Sunday 23 September 2012

Big Country statement

After 24 hours of rumours flying around the internet following  yesterday's statement from bassist Tony Butler that he was retiring from the band,  Big Country have released the following statement /information on their new website:

Re-Introducing BIG COUNTRY

"When we are playing it is as if we never stopped, but I know we have, I know we suffered a great loss. But you heal . . . slowly. I can assure you that Stuart will be there with us every night, in our thoughts, in our words, and in our hearts. And now we find ourselves maybe not fully healed, but whole enough to hear the calling to continue this story. And time has made me realize that this story has always been about our fans, the love we have for our fans, and the love they have selflessly given us back." Bruce Watson – Big Country

BIG COUNTRY Announce Exclusive Engagement

The Journey Begins (ave atque vale)
Big Country would like to extend an invitation to all fans and friends to be a part of a new adventure. This adventure marks the first staging post on a journey towards a new beginning, a renewed energy, and a dedication to carry on with new dreams and new music, as the band closes a chapter with the finale performance of their 30th Anniversary celebration.

This exclusive engagement will take place at the legendary Glen Pavilion in the band’s home town of Dunfermline, on Sunday, December 30th, 2012. Big Country was born on this stage when they performed their first ever concert on February 2nd, 1982 with a line up consisting of founding members Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson, together with Clive Parker, Pete and Alan Wishart.

The Glen Pavilion stage also hosted the inaugural gig with the members that would record the signature album 'The Crossing' when Bruce and Stuart were joined for the first time by bass player Tony Butler and drummer Mark Brzezicki.

Sadly, Tony Butler has decided to retire from his bass playing duties with Big Country. We wish him all the best. The Glen Pavilion will once again hold the keys of history for Big Country, as this will mark the second anniversary of vocalist Mike Peters and guitarist Jamie Watson, as well as being the first show to feature the introduction of bassist Derek Forbes (Simple Minds) into the Big Country family. A longtime friend of the band, Derek was originally asked to play bass on two early Big Country demos by Stuart Adamson back in 1982. Derek was recently voted "Best Scottish bass player of all time".

At 14.00 hours on the day of the concert, inside the grounds of Pittencrief Park, the journey towards a renewed Big Country will begin with a hail and farewell ceremony in the form of an open recording session on the outdoor stage of the Glen Pavilion. Big Country would like to extend an invitation to all fans and friends to be a part of this new adventure. Please be there by no later than 13.45 to not only witness, but to participate in the recording of the first notes of BIG COUNTRY’s new music, and together we’ll place the first cornerstone of the future.
Stay Alive! - Big Country

(Hail and Farewell (ave atque vale) is a traditional event whereby those coming to and departing from an organization are celebrated. This may coincide with a change in command, be scheduled on an annual basis, or be prompted by any momentous organizational change. It is a time to honor those who have departed and thank them for their service. At the same time it is a welcome to those who are joining and introduces them to the special history and traditions of their new organization. This celebration builds organizational camaraderie and esprit de corps. It supports a sense of continuity through change. )
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The band's  new website is:

The new Facebook page can be found here:

We  wish Big Country all the best for the onward journey....

Marilyn Michaels

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