Sunday, 24 January 2016

Lita Ford_The Teacher

Taken from the official Facebook Page

Classic Rock Radio (Dot CO Dot UK)
24 Jan 2016
*Lita Ford ... The Teacher*

If out of work, and needing a job, there is a website called Indeed (Dot Com) that can possibly help you. Face it, having no money SUCKS through a long straw. Isn't that right? So it's time to do something about it. Go to; Indeed

And why Indeed, and not other websites well known for helping the unemployed? Because Indeed was cool enough to star heavy metal rock chick, Lita Ford, in one of their new messages to the masses informing people about their website. After watching Lita do her thing, I was sold. If this writing shit don't work out for me, it will be the first place I go to see what they could help me find. In the meantime, I figured I pass on the 'looking for a job and where to go' tip, and at the same time, let y'all check out Lita's commercial as well. Tell me what you think. I know you'll be impressed. Lita Ford ROCKS \m/

                                              Lita Ford - The Teacher

Lita Ford's Official Website:

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