Thursday 15 August 2013


   D&R THEATER ~ AUGUST 12, 2013

 We walked into the D&R Theater in Aberdeen, Washington and it wasn't your typical concert venue, as a matter of fact, it is a historical cinema theater that has recently been renovated as an event venue.  My excitement grew at that moment, when I realized this was going to be a smaller, more intimate concert.  The movie screen was down and showing were the upcoming live music shows, but behind the screen, a two foot gap at the bottom revealed a stage set up.  We were ten rows back from the stage in the middle section.  I knew this was going to be good.  Then came that moment when the lights go out, just the blue lights shooting up from the stage floor, "My Generation" from The Who coming from the theater speakers and you know at any time the band is going to make their entrance.  The spotlights came on and Whitesnake ran on to the stage, the noise from the crowd was deafening as David Coverdale took a moment to look around at the audience smiling and pointing directly at people, letting us know that he loves his fans. 

Whitesnake went right into the first three songs, "Give Me All Your Love", "Ready an' Willing", and "Love Ain't No Stranger".  The things David can do with the mic stand, stroking it, bouncing it off of his pelvis, and using it as a big steel rod, if you know what I mean.  He sang to us in a hot, raspy, powerful, "baby get over here and let me tell you what I want" voice.  It was incredible to hear him sing live.  David took a moment to invite everyone to the front of the stage saying, "What is this no mans land?"  Security started motioning everyone back to their seats and David then said, "This is America, you can do whatever the f*ck you want to, I know this because I'm America too".  
Everyone took David up on his invitation and now I was standing right beneath the stage, Doug Aldrich's sweat dripping on me.  Security didn't fight it, they were really cool and let us enjoy the show.
The band is an incredible line-up of talent!
David Coverdale ~ lead vocals (Deep Purple, Coverdale/Page)
Tommy Aldridge ~ drums, percussion (Black Oak Arkansas, Pat Travers Band, Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, and Ozzy Osbourne)
Doug Aldrich ~ guitar, backing vocals (Burning Rain, Dio, Lion, Hurricane, House of Lords, and Bad Moon Rising)
Reb Beach ~  guitar, backing vocals (Winger)

Michael Devin ~ bass, backing vocals (Lynch Mob)

Brian Ruedy ~  keyboards, backing vocals (worked in a succession of bands through the years, including Brett Michaels of Poison and Brian "Head" Welch of Korn).

Half way through the show, each member had a their own solo, showing off their amazing skills.  Doug Aldrich performed a powerful guitar solo with emotive bends and driving chords showing his incredible talent for unique sounds. Reb Beach performed a soaring, melodic solo with Brian Ruedy joining him, giving us this excellent harmonious sound.  Michael Devin came out with his harp cradled in his hands and his bass strapped around his shoulder.  First he gave us some bluesy harmonica and then thundered us with his phenomenal bass solo.  Last, it was Tommy Aldridge's turn.  Tommy began rhythmically blasting out beats, hard and heavy into the audience sending us into quiet amazement.  Then Tommy stood up, pitched his sticks into the crowd, everyone gave a collective YEAH, and finished the solo using only his fists and palms,  He gave a spectacular performance that left many, like myself slack-jawed!

Not once did David Coverdale stop showing his love and appreciation for the fans.  He appeared to try and make eye contact with everyone, smiling, pointing and covering his heart with his hand.  He reached into the audience several times to touch his adoring fans outstretched hands.  The band gave us a superb performance making it one of the best concerts I've been to so far this year.  I will end this review with a quote from David Coverdale, "Be safe, be happy, and never let anybody make you afraid!"

All photos/content by:

Jill Maciel
West Coast Correspondent for CRRdotEU

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  1. Very Nice Review!!! Thank You!!! My ALL Time Favorite Band Ever!!! Saw them on July 20th. in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin. I can relate to what You wrote!!! Up close & Personal with ALL the members!!! David is a True Gentleman!!! Engaging the "Snake Choir" @ Every Turn!!! CHEERS!!! & 1,000 Thanks!!! Jay M. :)