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Spotlight: Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark (The Asylum 2014)

Released yesterday at your local DVD establishment is a terrific modern day monster movie. The same company that recently gave us last years hit, Sharknado, now puts forth; 'Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark'. Another addition in what is now a successful series of films with the words MEGA or MECHA in the title. Same little film company out of Hollywood California that makes those far out original movies that cable's SYFY Channel loves to air. As do other cable channels as well. Another new film recently put out there by
The Asylum, 'Mother', staring Daryl Hannah is making the rounds as well on the Lifetime Channel.

Word on the street is that The Asylum only makes rip off movies. Something similar to whatever new and popular motion picture is playing at the local theaters. Example, do they have something just like Robo Cop coming out soon? Sure they do; Android Cop. I saw the previews. Looks real bass ass !! Looking forward to viewing that one. Fact is The Asylum makes from what I seen, pretty cool popcorn flicks (mostly all of them are that I'm aware of) that sometimes have a somewhat familiar vibe to it. Done in their own unique style. We're taking B-Movie budgets. What drew me in was their sci-fi and disaster films. Yeah...the same stuff they run on the SYFY Channel. A lot of these are just plain fun, and entertaining. Takes my mind off the more serious things in life. Kick back and relax while watching the Earth in peril AGAIN (common plot).

'Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark' is a throw-back in my opinion of the old Godzilla monster films. Has the same vibe to it. It's storyline simple, Mega Shark is loose, dangerous to all mankind, and it needs to get killed. Bring in the military. And from earlier “Mega Shark” movies, Debbie Gibson. All grown up now, for this is a new 2014 direct to DVD / Cable TV project. Her character in this outing concludes the Mega Shark is horny. Their job is to STOP the Mega Shark in it's tracks, but in a way you hoping in the back of your mind, that they don't. After all if Mega Shark finds a mate we can have ten more Mega Shark sequels, and give Gibbon work till she reaches retirement age. Other characters include a brilliant and ballsy interracial couple, and a military superior officer fighting his what ends up his ultimate challenge.

Special effects, and the over all look of this new Mega Shark chapter is better then hoped. Independent film studios just don't have the dollar power of the BIG companies out there in Hollywood nowadays. That's part The Asylum's charm. They make best with what they got. Example, this film was shoot in fifteen days. After seeing it, you'll be amazed by just that fact alone. Nothing looks really cheesy here. The dialogue and storyline are tight. Accept it for what it is; a cool nights entertainment. For just ten dollars, the price I paid at my local Walmart, the family can gather round the wide screen, pop some popcorn, and have a ball watching the two GIANTS battle it out.

Regarding the Mecha Shark itself, filmed so it was made to look like it was really real. Job well done! I also liked Mecha Shark's personality, as well as versatility. Good on land, or underwater.
Rating: Using a one to ten star rating system, Uncle G rates The Asylum's 'Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark'; 10 STARS. It is what it is; a fun exciting Saturday Night B-Film popcorn flick. To all at The Asylum; WELL DONE !!

Gary Brown – U.S. Correspondent for Classic Rock Radio (Dot EU)
Audio Fidelity To Release Classic Alice Cooper Album 'Billion Dollar Babies' On Hybrid SACD On February 4, 2014! of the best rock 'n' roll records of all time!”

Camarillo, CA - Alice Cooper fans worldwide rejoice! Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity is releasing Alice Cooper's classic album 'Billion Dollar Babies' on Hybrid SACD on February 4, 2014! As a bonus, along with the meticulously reproduced artwork, enclosed in every CD is the very collectible replicated 'Billion Dollar Bill'

With 'Billion Dollar Babies'Alice Cooper refined the raw grit of their earlier work in favor of a slightly more polished sound resulting in a mega-hit album that reached the top of the US and UK album charts. It’s impossible to overstate how popular the band had become by the time their sixth album was released. The album, is brilliant, decadent and encapsulated all the celebrity trashiness of the 70's only three years into the decade.

Song for song, 'Billion Dollar Babies' is probably the original Alice Cooper group's finest and strongest. The album's singles “Elected”, “Hello Hooray”,Billion Dollar Babies”,and “No More Mr. Nice Guy” all became hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Also included are a pair of perennial concert standards - the disturbing necrophilia ditty “I Love the Dead” and the chilling macabre of “Sick Things”.

After the album was released, the band embarked on a tour which broke the US box office records previously held by the Rolling Stones. The show climaxed with a guillotine execution of Alice. The album and the tour made the band into the world's preeminent pied pipers of teenage trash culture and the most successful rock band ever to be loathed by American parents.

“Other than the original 'Alice Cooper Band' being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2011, our second biggest achievement was when our album 'Billion Dollar Babies' went to Number #1 in all three music trade magazines at the same time in April of 1973. Number #1 in Billboard, Number #1 in Record World and Number #1 in Cash Box. We had hoped it would sell Gold or Platinum as a follow up to the success of our album 'School’s Out', but a Number #1 album was something that was totally unexpected. Over the years the title track “Billion Dollar Babies” has become my signature song because of the recognizable drum intro.” - Neal Smith, Alice Cooper drummer and founding member

“I remember we were out on the road when the album finally came out in February 1973. I listened to it in my hotel room and just got this really big smile. I was thinking, 'It's amazing, we're really pulling this off'. The album was very, very unique and very, very different. I was really proud of the songs, especially 'No More Mr Nice Guy', 'Billion Dollar Babies' and 'Generation Landslide'.” - Michael Bruce, Alice Cooper guitarist/keyboardist and founding member

1. Hello Hooray 
2. Raped and Freezin'
3. Elected
4. Billion Dollar Babies
5. Unfinished Sweet
6. No More Mr. Nice Guy
7. Generation Landslide
8. Sick Things
9. Mary-Ann
10. I Love the Dead

Produced by Bob Ezrin
by Steve Hoffman at Stephen Marsh Mastering remains one of rock's quintessential classic albums!”

Robert Cray Legendary guitarist and Five Times Grammy Award Winner reunites with producer Steve Jordan for March Release of New Album
"In My Soul"

Legendary guitar musician and singer-songwriter Robert Cray releases “In My Soul” in the UK on March 31, 2014 on the Provogue label. This will be the 17th studio album for the 5x Grammy winner, 15x Grammy nominee and multi-platinum selling artist. The album will be followed by an extensive UK/European Tour that kicks off at The Anvil in Basingstoke, UK on May 2nd, with dates at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival and London Barbican, plus many more.

Produced by American multi-instrumentalist, composer, musical director, Grammy Award-winning artist and long-time Cray friend Steve Jordan (John Mayer, Keith Richards), “In My Soul” captures Cray at his finest with an outstanding 10 song collection of Stax and Chess influenced soul and blues that showcases his trademark guitar playing and his extraordinary vocals. A bonus track “Pillow” is also be included on the limited edition CD.

From the driving original classic Cray “You Move Me”  with its scorching guitar leads, to the melodic 60’s sway of “Fine Yesterday”  featuring Cray’s trademark soul drenched vocals, “In My Soul” draws listeners in very quickly.  Recorded at Santa Barbara Sound and engineered by Niko Bolas, “In My Soul” features the Otis Redding cover “Nobody’s Fault But My Own” that finds Cray trading vocals with drummer Les Falconer and features a punchy horn ensemble and catchy guitar verse.

Long-time band mate Richard Cousins co-wrote the Booker T homage, an instrumental entitled “Hip Tight Onions” as well as the poignant 70’s tinged “Hold On” that talks about relationship perseverance during difficult times. Cries of lost love are told in both “Pillow”, the haunting bonus track co-written by Cray and Jerry Friedman as well as “I Guess I’ll Never Know”  - a funky hard driven tune.

The album also features a version of “Deep In My Soul” a staple in the set list of the great soul and blues singer Bobby Blue Bland as well as a version of the Isaac Hayes / David Porter cover “Your Good Thing (Is About to End)” first recorded by Motown’s Mable John in 1966 and then became a hit single for Lou Rawls in 1969.

Photograph Jeff Katz

Black Star Riders Announce Plans For A Second Album

Ricky Warwick, Scott Gorham, Damon Johnson,
Marco Mendoza, Jimmy DeGrasso

Black Star Riders Announce Plans For Second Studio Album
2013 was a fantastic year for Black Star Riders.  It saw the release of their fan and critically acclaimed debut album, All Hell Breaks Loose.  The album charted well all over the world and the hot single “Bound For Glory” appeared on the tops of many year end best-of lists from outlets all over the world!

The band toured throughout Europe and Scandinavia, bringing their raw edged sound to thousands of fans.  The energy has been intoxicating!  Now it is time for the guys to continue with this momentum and create a follow up album.  Scott Gorham sums it up, “The fan response has been better then we could have hoped.  I haven’t had this much fun in years!”

When it comes to the team behind the soundboard, Black Star Riders decided to change things up this time around.  Taking over the production reins will be Def Leppard front man Joe Elliott.  Adding to the dream team will be long time Leppard sound guru Ronan McHugh.  Ricky Warwick chimes in on the reason Joe was tapped for this album.  “Joe Elliott's passion, enthusiasm for music, as a fan, artist and friend is unquestionable and Ronan McHugh is a phenomenal engineer.  Personally having worked with these guys before, it was a no brainer when they said they would like to produce the new BSR album. We are confident that this will be a huge leap forward in the evolution of BSR.”

Joe Elliott adds, “Having worked with Scott on the Thin Lizzy remixes a few years ago & having produced Ricky’s 1st 2 solo albums, I’m looking forward to taking our musical journey together even further. We’re aiming to make a serious leap forward with the next album & I’m proud to be able to contribute to the next chapter in the BSR story.

Black Star Riders is set to enter the studio in Dublin, Ireland in October 2014 to start recording their follow up release.   Damon Johnson adds “We are all excited about working with Joe, he is like part of the family.  And recording this album in Ireland is a special treat for us.”
The new, as yet untitled, album will be released in the spring of 2015 through Nuclear Blast – the label behind acts such as Anthrax, Nightwish and Meshuggah. Black Star Riders are one of the first bands signed by Monte Conner – the former Roadrunner A&R guru who has signed acts such as Slipknot, Machine Head, Sepultura and Rush. Conner recently joined Nuclear Blast as the president of Nuclear Blast Entertainment, a new U.S. partnership he co-founded with Nuclear Blast owner Markus Staiger.
The band will continue to storm stages all over the world throughout the spring and summer of 2014.  For the latest info on Black Star Riders, check out their website or official Facebook page.

31ST MARCH 2014

Next March UMC/Mercury will release Therapy?’s 1994 tour de force,Troublegum as a superb 3 CD Deluxe Edition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album’s original release. It will be released alongside a deluxe edition reissue of the following year’s Infernal Love.Each Deluxe Edition features expanded artwork with rare and unseen images and are completed by exclusive sleeve notes featuring an interview with Paul Brannigan (Kerrang!, Q, Metallica author).

All of this will coincide with a short run of UK shows by Therapy?, also in celebration of Troublegum’s 20th anniversary. The set on each night will feature Troublegum in its entirety plus a host of other musical treats from around the same era of their recording career, and will include rarely heard B sides, the ShortSharpShock, Face the Strange and Opal Mantra EPs. 

The dates are:

02/04              Bristol The Trinity Centre
03/04              Manchester Academy 2
04/04              Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
05/04              Nottingham Rock City
07/04              Glasgow The Classic Grand
08/04              Norwich Waterfront
09/04              London Scala
11/04              Southampton The Mo’ Club

The tightly wound punk-metal of Troublegum propelled Therapy? into the UK Top 5, sold 750,000 copies worldwide and spawned no less than five Top 40 singles ('Turn', 'Nowhere', Die Laughing', Trigger Inside' and 'Screamager', the lead cut from the 1993's Shortsharpshock EP), landing the band a Mercury Music Prize nomination in the process.

The black-hearted melancholia of 1995's Infernal Love was a radical departure for the trio. Bound together by Belfast-born DJ David Holmes' cinematic soundscapes, the album was a brooding, twisted, heroically unhinged affair.

More recently, Therapy? Have enjoyed success with their 2012 album A Brief Crack of Light, and they have spent the last eighteen months touring mainland Europe, UK, Ireland and beyond. Not content to sit on their laurels they are currently working on a new studio album due for release in late 2014. 

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Tuesday 28 January 2014

Bonafide and Afterlife Hit The Road Across the UK In March

Bonafide and Afterlife Hit The Road Again In March.

UK Tour Dates Announced - 2014
Album: Bombo Out Now

Fresh from releasing their critically acclaimed 4th studio album, “Bombo”, Bonafide have confirmed UK dates for 2014.

Swedish hard rockers BONAFIDE returned in 2013 with a vengeance. "BOMBO", a Pulp Fiction style tale of rock´n´roll debauchery over 10 chapters, saw the band return to the in your face, crotch kicking sound of their first three albums. BOMBO is BONAFIDE´s fourth full length album, and the third to be produced by singer / frontman and main songwriter Pontus Snibb. The first single release from the album; "Harmony", witnessed BONAFIDE bringing down the tempo slightly but still holding true, the Bonafide hooks and shredding skills throughout its production. "Harmony" is a perfect example of Pontus quite eclectic, yet very Blues / R´n´B oriented songwriting and will be sure to be a popular addition to most radio play lists over the course of the year.

Rest assured: "BOMBO" is nothing but total pure n classic BONAFIDE at its very best. All the elements that make BONAFIDE one of the best new hard rock bands on the scene today are here: the energy, the tongue n cheek lyrics, the marvelous guitar playing and the thunderous rhythm section. Get ready for yet another thrust of pure Rock n Roll debauchery as the rebels ride again...
Two of their singles, “Doing The Pretty” and “Fill Your Head With Rock” was among the top tracks in Classic Rock Magazines “Top Tracks OF the Year” in both 2011 and 2012! In 2011 BONAFIDE made their UK debut, and has since done five highly successful UK tours, culminating in a massive performance at last year’s Hard Rock Hell Festival. BONAFIDE toured extensively in 2013 – including as special guests to The Quireboys full UK tour. 

They set out as headliners in early 2014 supported by Scottish rockers Afterlife. Dates are as follows
Fri 14th Mar                      Newport, The Steelhouse
Sat 15th Mar                    The Temple @ HMV Institute, Birmingham
Sun 16th Mar                   Thekla, Bristol
Tue 18th Mar                    London, Barfly support from Afterlife
Wed 19th Mar                   Nottingham, Rescue Rooms support from Afterlife
Thurs 20th Mar                 Marine Hotel, Colwyn Bay
Fri 21st Mar                      Hard Rock Hell AOR 2, Pwhelhi FESTIVAL
Sat 22 Mar                       York, The Duchess support from Afterlife
Sun 23rd Mar                    Grimsby, Yardbirds Rock Club support from Afterlife
Tues 25th Mar                  Corporation, Sheffield
Wed 26 Mar                     Manchester, Club Academy support from Afterlife
Thurs 27th Mar                 Zephr Lounge, Leamington Spa
Fri 28 Mar                        Newcastle, Think Tank support from Afterlife
Sat 29 Mar                     Ballymena, The Diamond Rock Club support from Afterlife
Sun 30 Mar                     Glasgow, Cathouse support from Afterlife
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UK Tour Dates Announced 

Single: “Energy” – OUT NOW
Album: “Omega” – OUT NOW

OMEGA is the debut full length album from Afterlife, available digitally and in physical CD format on the 2nd Dec 2013 via Off Yer Rocka Recordings.
Afterlife are a Hard Rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. Formed in early 2011 the band came together during down time from other projects and the drive to stay musically creative. It wasn’t long before Afterlife became the primary focus for all of the members. In July 2012, Afterlife independently released their debut E.P. ‘ALPHA', which featured six tracks including; 'Afterlife', 'Never Fade' and 'Don't Come Cryin' To Me', all of which received UK and European radio play.
The band have since performed live supporting Swedish Rockers Bonafide, Nashville Pussy, the UK's own Terrorvision and more recently Rock N' Roll royalty Thin Lizzy. Afterlife have also performed at up and coming Scottish festival Les-Fest (2013), the Cambridge Rock Festival (2013) and Hard Rock Hell (2012).
OMEGA was recorded during the summer of 2013 at a secluded studio overlooking Loch Fyne in Scotland and features 11 all new tracks including; ’What Do We Die For’, ‘Way Back Home’ and ‘Lost’. January 2014 will see the release of a single “Energy”, taken from the album and featuring a killer video that can be seen here:
The band have just confirmed a series of UK dates in 2014.

Tour dates details below:
Thu 13 Mar                    Hammerfest
Tue 18 Mar                    London, Barfly Special Guests to Bonafide
Wed 19 Mar                   Nottingham, Rescue Rooms Special Guests to Bonafide
Sat 22 Mar                     York, The Duchess Special Guests to Bonafide
Sun 23 Mar                    Grimsby, Yardbirds Rock Club Special Guests to Bonafide
Wed 26 Mar                   Manchester, Club Academy Special Guests to Bonafide
Fri 28 Mar                      Newcastle, Think Tank? Special Guests to Bonafide
Sat 29 Mar                     Ballymena, The Diamond Rock Club Special Guests to Bonafide
Sun 30 Mar                    Glasgow, Cathouse Special Guests to Bonafide
Tickets available from all usual outlets
Important Websites
Official Website:
Sound Cloud:

Official Video For "Energy" from Afterlife


Monday 27 January 2014

Remastered and Expanded Edition Of Bill Nelson's Highly Collectible 1986 Album 'Getting The Holy Ghost Across' 
Now Available! 

ESOTERIC RECORDINGS imprint Cocteau Discs, the home of BILL NELSON’s catalogue between 1971 and 2001, continues their series of ongoing releases with the newly remastered and expanded release of his 1986 album “GETTING THE HOLY GHOST ACROSS”. Released in 1986, the record was Bill’s sole album for the Portrait label, and was a superbly realized work. Previously released on CD as strictly limited edition of 500 copies on Bill’s Sonolux label, the album is hugely sought after on CD by collectors.

This Cocteau Discs edition is expanded over two CDs to include all the material from the “LIVING FOR THE SPANGLED MOMENT” and the “WILDEST DREAMS” 12-INCH EPs, (featuring three tracks previously unreleased on CD). The reissue fully restores the original album artwork and features a new note by Bill Nelson.

CD 1:
1. Suvasini
2. Contemplation
3. Theology
4. Wildest Dreams
5. Lost in Your Mystery
6. Rise Like a Fountain
7. Age of Reason
8. The Hidden Flame
9. Because of You
10. Pansophia

CD2 (Bonus CD)
1. Wildest Dreams (Wild Mix)

Taken from the “Wildest Dreams” 12-inch EP

2. Heart and Soul
3. Living for the Spangled Moment
4. Feast of Lanterns
5. Illusions of You
6. Word for Word
7. Finks and Stooges of the Spirit
8. Nightbirds

Taken from the “Living for the Spangled Moment” 12-inch EP

9. Self Impersonation
10. Wildest Dreams (single version)
11. The Yo-Yo Dyne

Taken from the “Wildest Dreams” 12-inch EP

To purchase: Bill Nelson – 'Getting The Holy Ghost Across' remastered & expanded edition DBL-CD:

For Further information: 

Bill Nelson official website: 

Dream Theater Return To America's North West for Shows

Dream Theater will be playing two gigs of interest to Classic Rock radio listeners in April in Seattle and Salem. Classic Rock Radio will be reviewing the concert in Seattle on the 14th of April. The two dates are part of a major tour which has taken in Europe and the UK and continues through America. from the end of March to the 20th of April
The band are promoting their latest album the self titled  Dream Theater which was released in September 2013.
Details of the two shows are below:. For details of other dates on the Dream Theater tour please visit the bands website

Monday April 14th 7:30pm(Doors Open 6:30pm)
Marion Oliver McCaw Hall 321 Mercer Street Seattle WA 98109(800-745-3000)
All Ages $35 In Advance. $37.50 Day of Show Tickets available from Ticketmaster
Ticket prices range from $35 $45 and $55 in advanceAll Tickets $2.50 Higher on day of show

Tuesday April 15th 8pm (Doors Open 7pm)
Elsinore Theatre, 170 High Street SE, Salem OR 97301(503-375-3574)
All Ages $35 In Advance $40 Day of Show. Tickets Available From Tickets West
Ticket prices range from $35, $45, AND $55 in advance. All Tickets $5 Higher on day of show.

Dream Theater’s brand new, self-titled opus is a masterpiece of ambition, adventure and redefined purpose. Dream Theater heralds an exceptionally energized and profoundly dynamic emergent chapter for the melodic, progressive and consistently heavy masters of hard rock invention.

Adrian Vandenberg's MoonKings Debut Album


Vandenberg's MoonKings album release on February 24, 2014 on Mascot Records label with an extensive tour to follow throughout Europe and beyond.

Adrian Vandenberg made his way to fame as a guitar prodigy with songwriting talent and band leader abilities with his own band from the 1980's Vandenberg.  He recorded three albums with Vandenberg, Vandenberg, Heading for a Storm and Alibi.  The band toured extensively and were gaining worldwide recognition opening for acts like the Michael Schenker Group.

Vandenberg's talent impressed David Coverdale of Whitesnake so much that David asked him to join the band, Adrian declined at that time due to his own success with Vandenberg.  In 1986 after problems with his own record company, Adrian took Coverdale up on his offer to join Whitesnake.  Together they wrote all the music on Slip Of The Tongue and Restless Heart.  Whitesnake broke up in 1991 and Adrian joined 
Manic Eden with Ron Young - singer, Rudy Sarzo - bass, and Tommy Aldridge - drums.  The band split up in 1994.

In 2011 Adrian wrote a song for his hometown football club FC Twente.  The rock song, A Number One needed a singer and Adrian remembered a vocalist who supported Whitesnake at a concert in Holland, Jan Hoving.  Jan was reported saying, "When we met we hit it off immediately, both musically and on a personal level."  A Number One was coming along and was to be performed for a crowd of 60,000 so now, Adrian needed a rhythm section.  He was referred to Mart Nijen-Es by a friend and it turns out that ten years earlier when Mart was 13, Adrian was a judge in a talent contest and he made Mart, an aspiring drummer, a winner.  Strangely, the situation with his bass player was exactly the same.  Mart had a friend, bass player Sem Christoffel, he introduced to Adrian and it turns out that Adrian judged him in a different talent contest and made him a winner, as well.

In between bands Adrian had a successful career as a painter, but always drawn back to his love of music, at the end of 2013 formed his new band Vandenberg's MoonKings and enlisted his talented friends Jan, Mart, and Sem.  Adrian was so impressed with the chemistry between the four of them during rehearsal of the new songs he'd written, Adrian decided it was time to start recording, so they did so at the famous Wisseloord Studios near Amsterdam.

Because Adrian was with Whitesnake for ten years and did a lot of the co-writing, I expected to hear similarities between MoonKings and Whitesnake.  The first track, "Lust and Lies" started with heavy bass and then kicked in to a great guitar driven song with a classic rock feel to it.  The second track "Close To You" has a sexy riff with lots of pauses to accent the intensity of the lyrics and vocals.  For me, Jan Hoving's vocals evoked the passion and intimacy of David Coverdale and he does have an uncanny ability to sing like him.  I was pleasantly surprised at the fourth track, "Breathing" a classical, electric, and melodic rock ballad with sensitive, hopeful lyrics.  By now, I definitely can feel the chemistry these guys have with each other. 

MoonKings are a great band and fit well together!  "Out Of Reach"  is another classical, acoustic track with many layers and emotionally powerful.  Every song on this album is lyrically well written and the arrangements are excellent!  I'd have never guessed that Jan, Mart, and Sem are not seasoned players.  The album has a good flow to it, some of it sounding like classic rock and some sounding modern all totally stitched up with Vandenbergs incredible guitar playing.  "Leeches" is a great funky tune that struts along with it's cool riff and heavy bass line, this may be my favorite song on the album.  The last track Sailing Ships is the cherry on the album sung by David Coverdale.  This album is incredible and I will say, there wasn't one track that I didn't like.  MoonKings are right up there with the best musicians.

Adrian Vandenberg ~ guitar
Jan Hoving ~ vocals
Mart Nijen-Es ~ drums
Sem "The Sham" Christoffel ~ bass

Track List:
1. Lust And Lies
2. Close To You
3. Good Thing
4. Breathing
5. Steal Away
6. Line Of Fire
7. Out Of Reach
8. Feel It
9. Leave This Town
10. One Step Behind
11. Leeches
12. Nothing Touches
13. Sailing Ships (David Coverdale-vocals)

Vandenberg's MoonKings Website: (still under construction)

Pre Order Album:

Vandenberg's MoonKings review by:
 Jill Maciel/West Coast Correspondent CRRdotEU

Saturday 25 January 2014

photo by Cristina Arrigoni

Jimi Hendrix Tribute

Hansen has acquired himself quite a reputation as one of the best Hendrix impersonators on the 3rd stone from the sun. He is one of the few players officially recognized by the Hendrix family. He has been successfully doing his "Hendrix trip" for years and has toured / played with Uli Jon Roth, Jack Bruce, and Paul Rodgers. Randy channels the spirit of Jimi through his Fender strat on the awesome "Hendrix By Hansen" disc.

Today Hansen’s audience is worldwide, through persistent demand by the fans in America and Europe, whether with The Randy Hansen Band or working with other entertainers. Steve Miller, Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company, The Firm), Queen, Buddy Miles, Don Wilson (The Ventures), Alan White (YES), John Lennon, Sammy Hagar, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Cray, Roger Fisher (Heart), Bob Segar and Hendrix alumni Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell, are just a few of the many musicians he’s performed with.
After his debut album, his emphasis continued to be on original releases emulating the Jimi Hendrix style of composition, in addition to including large numbers of Hendrix compositions in his live shows. He had a brief stint in the 1980s with a band that played a more contemporary style but, failing to gain a record contract of note, quickly returned to his main source of success as a Hendrix imitator. One of the high points of Hansen's career was when he played a short series of concerts with a band that included the original Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer, Mitch Mitchell. In the 1990s and into the 2000s, Hansen has increasingly turned to Europe for his live show tour dates due to greater interest from that market. He headlined a July 26, 2008 bill in Mannheim, Germany, with Love Street (Doors tribute) and Buried Alive Band (Janis Joplin tribute) as openers . He continues also to play locally in Seattle and around the U.S.

Randy Hansen Live on "The Moody Blues Cruise"


Randy Hansen (Capitol Records, 1980)
Monster, Herbie Hancock (Columbia Records, 1980)
Astral Projection (Shrapnel Records, 1983)
Metal Classics no.2 Want to Take You Higher 1990
Classics Live- "A tribute to Jimi Hendrix" (Ananaz Records, 1992)
 Hendrix by Hansen (Fillo K / Affengeil Records, 1993)
Old Dogs New Tricks (Fillo K / Green Tree Records, 1997)
Egg Lake Shake US Bootleg (Fillo K, 1999)
War & Peace - The Flesh and Blood Sessions (Radio Mafia Records, 1999)
Tower Of Love (Fillo K / Manni v. Bohr, 2000)
Good Intentions (Fillo K / Manni v. Bohr, 2003)
Alter Ego (Fillo K, 2004)
Live in Berlin DVD (Fillo K, 2005)
European Tour 2008 "Hendrix Live" CD (Fillo K, 2008)
Randy Hansen Band "LIVE 2008" DVD (Fillo K, 2008)

Tour Calendar:

Official Website:

Friday 24 January 2014

Motörhead Cancels Spring European Tour

This just announced on Motörhead's official website:

January 24, 2014 - It is with great regret that Motörhead has to announce the cancellation of their European tour, scheduled to start February, 2014.

Many concerted, diligent and focused efforts were made by founding member, and international icon, Lemmy Kilmister to deal with a range of health issues relating to diabetes. While there has been undoubted progress, Lemmy and the band were advised by doctors that it was still too soon to resume full touring activities, and so for the good of the future, the band and Lemmy reluctantly agreed to cancel.

No-one is hurting more over this than Lemmy, and he feels the aggravation and inconvenience of every ticket, and every method of transportation, already paid for by loyal fans in anticipation of the tour. Being a road warrior of over 50 dedicated, non-stop years, it is equally distressing for him to be unable to occupy the top lounge of the trusty tour bus (his spiritual home) but Lemmy recognizes that his long-term health must win. It goes without saying that Lemmy profusely apologizes for inconveniences caused, but he does want everyone to know that he is continuing on the road to a full recovery, and that the prognosis long-term is very good.

Fans have shown tremendous support for Lemmy, and it has meant so much to him. As he told Rolling Stone, "Oh, man, the fans were unbelievable when I got sick," he says. "No bitching. It was all 'Take your time, get better. Don't worry, we'll wait for you. Get well.'"

Rome was not built in a Lemmy's health. But there is some strong light at the end of the tunnel here...we thank you so very much for your continued love, support and understanding.

Motörhead's official website:

Thursday 23 January 2014

A Passion Play: The Story Of Ian Anderson And Jethro Tull

Brian Rabey

Tull In, Largely, Their Own Words
Includes a plates section

Considering Jethro Tull have sold more than 60 million records there have been surprisingly few books devoted to them, compared to the veritable library devoted to bands of a similar size.

A Passion Play rectifies that in style. This is a book in two parts. Part one is a history of the band, largely told by the musicians themselves, including Mick Abrahams, Martin Barre, Clive Bunker, Glenn Cornick, John Evans, Jeffrey Hammond, Doane Perry, and, of course, Ian Anderson. Author Brian Rabey really did have ‘access all areas’ for this work. He made good use of it, often relating the same story (for example, how Martin Barre came to join Tull, or how Mick Abrahams left,) from different people’s viewpoints, which is fascinating.

Part two, is devoted to the thoughts of Ian Anderson, again largely told in the man’s words. No stone is left unturned as Rabey explores Anderson’s views on everything from how he writes songs, the music business itself and his family (a rare thing for Anderson to discuss). We even get Anderson’s views on two other musical geniuses – Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa (the piece on the latter is very moving).

As well as a foreword from publicist Anne Leighton, the book contains ‘mini forewords’ from ex-band members (Abrahams, Barre, Bunker, Giddings, Hammond and Perry), which add to the sense of fun (this is a serious book but, like the band itself, humour is never too far away).

Brian Rabey has been a music journalist for over 30 years, working for over 60 publications such as Toronto’s Music Express in his native Canada. He has played in bands since the age of 12, but aged 16 he first heard Jethro Tull’s music and instantly bought a flute, learning the flute parts to all their songs.
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ZZ Top New Book Available Now

Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers: A ZZ Top Guide

Neil Daniels

The Ultimate Guide To Those Sharp Dressed Men
There are surprisingly few books about ZZ Top considering what a huge band they are. Top rock writer Neil Daniels rectifies that with an unashamedly joyous celebration of the Texas trio, who are celebrating their 45th anniversary in 2014.
What fans get here is a history of the band from their pre-ZZ Top outfits through to the present day, along with analysis of their albums, gigs and (of course) videos. Neil also looks at the great blues players, country musicians and rock acts who have influenced the band, plus who the band have themselves influenced, and a look at their peers.
There is also a section on ZZ Top trivia, which will amuse folks. For example, Billy Gibbons is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church Ministries and performed the marriage ceremony for a couple at a Houston branch of IKEA in 2008.
Neil also looks at the band’s many awards, appearances on TV and film, a discography and more.
There are some rare photos, and the whole thing is top and tailed with a foreword and afterword from top rock writers Steve Rosen and Martin Popoff respectively.
Neil Daniels is the author of over a dozen books on rock and metal and has contributed to many music magazines, fanzines and websites. Visit

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Soundcheck Books

Soundcheck Books are an independent publishers who have to date published a wide variety of music based books featuring artists as diverse as The Sex Pistols, UFO, Jethro Tull and the Folk artist Eliza Carthy. There are many more books to be found at the website. The publishers proclaim the publish "The Stories Behind The Sounds" and having checked out some of their fine books we here at Classic Rock Radio have to agree with them. Not only that the stories are all fine stories to read. Check out the books below that we have highlighted  and then go to the page. Alternatively all the books can be found in the Classic Rock Radio Rock Emporium at Amazon


Do You Wanna Play Some Magic?: Emerson, Lake And Palmer In Concert 1970-1979

A music teacher called Garry Freeman contacted Carl Palmer to see if he would run one of his renowned Drum Circles for hearing impaired children in Bradford. Palmer, being a good guy, kindly agreed and that was the start of a friendship between the two men (Freeman is a drummer).

As Garry says, ‘I have always been a massive ELP fan and meeting Carl inspired me to write a book about the band. Everyone said there was no way the band would cooperate, but they were perfect gentlemen of rock.’ Greg Lake gave an exclusive interview for the book; Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer provided technical information and answered queries too.

The result is a unique work, analysing over 150 ELP gigs from the 1970s, plus the 2010 comeback. Garry was at some of the UK ones, but also spent countless hours listening to more records than is healthy for a grown man (some bootlegs – after all, his other book is The Bootleg Guide) and watching DVDs from gigs in the UK, USA, German, Italy, Scandinavia, France and Spain. Not only does he discuss the shows, the songs played and between-song banter, he also sets the scene to each tour with essential background information, which is particularly fascinating for fans.  Even the admission price is covered:  How does 50p for a 1971 London Pavilion gig sound?

The book has two plate sections with many rare or exclusive photos, plus images within the text, making this a must-buy for ELP fans (and there are plenty of those – the band sold 40 million records after all).  Those that were at the gigs will read the book to remember; those that weren’t will read it and wish they had been.

Jumpin’ in the Fire: A Life in Rock ‘n’ Roll

Sean Tyla

There are plenty of books about 1970s excess - of chauffeur-driven limos, soulless stadiums and endless supplies of cocaine. For Tyla it was mainly unreliable tour vans, smoky pubs and amphetamine sulphate, plus occasional glimpses of the promised land to keep him going. This is a fascinating autobiography of life as a musician in the 1970s.
Starting with his entry into the music business in 1970 as a jobbing songwriter for Lionel Bart, the book covers ace pub rockers Ducks Deluxe, The Tyla Gang and a solo career which earned him a gold disc in Germany, and Le Monde dubbing him ‘Un nouveau Christ’ - Tyla was huge in mainland Europe.
There are marvellous anecdotes about childhood friend and Stiff Records stablemate Nick Lowe, Michael Nesmith, AC/DC and even Clint Eastwood.  It also covers Tyla's uncanny ability to pass on the main chance - he turned down an offer to join Motőrhead and declined to produce the Sex Pistols. Doh!
Tyla has reformed both Ducks Deluxe and the Tyla Gang and is touring and recording. The resurgence of interest in pub rock makes this book very timely.
Will Birch’s glowing foreword will only add to its appeal.

Nirvana: The Recording Sessions

 Rob Jovanovic

Most books about Nirvana concentrate on Kurt Cobain’s short tragic life and suicide. This one puts Nirvana's music centre stage and traces the evolution of their songs.

Over 40 recording sessions, including private recordings, made between 1982 and 1994 are painstakingly analyzed, from Kurt Cobain’s first bedroom four-track demos and early rarities such as the legendary Fecal Matter tape all the way through to the “new” tracks including the With The Lights Out box set, Live At Reading, the 20th Anniversary Edition of Nevermind and the expanded Bleach.

The author draws on hours of interviews with those who worked on Nirvana's sessions, including engineers, producers, guest musicians and other collaborators.

When first published in hardback by Helter Skelter in 2004, Nirvana: The Recording Sessions gained a prestigious Certificate Of Merit from the American Association For Recorded Sound Collections in the category for Best Rock Research.  This new paperback edition published by Soundcheck Books brings the story bang up to date and includes an updated discography in addition to the “new” recordings information.

Wayward Daughter: An Official Biography Of Eliza Carthy

Sophie Parkes
Wayward Daughter: An Official Biography of Eliza Carthy is written by long-time fan and fellow fiddle player Sophie Parkes who was granted ‘access all areas’, not only to Eliza, but also to friends, family and musical collaborators.

Sophie conducted fascinating interviews with Martin Carthy, Norma Waterson, Jon Boden, Billy Bragg, comedian Stewart Lee, Nancy Kerr, Cerys Matthews, Van Dyke Parks, John Spiers, Richard Thompson and many more. A common thread that keeps coming through is how much musicians enjoy working with Eliza and just how good a player she really is.

The book is about the woman as much as her music though, and Sophie and Eliza developed a close relationship during interviews in which the subject felt comfortable opening up to the biographer. 
Eliza has not only been incredibly generous with her time, she has also provided many photographs from her personal collection from when she was a child through to the present day. These are not only shots of her and her peers on stage, but also warm pictures of family and friends.

Eliza is renowned for having a close relationship with her fans and the ever-thorough Sophie has interviewed some of these, canvassing their views on the past, present and future of Eliza Carthy.

Mark Radcliffe kindly provided a witty foreword.

Springsteen: Saint In The City: 1949-1974

Craig Statham
Bruce Springsteen is one of the most written about musicians of all time, so why another book? The fact is, most biographies gloss over his early life and career, which author Craig Statham believes is a serious omission, because Springsteen’s early life shaped his music.

Statham is a massive Springsteen fan and a contributor to the authoritative Brucebase website.
The list of interviewees he has secured is impressive: ex-managers Tinker West, Bob Spitz and Mike Appel; former band mates in Springsteen’s early groups, such as Jay Gibson, Craig Caprioni, Frank Marziotti, John Graham, Robbin Thompson, Barbara Dinkins, Bob Feigenbaum and Albee Tellone (who also contributed the foreword); Sam McKeith, Springsteen’s booking agent and a key figure in breaking The Boss to the American public; and a raft of characters who grew up with Springsteen in his home town of Freehold, New Jersey and beyond. 

Statham, a researcher by trade, has pieced together parts of the story that have simply never been told before. All of Springsteen’s early groups, from The Rogues to The E-Street Band are discussed, his songwriting technique is studied, along with how and why Springsteen actually made it. The book ends with why he went from being the musician most at Columbia Records did not want to know, to being their hottest property. 

The book looks at what drove Springsteen on a personal level – his difficult relationship with his father, his rejection of Catholicism and mainstream schooling, as well as positive influences, such as his love of baseball, girls and the British musical invasion which inspired his future career path.

With two colour plates section featuring some very rare photos (many of which have never before been published), this new book is a must for the committed Springsteen fan and those who like well researched music books.