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I was pleasantly surprised this morning when catching this headline on Fox News Online:

*British Album Cover Artist Sues James Cameron over 'Avatar'*

I get bad vibes with Cameron. I have for a while. Add to that his reputation for being a not very nice human being. Admirers of his work would approach him out in public and then get berated for daring to approach his personal space. Happens once and maybe it's a bad day. There is a string of these stories out there on the Internet. I can defend Cameron by saying no entertainer nor public figure is required to sign autographs and get photos taken of with anyone on the planet. If that's Cameron's demeanor then so be it. Not breaking any laws. No stories as of late. Maybe Cameron's approach with strangers has improved?

Years ago I read how the origins of Cameron's Terminator was questioned. On the movies credits it states he's a co-writer. In interviews he is stated as saying he had just one day gotten a vision of a metal endoskeleton emerging from flames. The stories birth. Surrounding himself with talent the idea became a reality. The rest they say is history. Not really. Look under "trivia" on the webpage for the B movie Terminator (1984) that is found on the website; Internet Movie Database (IMDb). There among cool facts about the movie you will also find this bit of nasty business:

"Science fiction author Harlan Ellison sued James Cameron, claiming that the film was plagiarized from the two The Outer Limits episodes that Ellison wrote, namely The Outer Limits: Soldier and The Outer Limits: Demon With A Glass Hand. The concept of "Skynet" could also have been borrowed from an Ellison short story called "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream." The suit was settled out of court and newer prints of the film acknowledge Ellison. Cameron has claimed that this settlement was forced upon him by the producers, which he has always resented."

Roger Dean, one of the best album cover artists ever, behind the futuristic artwork found on most Yes / Asia albums. Rick Wakeman an ex-keyboardist for Yes back in their glory days has just announced a big tour with Dean doing the set design. Also worth mentioning about Dean is he designed the first logo for Virgin Records. A nude woman in mirror image (twins) with a cool looking long-tailed serpent. It reads "Virgin" in font / style that if one is familiar with Dean, they will certainly recognize.

In the lawsuit filed yesterday, Mr Dean is asking for damages of one hundred and fifty million dollars -- he should be asking for more if you ask my opinion. The news story giving details as;

"The lawsuit claimed the film copied "floating mountains," "stone arches" and the antennae and markings on flying creatures."

Would you believe that yours truly has NOT seen Avatar yet? Those who know I like sci-fi films might be surprised. In the previews I concluded it reminded me TOO much of Roger Dean's work. I been a fan of his since the 1970's. Have several posters of his creations framed and hanging on our walls here in the house. Ends up I'm like one of the ONLY persons in all of AMERICA who had NOT seen this movie. I refused. Friends can back me up. We had the discussions. I'm glad I stuck to my guns, especially now that Dean has finely made public what I sensed the whole time since Avatar was released.

Jokes have been made speculating that when Cameron was a teenager that one thing he would love to do is smoke pot and listen to Yes records. IF true on how quizative he was in his youth, a detail I found while doing research and stumbling on an James Cameron Internet bio page, then my guess is he did what I did as a teenager; lit up, inhaled, put on headphones and while playing whatever Yes album, studied the albums content, inside and out.

For James Cameron to say aloud and in front of camera's that he was inspired by Roger Dean in the making of his MEGA HIT film Avatar, would correct what many (not Mr. Dean...he wants and should get damages) see as a wrong. Too bad as of yet the famous Hollywood film director NEVER said that. Explains the recent lawsuit brought on by Mister Dean. I'm looking forward to updating the story as things unfold.

Web Page Links

The Fox News Story:

Roger Dean Official Facebook (where you can voice support)

Roger Dean Official Website

Gary Brown
American Corespondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU

Thunder Add Second Christmas Show As First Sells Out In Just 2 days!

Thunder Add Second Christmas Show
As First Sells Out In Just 2 days

Due to public demand and a spectacular high speed sell out for their Wolverhampton Civic Hall date on 20th December, Thunder has added a second Christmas show at the same venue on the 21st.  General tickets go on sale on Friday 28th June at 9.00am.

Tickets are priced at £30 each (subject to booking fee) and will be available via the following outlets:-

Wolves Civic Hall:

See Tickets:

Thunder recently played a storming set at Download and prior to that delighted fans when they joined Whitesnake and Journey as special guests on their UK arena tour. The band will also be performing at various European festivals in Germany and Holland in July and August.   

Full details on all Thunder and individual band member activity is to be found at


Friday 20th                 Wolverhampton            Civic Hall (SOLD OUT)
Saturday 21st            Wolverhampton            Civic Hall

A limited number of VIP Packages for both shows were made available via pre-sale, and sold out completely in less than 5 minutes.

Thursday 27 June 2013


Featuring special guests from Y&T, THUNDER, WHITESNAKE, MAGNUM, UFO, STATUS QUO, SAXON, MSG and more.
August 19, Toxic Arrow Records

REUBEN ARCHER, vocalist with hard rockers STAMPEDE and former vocalist of LAUTREC, WILD HORSES and LIONHEART, is set to release his debut solo album ‘Personal Sin’ this summer, featuring guest appearances from members of Y&T, THUNDER, WHITESNAKE, MAGNUM, UFO, STATUS QUO, SAXON, MSG and more.

Personal Sin’ features 13 tracks produced by Reuben and Rob Wolverson and mastered by Ade Emsley (Iron Maiden, Steve Harris). Set for an August 19 release, it will signal the debut release on the newly launched Toxic Arrow Records, a joint venture between Reuben Archer and Archer Williams Management distributed via Cargo Records.

The album features guest appearances from Dave Meniketti (Y&T), John ‘Rhino’ Edwards (Status Quo), Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Snakecharmer), Harry James (Magnum, Thunder, Snakecharmer), Luke Morley (The Union, Thunder), Paul Quinn (Saxon), Paul Raymond (UFO, PRP), Derek Holt (Climax Blues Band), Rocky Newton (Lionheart, MSG), Kevin Riddles (Angel Witch, Tytan) and more.
The album will be preceded by the release of double A-side digital singlePlay My Rock ‘N’ Roll’ / ‘Lately’ ft. Harry James and Kevin Riddles on July 22.

]Reuben, who reformed melodic hard rockers and NWOBHM stalwarts Stampede in 2009 and is currently fronting the live line up of the Paul Raymond Project, took the decision to team up with young hot-shot Stampede guitarist and multi-talented music virtuoso Rob Wolverson to make a solo record last year after celebrating a landmark birthday.

“I had some ideas and material knocking around which I’d wanted to explore for ages, which involved bigger production and more instrumentation than I’ve usually had with my other bands. I wanted a big melodic sound, and around the time of my 70th celebrations last year I thought that there was no time like the present to make it happen, especially since developing a great songwriting partnership with Rob, explains Reuben.

The idea was always to invite fellow musicians to participate on the thirteen tracks, and I have been honoured to have so many eminent musician friends that I’ve made over the years who have lent their valuable talent and time to achieve the end result. Together with a core of great musician friends from around the Midlands, the project began to grow.”

On the subject of the title ‘Personal Sin’, Reuben comments: “Once you’re involved with rock ‘n’ roll it never leaves you; even in my case with a lengthy sabbatical I am still as passionate about it as I was back in ‘74 when I started. Rock ‘n’ roll gave me excitement pleasure and heartache too. Good times, bad times and at times personal grief. I know for a fact it’s never going to leave me; it is an integral part of my life.”

Reuben Archer’s Personal Sin Track listing:
1. Bulletproof
2. Play My Rock 'n' Roll (ft. Rocky Newton)
3. Personal Sin (ft. Dave Meniketti, Harry James & John ‘Rhino’ Edwards)
4. Lately (ft. Harry James & Kevin Riddles)
5. Time On My Hands (ft. Derek Holt & Steve Holbrook)
6. Desperation Train (ft. Luke Morley, Derek Holt & Steve Holbrook)
7. TV Junkie
8. Ace CafĂ© (ft. Paul Quinn, Harry James, John ‘Rhino Edwards’, Steve Holbrook)
9. Spanish Nights (ft. Steve Holbrook)
10. Reuben's Blues (ft. Paul Quinn, Neil Murray, Paul Raymond)
11. Shakin' All Over
12. Like A Clown
13. Sooner Or Later

For further information head to:

Sunday 23 June 2013

Classic Rock Radio Dot EU - NEW MUSIC from Classic Rock Bands Spotlight: Nektar

Classic Rock Radio Dot EU - NEW MUSIC from Classic Rock Bands
Spotlight: Nektar

Purple Pyramid a division of Cleopatra Records is spending money on a band I like; Nektar. Think back to the magical and for many a forgotten decade...the 1970's. One of the best progressive rock albums ever made in my opinion came out in 1973; Nektar - Remember The Future. I'm into loyalty for those who deserve it. Not that I'm a Nektar fanatic. I maintained a healthy interest over the years.

When I said spending money, it's called, promotion. Financing a new video of the title track to Nektar's new studio release; Time Machine. On Cleo's official YouTube page I wrote the following:

"Nice!! Hats off to all involved. A good looking video. Catchy song. Klaus shines after the five minute mark. Always good seeing Billy Sherwood. Original members Roye Albrighton and Ron Howden putting in another solid performance. Thanks to Cleopatra. Cool seeing a record company get behind their act. Us fans think Nektar deserves it. Prog-rock royalty for sure."

Note: Nektar's Time Machine came out on the 18th of this month. Available wherever you buy your music. FYI: Amazon Dot Com has it for under fourteen dollars.

Gary Brown
American Corespondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU

FAC51 A Bit Of Manchester

I have had in my hands a piece of Manchester's musical history which I believe will endure for many more years.In the 1980's and 90's there was a club and venue at the heart of music, that club was the Hacienda on Whitworth Street West.

The face of the Hacienda was a legend in Manchester TV personality and boss of Factory records 'Tony' Wilson who managed to keep the enterprise going despite mounting problems until it finally closed the doors on music June 15th 1997. Despite being one of Manchester's iconic buildings which in any other forward thinking city would have become a tourist venue, in 2002 the place was flattened and in its place now stands an apartment building bearing the Hacienda name.

 Which brings us almost to the present but before the Hacienda was bulldozed and its contents consigned to the skip of time, key parts of the interior were sold to interested parties. Fortunately the dance floor was made of Canadian Maple a very durable wood and coincidentally a very popular choice among luthiers. That fact did not escape the attentions of Chris Hewitt promoter, record label boss, studio owner and festival supremo.His epiphany was to incorporate parts of the Hacienda into a bass guitar and he very kindly allowed me to lay hands on it.

It is a very distinctive instrument cut from the pattern of Peter Hook Joy Division and New Order's bass dispensing with f holes in favour of the number 51. Now do not be fooled into thinking there are 50 odd of these about in the wild the first made is in the hands of Peter and which is numbered 51 the one we feature is numbered 55 so thus far just five have been made they are expensive to do and built to order - you buy one and Chris makes another until he runs out of that Maple.

The construction involves taking a plank from the dance floor and stripping it back to good sound wood. You have to bear in mind this was the day when people smoked and girls wore evilly dangerous stilettos despite the high polish on the floor Stacey,Diane and friends will have furnished a layer of dents scratches and fag burns to the wood. That thin layer is laminated to the neck of the axe on which I have to point out another feature the head stock is cut and shaved so it mirrors the shape of the Hacienda dance floor. Our Bass has some other unique features at the rear the covers on the electronics and truss rod are cut from the club's stair tread polished beautifully to enhance the look, on the front just below the bridge is an inlay of marble engraved with the legend FAC51. That marble spent its working life on the bar top before ascending to a higher plane. The colour scheme is chosen
to represent the warning signage that decorated the club
  So there we have it did Bez spill his drink on that bar top or maybe crash out on it (quite likely) Tony Wilson no doubt spent time chatting above it maybe ran a cloth over it at closing time and how many chicks/dudes do you know who shook out the night on the Hacienda dance floor before clattering up or down the stairs. No doubt about it the axe is linked with Manchester like no other I should perhaps say to Madchester and that is how we roll in the Rainy City.

Friday 21 June 2013

Classic Rock Radio Dot EU CD Review Spotlight: The Dutch Woodstock

Classic Rock Radio Dot EU CD Review

Spotlight: The Dutch Woodstock (2013 Gonzo Multimedia)

As the start of a new decade took place, a three day rock concert was attended by over a hundred thousand people,labeled The Dutch Woodstock. The year was 1970. An outdoor concert that was held in the Kralingen neighborhood of Rotterdam, Holland on June 26, 27 & 28th. Despite the weather not cooperating, in the form of rain, the concert itself appeared to have gone off without a hitch. Various bands performed on the main stage or nearby. The focus here is on the main event.

Gonzo Multimedia brings us a 2CD / DVD set that captures the peace-loving three day-long festival. Headlining was Pink Floyd. All three days filled with sounds of all kinds of musicians / bands. Some known around the world or would soon be were Santana, Canned Heat, T. Rex, Al Stewart, The Bryds, and Jefferson Airplane just to name a few.
Busting the 3 disc set open, I decided to view the movie first before playing the audio discs. Ended up viewing the film repeatedly over a course of 3 days. About four views. I turned it on and just let it play in the background. This is after watching it through the first play. A good sample presented for listening and viewing pleasures.
Uncle G's Highlights:

Grace Slick belts out the song White Rabbit with the rest of Jefferson Airplane, while pregnant I believe. Both her and Paul Kantner are also interviewed.

Pink Floyd's segment is not to be missed. Both songs on CD / DVD: Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun / A Saucerful Of Secrets (Waters playing the gong)

Santana's on fire.
Canned Heat: Passing along a joint(s) the band does an awesome performance.
Dr. John & The Day Trippers: They keep a good beat. Fun song:Mardi Gra's Day

If pissed off seeing the word 'joint', then you'll freak with this next one: nudity. A fair amount as well. Add to that, fairly consistent drug use by performers and crowd alike. Now when I say drugs, it's mostly marijuana use from what I can see. Being kind of knowledgeable about these things I can say some in the crowd exhibit behavior usually assorted with use of LSD, or even anti-depressants. Some of the crowd walking by the filmmaker's cameras are almost zombie-like at times. Which is what makes me guess downers. Plus they were popular back in the seventies.

No need for having your hands clasped together praying for the participant's souls, those that are, of course, still alive. Most on the average I'm guessing are still breathing, ages sixty and up. The babies in the film would have to be in their forties now. Regarding sex, some sexual activity occurred, but nothing that would give it an X rating. Most if not all total nudity is female. All over sixteen years of age or older I imagine. I say this because pubic hair is shown creeping up towards their stomach and also seemingly down the thighs of several of these natural young women. That was the style then. Big bushes were all the rage.

Hard to believe that the innocence of the decade, not that long ago, would equate music and getting high while naked with strangers, which would in turn, promoted peace. Or that it would have a effect on peoples beliefs. I believe it can at least make some people aware. The DVD in this set is a historical visual document on the occasion. Saying that isn't correct. Not really. For the film gives only one point of view, that of the filmmakers. A very cool documentary, where for the viewer, it's almost just like being there. So much so I could swear for at least a few seconds while it was on that I could actually smell pot. Far out huh?
Now that I said all that, there is NOTHING offensive in the film. As a matter of fact, it's a cool thing to watch the over hundred thousand interact with the music and each other while the concert is going on. One scene shows the people in the wee hours of the night, all mostly sleeping. In the daytime, the hotter it seems to get the less the need for clothing. But It's all natural. Even with nudity included, there's nothing perverted. Not a thing that would make you hide the teenagers. Rather they see people in a large group like this getting along, or something more modern day where folks always get hurt? I rather a kid of mine see a pair of bare tits exposed for the same reason a man has his nipples exposed, then watch someone get their head smashed in. Makes me wonder if something like the 1970's Dutch Woodstock could happen nowadays. A three day event like that. No violence. Mass cooperation. It's a beautiful thing to see. The documentary / concert film does get a little artsy fartsy but that's part of the charm.

The film and audio wasn't recorded in 2013. It was taped and preserved since 1970. A lot of advancements made in recording sound over the decades since. Nowadays you can buy a Blu-ray of a concert filmed by forty cameras and all the state of the art recording equipment, and when you play it at home it's like you're front row at the concert. It's cool, especially for being at home watching TV. I can't expect that from a concert performed and taped over forty years ago. So this isn't the best state of the art sounding audio. Soundboard but could be a better mix. Sometimes one instrument is louder then another. Keeping that in mind and understanding it to be what it is, then I imagine one can get past that and receive much entertainment in the process. I sure have. It's the movie included that sold me. Looks like so much fun to be there. Since that's impossible then it's cool revisiting, which is what this 2CD and one DVD set allows the consumer to do.

Rating: Using the one to five star rating system, I rate the DVD 4 stars and the 2 CD audio discs 3 stars. Gonzo did a great job on the overall product. Sometimes one has to do the best with what they have to work with. To not release this would be a crime. Why, just because it wasn't perfect in picture and sound quality that would equate 2013 standards? Frankly, I find it cool that the event is out there for new generations to see and experience. Am delighted to add this to my CD collection.

Gary Brown
American Corespondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU 

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Classic Rock Radio Dot EU Interview Spotlight: Mark Murdock

Classic Rock Radio Dot EU Interview

Spotlight: Mark Murdock
Interview Conducted by: Gary Brown

A few months back I reviewed independent recording artist Mark Murdock's new CD, 'Cymbalic Encounters', along with my positive review, many more followed. Due to good word of mouth and wonderful promotion, 'Cymbalic Encounters' is now being unleashed on the world with a previously unheard of bonus track on June 17th. I welcomed the opportunity to ask Mark a few questions.

CRR Dot EU: Mark, Can you start off by telling us about this new release date?

Mark Murdock: On June 18th 'Cymbalic Encounters' is being released worldwide via Gonzo MultiMedia which houses a host of notable Prog artists. I feel 'Cymbalic Encounters' has found a nice home with Gonzo. Up to the Gonzo release, the CD has been exclusively available through diskunion Japan and as a digital music download via cdbaby, iTunes, and Amazon. There will be a Bonus Track and an expanded insert with lyrics and more photos on the Gonzo release.

CRR Dot EU: What has been the most rewarding response to 'Cymbalic Encounters'?

Mark Murdock: I have received a number of thumbs up for bringing John and Percy together on record, most likely from Brand X followers. I believe it has been a number of years since they have collaborated on any given project. More importantly, of course, is that the music has been for the most part well received. Some key radio programs like CRR Dot EU and stations in Europe aired it and there have also been numerous reviews featured in many key music magazines, all of which I wasn't really expecting. I initially envisioned the CD would have a sort of an underground appeal amongst some shady group of characters from the late seventies.

CRR Dot EU: Have their been any attempts to play this music live?

Mark Murdock: There was an attempt to bring everyone together as a Brand X reunion and Cymbalic Encounters set here in Tokyo. Actually, I was asked by a promoter to do a Japan tour, and had agreement from all Brand X members but one key member. So to make a long story short, without this one key member it was an unlikely sale. So, at the moment I have a three piece group of local musicians, here in Tokyo, where we are rehearsing selected songs in hopes of playing a few local gigs.

CRR Dot EU: Regarding the songs, I was wondering what was the inspiration behind the song titles?

Mark Murdock: It's funny that you would ask me that question, Gary. I keep getting asked about the song titles, as the CD title suggests a play on words, Cymbalic and Symbolic.
Songs like 'Revert To My Senses', 'Illusion Nation' and 'Until The Sun Is No Longer' portray a kind of struggle of existence in an unpredictable world.
'Goodsall Funk Railroad/The Ballad Of Percy Jones', just came to me as John is a great funk player (Grand Funk Railroad turned into Goodsall Funk Railroad) and Engine Percy from the kid's show 'Thomas' that my son, Preston used to watch on Japanese TV. I'm not all that sure that Percy and John were approving of that. I might have pissed them off actually. I will be careful in the future, (laughs Mark).
'Sunning Hill' was the name of Phil's old flat in Epson, Surrey U.K. (flat 3) that I used to visit when he was playing with Brand X. The flat had purple wallpaper, a red piano and a green painting on the wall of Eno’s Another Green World. They were in real need of an interior decorator. It was like a flashback to the psychedelic 1960's.
'Philosophically Sound' has an intelligent kind of melody similar to a scientific formula. Percy is an inventor at heart so perhaps this song has some kind of equation hidden in the melody?

CRR Dot EU: Do you plan a follow up to Cymbalic Encounters?

Mark Murdock: Yes, I have a new Cymbalic Encounters in the works now and hoping by fall to have it completed and released. There will be fewer songs than Cymbalic Encounters but have John Goodsall and Percy Jones on board.

"This new batch of songs seems more wide open harmonically." -
 John Goodsall

CRR Dot EU: Any additional featured artists Mark?

Mark Murdock: My son, Preston is playing electric sitar and has a few guitar spots.
Desirably, I would like to incorporate some new guest artists on the CD and I have in fact invited a few respected musicians. Not sure who will end up on the recordings yet. Stay tuned..... Oh, but I can reveal that I have a professional cello player on a few tracks, which is a departure from previous projects I have attempted.

CRR Dot EU: You live in Japan. Any cool promotion there?

Mark Murdock:The Japanese magazine 'Strange Days' interviewed me. It is a popular music mag here which did a three page feature on the CD. They seemed interested in my involvement with Peter Banks (YES - R.I.P). Someday perhaps Mark Murdock will be a household name! Isn't he the sushi song guy?

CRR Dot EU: Any closing thoughts?

Mark Murdock
: Spread the word
CRR Dot EU: Thanks for the time Mark. We here at CRR Dot EU are confident the Gonzo release of Cymbalic Encounters to be just the start of even bigger and better things. Already looking forward to whatever the next musical adventure will be.

Official Gonzo Media Group / Mark Murdock Webpage

Bonus: Cymbalic Encounters Sample (enjoy)
Gary Brown
American Corespondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU

Rock Legends, Yes, Set for Triple-Header 2014 European Tour

Rock Legends, Yes, Set for Triple-Header 2014 European Tour

Grammy award-winning rock luminaries, Yes, announce triple-album Europe 2014 tour. The band will perform three of rock’s most influential albums, The Yes Album, Close to the Edge, and Going for the One, in their entirety.
Legendary progressive rock band, Yes, today announced it's 2014 European tour, kicking off 29 April 2014 in Oxford, England and wrapping up 22 May 2014 in Tilburg, Netherlands. On this tour, fans can look forward to a unique Yes experience; the band will perform three of its most popular albums in their entirety, The Yes Album, Close to the Edge, and Going for the One.

Performing three of rock and roll’s most revered albums, Yes members Chris Squire (bass), Steve Howe (guitar), Alan White (drums), Geoff Downes (keyboards), and Jon Davison (vocals), will delight audiences with Yes staples from the last four decades. Fans will enjoy long-time favourites, including “Yours is No Disgrace,” “I’ve Seen All Good People,” “Starship Trooper,” “Close to the Edge,” “And You And I,” “Going for the One,” “Wonderous Stories,” “Awaken,” and more. In addition, Yes will perform all tracks in the order they appear on their corresponding studio albums.

“We performed these three albums in their entirety on our North and South American tours, and the fans absolutely loved it,” says Yes guitarist, Steve Howe. “Fans did indeed love it,” states Yes co-founder and bassist, Chris Squire, “and so did we. Plus, we’ll be performing pieces we’ve rarely played live. In fact, I believe the one song we never performed in concert before our three-album tours is ‘A Venture’ from The Yes Album.” Alan White goes on to say, “As with our three-album North and South American tours, this is a great opportunity to share with our European fans the growth of Yes throughout different eras, and to revisit the great memories of those times, as well as create brand new ones. We’re looking forward to touring Europe, performing these albums, and most of all, meeting our wonderful fans. It’s great fun for us, and we think our fans throughout Europe will love the performance as well.”

The Europe 2014 tour visits Oxford, England; Glasgow, Scotland; London, England; Paris, France; Zurich, Switzerland; Brussels, Belgium; and a variety of other cities. See below for complete tour itinerary information, including venues and dates.

About Yes
Founded in 1968 by Jon Anderson and Chris Squire, Grammy-award winning recording artists, Yes, have created some of the most important and influential music in rock history, such as iconic pieces “Roundabout,” “Close to the Edge,” “I’ve Seen All Good People,” “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” and countless others. Having sold tens of millions of records over its four-decade career, Yes continues creating masterful music that inspires fans and musicians around the world. For more information on Yes, visit Join Yes on Twitter and Facebook at and respectively.

The Yes Album (1971)
1. Yours Is No Disgrace
2. The Clap
3. Starship Trooper
a: Life Seeker
b: Dilusion
c: Wurm
4. I’ve Seen All Good People
a: Your Move
b: All Good People
5. A Venture
6. Perpetual Change

Close to the Edge (1972)
1. Close To The Edge
I. The Solid Time of Change
II. Total Mass Retain
III. I Get Up, I Get Down
IV. Seasons of Man
2. And You And I
I. Cord of Life
II. Eclipse
III. The Preacher the Teacher
IV. Apocalypse
3. Siberian Khartu

Going for the One (1977)
1. Going for the One
2. Turn of the Century
3. Parallels
4. Wonderous Stories
5. Awaken

Tuesday, 29 Apr       Oxford, GBR New Theatre
Wednesday, 30 Apr  Southend, GBR Cliffs Pavilion
Friday, 2 May            Glasgow, GBR Clyde Auditorium
Saturday, 3 May        Newcastle, GBR City Hall
Sunday, 4 May          Birmingham, GBR Symphony Hall
Tuesday, 6 May        Leicester, GBR De Montfort Hall
Wednesday, 7 May   Sheffield, GBR City Hall
Thursday, 8 May       London, GBR Royal Albert Hall
Saturday, 10 May      Manchester, GBR O2 Apollo
Sunday, 11 May        Bristol, GBR Hippodrome
Tuesday, 13 May      Paris, FRA Gran Rex
Wednesday,14 May  Zurich, SWI Volkshaus
Friday, 16 May          Monaco Opera Garnier
Saturday, 17 May      Padova, ITA Palageox
Sunday, 18 May        Milan, ITA Teatro Della Luna
Tuesday, 20 May      Luxembourg Rockhall Box
Wednesday, 21 May Brussels, BEL A B
Thursday, 22 May     Tilburg, NTL 0 1 3

UK Ticket prices are £37.50 for all Venues except for London £50 (boxes), £45, £40 and
£35. Agency and Credit card bookings are subject to booking fee. Showtime is 7.30pm and tickets are available from 

or 24 ticket hotline: 0844 338 0000. 

 Tickets go on sale at 9.00am on Friday 21st June.

More Details from the Official Yes Website

Monday 17 June 2013

Classic Rock Radio Dot EU CD Review Spotlight: Steve Hunter - The Manhattan Blues Project (2013 Deacon Records)

Classic Rock Radio Dot EU CD Review

Spotlight: Steve Hunter - The Manhattan Blues Project (2013 Deacon Records) 
The first KickStarter program I pledged money. A new Steve Hunter solo project. It's a story I'll tell the rest of my life. And with wonderful results for it funded, meaning the artist succeeded in reaching the goal set, and now the CD is a reality. A guitarist rock fans have been listening to since the golden 1970's. A man who helped make popular such names in music as Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, and Alice Cooper. A professional musician in every meaning of the word. Displays superior guitar skills with each and every song he participates on. One of Steve's latest successes being the lead guitarist on Alice Cooper's Nightmare 2 album. Then being ever so respectful, standing in for the deceased Glen Buxton when the Cooper's were inducted in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.

Mr. Hunter, a sometimes independent artist, met his financial goal to put out this CD through a website I just previously mentioned, KickStarter Dot Com. To all others thinking of getting a project funded, a lesson in how it's done. Came to my house autographed with a signature that can actually be read. Packaging design done very nicely. Good photos of Steve and I like the darker colors used in the cover wrap. Via Kickstarter and Steve's official Facebook page, his wife Karen communicating with folks keeping everyone abreast as to everyday occurrences. The whole experience made it a pleasure to participate. The Hunters both come across online as very pleasant, and ever so professional. I personally could not be any more happier to be a pledge participant. My first time backing an idea proposed on KickStarter, and then it met and or exceeded it's goal. I have witnessed proposed projects crash and burn. Will continue to keep open minded to participating again.

Steve Hunter has already participated on unique concept albums held in high esteem by fans and critics alike. And like all other past projects, The Manhattan Blues Project is consistent on the entertainment meter. Deeper than just the hit songs he participated on. The listener is getting a more personal understanding of the man behind the guitar.

The topic of this CD is of course, Manhattan. It is the smallest of the five boroughs that make up New York City. Madison Square Garden is located there. Having hung out in Manhattan (considered a county of New York State) as a teenager I can tell you first hand that it's an encyclopedia when it comes to music. Different bars / clubs all having different sounds. Big acts like The Rolling Stones used Manhattan / New York City as a backdrop for many of their songs. My introduction to rap was heard walking the streets of Manhattan. Young black guys on the street corners using rhythms to sell their drugs. I'd shake my head no and smile. Already had all the drugs I needed.

Each song on The Manhattan Blues Project is as unique as the location it's named after. The CD starts off with typical outside street sounds. A nice instrumental mood piece that leads in wonderfully to one of the most bad ass songs I"ve heard in ages called "222 w.23rd". Do justice here and listen to this with a good pair of headphones. The song got a prominent lovemaking vibe. Music you imagine hearing in an erectile dysfunction TV commercial, when the pill takes effect and it's time to get busy. Maybe I'm the only one hearing this? And I'm not saying in anyway, anything bad. The song inspires shagging. Has a definite sexiness to it. Includes interesting background noises, a vocal rap by Tommy Henriksen, some slide by Michael Lee Firkins, and Hunter's wife Karen acing the background vocals. For Steve, Uncle G predicts a new greatest hit. Guaranteed repeat plays. It's that good. And then draw a tub for you and a special friend. Let the music take you both away (wink wink).

At times throughout The Manhattan Blues Project Mr Hunter has some rather exceptional friends join in. One of my favorite bass players, Mr Tony Levin appears on a couple of songs. One is a re-imagining of a Peter Gabriel hit song called "Solsbury Hill". Ninety-eight percent is an instrumental with uncredited male background voices heard in somewhat harmony. Overall the guys did the classic rock song justice. An enjoyable track.

"The Brooklyn Shuffle" totally shines. Traditional blues sounding song with some outstanding guitar work by Steve and two other gentlemen: Johnny Depp and Joe Perry. Both offering meaty solos. Karen again outdoing herself on background vocals. Be fun to see this played in concert.
"Ground Zero" is a haunting, yet beautiful piece. Evokes emotion when listening to it. So many terrific days in Manhattan's history and then you have that very dark one. Not a totally depressing tune, Hunter captures the right vibe. Each note and chord played, backed with feeling. A positive sign of a good blues guitarist.
"Twilight In Harlem" has this funky groove to it. Joining Steve on guitar duty are Joe Satriani and Marty Friedman. The song has a real band sound. Helping to make this so on keyboards is Phil Aaberg, with drummer Todd Chuba.

"Sunset In Central Park" is the last song on the CD. On bass again is Tony Levin and on cellos is 2Cellos. All the ingredients needed to close the CD on a fine note. Nice outro !!
Rating: A friend asked if I could be non-bias. Knew I been a longtime fan. An old Alice Cooper associate that Steve also knows would say assessing yours truly that I'm loyal and honest like a boyscout. To me that flattering. Using the one to five star rating system I give Steve Hunter - The Manhattan Blues Project: 5 very solid stars. Well done Mr. Hunter. Well done indeed.

Gary Brown
American Corespondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU