a price of badgers being slaughtered."

    May adds, "This is a horrific proposal, truly horrific. Badgers have just as much right to live in this country as we do. They mind their own business. They do nobody any harm."

    The Team Badger campaign, backed by major animal welfare groups, aims to raise public awareness and collect signatures on the above government petition to force a debate on badger culling in Parliament. The campaign was launched after the first licence was issued for a pilot cull of badgers, a protected species, in an area of Gloucestershire, in a step the Government hopes will pave the way for more widespread culling.

    Farmers will now be able to shoot the protected species on sight. That's right, the farmers - the badgers will not be put down humanely, and according to wildlife experts will possibly suffer  horrific, exruciating injuries before they eventually die

    . Gavin Grant, chief executive of the RSPCA, was confident the licence to allow the cull could be reversed if enough people speak out. He said local farmers, businesses and residents are already concerned about the public backlash.

    He warned that the reputation of all farmers, that is only now starting to recover from the outrage over the foot-and-mouth outbreak and BSE, will be severely damaged. “Local people and local businesses will be furious about the impacts of the cull - particularly in the leisure industry. These areas will be soaked in badgers’ blood. Will people who love the countryside want to go there? Farmers need to understand that not only will this fail to solve the problem of bovine TB but there will be commercial consequences. Their reputation will be fundamentally damaged"

    Mr Grant urged people not to buy milk from West Gloucestershire or West Somerset if the culls go ahead. He said supermarkets will be forced to make clear milk is "cruelty free" and not from areas where the cull is taking place.

    David Williams ( Chairman of the Badger Trust) states “Badgers have been killed since 1975 to stop the spread of bTB and the scientific data shows, repeatedly, that it just does not work''

    Many leading scientists have stated that a cull this autumn will not work and may even increase the spread of bTB. Since 2007, the majority of scientists have advocated the vaccination of badgers and ultimately of cattle as a far better and more cost-effective option. They are surprised that successive Governments have not embraced this approach more whole-heartedly and the Badger Trust regularly hears from scientists that it has been like banging their heads against a brick wall.

    Sir David Attenborough and Simon King OBE say: “We are extremely saddened by the Government’s determination to proceed with culling when there are alternatives that could meet multiple policy objectives – reduce bTB in badgers and cattle AND prevent the unnecessary killing and maiming of one of Britain’s best loved wild mammals”.

    They have pointed out that wildlife filmmakers in this country have spent the last six decades trying to inspire and promote understanding and respect for wildlife both nationally and internationally. They ask, “How can we now expect any other nation, especially a poor developing country, to conserve its wildlife whenever there is a conflict with short-term economic and political interests?"

     The Badger Trust is adamant that the UK Government should be leading the world by example at a time when wild species across the planet are declining rapidly. It should be  applying solutions such as vaccination that balance the needs of farmers, badgers and the public interest. Instead the government chooses to press ahead with killing thousands if not hundreds of thousands of one of Britain’s most iconic wild species, and a protected species at that!

    Again this is despite the deep reservations of scientists and 69 per cent of the public who responded to the Coalition’s own consultation.

    Broadcaster and naturalist Chris Packham, who has recently joined the Badger Trust’s campaign says: “This is the darkest day for badgers in Britain and a shameful one for all of us. Britain prides itself on its excellence in the field of science and technology, and yet science is being forsaken and badgers are about to be sacrificed for no apparent sensible reason. It’s simply unforgivable.”

     If  you are one of the many who care - please sign Brian May's government petition , at least 100,000 signatures are needed (a million and more would be great!) Please also share it around.   http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/38257

    Visit the following websites for more information

    www.save-me.org.uk      www.TeamBadger.org   www.brianmay.com

    Save the Badgers

     Marilyn Michaels

    Join The Alarm's Mike Peters on the Red Poppy Tour

    Mike Peters, lead singer and songwriter of internationally acclaimed Welsh band The Alarm  embarked on a huge 30 date acoustic World Tour, celebrating 30 years of The Alarm’s distinctive Red Poppy.

     The exploding Red Poppy made it’s iconic debut on the band’s ‘ Marching On ’ single (released via the IRS Record label back in 1982) and has featured in some shape or form on every Alarm release since.

     The Red Poppy Tour began with an Independence day " Spirit Of ’76′" concert in New York on July 4th, which was followed by dates all across Europe (including concerts on the summits of both Snowdon and Ben NevisThe Highest Gig in Britain on August 25th),

    The tour will be closing at The Alarm’s legendary Gathering event in Peters’ hometown of Prestatyn, North Wales on January 25th 2013.

    The Mike Peters "Red Poppy’" Tour will carry the life affirming spirit of The Alarm as epitomised in it’s flaming blood red poppy logo (which in itself is a symbol of both renewal and life) to music fans everywhere.

    Catch  Mike Peters here:
      19/10/12 Keighley- Gassienda
      20/10/12 Manchester- Waterside Centre
     01/11/12 Wrexham- Central Station
    02/11/12 Otley- Korks
    03/11/12 Edinburgh- The Electric Circus
    04/11/12 Glasgow- King Tuts
    07/11/12 Birmingham -O2 Academy
    08/11/12 Derby -Flowerpot
     09/11/12 Oxford- O2 Academy
    10/11/12 Bristol- The Thunderbolt
    11/11/12 Exeter- The Cavern
    13/11/12 York- The Duchess
    15/11/12 Liverpool -O2 Academy
    16/11/1 Sheffield -O2 Academy
    17/11/12 Worcester- The Marr’s Bar
    20/11/12 Chester- Telford’s Warehouse
    22/11/12 Treorchy, Rhondda- Park & Dare Theatre
    23/11/12 London Islington- O2 Academy
    24/11/12 Doncaster -The Leopard
    25/11/12 Newcastle -The Cluny
    Marilyn Michaels

    Muse releasing new album AND they also want you to connect!

    Chris Wolstenholme  Matt Bellamy & Dominic Howard of Muse

    Since forming in 1994 Muse have released five studio albums selling upwards of 15 million albums worldwide.  The group's last album The Resistance reached Number 1 in 19 countries around the world, and they have won numerous awards around the world including a Best Rock Album Grammy  and an American Music Award for The Resistance.

    Get ready for more because Muse will release their new studio album The 2nd Law on October 2nd and will  follow that with a  world tour in support of it. On October 6th the band will appear on Saturday Night Live for a live performance. 

    But that's not all! Today Muse launched the Social Connectome   which is a 3-D Google Chrome visualization of the Muse fanbase, created in homage to the Human Connectome project which inspired the artwork for the band's forthcoming new album The 2nd Law, due out on October 2nd via Warner Bros. Records.     
    So how will it work? The Social Connectome allows people to add themselves to a 3-D visual network of Muse fans, whilst building  their own branch of friends and will be able to unlock an exclusive track from The 2nd Law.

    As more and more fans join the network, incremental 30-second clips of the new track "The 2nd Law: Isolated System" will be revealed. Each branch is made up of unique recommendations, most of which will be made via Facebook and Twitter. The Connectome can be moved in 3-D space, zoomed in and will pulse to the music when the track is unlocked. This is next level web technology.

    Whatever next ?   Museville on Musebook??  Well their SocialConnectome certainly sounds  different and if you want to check it out you can do so by visiting here:  http://connectome.muse.mu/ 

    Marilyn Michaels  

    Friday 21 September 2012

    Big Country's Tony Butler announces retirement from Big Country

    It is news  that will shock and sadden many Big Country fans but  just a few moment's ago bass player Tony Butler announced in a statement he was retiring from the band . He thanked  band manager Ian Grant, and members of Big Country, along with the fans.

    The statement said:

    ''There comes a time when a big decision has to be made, and I've made one. I feel that after 32 years of dedicated service to Big Country, I need to dedicate some time to myself, so I am announcing my retirement from the band as of now.

    I have no wish to declare any reasons other than my time with the group has come to an end. After 32 years of incredible highs and a very tragic low, I feel that now is the time to look to new horizons.
    My deepest love and thanks go to: Ian, Stuart, Bruce, Mark, and the many associated families and friends (and not forgetting my own family that have been an inspiration and massive support) that have so enriched my life. Many thanks to Mike and Jamie for the past two years.

     Also, a big thank you to you, the fans, that have supported us throughout this incredible life experience; without you, this group would not have achieved anything.

    Time to move on. Good luck one and all.

    TB 2012

    We wish Tony all  the best for the future.

    Classic Rock Radio's Marilyn Michaels with Tony Butler at Manchester Academy

    Marilyn Michaels

    Led Zeppelin keep the press on toes at London press conference

    Photo: Getty Images

    There was a press conference earlier today with Led Zeppelin following a media screening of the two-hour concert movie Celebration Day.

    Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Robert Plant were jovial but certainly seemed to have kept members of the press on their toes and steered clear when asked if they would repeat the one-off show captured in their new film.

    The three surviving members of Led Zeppelin were rather cagey when asked if they might ever reunite again for more gigs, seeming to dodge the subject rather than flatly deny

     "Let me ask you a question, have you seen the film? Did you enjoy it? Then we've done our job, haven't we?" said Jimmy Page When asked by another questioner asked if Zeppelin would "do it again", singer Robert replied: "With you?"

    They had praise for Jason Bonham, who replaced his father John Bonham (who died in 1980 ) on drums for the show. "Jason was absolutely monumental in his performance," Page said. "Nobody else could have done it."

    When asked had there been many overdubs on the film Robert Plant said that was "a f******g cheek", before then admitting the vocals at the end of Kashmir had to be edited "because I was running out of steam". Jimmy Page said overdubs had been kept to a minimum.

     Celebration Day, which is directed by Dick Carruthers, shows Zeppelin's entire 16-song set at the tribute concert to Ahmet Ertegun, (the legendary head of Atlantic Records, who signed the band to his label in 1968).

    The film will get a worldwide theatrical release on 17 October, and a multi-format home release on 19 November.

    The tracklisting for Celebration Day is:
    1 Good Times Bad Times
    2 Ramble On
    3 Black Dog
    4 In My Time of Dying
    5 For Your Life
    6 Trampled Under Foot
    7 Nobody's Fault But Mine
    8 No Quarter
    9 Since I've Been Loving You
    10 Dazed And Confused
    11 Stairway to Heaven
    12 The Song Remains the Same
    13 Misty Mountain Hop
    14 Kashmir
    15 Whole Lotta Love
     16 Rock and Roll

    Marilyn Michaels

    News about LIMITED EDITION Book 'Time And A Word -The YES Interviews' written by Jon Kirkman

    YES fans will be very excited about this forthcoming LIMITED EDITION book which will be a real collectors item
    Jon Kirkman has been a journalist and broadcaster for more than thirty years and in that time has interviewed many artists both for radio, magazines and Videos/DVDs.

     One of his abiding passions has been the music of the British  rock band Yes.

    The book Time And A Word -The YES Interviews will feature previously unpublished interviews with members of the British Rock band Yes.

    Over the years Jon Kirkman has interviewed 15 of the 18 members of the band both past and present and some of the interviews are still being conducted The interviews cover the various band members time with the band and also select solo projects

    The book will be in two formats including a limited numbered edition and a Super Limited Deluxe edition of the book which will contain some great extras.

    The book will also contain previously unseen photographs from the bands entire history

    'Time And A Word -The YES Interviews' is due to be published late 2012

    You can subscribe to keep up to date with all release details, special offers and announcements about this book , and get more information  here: http://www.yesphotobook.com

     If you are on Facebook you can also join this page


    Jon Kirkman & Geoff Downes

    Rick Wakeman & Jon Kirkman

    Marilyn Michaels

    Cherry Suede new video premiere

    Canadian rockers Cherry Suede invite you to join them on Sunday September 23rd at 3pm EST (8pm UK) for a live episode of Suede's World

    They will premiere the official lyric video for the new single "Little Things" which is from the upcoming album Between Here and There

    There will also be chat about the on going recording of "Between Here and There"

    Spaces are limited for the live broadcast: so you will need to RSVP here : http://cherrysuede.com/suedes-world-live-ep3-09232012

     visit Cherry Suede here http://cherrysuede.com/

    Marilyn Michaels

    Thursday 20 September 2012

    Iron Maiden to headline Download 2013! More European dates to follow.

    Having recently completed the North American leg of the MAIDEN ENGLAND WORLD TOUR, IRON MAIDEN will now be storming across Europe in 2013 playing stadiums, major festivals and arenas with this critically acclaimed show. The first date to be announced is at the UK’s Download Festival on Saturday June 15th when Maiden return to the legendary Donington Park to headline for a record FIFTH time! (following 1988,1992, 2003 & 2007).

    Bruce Dickinson says, “We were completely overwhelmed by the reaction from our North American fans to the MAIDEN ENGLAND Tour, which was our most extensive tour there for many years. Some of the cities we played we hadn’t visited in over twenty years so had no idea what to expect! But the opening night in Charlotte was packed to the rafters and the crowd was amazing. This continued throughout making the whole tour very special. We had a lot of fun playing the older songs there and the fans seemed to love the set list and Eddie’s various incarnations! We all can’t wait to bring this show to our European fans.''

    Ooooh we can't wait either!!! Many more European dates will be announced over the next few months – so keep a regular eye on www.classicrockradio.eu and www.ironmaiden.com for details
    Marilyn Michaels

    Black Country Communion's only UK show CANCELLED due to unforeseen circumstances

    Sadly Black Country Communion, the Anglo-American rock group featuring Joe Bonamassa(guitar, vocals), Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass), Jason Bonham (drums), and Derek Sherinian (keyboards) have today announced that their only UK concert at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall on Saturday January 5th has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

    Customers who purchased tickets will receive a full refund, however if you have any queries, please email customerservice@eventim.co.uk. The one-off concert was originally intended to be Black Country Communion’s only UK appearance in 2013.

    The band chose Wolverhampton due to their geographical and spiritual ties to the area (Glenn Hughes was born in Cannock, and Jason Bonham was born in Dudley).

    In 2011, Black Country Communion ’s last studio album, 2 , scored the No.1 spot in the Official UK Rock Album Chart. The band’s upcoming third album Afterglow, produced by Kevin Shirley, will be released in the UK by Mascot Records on Monday October 29th.

    Marilyn Michaels
    (Photo credit Christie Goodwin)

    The Sunflower Jam 2012 Royal Albert Hall Sunday 16th September

    The Sunflower Jam 2012 - An Incredible Night!
    I asked myself  '' How will I find the words to describe what I witnessed? ''
     From start to finish The Sunflower Jam SupaJam 2012 that took place at the beautiful Royal Albert Hall on Sunday September 16 was utterly mesmerising , it attacked all my senses and it left me dazed! It was just such a fantastic adrenaline-filled night, an array of amazing talent from various musical genres coming together determined to ROCK for a great cause. They included tenor Alfie Boe, actress/singer Kerry Ellis, Level 42's Mark King, Deep Purple's Ian Paice, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin 's John Paul Jones, Queen's Brian May and Iron Maiden's Bruce DickinsonIt kicked off with some rather scantily clad ladies from dance group Miss Kitty dancing, feathers and all to Led Zep's Whole Lotta Love . (I am sure the men fully appreciated this but may I cheekily suggest also including some long haired male dancers for the ladies next time to even it up a bit! )

    This was followed by a band called The Temperance Movement . I hadn't heard them before but thought they were excellent. Certainly would like to hear more.

    In a recent interview Ian Paice had told me how fantastic the house band would be and he was spot on. They were simply stunning and included the talents of ex Scorpion Uli Jon Roth, ex Whitesnake Micky Moody & Murray Gould on guitars . Paul Wix Wickins & Brian Auger (keys) Steve Balsamo , Margo Buchanan & Sandi Thom (vocals) along with Nick Fyffe ( bass) and Jerry Brown (drums)

    Brian Auger, John Paul Jones, Micky Moody

    Margo Buchannan

    Brian Auger and Sandi Thom were a joy to watch , I especially loved ‘Wheels On Fire’ and
    'November Rain' Beautiful!

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from Alfie Boe, don’t misunderstand me, he has a stunning voice that I appreciate & enjoy, but I was very pleasantly surprised and impressed hearing him get his rock socks on singing Led Zep's Rock And Roll
    and Foreigner's I Want To Know What Love Is

    Seeing Kerry Ellis & Brian May deliver a stunning version of Rainbow’s Since You’ve Been Gone was just well..frankly awesome.!

    Kerry Ellis and Brian May
    There probably wasn't a dry eye in house during the very moving tribute to Jon Lord, which was in the form of a letter to Jon penned and read by vocalist Steve Balsamo (who had worked with Jon in recent years ) Steve and violinist Anna Phoebe then performed Pictured Within (which was written by Jon ) This was accompanied by stills and footage of Jon. It was hauntingly beautiful. A well deserved standing ovation for a gentleman who will be missed by so many and gave so much to music

    I really must give special mention to the Big C Choir who got a well deserved standing ovation for ‘ Something Inside So Strong / It's My Life‘ -they sung their hearts out and had an obviously fantastic time doing so. So what that it wasn’t pitch perfect, I’m mentioning this because unlike the others who were appearing at the Jam the Big C Choir are not ‘pros’, many of them had never sung in public before, but they do have a common link , they are people who are in, or have undergone, treatment for cancer. A very brave bunch in every way possible, and they brought tears to many eyes, including mine. I take my hat off to them.
    Level 42's Mark King and Uli Jon Roth

    Naturally I expected Bruce Dickinson, Alice Cooper and Brian May to rock loud n proud – and they did just that! Bruce brought his energetic touch to Thin Lizzy 's Emerald & The Who 's Behind Blue Eyes

    Bruce Dickinson
    It was actually my first time seeing any of them live on stage and what a treat it was for me to finally witness Alice's 'Elected ' and 'School's Out' live

    Brian May and Alice Cooper
    Another spectacular jamming moment takes place on stage to the delight of the audience with Ian Paice , Brian May, Brain Auger John Paul Jones and Bruce Dickinson breaking into a fantastic classic - Deep Purple's Black Night.

    All too soon the night was coming to an end, but not before an amazing finale with everyone coming back together onstage for Smoke On The Water

    All in all , a fantastic night and for a great cause , with proceeds going towards holistic & complementary care for people with cancer and that cause is really the most important part of the night which I think some of the people leaving the Albert Hall later forgot, I overheard a few complaints of ‘not enough music’ amongst the ‘wow brilliants’

    I’d taken my sister along for the night as a bit of a ‘reunion’ weekend (we are usually thousands of miles apart ) and she certainly enjoyed herself! We had a box to ourselves and danced our socks off at times, we joked that the only thing missing in our box was the adorably grumpy old men from The Muppet Show but I think even they would have enjoyed the night!

    (c) Marilyn Michaels 2012

    Marilyn Michaels at The Sunflower Jam 2012

    Wednesday 19 September 2012

    Brad UK Tour dates 2013

    American Rock Band Brad featuring Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard embark on a series of European concert dates in early 2013. The band who are on a more permanent footing will also be playing three concerts in the UK in support of their most recent album United We Stand;which was their first album under a new deal with the Razor and Tie label. The band who were formed in 1992 have released five albums including United We Stand. The current line up consists of
    Stone Gossard, Regan Hagar, Shawn Smith and Keith Lowe

    The dates are listed below and tickets are now on sale from Live Nation or directly from the respective venue box offices

    Live Nation Website
    http://www.livenation.co.uk/artist/brad-tickets?omq= brad



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    FEBRUARY 2013

    SUNDAY      10th        O2 ISLINGTON ACADEMY

    Tuesday 18 September 2012

    Prog Supergroup Flying Colours PlayOnly UK Gig London Friday 21st September

    Flying Colors, the prog, pop metal rock band formed by ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse, perform a rare one-off UK concert at London’s o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Friday 21st September. Comprised of Dave LaRue (bass), Neal Morse (keyboards, vocals), Casey McPherson (lead vocals, guitar), Steve Morse (lead guitar), and Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals), the band will perform songs from their eponymous debut album. Says Prog magazine of the debut album, “At every turn these guys both dazzle and demand your respect. Be it the playful nature of the lead opening cut Blue Ocean, or a dextrous bass fill from LaRue that lights up Forever In A Daze, Flying Colors sound amazing.” Meanwhile, Guitarist magazine describes the band’s sound as “Epic prog with a chorus of pop anthems.”

    Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited II More Details Plus UK Tour Dates

    Following the release on 22nd October of legendary guitarist Steve Hackett’s newest album, Genesis Revisited II which comes in a limited edition 2CD Media-book, as well as a 4LP & 2CD version, Steve is proud to announce details of his forthcoming 2013 world tour.  The tour will be a special production and something of a departure from his recent live shows.

    This will mark the first time any original former member of Genesis has toured the band’s repertoire solely from the 1971 – 1977 period and will comprise songs co-written by Steve from that period, including such classics as Supper’s Ready, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight and The Musical Box.  The line-up will feature the addition of Nad Sylvan as principal vocalist on several songs. The tour will commence in the US in early March and reach the UK in May 2013. For anyone who was a fan of Genesis, this will be a 'must see' event. Further dates to be announced.

    The eagerly awaited album includes some of the most respected vocalists of our days in Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth), Simon Collins (Phil Collins’ son), Amanda Lehmann, Conrad Keely, Francis Dunnery, Neal Morse, John Wetton, Nad Sylvan and Nik Kershaw; Steve Rothery of Marillion and Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings and Transatlantic also join in to share guitar duties, while Jeremy Stacey and Gary O’Toole are amongst the chosen drummers. The album will be available in different formats, including a limited edition 2CD Media-book, and a unique 4LP & 2CD version. It’s a project of Wagnerian proportions! Steve says. I've remained true to the spirit of the original songs, whilst changing and highlighting details. The vocalists all contribute their own character to the whole. For track list details please see below.

    This time around, Ive tried to satisfy what everyone wants, including myself – comments Hackett on his choice for the track list.  Initially, I was thinking of just going for the best songs not featured on the first album. But then people thought I should do those tracks where the guitar was emphasized. So, Ive done both.  I've also included four songs with Genesis threads, most of which were written during the period and had a Genesis feel, such as the co-written 'Shadow of the Hierophant’. 

    Go back to the seminal Golden Era with Steve Hackett and his guests as they honour a truly unforgettable music legend.

    STEVE HACKETT Genesis Revisited II

    Tracklisting Disc 1:

    Tracklisting Disc 2:

    1. Chamber of 32 Doors

    1. Blood On The Rooftops

    2. Horizons

    2. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed

    3. Suppers Ready

    3. Entangled

    4. The Lamia

    4. Eleventh Earl Of Mar

    5. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight

    5. Ripples

    6. Fly On A Windshield
    6. Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers…

    7. Broadway Melody of 1974

    7. In That Quiet Earth

    8. The Musical Box

    8. Afterglow

    9. Can-Utility And The Coastliners
    9. A Tower Struck Down

    10. Please Dont Touch

    10. Camino Royale

    11. Shadow Of The Hierophant

    Pre-order Genesis Revisited II now from:


    Dates for the UK tour as follows:

    May 2013
    Date                           City                             Venue
    Fri 10 May                 LONDON*                 Hammersmith Apollo          
    Sat 11 May                CARDIFF                  St David’s Hall                     
    Sun 12 May              LIVERPOOL             Philharmonic                       
    Tue 14 May               GLASGOW               Royal Concert Hall
    Wed 15 May              GATESHEAD           The Sage                  
    Thu 16 May               BIRMINGHAM          Symphony Hall       

    Tickets are £26.50, £24.50 for all venues - except London* £27.50 (agency and credit card tickets subject to booking fee).  24hr Ticket Hotline: 0844 338 0000 - Online: BookingsDirect.com All venues are seated. Showtime will be 7.30pm
    PRESALE: Thursday 20 September, 9am
    GENERAL ON SALE: Saturday 22 September, 9am
    Further dates for the Genesis Revisited World Tour will be announced soon.