Thursday 28 January 2016

Uncle G Reviews_Yuka & Chronoship Newest Studio Release

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28 Jan 2016 NEW Music Review
Yuka & Chronoship - The 3rd Planetary Chronicles (2015 Cherry Red Records)

By Gary "Uncle G" Brown
American Correspondent for
Twitter @GBrown0816

One of the best decisions that I so far made this new year, was open the Yuka & Chronoship CD that arrived with a stack of other CDs one day in snail mail. Not a return address on the package. Postmark from London. Yuka & Chronoship are from Japan. I was born in Florida, but that don't really matter or pertain to what's going on here. Whoever in the U.K. stuffed that padded envelope, and sent it my way, hit the nail on the head, at least with Yuka & Chronoship. I now have a favorite new modern progressive rock band out of Japan, and a CD that I seemed to have fallen into. Nice when that happens. A shame I didn't learn about Yuka & Chronoship then before this. Founded in 2009, what I'm listening to now from them is actually their third studio release in which is entitled; Yuka & Chronoship - The 3rd Planetary Chronicles. A wonderful album. Let me explain why. 

First off, the band is a four piece that centers around a very talented woman keyboardist, whose name is; Yuka Funakoshi. Story goes, Yuka who already having over a decades experience in recorded music, wanting to expand on her musical ideas, created a band. Three gentlemen, all experienced studio musicians, answered the call, and thus Yuka & Chronoship was born. Online reviews rave about their first two studio releases. A fan base was developed that's strong enough to help support money wise with the making of this release. Those people who help fund, their names inside the CD booklet. I might have given a few bucks myself if I would have heard of them by that time.

Let me introduce everyone in the band.

Yuka & Chronoship

Yuka Funakoshi: Piano, Keyboards, and vocals. Music composed on The 3rd Planetary Chronoship by Yuka Funakoshi.

Takashi Miyazawa: Guitars. The 3rd Planetary Chronicles mix / sound producer; Takashi Miyazawa.

Shun Taguchi: Bass & Chorus. All lyrics on The 3rd Planetary Chronoship written

by Shun Taguchi - The 3rd Planetary Chronicles produced by Shun Taguchi.

Ikko Tanaka: Drums

All songs on The 3rd Planetary Chronicles arranged by Yuka & Chronoship.

Uncle G Review: Yuka & Chronoship - The 3rd Planetary Chronicles

A concept album that's all about the planet us human beings call home; Earth. Told more in song, then in words, which works perfectly for this reviewer.

The opening track, Birth Of The Earth - Collision, did it's job, and caught my attention. Haunting piano, and a melody that gets revisited, and built on throughout the album. The entire album clocking in just under an hour. Twelve tracks that plays best when listening to it as one solid piece of music.

The second track called Stone Age, is where the rest of the band comes in. The opening track only a little over a minute long. By the end of the second track which clocks in at eight and a half minutes, I was hooked. Keyboards, electric guitar, accompanied with drums and bass that make you take notice. The other three musicians joined and complimented Yuka's playing to a tee. Yuka's playing a mash up of several styles, and on this album, a perfect mix of piano, and keyboards. Over all her skills as a player and composer, just blow me away. Several melodies of several songs throughout the album end up being earworm material. Frankly, every track on 3rd Planetary Chronicles has something going for it.

If not Yuka's playing, in which the music created primarily centers around the piano / keyboards, it's Takashi Miyazawa's guitar skills that will draw you in. At first his playing reminded me of Spocks Beard's Alan Morse. A little deeper into The 3rd Planetary Chronicles, and I can hear traces of Pink Floyd's David Gilmour. Takashi's playing comes across as precise, and masterful. Easy to understand why Yuka would want him in her band.

Shun and Ikko make a fantastic rhythm section. Like Takashi, they compliment Yuka's playing, and more importantly, help her bring out the best in her compositions.

Uncle G's Top 3 Standout Tracks on The 3rd Planetary Chronicles

Very hard to pick three out of the twelve. Played from start to finish, I find the album on the whole, to be a masterpiece. Occasionally a person or persons do something extraordinary. In the musical world, it's all really a matter of taste. The kids would label this neo-prog. It's a direction I like to swing. Yuka & Chronoship - The 3rd Planetary Chronicles is everything I want in a prog-rock album. Most of all, it really rocks. In my mind, it's hard to get any better than this. The music flows naturally. All twelve songs play as one.

I would luv to hear a isolated piano / keyboard track for track four; Galileo II - Copernican Theory. The rest of the band does a great job in highlighting Yuka's playing. I try following her note for note. Almost six minutes, a demonstration of Yuka's playing skills that leaves me in awe, each and every time I hear it. So impressive!

Track ten on The 3rd Planetary Chronicles is called; E = c#m … an instrumental rocker that showcases not only Yuka, but the whole rest of the band as well. The first song I gave a repeat play to when playing The 3rd Planetary Chronicles for the first time. The songs high energy, has a fun vibe, and displays superior musical all throughout. A fun song, and a given to be performed during live shows. Neo-Prog … check! Turn up the volume! Crowds should really get into it, as they should the whole new album. Again, hard to pick the Top 3. Example, I think the four 'Birth Of The Earth' segments deserve their own award. In the same ballpark as Pink Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond (all parts). Any serious prog-rock fan, can't not LIKE this.

Age Of Steam: From mellowness to rocker, this song has it all. Including lush vocals compliments of Yuka. 

Uncle G Rating

Using the one to five star rating system, whereas one star means it's horrible, to five stars meaning it's OK to spend your hard earned Yen on it, Uncle G rates Yuka & Chronoship - The 3rd Planetary Chronicles … 5 stars! How could I not? My advice would be to not only aquire the album, but any back catalog Yuka & Chronicles albums as well that's not already in your collection. Sorry it took this long for me to find out about Yuka & Chronoship. In a way it just goes to prove that good solid rock (prog-rock especially), no matter where it originates on this planet Earth, can't totally escape me. Sooner or later, if that outstanding, I'll find it, or it will find me.

Official Promo Film

Yuka & Chronoship Official Facebook Page

Cheery Red Records

Sunday 24 January 2016

Lita Ford_The Teacher

Taken from the official Facebook Page

Classic Rock Radio (Dot CO Dot UK)
24 Jan 2016
*Lita Ford ... The Teacher*

If out of work, and needing a job, there is a website called Indeed (Dot Com) that can possibly help you. Face it, having no money SUCKS through a long straw. Isn't that right? So it's time to do something about it. Go to; Indeed

And why Indeed, and not other websites well known for helping the unemployed? Because Indeed was cool enough to star heavy metal rock chick, Lita Ford, in one of their new messages to the masses informing people about their website. After watching Lita do her thing, I was sold. If this writing shit don't work out for me, it will be the first place I go to see what they could help me find. In the meantime, I figured I pass on the 'looking for a job and where to go' tip, and at the same time, let y'all check out Lita's commercial as well. Tell me what you think. I know you'll be impressed. Lita Ford ROCKS \m/

                                              Lita Ford - The Teacher

Lita Ford's Official Website:

Gary "Uncle G" Brown
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Twitter @GBrown0816

Friday 22 January 2016

News_That Metal Show Canceled

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21 Jan 2016
*Goodbye 4 Now ... That Metal Show*

A lot of bad news recently in the music world. I noticed this next bit of news, in the wee hours yesterday morning, and frankly wasn't in the mood to help pile on even more evidence of how we all live in an ever changing world. And then I woke up today with not an idea of what my today's column would be about. So, with nothing else in mind, I'll address the subject of the cancellation of one of my favorite cable shows; That Metal Show.

For those not up with the program, 'That Metal Show' is a talk show that centers around three middle aged MetalHeads; Eddie Trunk with co-hosts Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine. Experts in hard rock / heavy metal music. Premiered in 2008. Has so far completed fourteen seasons. The last one airing last May.


Just a few days ago the program got axed. Sad news indeed, but a silver lining does indeed exist. For VH1 according to what I have been digging up, is cool with the expression; "The show must go on." In essence, this means that 'That Metal Show' can be shopped around to other networks.

News of the cancellation of 'That Metal Show' caused Eddie Trunk's website to crash. I'm not surprised. But the way television is nowadays, a cancellation is not a COMPLETE DEATH SENTENCE, meaning that the show, should those involved still be interested, can still go forward. It's happened before. Television programs have been canned, and then picked up by another network. Same identical thing can happen here.


So many cool episodes over it's SO FAR 14 Seasons. Such awesome guests! It's way too early to close up shop here. A unique, and really one of a kind show.

I predict a station like AXS TV (cable) will pick it up. Foolish if they don't, ONLY BECAUSE SHOULD THEY PASS, another channel will be certain to pick them up. After all, 'That Metal Show' comes with a built in fanbase, that's capable under the right circumstances, to grow even more.

Remember what MTV was LIKE before they started playing Michael Jackson videos? AXS TV reminds me of that. I have been watching AXS TV lately. Matter of fact, I just checked out Aerosmith - Live At Donington a few days back. The band kicked ass! Word to the wise, AXS TV has it's moments to where the channel is definitely worth at least keeping up on its schedule.


After all, the world needs to witness more That Metal Show segments like, Stomp The Trunk. Plus, I wanna see Miss Box of Junk, Jennifer Gottlie, in high definition. So news that it was picked up by another channel, and that new episodes will be forthcoming in HD, would be very welcome. I personally enjoyed the shows run, as I'm sure countless of others did as well.

                                            That Metal Show - Promo

Whatever happens, meaning That Metal Show is off the air forever, or that it resurfaces … we here at SALUTE all involved with the program so far. Metal RULES \m/

'That Metal Show' Host Eddie Trunk Official Website

Gary "Uncle G" Brown
American Correspondent for
Twitter GBrown0816

Monday 18 January 2016

Bigfoot Are Putting Their Stamp on Rock!

Just a couple of months ago Bigfoot were opening the stage at the Hard Rock Hell festival and wowing the audience with a performance that was every bit as impressive as the last time I saw them at the Rockers Reunited Southport Festival earlier in the year.
Bigfoot are getting around quicker than a rabbit on Viagra and gigs are not just confined to their native South Lancashire, in fact it seems every week I hear a glowing review of the young band who seem to becoming the "go to" act for festivals ( and overseas gigs too) with their signature blend of blues and rock.
On stage they are far from the static blues bands of old they have more energy than a bunch of Meerkats and filling the stage no matter the size of it while connecting with the audience those winks and smiles are making a big impact with the female following and in between generating sparks between themselves. When you see photos of a lot of bands in the news they seem detached or putting on the rock “hard stare” Bigfoot? 
Not a a bit of it, the majority of the time they are smiling and  are 
obviously enjoying every minute of playing, even making light of the large distances the job requires they cover. Like the bands of old they stuff the kit in the van check the drummer is safely loaded and off they go over the hills and certainly far away.

  I was able to catch a few minutes with the band backstage at Hard Rock Hell to ask about the upcoming EP 
CRR -  Fantastic set you must be well pleased with the reception
Bigfoot - Yeah it was great that everybody turned out so early.
CRR- I hear you have been in the studio recording
Bigfoot - Yes new EP five tracks
Bigfoot -
Last one we had four so we've upped our game cos we are so hard hardworking 
CRR - Extra Value for the fans!
Bigfoot -Same price as last one, if it does as well we will be well pleased!
Bigfoot - Should be out by the end of January
CRR Have you any teaser clips out there?
Bigfoot - Sort of there is a lot of clips of us playing the songs live
Bigfoot - Loads of people are asking "Can we have a copy at Hard Rock Hell? "   but we are still mixing and tweaking the songs .
Bigfoot- We taking time getting it just how we think it should sound .
CRR- Have you recorded any of your Hard Rock Hell set?
Bigfoot- We haven't but apparently the whole set has been filmed
Bigfoot - Yeah its a good one because we were all stone cold sober heehee.
CRR - Heh heh Yes its a help, I did see the big cameras catching the action hopefully it won't be long before its put online.
Bigfoot - We're looking forward to seeing it ,  before we went on we agreed- try not to do that ,  don't do this and  then maybe a bit more of that. Its a big gig Hard Rock Hell we wanted to get in straight to the point but you know its difficult and a couple of times I just couldn't help myself, I love it  I just got carried away.
Bigfoot - Yes and there are loads of our friends in the bands here so we said whatever we do we mustn't mention the other bands.
Bigfoot- And first thing he says was "How good were Massive Wagons" and they were so good. There's a lot of rivalry between us and I know its a business but we are all friends.
CRR- Well you are all going sell records off the back of those performances.
Bigfoot - We came off the stage smiling I couldn't help being carried away but it was so great, just carried away in the moment!
CRR- Thank you guys best of luck with the EP I'm really looking forward to it! 

The EP 'Stone Soldiers' is released on January 30th
Preview and orders from   Bigfoot "Stone Soldiers"

Uncle G's Fun Movie Reviews_Deathgasm

Classic Rock Radio (Dot CO Dot UK)
18 Jan 2016
Uncle G's After Hours FUN Movie Reviews
Spotlight: Deathgasm (2015 Unrated)

So entering the new year, I decided to drop the streaming service Hulu, and instead, subscribe to Netflix. Doing it old school, receiving discs, and then sending them back after viewing, in the postage free envelope that is provided. Wasn't that anything was wrong with Hulu. Enjoyed using their service very much! Thing is I moved, and where I am located now the Internet service is somewhat spotty at best. Am using my cell phone as a means to get online (tethering). Requires discipline so not to use up all the data I have in a few Internet sittings. Streaming tv shows and movies via my cell phone, quickly EATS up mt data allowance. So as much as I liked being subscribed to Hulu, it just wasn't practical for my new surroundings. Will one day be able to stream unlimited. Just a matter of time my carrier (Cricket) does this, so to compete with those that already do (T-Mobile). Agreed, it does suck being somewhat limited to what I can do online. What can I say? Grateful for what I have until things change for the better.

Ends up the first movie I ordered from Netflix was; Furious 7 (2015). I had watched all the other ones in the franchise. The newest one came out last summer. I was too busy doing other shit, so not able to swing by a movie theather to go check it out. Now since viewed, I can say it touched on being cartoonish / unbelieveable, but like the others before it, didn't let me down. Very entertaining! That and I admit to having a crush on actress Michelle Rodriquez. Rest in peace; Paul Walker.

Being new to Netflix, means starting off with a nice and empty queue. Next step for me was to start filling it up. I'm mainly looking for movies. That's what Netflix is known for right? And Netflix has such a HUGE collection, I really didn't know where to start. Found and ordered 'Furious 7' by putting the title in the search engine. I knew I wanted to see that, before even signing up. First month of Netflix is FREE (hooray). So once that action film was ordered, I asked myself, I said; "Self, what movie do I want to see next, and possibly even type a review for the classic rock station I write for?" 'Furious 7' I watched just so I could chill. Moving took a lot out of me. Seeing a movie while having the intent of also writing about it, are two different things. That's more like work. So with that in mind, I started carefully poking around the movie categories that Netflix had to offer.

One of my first selections was the horror category, and almost immediately the poster artwork for a newly released horror / comedy film out of New Zealand, caught my eye. It's title; Deathgasm. Not knowing really anything about New Zealand cinema, I guessed by looking at the artwork and the brief description, this was equal to what we here in the United States would call a Comedy / Horror B Movie. Think Sam Raimi's Evil Dead franchise. Started off as an independent film made by who could be called back then, amateur filmmakers. Money to pay the bills occured, was provided by private investors. When released, movie goers in general, just ate it up. Spawned two sequels, video games, and a new television program (Ash Vs. Evil Dead) that I have not caught yet, but will.

So what exactly is Deathgasm?

Like I said, it's a new solid horror / comedy film. Written and directed by a real metalhead, Jason Lei Howden, and filmed in New Zealand.

Deathgasm has … very well done opening credits / graphics.

Deathgasm is … a dark tale that centers around teens who are into metal rock music.

Deathgasm is … a cool ass movie that includes good looking ladies, and also demonstrates how to protect oneself from demons, with sex toys. For the females reading this, the guys could be cute looking, or whatever. I'm old school hetero. Am certain the flick contains enough sex appeal for everyone.

Deathgasm is … extremely funny at times, and over the top gross in others. Includes more vomiting that I think I ever seen depicted in any movie.

Deathgasm is … chainsaw action beyond belief!

Deathgasm is … eye candy to the tenth power. The folks behind the scenes did so seriously well, that it's worth reading the closing credits just to see who did what, all the way to the very END.

Deathgasm is … DEMONS! The kind that scare the shit out of people. And very well done special effects that appeared more old school than computer animated. Either due to a tight budget, or an added effort to make the film more overall appealing? The end results work for me!

Deathgasm ROCKS … how could a film about real metalheads not? Volume to eleven! Presented in a way that's not overbearing. Am not afraid to say I dug the instrumental labeled; The Black Hymn. Has a certain Black Sabbath vibe to it. Being a reporter on classic rock, it's a popular notion that the band from Birmingham (UK) gave metal it's birth.

Deathgasm is … pot friendly, as one might expect when about heavy metal rock music. For the film over all don't stereotype or make fun of metalheads, but instead tries to show what being a metalhead is sincerely all about.

Deathgasm is OK … with casual sex as well. On the flip side, Deathgasm is not too nice to the religious couple, that Brodie, a main character, is assigned to live with after his Mother goes on a Meth binge. Their son, Brodie's cousin, a bully / piece of shit. All three in this family unit, are heavily into casting judgement on others. A good story within a story.

Deathgasm includes … a cool looking metal handshake worth learning. Remember the line; Brotherhood of Steel.

Deathgasm Blu-ray Bonus Features … are very well done. Nothing bored me. Coming attractions / movie trailers was wicked as hell. Informative and entertaining behind the scenes featurettes. I dug the Director / Writer Commentary by Jason, who provided much behind the scenes detail.

In total, I watched Deathgasm three times; two regular and one with commentary by a very promising, up and coming director / writer; Jason Lei Howden. Dude, did an incredible job! Got my attention like legendary John Carpenter did with Halloween (1978). I'm looking forward to many good things coming from Mr. Howden as time marches on. I foresee besides other well made films about other topics, multiple Deathgasms in Jason's future. Hopefully each as mind blowing as the original.

*Uncle G Rating*

Using the one to ten star rating system, whereas one star means it's not worth demon snot, to ten starts which means it's cool to spend your well earned money on it, Uncle G gives Deathgasm … 10 stars! Remember, I viewed this THREE times. I hardly ever watch a movie, no matter how good it is, twice. Seriously, I can't think of any way to improve what I experienced giving multiple views to Deathgasm. Mister Howden did his job, very well. As did the cast and crew. Best actress in a horror / comedy film award needs to go to Kimberley Crossman. An outstanding transformation starting from being a bully's girlfriend / metal virgin, to Brodie's old lady / metal expert. My favorite scene involves her and an ax. 

Tomorrow my Blu-ray disc of Deathgasm goes back to Netflix. I understand the films being sold at local retailers and at a reasonable price. For those who collect, it's worth getting. For those into this type of entertainment, easily understood after witnessing for yourself.

                                              Official Deathgasm Trailer

                                 Deathgasm Music by New Zealand's Bulletbelt.

Official Deathgasm Website:

Note: Deathgasm was re-named for Walmart distribution; Heavy Metal Apocalypse. Besides the name change, new cover art was created removing any signs of what they believed to be heavy satanism. This is censoring / censorship. In the new poster art, a GUN was added. Possible product placement? Uncle G feels this type of behaviour, is totally unnecessary. In 2016, people realize that a movie like Deathgasm, has a primary purpose to entertain. Not to freak out Christians. This is all in good fun ... period. Good news is no matter what Walmart calls it, that it's STILL A SOLID MOVIE \m/ 

                          Deathgasm / Heavy Metal Apocalypse

Gary "Uncle G" Brown
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Twitter @GBrown0816

Friday 8 January 2016

Uncle G Reviews...Sam Coulson_Electric Classical

Classic Rock Radio (Dot CO Dot UK)
08 Jan 2016 NEW Music Review
Sam Coulson - Electric Classical (2015)

By Gary "Uncle G" Brown
American Correspondent for
Twitter @GBrown0816

I first became aware of guitarist Sam Coulson when rock n' roll's super group from the 1980's, Asia, announced Sam was replacing founding member, guitarist Steve Howe, who retired from the band after a very successful reunion of the original four players, that started in 2006, and ended in the beginning of 2013. In these six years, Asia put out three new studio albums, and played many sold out shows. I caught one myself in Dallas Texas, back in 2008. 

Upon hearing the news of Mr. Howe's retirement, curiosity motivated me to research Sam some, for I was unaware of him at that time. Found out he was in his twenties, and made a name for himself on the internet by uploading videos of his guitar playing. To this day he's as active as ever with social media; Twitter, Facebook, and of course where it all started for him, on the mega popular website; YouTube. After all it's hasn't been that long since the 28 year old guitar player joined Asia, helped record and tour the groups fourteenth studio album which came out in March of 2014, called Gravitas. Was a successful project, in which I'm already looking forward to the groups planned follow-up.

Now with Asia on hiatus, Sam recently put out his first solo album, recorded in his own home studio, located I believe somewhere in Canada. He's calling his debut album, Electric Classical. Ten tracks of Sams favorite classical pieces, by his favorite composers. Beautifully performed, and coming in at around the 25 minute mark. With each repeated play, the time while focused on the music, flies by even more. A very pleasurable experience hearing Sam play each masterpiece, in his own unique personal style. Was also a cool time researching, and learning about each composer picked out. Some I already was acquainted with; Bach and Beethoven. Others not so much; Francisco Tárrega (1852 - 1909), Antonio Lauro (1917-1986), and a person Sam appears to favor, whereas on Electric Classical, he performs three pieces of, Fernando Sor (1778-1825), a Spanish classical guitarist and composer.


Using the one to five star rating system, where one star means to downright fuhgeddaboudit
, to five stars which means it's cool spending your hard earned money on, Uncle G rates Sam Coulson - Electric Classical … 5 stars! It's not that I'm a HUGE fan of classical music, for it's not usually my preferred choice when it comes to randomly picking out and playing a CD on the home stereo. Saying that, it's not a form of music that I never play. Liking instrumental music, I of course have already been into several of these long gone composers and their compositions, played / presented in their original form. I also enjoy classical music when presented in various modern forms like in cartoons, or movies. It's also one of the many reasons why I dig progressive rock, due to musicians and bands like Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (1970 - 2010) who along with their original music, incorporated the music of our yesterdays forefathers in their setlist. Done their way, which goes along the lines of what Sam has presented here. Very nicely executed as well!  

Sam Coulson Official Website (contains links to his several social media pages)

Promo Video Sam made for Electric Classical