Friday 7 September 2012

An and Nancy Wilson Publish Their Biography "Kicking and Dreaming on September 18th

Heart's Kicking & Dreaming
The Long Awaited Memoir From Ann And Nancy Wilson
The Much anticipated biography from Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson hits the shops and online suppliers on September 18th. The band, who have had an incredible year in 2012 with the release of a multi disc career spanning boxed set and a successful summer tour across America, are also about to release a new studio album Fanataic on October 2nd which all adds up to being the busiest year for the band for some time. To bring 2012 to a successful conclusion publishers Harper Collins  will launch the final piece of the jig saw on September 18th.
The book which is co written by best selling music biographer Charles R. Cross takes you on a journey through the years when Ann and Nancy first had aspirations to be musicians. You will find out about the relationship that inspired the song "Magic Man" the reality of "On The Road" life for two single woman and later women with children. Plus you will hear about the triumphs of hit albums and singles and hugely successful tours with bands like the Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Def Leppard and Stevie Nicks. You will also read about the darker side of life with the failed relationships and also Ann's fight with alcoholism and body image issues
The book is Ann and Nancy's life in their own words. Ever wondered what it was like for women in the world of rock. well with Kicking and Dreaming the answer will be there for all to read.
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