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On September 11, September 12 and September 14, German hard rock legends SCORPIONS will play three concerts in Athens, Greece under the banner "MTV Unplugged - Scorpions Live In Athens" at the Lycabettus Theatre over the roofs of the ancient city. For the first time in the history of the "MTV Unplugged" series, a concert in Greece under the open sky will take place.

The SCORPIONS will perform their biggest hits, album classics as well as some exclusive new songs in the typical sound and arrangement of "MTV Unplugged". They will be supported by national and international surprise guests, to be announced at a later date.

Says the band: "MTV Unplugged" was already top on our wish list and therefore we have gladly accepted the offer to stage these concerts as part of our farewell tour. We are [happy to be working] together with MTV on this very special event in Athens." "MTV Unplugged - Scorpions Live In Athens" will be released at the end of 2013 on CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc.
Scorpions official website:

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Uncle G's Concert Reviews - The Aristocrats Date: 24 Aug 2013 Venue: Rudyard's (British Pub)

Uncle G's Concert Reviews - The Aristocrats

Date: 24 Aug 2013 
Venue: Rudyard's (British Pub)

Venue's Address: 2010 Waugh Dr, Houston, TX 77006, USA
Time: Slightly after 10 PM (Central Time Zone)
Weather: Hot!! Clear skies mostly with a temp high of 95 degrees. The low was 78 degrees, recorded at 4:45 AM.

My wife and I arrived around seven p.m. at Rudyard's, a British Pub found in Houston's Montrose area. The doors opened at nine p.m.,  with the show starting at ten. Taking our time before the nights festivities, the wife and I both had an incredibly delicious fish & chips dinner. Like the saying goes; "When in Rome, live like the Romans do." I was after all in a British pub. And I must say, a welcoming place to stop by anytime. So when in Houston, try to check them out. A super menu. Cold beer and engaging spirits, I hear they serve up a mean hamburger as well.

A few minutes before nine p.m., we were allowed to go upstairs to where the concert would take place. Finding seats nearby the bar, we made ourselves at home allowing for the more energetic ones to stand in front of the stage throughout the whole show. The room was equipped with a camera and two screens to watch the entertainment. The both of us were comfortable, especially after ordering a beer, that we shared. We're not the BIGGEST consumers of alcohol. Every blue Moon...why not? After all, it was a GRAND occasion. For when the show started, on that stage in front of us; The Aristocrats. who is The Aristocrats? The answer: an instrumental rock / jazz fusion band (no keyboardist). Right now they just released their second studio release, Culture Clash, which by the way is currently climbing the sales charts. Released recently and then promoted by a US Tour in which they just finished. Dallas, Texas had the honor of being the last stop (25 Aug 2013). Houston was the second to last, and this was the one yours truly and my lovely wife, Alexandra, had the pleasure of attending.

The Aristocrats (Personal)

Bryan Beller (from America - Bass) / Guthrie Govan (from The UK - Guitars) / Marco Minnemann - (from Germany - Drums / Percussion)
Noticeable Accomplishments (Could type thousands of words here. Will mention just enough to give you the reader a better understanding of the musicians being focused on -- and get one hundred and fifty words).

"Govan started out with his feet firmly planted in classic rock with a lead guitar position in the band, Asia. A GREAT line-up that included original member Geoff Downes and one time AC/DC drummer, Chris Slade. Just recently Guthrie played guitar and toured with Steve Wilson, appearing on his recently released third solo album; The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories). Speaking of Wilson's new release, Marco Minnemann also appeared on that release playing drums and percussion. Meanwhile,bass player Bryan Beller is also a member of the death metal band Dethklok. You might know them if a viewer of cable TVs Adult Swim; Metalocalypse. You'll also know Bryan's work if a fan of Steve Vai or Dream Theater's James LaBrie. Research yourself either of the three members. All three gentlemen are skilled musicians with an impressive resume' worth discovering if one has not done so already."

The sold out concert started out with a couple songs from their debut album. The self titled The Aristocrats. One of these a favorite of mine, a number entitled "Sweaty Knockers". From there it was a two-hour blast of Aristocrats songs from not only their first studio release, but also from the very studio release that they were currently touring called Culture Clash. A well paced performance of mostly upbeat, energetic instrumentals, but that of good humor as well. Throughout the evening each of the three members took to the mic to introduce songs, entertaining the crowd with personal antecdotes and stories associated with the group and the music being played. The crowd responded well. A fun time was had by all.
After the performance, all three guys worked the room of fans, signing autographs and taking pictures. A very cool and laidback atmosphere. So much so, I got to introduce myself and talk briefly with each of the members. 

The first one I walked up to was drummer, Marco Minnemann. Knowing the guys didn't have the free time for a lengthy interview, I mostly kept to one subject with each of them. Ordinarily, I'd be asking questions about the new release. Touring Culture Clash is after all what brought them to Houston to begin with. Now turning into a meet and greet session and everyone from the sold out event still in attendance, I just went with the first thing that popped out of my mouth, when in the company of each of The Aristocrats members.

Was just a few weeks back that I viewed a fairly new UK (the band) DVD that had Marco on drum duty (Live In Japan, 2012). So I had to ask what it was like playing with such an outstanding prog band that had legendary musicians Eddie Jobson (keyboards, piano, and violin) and vocalist - bassist John Wetton (Original Asia - ex King Crimson) as members. Marco replied back with a little joking around, and then a sincere acknowledgement about how incredible it was to get the opportunity to play with them.

Bryan Beller was next. In my opinion, the dude is an extraordinary bass player. Can say the same of both Guthrie and Marco in their respective fields. I don't play an instrument myself, but I have always admired those who can, especially individuals who devote their life mastering their craft. But instead of saying any of that; I walked up, introduced myself, and thanked Bryan for always finding the time to answer my Facebook inquires. Writing for such a cool Internet radio station such as the one I do does have it perks. Politeness should come first. I have mentioned The Aristocrats in past columns. Bryan signed my NEW Aristocrats CD Culture Clash, and we concluded our time together after a very nice guy from the crowd volunteered to take a picture of the both of us. Did a good job too!!  

Guthrie positioned himself right behind  where my wife and I sat for the evening. After finding a place at the bar and enjoying a refreshing brew (remember...British Pub), Mr. Govan gladly interacted with anyone who approached him. One guy, after lavishing praise, even gave him a hug. My time was spent reminiscing about a previous gig I saw Guthrie at more than a decade before. As I previously mentioned, Guthrie was at one time the lead guitar player for the band Asia. The first date that was set for that gig was rained out due to Tropical Storm Allison. So bad was the rainfall that the city of Houston damn near became the new underwater Atlantis. A couple weeks later there was a make-up date. it was over a hundred degrees in the shade that day. I concluded the trip down memory lane by thanking him as I did the other two, for coming to Houston and including us in their tour schedule. One thing I regretted later not saying to Guthrie was that it's been cool keeping up and listening to his new projects since that time in Houston, back at the turn of what was then a new century. His progress since then has been extraordinary. For one thing, Guthrie's become the God of guitar tech films (as seen on YouTube). What a fanbase. Serious players dig this guy, as well as the casual music listener.

Worth Mentioning: I remember seeing The Aristocrats (the band) shouting out on Facebook for a person who might be interested in running their merchandise booth for the tour they just completed. The one who took the position ended up being a pretty cool dude named Corey Madson. We talked for a few minutes, in which he sold me a tee-shirt and the band's Culture Clash CD. Was very friendly. Told me how great an experience it was for him to be able to do the road trip with the band (and Chris Del Nostro, the bands stage tech / cargo van driver). Regarding the merchandise table, it was filled with interesting Aristocrat products plus items from individual band members past projects. All reasonably priced. As a concert goer, I appreciate a well run and fairly priced souvenir stand. Good job Mr. Madison / The Aristocrats. Matter of fact, the price to get in the door was only twenty bucks. With the average American having less disposable income nowadays, keeping the price affordable for an evening out is much appreciated. Thanks to all involved for making that happen.   

From The Aristocrats Official Facebbok page on what happens now that the Culture Clash US Tour is over; "Guthrie flies home and Marco and I (BB) fly to San Diego for the start of the Joe Satriani tour."

Closing Comment:
I recommend seeing Bryan, Guthrie, or Marco anytime they are in your area. Be it as The Aristocrats or as individual musicians. Serious professionals yet pretty down to Earth guys. Uncle G always finds it a pleasure to support players such as these.

Gary Brown
American Corespondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU

Note: Photography by Gary & Alexandra Brown





OCTOBER 21, 2013


All orders placed via the HackettSongs Webstore on or before the release date of 21st October will be signed by Steve!

- The whole of Steve's London show from May 2013 over 3 CDs & 2 DVDs
- Guest appearances by Nik Kershaw, John Wetton, Jakko Jakszyk, Steve Rothery & Amanda Lehmann
- 5.1 Surround Sound mix on the concert DVD - NTSC Region 0
- Behind The Scenes featurette

"The 5.1 DVD with stereo CD out on 21st October including the whole show from Hammersmith Apollo is a feast for all the senses. I was blown away by the fantastic response to those May UK gigs. The autumn Genesis Revisited shows will include different Genesis material to before as well as all the big faves that bring the house down...See you all soon!" - Steve Hackett


1. Watcher of the Skies
2. The Chamber of 32 Doors
3. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
4. Fly on a Windshield
5. Broadway Melody of 1974
6. The Lamia
7. The Musical Box
8. Shadow of the Hierophant
9. Blood on the Rooftops

1. Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers
2. In That Quiet Earth
3. Afterglow
4. I Know What I Like
5. Dance on a Volcano
6. Entangled
7. Eleventh Earl of Mar
8. Supper’s Ready

1. Firth of Fifth
2. Los Endos

Full live show in 5.1 Surround Sound

Behind The Scenes featurette

Order yours here:

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 Brian May

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Late great Michael Hutchence

Mr Sambora

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Joe Elliot
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Sammy Hagar And Friends Released in September

Sammy Hagar And Friends
Release dates:
NA: September 24th 2013
EU: September 27th 2013
Tracklisting: Winding Down; Not Going Down; Personal Jesus; Father Sun; Knockdown Dragout; Ramblin' Gamblin' Man; Bad On Fords An Chevrolets; Margaritaville; All We Need Is An Island; Going Down (Live In Studio-Take 1); Space Station #5 (Live From Ronnie Montrose Tribute Concert) (Bonus Track - Deluxe Edition only)

DVD:Knockdown Dragout (videoclip) – “Making of the Album” documentary

On the eve of his fourth decade in rock & roll, Grammy Award®-winning, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Sammy Hagar has teamed with a seminal array of his legendary rock and country artist friends and bandmates, past and present, for his first-ever rock collaborations album, “Sammy Hagar and Friends.” The release will see Hagar joining forces with award-winning artists including Kid Rock, Nancy Wilson (Heart), Toby Keith, Taj Mahal, Ronnie Dunn (Brooks & Dunn), Michael Anthony (ex-Van Halen, Chickenfoot), Neal Schon (Journey), Chad Smith & Joe Satriani (Chickenfoot), Bill Church & Denny Carmassi (Montrose), The Wabos and more on an epic collection of 10 new songs and unexpected covers.  “Sammy Hagar and Friends” is produced by Hagar and Grammy winning engineer/producer, John Cuniberti,

From new original songs including “Not Going Down” (a song specifically written for Hagar by Jay Buchanan of Rival Sons), “Knockdown Dragout,” “Bad On Fords and Chevrolets,” “All We Need Is An Island,” and “Father Sun,” to reimagined covers of classics including Bob Seger’s, “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man,” and Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus,” – Hagar has masterfully assembled an album that delves into rock, country, pop and blues .

The release of “Sammy Hagar and Friends” will follow on the heels of his “Four Decades of Rock” US summer tour which kicks off July 26th in Tucson and wraps September 7th in his hometown of San Francisco. The 14-city tour celebrates Hagar’s arsenal of hits from his career-spanning success as a solo artist, songwriter and frontman for Van Halen, Montrose and Chickenfoot.  The tour, which features Hagar and his band, The Wabos will also see influential bandmates from his career including Michael Anthony, Denny Carmassi, Bill Church and more joining him on select dates.  Hagar and his line up of guest stars will take fans on a hit-filled retrospective from the Red Rocker’s prolific career.  Fans can also expect some surprise “friends” to join Hagar on stage for a sneak peak of tracks from the new album.

In addition to the 10-track standard edition album, fans will also have an opportunity to purchase a Deluxe edition of "Sammy Hagar and Friends," packaged in a high-gloss Digipak.  The Deluxe CD/DVD package includes an exclusive bonus audio track, "Space Station #5,” recorded live at the Ronnie Montrose Tribute Concert held on April 29, 2012 in San Francisco, as well as the "Making of” album documentary which includes bonus video of the first single "Knockdown Dragout,” and more.

Sammy Hagar & Friends

1. Winding Down written by Sammy Hagar
Lead Vocals: Sammy Hagar & Taj Mahal
Electric, acoustic and dobro guitars: Dave Zirbel
2nd acoustic guitar: Sammy Hagar
Percussion: John Cuniberti
Backing Vocals: Mona Gnader & Vic Johnson

2. Not Going Down written by Jay Buchanan
Lead Vocal: Sammy Hagar
Guitars: Vic Johnson & Sammy Hagar
Bass: Bill Church
Lap Steel: Dave Zirbel
Drums: Denny Carmassi
Backing Vocals: Claytoven Richardson, Sandy Griffith & Omega Rae

3. Personal Jesus written by Martin Gore
Lead Vocal: Sammy Hagar
Guitar: Neal Schon
Bass: Michael Anthony
Drums: Chad Smith
Backing Vocals: Claytoven Richardson, Sandy Griffith & Omega Rae

4. Father Sun written by Sammy Hagar
Lead Vocal: Sammy Hagar
Guitars: Vic Johnson & Sammy Hagar
Lap Steel: Sammy Hagar
Bass: Mona Gnader
Accordion: Andre Thiery
Mandolin: James DePrato
Drums & percussion: Denny Carmassi
Backing Vocals: Sammy & Aaron Hagar, John and Erica Cuniberti

5.   Knockdown Dragout written by Dennis Hill, Ken Livingston, Kyle Homme, Stephen
Garvy, Kevin Baldes, Sammy Hagar
Lead Vocals: Sammy Hagar & Kid Rock
Guitars: Vic Johnson & Sammy Hagar
Solo guitar: Joe Satriani
Drums: Denny Carmassi
Bass: Mona Gnader
Percussion: John Cuniberti
Lead Vocals: Sammy Hagar & Kid Rock
Backing Vocals: Everybody

6. Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man written by Bob Seger
Lead Vocals: Sammy Hagar
Guitars: Vic Johnson & Sammy Hagar
Solo guitar: Sammy Hagar
Drums: David Lauser
Bass: Mona Gnader
Organ: Susie Davis
Percussion: John Cuniberti
Lead Vocals: Sammy Hagar
Backing Vocals: Mona Gnader, Vic Johnson,
Claytoven Richardson, Sandy Griffith & Omega Rae

7. Bad On Fords and Chevrolets written by Ronnie Dunn, Ray Wylie Hubbard
Lead Vocals: Sammy Hagar & Ronnie Dunn
Guitars: Vic Johnson & Sammy Hagar
Lap Steel: Dave Zirbel
Drums: David Lauser
Bass: Mona Gnader
Piano: Audie Delone
Backing Vocals: Mona Gnader & Vic Johnson

8. Margaritaville written by Jimmy Buffett
Lead vocal:  Sammy Hagar & Toby Keith
Percussion: Karl Perazza
Upright Bass: Ruth Davies
Drums: Paul Revelli
Guitar: William Kirchen
Electric Piano & accordion: Austin de Lone
Background vocals:  Mona Gnader & Caroline de Lone

9. All We Need Is An Island written by Sammy Hagar
Vocals: Sammy Hagar & Nancy Wilson
Acoustic guitar: Sammy Hagar
Pedal Steel & Tahitian Ukulele: Dave Zirbel
Drums: Mickey Hart

10. Going Down (Live in Studio-Take 1) written by Don Nix
Lead Vocal: Sammy Hagar
Guitar: Neal Schon
Bass: Michael Anthony
Drums: Chad Smith

Bonus track on the deluxe edition only

Space Station #5 – Live from Ronnie Montrose Tribute Concert written by Sammy Hagar and Ronnie Montrose
Drums: Denny Carmassi
Bass: Bill Church
Guitar: Joe Satriani
Vocals: Sammy Hagar
From Ronnie Montrose Tribute Concert (4/27/2012), Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco


Sammy Hagar & Friends
Produced by Sammy Hagar & John Cuniberti
Except Margaritaville
Produced by Sammy Hagar and Mike Fraser

Harem Scarem Release Mood Swings II

Harem Scarem Release Mood Swings II
Release dates:
NA: September 24th 2013
EU: September 27th 2013

CD:Saviors Never Cry; No Justice; Stranger Than Love; Change Comes Around; Jealousy; Sentimental Blvd.; Mandy; Empty Promises; If There Was A Time; Just Like I Planned; Had Enough; World Gone To Pieces; Anarchy; Brighter Day.

DVD: Re-Making Of Mood Swings” documentary;  Audio Files: Change Comes Around, Saviours Never Cry, No Justice

Canadian Rockers Harem Scarem released their second album – the original “Mood Swings” - in 1993. Now 20 years later the band celebrates the anniversary of such career-defining release re-recording from scratch the eleven songs and also adding three new bonus tracks in the spirit of the original “Mood Swings” direction.

Harem Scarem disbanded after the release of their last album “Hope” in 2008. Five years later, rumours about a possible reunion for some shows started to circulate and were confirmed once Firefest announced the band as headliner of the first night of the event on Friday October 18th when the band will perform the entire Mood Swings record live, since they had never officially toured that release outside of Canada. Harem Scarem loved the idea and this led to booking an extensive European and Asian tour, including the band’s second show ever in the USat the Melodic Rock Fest 3 inSeptember in Chicago.

As the idea developed the band decided to do a modern recording of “Mood Swings”, trying to keep true to the original intent as well as writing and recording three brand new tracks. Then it was decided to include a "making of " video and also to have four songs broken down into individual audio tracks, so that fans can re-mix or play along with the songs.

Harry Hess: Lead Vocals
Pete Lesperance: Guitars, bass
Creighton Doane: Drums
Darren Smith: background vocals and lead vocals on Sentimental Blvd.

Coney Hatch Release Latest Album "Four"

Coney Hatch Release Latest Album "Four"
Release dates:
NA: September 24th 2013
EU: September 27th 2013

Tracklisting: Blown Away; Boys Club; Down & Dirty; Do It Again; Connected; Revive; We Want More; Devil U Know; Marseille; Keep Drivin'; Holdin On.

Once dubbed “The Loudest Band in Toronto” Canada’s CONEY HATCH is back with their first record of new material in over two decades. “FOUR” is chalked full of the unique brand of melodic riff-rock that first brought the band to the attention of critics and rock fans all over the world.

Formed back in the early ‘80s in TorontoCanada, original members Andy Curran, Carl Dixon, Dave Ketchum and Steve Shelski released 3 records on Anthem Records in Canadaand Polygram for the rest of the world. The band toured relentlessly and played support slots on tour with the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept, Ted Nugent and Cheap Trick to name a few. After three releases and many miles of success and rocky road under their belts, the four band members went their separate ways in 1986.

The story of this reunion is an amazing journey that only fate could be responsible for. Late one night, on his way home from a recording session in Australia, a weary Carl Dixon had a near fatal head-on car collision that left him clinging to life. While Carl was still in an induced coma, his wife reached out to the other members of Coney Hatch and asked them to offer words of encouragement over to the phone to Carl. She held the phone to his ear as he lay unconscious in his bed.  “I told him to get better quick “says bassist / vocalist Andy Curran “I said we had a lot more rockin’ to do with Coney Hatch. I really didn’t think we’d play together again but it just came out of my mouth… and Carl remembered it!”

Be careful what you wish for!!......after many operations, Band-Aids, stitches, titanium rods, doctors, nurses, medicine and sheer gut-determination Carl Dixon returned to the stage with his 3 original  band mates in August of 2010 inHamilton Ontario in front of 7,500 hungry Hatch fans. News of that show traveled fast and the original Coney Hatch was soon invited to play Firefest 2011 for their first time ever in the UK! The rave reviews flooded in after that sweaty night in Nottingham and the band returned to their homeland to find a record deal offer waiting for an all new Coney Hatch record.

After much discussion and soul-searching the band decided to grab the opportunity from Frontiers to work together again.  They enlisted the help of long time friend and Juno Award winning engineer Vic Florencia to capture the new recordings.

Based on the crazy journey that plucked the band out of the bars (the Monkey Bars) in the early 80s into the hands of Max Webster kingpin Kim Mitchell and then onto Max Norman for OUTA HAND and FRICTION no one is more surprised than the members of CONEY HATCH to be back in studio with their patched up Steve Austin–ish lead vocalist/ guitarist Carl Dixon in 2013!!

Carl Dixon (lead vocal, guitar)
Andy Curran (vocals, bass)
Steve Shelski (lead guitar)
Dave Ketchum (drums)

GARY MOORE Extended Edition Reissue: BACK ON THE STREETS Release date: 23rd September 2013

Extended Edition Reissue: BACK ON THE STREETS
Release date:  23rd September 2013
This autumn sees an extended edition reissue of Gary Moore’s first solo album, “Back On The Streets”. The album will be released through Universal on the 23rd September 2013.

The extended edition of this classic and hugely successful album is fully endorsed by Gary Moore’s estate and contains a host of bonus B-sides and alternative versions. “Back On the Streets” features re-mastered tracks by Andy Pearce as well as an updated booklet with notes by Malcolm Dome, in addition to memorabilia.
First released in 1978, “Back On The Streets” was the first authentic solo record by the British blues-rock guitar legend Gary Moore. The album featured Brian Downey on drums and performances from Phil Lynott on the UK Top 10 single “Parisienne Walkways” and Thin Lizzy classic “Don't Believe A Word”. The classic album also includes the tracks “Fanatical Fascists” and acoustic ballad "Spanish Guitar”.
Gary Moore was a Northern Irish musician, most widely recognised as a singer and guitarist. His career dates back to the 1960's and included collaborations with the likes of B.B. King, Albert King, George Harrison and Greg Lake and his time spent with Thin Lizzy.

Track List
1.  Back On The Streets
2.  Don't Believe A Word (with Phil Lynott vocal)
3.  Fanatical Fascists
4.  Flight Of The Snow Moose
5.  Hurricane
6.  Song For Donna
7.  What Would You Rather Bee Or A Wasp
8.  Parisienne Walkways (with Phil Lynott vocal
Bonus Tracks
9.  Track Nine (taken from Back On The Streets'  7" Single) B-Side
10. Spanish Guitar - Phil Lynott vocal  7" Single
11. Spanish Guitar - Gary Moore vocal 7" Single
12. Spanish Guitar - Instrumental  7" Single B-Side

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Bonafide Release new Album "Bombo" and UK Tour With the Quireboys

Bonafide Release New Album: Bombo
Release Date: 2nd September 2013

Bonafide release the all guns blazing BOMBO as their 4th studio album this fall.

Swedish hard rockers BONAFIDE are back with a vengeance. "BOMBO", a Pulp Fiction style tale of rock´n´roll debauchery over 10 chapters, sees the band return to the in your face, crotch kicking sound of their first three albums. BOMBO is BONAFIDE´s fourth full length album, and the third to be produced by singer / frontman and main songwriter Pontus Snibb and will be released worldwide via "Off Yer Rocka Recordings" on 1st September 2013.

The first single release from the album; "Harmony", witnesses BONAFIDE bringing down the tempo slightly but still holding true, the Bonafide hooks and shredding skills throughout its production. "Harmony" is a perfect example of Pontus quite eclectic, yet very Blues / R´n´B oriented songwriting and will be sure to be a popular addition to most radio play lists over the course of the year. 

Rest assured: "BOMBO" is nothing but total pure n classic BONAFIDE at its very best. All the elements that make BONAFIDE one of the best new hard rock bands on the scene today are here: the energy, the tongue n cheek lyrics, the marvelous guitar playing and the thunderous rhythm section. Get ready for yet another thrust of pure Rock n Roll debauchery as the rebels ride again...
Bonafide – A Short Biography:  Pontus Snibb (LV/G), Mikael Fässberg (G), Martin Ekelund (B), Niklas Matsson (D):

Since their formation in Malmö, Sweden late 2006, BONAFIDE has grown to be one of Sweden’s most popular and hardest working rock bands. Singer and front man Pontus Snibb got the band together in an urge to play loud and raunchy hard rock true to it’s roots in the electric blues and early R´n`B. BONAFIDE spends most of their time on the road throughout Europe, constantly building an ever growing fan base all over the continent. Their two latest albums have both secured the number One slot in the Swedish rock chart, and besides playing clubs on their own, they have supported bands such as Deep Purple, Europe and Status Quo only to name a few. 

Two of their singles, “Doing The Pretty” and “Fill Your Head With Rock” was among the top tracks in Classic Rock Magazines “Top Tracks OF the Year” in both 2011 and 2012! In 2011 BONAFIDE made their UK debut, and has since done five highly successful UK tours, culminating in a massive performance at last year’s Hard Rock Hell Festival. BONAFIDE will tour extensively in 2013. As special guests to the Quireboys, they begin a full scale World Tour in Bristol (UK) on October 6 that will take the band throughout Europe and beyond.

Supporting the Quireboys 
Sun 6th Oct  O2 Academy, Bristol   0844 477 2000
Mon 7th Oct  O2 Academy2, Oxford  0844 477 2000
Wed 9th Oct  O2 Academy2, Birmingham 0844 477 2000
Thu 10th Oct  O2 Academy2, Sheffield   0844 477 2000
Fri 11th Oct The Garage, Glasgow  0844 844 4747
Sat 12th Oct The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham   0845 413 4444
Mon 14th Oct  O2 Academy, Newcastle   0844 477 2000
Tue 15th Oct  Club Academy, Manchester   0161 832 1111
Thu 17th Oct  O2 Islington Academy, London   0844 477 2000
Fri 18th Oct  Old Fire Station, Bournemouth   0844 477 2000

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Them Crooked Vultures formed in 2009 and recorded their debut album in Los Angeles, Ca. They are an incredible line-up with John Paul Jones ( Led Zeppelin),  Dave Grohl (Nirvana and Foo Fighters), and Josh Homme (Queens of The Stone Age and Kyuss).  During live performances Alain Johannes joins them.
Dave Grohl – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Josh Homme – lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, slide guitar
John Paul Jones – bass guitar, keyboards, clavinet, piano, keytar, lap steel guitar, slide bass guitar, mandolin, violin, backing vocals
Alain Johannes – rhythm and lead guitar, slide guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
The Album got a great review from Chicago Tribune's Greg Kot saying  "Nasty riffs and sticky melodies are everywhere". He also praised multi-instrumentalist John Paul Jones, saying his "mastery of texture, whether on funky Clavinet for 'Scumbag Blues,' classical piano on 'Spinning in Daffodils' or slide guitar for 'Reptiles,' is the band's secret weapon"  I couldn't have said it better myself!  This album is heavy and full of unique thundering riffs, sounds, and beats that all three members contribute to each track. 
Here is a video performance of Them Cooked Vultures at BBC Radio:
There hasn't been a second album yet, but the rumor is, they want to get together and start putting some fresh material together.  In December 2012, when asked about the band's future, Dave Grohl assured that Them Crooked Vultures would fly again, stating, "We’ve talked about it, I know that someday we’ll get back together and do stuff, because we love playing with each other." 


auction of rock and pop memorabilia (including Elton John's boots!) on eBay to raise funds for Amnesty International

 "Basic human rights are being violated the world over on the basis of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Amnesty International do an amazing job in bringing the world's attention to this abuse." Elton John

Elton John's pair of platform boots are part of an auction of rock and pop memorabilia on eBay to help raise funds for the human rights work of Amnesty International.
The black leather, knee-high, 6in (15cm) platform-soled boots - signed "With love, Elton John x" - and decorated with a giant gold piano motif around the platform are part of a collection of items donated to the charity by musicians in recent years.  

They are being offered along with a signed photo of the star, as well as two free tickets to see him headline the Bestival festival on the Isle of Wight on September 8.

Boot Bidders  may go HERE   to bid on
                                             Elton's Boots... a  UK size 8 incase you were wondering! 

Other items in the auction include a signed platinum album of Coldplay's A Rush Of Blood To The Head, signed by all four members of the band,

Also up for auction is  a drum-skin signed by members of Genesis. The drumskin is signed by - Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Nir Z, Ray Wilson & Anthony Drennan and also has the dedication “Best wishes from Genesis”. This was the Genesis touring line-up in 1997 when the skin was signed and  donated to Amnesty International. - Bid HERE

Bids close on September 1 and all the money raised will go directly to Amnesty's human rights work.

To find out what else is is being auctioned  go to Amnesty's  website HERE

100% -  of the final sale price will support Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust




Marilyn Michaels   @RadioGirlProds

Friday 23 August 2013

Spotlight: Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie! Musical Soundtrack Album (2013 Ode Sounds & Visuals) Review

Spotlight: Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie! 
Musical Soundtrack Album (2013 Ode Sounds & Visuals)

We'll resume with the regularly scheduled program already in progress...
Oh ho, oh ho, oh ho ho ho
It’s Cheech & Chong time
Oh ho, oh ho, oh ho ho ho
It’s Cheech & Chong time    

Instructions: Repeat chorus and dance around like a fool. More fun in your underwear if listening to within the confines of ones own home.
Some of the coolest dudes to ever walk the planet man, are back; Cheech& Chong. And somehow they miraculously after decades of threatening to, found themselves in a recording studio with Lou Adler being one of the producers, and made a new album. I’m in shock!!

For a couple decades, fans of Cheech & Chong hoped for a reunion. And then it happened. After that, rumors of new movies, and various other projects including performing in concert again (yours truly seeing them twice in recent years) and television appearances.

So what’s the deal Man?
The official 411 is that this is a part of the new Cheech& Chong’s Animated Movie project. May I please introduce you to, the accompanying musical soundtrack album; Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie !! Musical Soundtrack Album.

Check it out Man. This is where the STUFF is. Includes NINE, count them NINE brand new songs (DON’T FREAK OUT) that are in essence NEW C & C sketches. So here it is mostly stoner folks who are reading this – word for word -- after all this time has gone by…A BRAND NEW CHEECH & CHONG ALBUM. Now YOU can say it; Like WOW Man!!

Not to give everything away, but I will tell you the new material celebrates the old, while making references to today’s twenty-first century world. It’s great hearing the old names / characters mentioned. Just as AWEsome is the guys new material. Put it all together and it’s an incredibly funny listening experience that begs for the repeat button to be hit once the disc stops playing.

Rating: Using the one to five bong rating system, Uncle G rates Cheech & Chong's NEW comedy record; Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie !! Musical Soundtrack Album, FIVE BONGS MAN !! Uncle G's TOTALLY blow away. The whole production is tight…job well done to ALL involved. It's what you expect from Cheech & Chong, and that’s including having HIGH expectations for like FOREVER Man.
Gary Brown - American Correspondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU


Photo Iconphoto.CH


It takes a legend to bring a myth back to life. A unique treat for music fans worldwide, Steve Hackett’s critically acclaimed live production ‘Genesis Revisited’ has so far triumphed in Europe, Japan and North America alike and is still going strong; on May 10th it celebrated its success at a sold out London’s Hammersmith Apollo with an ecstatic audience. Genesis Revisited – Live at Hammersmith - a unique performance with guests including Nik Kershaw, John Wetton, Jakko Jakszyk and Steve Rothery - will be released on October 21st.   The 3CD+2DVD (with 5.1) box set, coincides with the return of Hackett’s Genesis Revisited Tour to the UK for a second round due to popular demand.

The pioneering guitarist comments:  "The 5.1 DVD with stereo CD out on 21st October including the whole show from Hammersmith Apollo is a feast for all the senses. I was blown away by the fantastic response to those May UK gigs. The autumn Genesis Revisited shows will include different Genesis material to before as well as all the big faves that bring the house down...See you all soon!"

Details of the DVD/CD set as follows:

Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited: Live At Hammersmith
Release date: 21st October 2013
Catalogue Number: 050664

Format: 3CD+2DVD Box set in slipcase


1.       Watcher of the Skies
2.       The Chamber of 32 Doors
3.       Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
4.       Fly on a Windshield
5.       Broadway Melody of 1974
6.       The Lamia
7.       The Musical Box
8.       Shadow of the Hierophant
9.       Blood on the Rooftops


1.       Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers
2.       In That Quiet Earth
3.       Afterglow
4.       I Know What I Like
5.       Dance on a Volcano
6.       Entangled
7.       Eleventh Earl of Mar
8.       Supper’s Ready

1.       Firth of Fifth
2.       Los Endos

DVD1 – Full live show
DVD2 – Behind the scenes featurette

The upcoming UK Tour includes a nearly sold out performance at the legendary Royal Albert Hall on October 24th. Taking the stage with Steve Hackett is an exceptional team of top class musicians, including Roger King (Gary Moore, Snoop Doggie Dog, Jamelia) on keyboards, Gary O’Toole (Kylie Minogue, Chrissie Hynde) on drums, percussions and vocals, Rob Townsend (Eddie Henderson, Bill Bruford, Django Bates) on sax, flute and percussions, Lee Pomeroy (Take That, Rick Wakeman) on bass and Nad Sylvan (Abbas’s Michael B Tretow) on vocals.

Full dates below:


Tue 22nd BIRMINGHAM      Symphony Hall          0121 345 0603
Wed 23rd BRISTOL             Colston Hall           0117 922 3686
Thu 24th   LONDON**          Royal Albert Hall        020 7589 8212
Sat 26th  MANCHESTER  02 Apollo                      08444 777 677
Sun 27th   NEWCASTLE    City Hall                       0191 277 8030
Tue 29th   LIVERPOOL       Philharmonic             0151 709 3789
Wed 30th SHEFFIELD        City Hall                       0114 2789 789


Fri 1st        CAMBRIDGE*** Corn Exchange          01223 357 851

Tickets are £26.50, £24.50 for all venues – except Aylesbury £30 £37.50 & £40; Cambridge £26.50; London Hammersmith £27.50 and Royal Albert Hall £32.50 to £45.  Tickets available through 24hr Ticket Hotline: 0844 338 0000 

Online: Bookings Agency & credit card bookings are subject to booking fee.  All venues are seated. Showtime will be 7.30pm.  

VIP Ad-on upgrade packages are available for all UK and some USA shows.   
For full information go to:

Hackett made its mark on prog rock in the Seventies with his astounding, innovative work as Genesis’ lead guitarist, before embarking in a fulfilling solo career in 1977. In 1996 he released ‘Genesis Revisited’ – followed by ‘Genesis Revisited II in 2012 – where he reinterpreted Genesis classics from Golden Era (1971-77), keeping the original spirit of the songs intact while giving them a new edge, with the help of an impressive plethora of special guests. Steve Hackett is the first ex member to revive that particular segment of the band’s seminal career; the ‘Genesis Revisited’ Tour, Steve’s most ambitious production so far, sold out its first batch of dates in the UK last May.



The Sunflower Superjam 2012 DVD pre sale Aug. 20, 2013


The Sunflower SUPERJAM 2012 was a unique event that brought together some of rock music’s true legends at The Royal Albert Hall making the iconic venue rock like never before. Now, for the first time, The Sunflower Jam charity is raising money by producing an exceptional DVD of this once-in-a-lifetime event. Watch Alice Cooper, Bruce Dickinson, Brian May, Ian Paice, John Paul Jones, Mark King, Alfie Boe and a host of other amazing musicians ‘jam’ on one of the most famous stages in the world.
Plus, also included is a bonus DVD with highlights from The Sunflower SUPERJAM 2011, including the last ever, live performance from the legendary Jon Lord. The DVD will be released exactly a year on, on September 16th 2013 but it will be available for preorder from Tuesday 20th August 2013 at 1.00pm via
 The DVD will be released exactly a year on, on September 16th 2013 but it will be available for preorder from Tuesday 20th August 2013 at 1.00pm via                 
The Sunflower Jam is a charity founded by Jacky Paice, wife of Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice. The charity passionately supports the research and application of holistic and nontoxic treatments for children and young adults suffering from cancer.
Official Superjam Pomo Video:
 John Paul Jones Official Website:


Thursday 22 August 2013

John Lees’ BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: New Album “North” Released in October and UK Tour In November


The new studio album by John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest, “North” is released on October 7th 2013 on the Esoteric Antenna label, (part of the Cherry Red Records Group).  The album will be backed by a full UK tour in November. “North” is the band’s first all new studio recording since “Nexus” (released in 1999). Featuring John Lees (vocals, guitars), Craig Fletcher (vocals, bass), Jez Smith (keyboards, vocals) and Kevin Whitehead (drums, percussion), the record is very much a group effort, in the tradition of classic BJH, with every track being written specifically for the album by all four members of the band.

Released Monday 7th October 2013

1.     If You Were Here Now
2.     Ancient Waves
3.     In Wonderland
4.     On Leave
5.     The Real Deal
6.     On Top of the World
7.     Unreservedly Yours
8.     North
9.     The End of the Day


The album draws on the fine musical heritage of Barclay James Harvest whilst bringing the BJH legacy up to date with expansive compositions and thoughtful lyrics. Featuring several epic compositions such as “On Leave”, the album also includes the recent digital single “Unreservedly Yours” and “Ancient Waves”, a song inspired by the Iraq conflict, performed live in more recent times. The band’s Northern roots are explored both musically and lyrically on the album’s lengthy title track and the emotive finale, “The End of the Day”, featuring music set to a poem by early 20th Century Northern poet Ammon Wrigley.

“North” continues the Barclay James Harvest story and is the strongest work to emerge from the band in many years, a true group effort by John Lees, Craig Fletcher, Jez Smith and Kevin Whitehead. The album will be released as a standard single CD edition and a deluxe limited edition 2CD digi-pack release which includes a previously unreleased bonus CD featuring highlights of the band’s sold out concert at Buxton Opera House in February 2011, featuring classic Barclay James Harvest material. “North” is also available as a limited edition gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP.

The UK tour in November 2013 will see them joined by special guests GORDON GILTRAP and OLIVER WAKEMAN on every show with the exception of Edinburgh (where they are joined by opening special guest ANNE-MARIE HELDER of Panic Room / Mostly Autumn).

John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest 2013 UK tour dates:


7th        Bath – Komedia                                £23.50                 
8th        London - Islington Assembly          £24.50                 
9th        Milton Keynes – Stables                 £23.50                 
10th      Bilston - The Robin                 adv £22 door £24.50  
15th      Edinburgh - Liquid Rooms             £21.50                 
16th   Holmfirth – Picturedrome         adv £20 door £22        
21st      Cambridge – The Junction          £23.50                     
22nd     Southampton -The Brook            £25.00                     
23rd      Tavistock – The Wharf                 £22.00                     

Tickets are all subject to booking fee and are also available from

Special guests on all UK dates (except Edinburgh) GORDON GILTRAP & OLIVER WAKEMAN

Special guest in Edinburgh ANNE-MARIE HELDER