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"All Or Nothing" 
Extension Of  London Run Of The 'Mod Musical'

Due to phenomenal public demand, ‘All Or Nothing’, the Mod Musical, is extending its run at The Vaults Theatre, London.  The show, which opens on 31st March will now run for an extra three weeks, closing on 21 May 2016.  Tickets for all shows are on sale now.  The show was written by Carol Harrison, an award-winning actress well known for her years of theatre and TV work, and who has also been writing for the last 20 years.  ‘All Or Nothing’ is directed by BAFTA winner Tony McHale known, of course, for his body of work as a television writer and now in film. 

Carol Harrison said of the extension, “I am thrilled by the reception that ‘All Or Nothing’ has found.  We offer a great night out, a fully live band and of course a moving story.  This show has been my life for the last couple of years and it means so much to me personally to have had such strong backing from the theatre-going public”.

Producer Charles Ledigo added, “We always believed that ‘All Or Nothing’was a special show and that we would find an audience.  We have been delighted that this has proved to be such a hot ticket and, of course, to be extending by the full three weeks available”.

 ‘All Or Nothing’ tells the exciting, poignant, and bittersweet tale of Kenney Jones, Ian McLagan, Ronnie Lane and Steve Marriott; four charismatic young kids with humour, attitude, passion and above all talent.  The Small Faces were rocketed them into the ‘big time’ only to discover the path to fantastic success is heaving with exploitation, corruption, betrayal and ultimately tragedy.

Telling this rollercoaster story of The Small Faces‘All Or Nothing’ features a band which plays the whole show live, and lives and breathes the music, including Chris Simmons [The Bill] as Steve Marriott.  The show truly celebrates the unique sound of the iconic Mod band.  The show is of course packed full if some of those timeless hits, including the brilliant ’Whatcha Gonna Do About It,’ ‘All or nothing,’ Tin Soldier’,’ Lazy Sunday,’ ‘Here Comes the Nice’ and ‘Itchycoo Park’.

The band’s rollercoaster journey in the music business was as vivid and colourful as their music. They created an electrifying raw sound, and an arsenal of classic hit records. It is this incendiary musical muscle and instrumental virtuosity that makes their appeal timeless. The show has already been performed to wildly appreciative audiences, with previous events featuring the likes of PP ArnoldMollie Marriott, Chris Farlowe and Danny Dyer who said, “‘All Or Nothing’ has got it all; Drama, pathos, humour and style. Not to mention brilliant music!”

The show is sponsored by Ben Sherman, and is endorsed and supported by many of those who feature in its story.  There is also an on-site Snap Gallery exhibition, ‘Small Or Nothing’, featuring great images of the band, and avintage market. So if you are look for some rare posters or vinyl or a fabulous mod outfit this is the place to go.

O.D.D. - Disorder in Georgia

   Your first impressions of bands (and people) are very important O.D.D. look like they just parked a bunch of Fat Boy Harley's out in the parking lot. They wear jeans, boots and T shirts look around so do we . They appear hardcore and badass and if that is the impression you get? Then we are on the same page because they deliver  their rock in that way guaranteed to get the blood pumping  tight, heavy and loud, hell they have more talent than a whole series of TV shows. They are not pasteurised, manufactured,  milk fed, mommy's boys twisted into shape to please panels of ex-celebrities. What we have here is a group of musicians who breathe rock like normal people breathe air, they play for people who want songs that don't survive by repeating 'baby' twenty times in a row but have heart, meaning and above all a stomping rhythm.
  We got to hear their new EP through some of  the stages of  mixing (why I love this job) you could have pretty much pressed it on the first mix with so little to do, credit is that they managed to add depth without  losing the crisp fresh feel and what you have is a dammed impressive  disc, one you really need to hear ideally through a massive set of speakers ...... but if you are using headphones
**Warning- turning your device to eleventy stoopid may damage your ears**
Click here to rock !

     I had the opportunity to ask the band a few questions about their background and how they were getting on with the album,  I reckon it is only a matter time before we see them on the big festival stages.

DW--  O.D.D. is pretty well known around Atlanta how long have you been performing together as band ?

ODD- We have been playing out live for about 2 years now. Initially just in the Atlanta area, but we are starting to branch out and get shows in other cities around the Southeast, which we are very excited about. Our lead vocalist / lead guitarist David “HDS” Smith started the project by recruiting Gunny on bass. We worked with a couple of drummers before finally drawing in Ken “The Muffer” Reaves, who moved to ATL from Birmingham after a few months of initial rehearsals.

DW -I've been following your work with interest seeing quite a few video clips, am I right thinking you are heavily into Led Zeppelin?

ODD- Absolutely! Led Zeppelin is a huge influence on just about everything we do. There isn’t much that can be said about Led Zeppelin that hasn’t already been established for decades! Other major influences for us as individuals and as a band are Rush, Kiss, Iron Maiden as well as bands like Kings X, Pantera and Anthrax.

DW- I did hear you were performing in a rock band competition I understand it went very well for you?

ODD- We sure did and it went very well on many levels. We ultimately did not “win” the competition but it was great to play at the historic Masquerade twice during the competition before it is no longer there. We advanced to the finals and got a lot of great crowd response and positive feedback from the event organizers. Besides our O.D.D. fans there, we definitely acquired a bunch of new ones.


DW.-Word has evidently been getting around with the bookings to open for Gilbey Clarke, Saving Abel and Skid Row how do you feel about the increased exposure ?

ODD -We couldn’t be happier about getting the opportunity to do opening sets for these high profile, national touring acts. Those are the exact kinds of shows we strive for and love the most and actively pursue more. They are great exposure and put us in front of the type of fans that we believe will really dig what we are doing.

DW- You have a pretty big repertoire of classic rock song covers to call on for your stage shows right from AC/DC to ZZ Top if you were limited to just a five song set who would you open and finish with?

ODD- That’s a tough question to answer. We’d probably start with Led Zeppelin, then onto Rush and finish the set with Frampton’s “Do You Feel Like We Do”. The talk box guitar solo at the end of “Do You Feel” is always an unexpected treat and the crowd loves it every time!

DW- Hearing the early mix of your new recording I'd say it went well definitely in the spirit of go heavy, go hard with some very Black Sabbath like depth particularly "In The Shadows" , how close are you to releasing it as a completed EP ?

ODD- You are spot on with your take on the EP. As far as that particular recording is concerned, no further releases are planned. We sell the EP at shows and have also distributed it to many internet radio stations around the US and abroad.

DW.-What are you recording plans after this EP, have you more material that you have performed and is getting a good audience response that you feel maybe the basis of a full album?

ODD- We are currently in the studio working on the full length album which will include, probably, re recorded versions of all 3 tunes on the EP. We also have several brand new songs that we haven’t even played out live yet and songs that have been a part of our live shows for some time will be on the album. We get really fantastic responses to our original songs everywhere we go and we want to capture that live energy on the album. All of the new material emphasizes heavy grooves and riffs characteristic of early Black Sabbath, yet staying true to the melodic vocal component of O.D.D.

David, Gunny, Ken thank you for taking the time to talk to Classic Rock Radio we'll see you all backstage before you go on before too long!

Monday 28 March 2016

CRR NEW Music Review_Catullus_A Maze In Life

Classic Rock Radio (Dot CO Dot UK)
28 March 2016
ClassicRockRadio.co.uk NEW Music Review
Spotlight: Catullus - A Maze In Life (2016)

By: Gary "Uncle G" Brown
American Correspondent for ClassicRockRadio.co.uk
Twitter @GBrown0816

Catullus is an up and coming electronica / fusion jam band, that I was fortunate enough to catch a show of, last month. In a northeastern Pennsylvania jazz club (River Street Jazz Cafe in Plains, PA., USA). They opened up for a band I been really into the last couple years called, Consider The Source. Opportunity came to see them do a live performance, and I jumped. Wasn't disappointed either. And in the process I became aware of Catullus, who started the show that night. 

The club was packed with twenty / thirty year olds. Odds are I was one of the oldest there. Not a bad thing from where I sat. Everyone within eyeshot appeared to be grooving to the sounds the five man group Catullus emitted. While there I was given the band's debut CD; Catullus - A Maze In Life. Having manners, I said; "thanks." Being given product happens rather frequently. It's appreciated because I need subjects to write about. Used my standard line; "will listen, and should I feel inspired, might try writing a few words about it in the near future." Flip side of saying this would be that the vibe just wasn't there for me, and it ends up I can't write a damn good about what I heard." My job isn't to hate on shit. Yet, I have to be real. I have a formula I follow when it comes to my writing. The most important thing that has to happen, is I got to feel inspired. No spark … time to move on. In the case of Catullus, it's hard not to dig them. Especially after seeing the group do some of the eight tracks that help launch this, their first studio project, onto the professional music scene. 

Uncle G Reviews … Catullus: A Maze In Life (2016)

Starts off with an almost seven instrumental called; Eric Lindros'd. An upbeat keyboard driven song. Reminds me some of the nineties band, Apollo 440. The tunes a mix of rock / jazz. Very tight! Again, is keyboard heavy! Leading the charge, keyboardist; Justin "Carl" Minnick. This dude can play! Is brilliant all over this record.

Track two is the title number, A Maze In Life. More a jazzy number. At least in parts. Contains singing. I believe the whole band helps with vocals, except for the drummer. Too busy banging on things I reckon. Does a good job at it also. The name of the man behind the kit; Michael "Spawn" Fazekas. That's how it reads on the official Catullus Facebook page. And along with Chris "Lenny" Bailey on bass, the two seem to handle whatever style music is being played. A very flexible rhythm section. As is in any band, makes for a solid group foundation. But wait! This gets better. I love bands that have in their personal, a full time percussionist. And this band does; Anthony "Dino" Zinno. His sound adds a cool layer, to an already mostly upbeat, and from what I witnessed first hand, danceable sound.

Next it will sound like I'm tripping. Song number three on 'A Maze In Life' is possibly my favorite, and it's in a reggae vein. Yet it changes over to some of the coolest modern prog I heard in a while. Real get up and go type stuff. The bands tight. The ladies in the crowd can't not move their hips. Same with most dudes. As a writer it's my duty to sit in the corner and get drunk. Too old for just about anything else. The songs called; Electric Lemonade, and before you know it's back to Bob Marley land. Longest song on the CD, coming in at a little over eight minutes. Nice job fellas!

So you like the electric guitar do you? Next comes another tune the ladies can wiggle their middle parts too; Jelly Bender. A standout song for guitarist, Andrew "Bert" Meehan. Seems comfortable in whatever musical flovor the rest of the gang is participating in. Could be heard singing in this number also. Jelly Bender to me is a mix of something you'd hear in dance clubs to what one would expect at a prog-rock concert. Throughtout this debut album, the band displays an awareness of jelling together. The jams (instrumental moments) are well written, and executed. The vocals are presented well, and when needed. Consistent behaviour when it comes to the human voice, from the first track to the last. Those who know me, are aware of my love for instrumental music. Especially one that's upbeat. I can handle it here. Sevevty five / twenty five in my favor.

The closing number, 'Shugaboof' an instrumental with a serious jazz / rock vibe to it. Infectious keyboards! This is the shit! As the same with any of the other songs on here, it's worth many repeat plays, be it at the club, or home in the bedroom.

Uncle G Rates … Catullus - A Maze In Life (2016)

Using a one to five star rating system, whereas one star means hopefully someone besides their family is buying their music, to five stars which means it's cool to stave and not buy food for a day, just so you can claim ownership of such a terrific record, Uncle G gives Catullus - A Maze In Life … 5 stars!

This band is going to spoil it for every other band I hear that says they are from the PA area. They are going to have to be extra good, just to even get my attention. Am glad to be able to get on the Catullus bandwagon early. Am interested in what their five year plan is. Main reason, because I expect plenty of good music out of them. I'm very impressed! Full speed ahead guys. For the road ahead shows much promise.

Catullus Members:

Andrew "Bert" Meehan - Guitar
Chris "Lenny" Bailey - Bass
Justin "Carl" Minnick - Keys/Synths
Michael "Spawn" Fazekas - Drums
Anthony "Dino" Zinno - Aux. Percussions

                               Catullus - Electric Lemonade (live)

                         Social Media (follow links to help support / purchase product)


Twitter @CatullusBand

Shout Out: I enjoy the overall sound of the disc. Credit(s): Recorded at Red Planet Studios, Clifton Heights, PA. / Engineer - Joe Smiley / Mixed and Mastered by Paul Hammond at The Spot at O.C.I. Good job y'all !

Thursday 24 March 2016

O.D.D recently opened up  John Corabi of Motley Crue in Atlanta.  And are playing with Saving Abel soon then opening up for Skid Row in May and Saving Abel in March March of 2016
"It would come as no surprise that Atlanta, GA based rock act O.D.D. is a no frills, in your face act providing an arena-like experience to audiences everywhere. Influences like Kiss, Black Sabbath, Rush and Led Zeppelin are glaringly obvious when this trio breaks into songs from their debut self-titled EP. Power metal meets groove metal splashed with some good ol' rock n roll characterize O.D.D. Melodic vocals paired with heavy guitar riffs, pulsating bass and thunderous drums complete the experience referred to as a "Ride on a rocket propelled rollercoaster". See what it's all about for yourself!"

Performing the greatest classic rock hits, O.D.D. takes you on a journey from commercial rock to psychedelic rock to hard rock encapsulating your favorite vocal harmonies with a slightly modern twist to pulsating instrumentation. This set is sure to get you out of your seat, whether singing along or clutching your fists in the air, you're in for a high energy trip down the memory lane of classic rock
“Not many bands grab me on the first listen ODD did “!! Love this Band – Brad Mercer

Monday 21 March 2016


In 1986, Sweden’s biggest Hard Rock act EUROPE released their milestone album The Final Countdown.  The album went on to worldwide success and continues to be a mainstay in playlists all over the world.  2016 sees this iconic album turn 30 years old. 
To celebrate that special anniversary, the band will be staging a series of very special concerts.  For the first time ever, these shows will feature The Final Countdown album played in it’s entirety.   The band will also be performing hits spanning their musical career.  Joey Tempest explains, “With a catalog of songs as big as ours, it is hard to devote so much of the set list to one album.  But this anniversary is special and we want to give the fans what they have asked for. The whole band is proud and excited to play the whole album from start to finish, especially as this, our third album, made it possible for us to fulfil our dream to become an international touring band. To make it extra special we will try and play songs from War Of Kings and other albums we haven't played before and at the same time we want to design a show that will be majestic and memorable for all of us. Hope to see you all at these special dates!
Whilst always venturing forward, Europe have had a great couple of years.  Last year they won a prestigious Classic Rock Award at London’s Roundhouse and a people’s choice award in Sweden called Rockbjornen and have been touring in support of their critically acclaimed 2015 release, War Of Kings produced by Grammy winner Dave Cobb (Rival Sons).
Just before these special Final Countdown shows, the band will head back into the studio to record a follow up to War of Kings with an eye to a release date in April 2017.  The album, as yet untitled, will have an extensive tour schedule to support the release, endeavoring to take in territories not visited in some time. Joey Tempest We will release our 11th studio album in 2017 and are enjoying a successful second part of our career since we started up again in 2004. Five new albums, three live DVD's and countless shows and we're still feeling adventurous and creative. No doubt we have the best job in the world and our fans, old and new, are carrying us through it all”.
Europe will be touring Europe through November 2016 for The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show. The London show is as follows
Saturday the 12th November 2016            UK – London, Roundhouse
Tickets are available from

 www.livenation.co.uk www.ticketmaster.co.uk 
or local box offices. Support TBC
In addition to the Final Countdown Anniversary tour dates, the UDR label are releasing a very special limited edition 12” 3 track ‘sparkle blue’ Colored Vinyl EP featuring a new 2016 recording of The Final Countdown.The record is exclusive to the stores that are participating in the annual Record Store Day (April 16th) and only in UK, Europe & Australia. For more details visit

For fans in the US and other territories, there will be a VERY LIMITED number available on a first come first served basis from the UDR webstore from early May. Details to follow soon.

A digital download version of The Final Countdown 2016 will be available via Itunes on April 29th.

Important Websites 

Friday 18 March 2016

Uncle G's FUN Movie Reviews_Bone Tomahawk

Classic Rock Radio (Dot CO Dot UK)
18 March 2016
Uncle G's FUN Movie Reviews
Spotlight: Bone Tomahawk (2015)

So I'm on Netflix searching for something to catch my eye when suddenly I come across a new horror / western called; Bone Tomahawk. Released only months ago, it stars Kurt Russell, who I have been watching in movies for decades now. In one of my favorite John Carpenter movies, Kurt played the role of Snake Plissken. An absolute bad ass! Bone Tomahawk also has Matthew Fox in it. An actor known for his role of Jack Shephard in the 2004 to 2010 TV series; Lost. I viewed every episode. Also found in Bone Tomahawk, minor roles by Sid Haig, David Arquette (1996 Scream), and actress Sean Young, who I know best for being in the cast of Ridley Scott's 1982's Blade Runner.

'Bone Tomahawk' is set sometime in the late 1800's / early 1900's. Was directed and written by S.Craig Zahler. Original score by the very same S.Craig Zahler that I just mentioned, along with composer / musician Jeff Herriott.

'Bone Tomahawk' was filmed in California, on a movie set just outside Los Angeles, that's been home to several westerns in the past. Shot back in October / November of 2014. Not BIG Hollywood. Stars long time actor, Kurt Russell. An indie film with absolutely no CGI whatsoever. All done 'old school'. Kurt's starting role, that of the small town of Bright Hope's sheriff, Franklin Hunt. Also starring alongside Kurt, Richard Jenkins as Backup Deputy,

Our story starts with two male low life drifters, who go to a place they should have never had. Shit goes seriously bad, and before you know it, the good townspeople of Bright Hope is involved. I dare say what follows to be the worst thing these people have ever heard about, and or witnessed. This is where the western, turns into a horror story. Along the lines of Wes Craven's cult classic, The Hills Have Eyes (1977). From this point on, we get some real disturbing scenes. Takes time. One of the worse things I have to say about this little over two hour indie movie. Even while appreciating the extra detail, at times the picture lagged. Saying that, this is still a very well made B-film. One that as a matter of fact, should be celebrated, and given awards too. Refreshing, and thank God it's not another zombie film. Haven't we had ENOUGH of them lately? What can I say? Shit's getting old. Which makes Bone Tomahawk, a breath of fresh air. Check it out. GREAT cast! Intelligent writing! Visually believable! And believe the troglodyte clan to be either good or not, they truly are frightening. That's saying it lightly. For what's said about them at the saloon earlier in the film, is unfortunately true. These are; "cannibalistic savages." I can think of one scene where I may suggest having a barf bag nearby. You been warned!

Uncle G Rates … Bone Tomahawk

Using the IMDb website ten star rating system, whereas one star means it should be skipped, to ten stars which means it should not be missed, and is superior among the rest, I (Uncle G) give S.Craig Zahler's Bone Tomahawk … a solid 9 stars! Again, dragged a bit here and there. Might have been a bit tighter if just under two hours? Worthy, and I believe story wise, all set up for a sequel. 

                                                 Official Trailor - Bone Tomahawk

Gary "Uncle G" Brown
American Correspondent for ClassicRockRadio.co.uk
Twitter @GBrown0816

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Lita Ford, the platinum selling, Grammy nominated ‘queen of hard rock’, has delved deep into the vaults to release ‘Time Capsule’, a very special collection of previously unheard recordings, as a Digipak CD and as a blue vinyl LP (with CD in a paper sleeve), on Steamhammer / SPV, on April 15th

Lita, who recently accepted Guitar Player’s Lifetime Achievement Award, is set to publish her soul baring autobiography, ‘Living Like A Runaway: Lita Ford, A Memoir’, documenting her journey from all girl band The Runaways to major solo successes, on February 23rd. ‘Time Capsule’, containing a host of ‘lost’ recordings from the late 1980’s, is being offered as an audio complement to the book.

In these ‘lost’ recordings, you hear what happens when insanely talented musicians get drunk, hang out, end up in a room together with a ‘Screw it, let's play’ mentality, jamming without any planning or pressure. Explaining how the songs were captured, Lita recalls; “We had a break between recordings and it seemed so many us were always in the same place, at the same time. George Tutko was one hell of an engineer, coming off the platinum-selling ‘Lita’ album. He asked me, “Who will produce?”; I replied “I will”, because I knew George had my back and I wasn't alone on this.”

Participation happened spontaneously. She remembers how one recruitment went down, saying, “Dave Navarro walks by. We grab him and tell him, ‘Play something on this song. Here, play this mandolin!’ And boom! He does it.” She continues, “These recordings have attitude. All of these rock stars were recording in the local studios. There's also Cheap Trick — the identifiable voices of Rick Nielsen and Robin Zander singing backing vocals. Gene Simmons played on and co-wrote 'Rotten to the Core.' W.A.S.P. Chris Holmes is in the introduction to the album and is the first thing you hear, stomping around looking for the keys to his ‘Ford.’ Billy Sheehan was one of my best friends, and I asked him what he was doing. I said, ‘Want to play bass?’ We didn't know how long itwould take; we were simply having fun.”

The tapes were then filed away and forgotten about until Ford rediscovered them last year. She recollects; “There was a shitload of these 24-track analog tapes in the closet in my house [in the islands]; this is some of the best work I've ever done and it was sitting there. I grabbed two suitcases and took them back to the United States.” After dragging the tapes from the Caribbean to Los Angeles, Lita recalls that “We had to bake these fuckers,” due to their age; “If you just put them on the reel, they would flake. I was chewing my fingernails, thinking, ‘Please work’' And they did!”

‘Time Capsule’, made organically with some of the most badass and gifted musicians from the '80s, perfectly captures the vibe of that fertile and whiskey-soaked pre-grunge period when thrilling vocal performances, raunchy riffs and loud, growling guitars were as essential as oxygen.

Lita Ford Live in 2016


12 Houston,TX - BFE Rock Club
13 Tyler,TX - Rock N´Valentines Festival (with Bret Michaels and Warrant)
14 Fort Worth,TX - The Rail Club
20 Enoch,AB - River Cree Resort (with Vixen and Femme Fatale)
05 Beverly Hills,CA - Saban Theatre (with Ace Frehley)
18 Cleveland,OH - The Odeon Concert Club
19 Toledo,OH - Savage Arena (with Bret Michaels, Warrant, Winger and more)
01 Reading,PA - Reading Eagle Theatre (with Halestorm)
02 Hampton Beach,NH - Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom (with Halestorm)
05 Huntington,WV - Big Sandy Superstore Arena (with Halestorm)
06 Lexington,KY - Singletary Center (with Halestorm)
07 Raleigh,NC - The Ritz (with Halestorm)
09 Biloxi,MS - Hard Rock Live "Biloxi" (with Halestorm)
11 Springfield,MO - Gillioz Theatre (with Halestorm)
12 Tulsa,OK - Club Brandy (with Halestorm)
13 Wichita,KS - Cotillion Ballroom (with Halestorm)
15 Fargo,ND - Fargo Civic Center (with Halestorm)
16 Sioux City,IA - Hard Rock Live "Sioux City" (with Halestorm)
19 Huntsville,AL - Mark C. Smith Concert Hall (with Halestorm)
20 Spartanburg,SC - Spartan Memorial Auditorium (with Halestorm)
21 Johnson City,TN - Freedom Hall Civic Center (with Halestorm)
24 Ladson,SC - 98 Rock Fest (with Breaking Benjamin and Halestorm)


08.-11.06. SE-Sölvesborg - Sweden Rock Festival
13.-14.08.B-Kortijk - Alcatraz Festival
More dates will be added soon
2012 Living Like A Runaway (Studioalbum)
2013 The Bitch Is Back (Livealbum)

Friday 11 March 2016

New Boxed Set The Elektra Years 1978-1987 Features Six Studio Albums With New Digital Remastering Overseen By Ric Ocasek Available On March 11
New Single-Disc Hits Collection Moving In Stereo: The Best Of The Cars     Arrives On May 6
LOS ANGELES – In 1978, the Cars had a Top 40 hit with the band’s very first single, “Just What I Needed.” That streak continued over the next 10 years, as the band revisited the Top 40 a dozen more times with radio hits “Let’s Go” and “Shake It Up” along with iconic videos like “Magic” and “You Might Think,” which won MTV’s first-ever “Video Of The Year” award in 1984.
The five original members – Ric Ocasek, the late Benjamin Orr, Greg Hawkes, Elliot Easton and David Robinson – recorded six studio albums together – all of them with Elektra Records – and have sold more than 23 million albums in the U.S. alone. 
Rhino will release two new collections in the spring to honour The Cars’ vast musical legacy. The first is a boxed set featuring all six of the band’s Elektra studio albums. The second is a single-disc, career-spanning collection curated by The Cars that combines the group’s best songs along with a trio of rare and unreleased alternate versions.
THE ELEKTRA YEARS 1978-1987 includes six studio albums, each one presented in a replica sleeve with original artwork. Ric Ocasek oversaw digital remastering for the set, while drummer David Robinson – who helped create The Cars’ iconic album covers through the years – served as art director. The six-disc collection will be available March 11 on CD and digitally. On Tuesday June 7, a limited edition vinyl version of the boxed set will be available with each 180-gram LP pressed on a different colour vinyl.
The extensive set retraces the band’s musical journey in the studio and includes: The Cars (1978), Candy-O (1979), Panorama (1980), Shake It Up(1981), Heartbeat City, (1984) and Door To Door (1987). Among the 60 tracks are the band’s biggest hits – “My Best Friend’s Girl,” “Good Times Roll,” “You Are The Girl,” and “Drive.”

THE CARS (1978)
1.   “Good Times Roll”
2.   “My Best Friend’s Girl”
3.   “Just What I Needed”
4.   “I’m In Touch With Your World”
5.   “Don’t Cha Stop”
6.   “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight”
7.   “Bye Bye Love”
8.   “Moving In Stereo”
9.   “All Mixed Up”

CANDY-O (1979)
1.   “Let’s Go”
2.   “Since I Held You”
3.   “It’s All I Can Do”
4.   “Double Life”
5.   “Shoo Be Doo”
6.   “Candy-O”
7.   “Night Spots”
8.   “You Can’t Hold On Too Long”
9.   “Lust For Kicks”
10.    “Got A Lot On My Head”
11.    “Dangerous Type”

1.   “Panorama”
2.   “Touch And Go”
3.   “Gimme Some Slack”
4.   “Don’t Tell Me No”
5.   “Getting Through”
6.   “Misfit Kid”
7.   “Down Boys”
8.   “You Wear Those Eyes”
9.   “Running To You”
10.    “Up And Down”

SHAKE IT UP (1981)
1.   “Since You’re Gone”
2.   “Shake It Up”
3.   “I’m Not The One”
4.   “Victim Of Love”
5.   “Cruiser”
6.   “A Dream Away”
7.   “This Could Be Love”
8.   “Think It Over”
9.   “Maybe Baby”

1.   “Hello Again”
2.   “Looking For Love”
3.   “Magic”
4.   “Drive”
5.   “Stranger Eyes”
6.   “You Might Think”
7.   “It’s Not The Night”
8.   “Why Can’t I Have You”
9.   “I Refuse”
10.    “Heartbeat City”

1.   “Leave Or Stay”
2.   “You Are The Girl”
3.   “Double Trouble”
4.   “Fine Line”
5.   “Everything You Say”
6.   “Ta Ta Wayo Wayo”
7.   “Strap Me In”
8.   “Coming Up You”
9.   “Wound Up On You”
10.    “Go Away”
11.    “Door To Doo


MOVING IN STEREO: THE BEST OF THE CARS will be available on May 6 on CD and as a 2-LP set on 180-gram vinyl. The collection is produced by the band, with all surviving members contributing to song selection. Ocasek also supervised digital remastering of all the audio with Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound.
The collection features the band’s big hits along with a rare, single mix for “I’m Not The One,” as well as a live version of “Everything You Say,” and a new mix by producer Philippe Zdar of “Sad Song,” a track from the band’s last album, 2011’s Move Like This.

Track Listing

1.       “Just What I Needed”
2.       “Since You’re Gone”
3.       “Let’s Go”
4.       “You Might Think”
5.       “Shake It Up”
6.       “Drive”
7.       “Tonight She Comes”
8.       “My Best Friend’s Girl”
9.       “Don’t Tell Me No”
10.   “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight”
11.   “I’m Not The One” – Single Mix
12.   “Candy-O”
13.   “Heartbeat City”
14.   “Touch And Go”
15.   “Moving In Stereo”
16.   “Dangerous Type”
17.   “Sad Song” – Zdar Mix*
18.   “Everything You Say” – Live

* previously unreleased