Monday 21 November 2011

Girlschool Rock and Roll into Cornwall

Thirty years ago, long before the term ‘girl band’ had been coined, 5 rock and roll ladies were blazing a trail across the almost entirely male dominated heavy metal scene.

The band was Girlschool. No such crimes to music as lip synching for them. No, just full on raucous leather clad rock and roll, of which the song Hit and Run is probably the best remembered, taken from the 1981 album of the same name.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary the release of ‘Hit and Run Revisited’ was launched and it has to be said, the songs sound as timeless and classic today as they did when originally released.
The current lineup is original members Kim McAuliffe (rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals) Enid Williams (bassist and backing vocals) Denise Dufort, (drums and backing vocals) and replacement to the late Kelly Johnson who lost her battle with cancer in 2007, Jackie Chambers

Good news for West Country rock fans is that on December 3rd Girlschool are doing a one off gig at Livewire situated underneath the Tamar Bridge joining Plymouth to Cornwall on the Cornwall side. And the tickets are priced very reasonably at just £10.

The venue is actually a youth centre charity run by Andy Rance and his wife Julie, both ardent rock fans and the gig will help them raise valuable funds for their ongoing work with the region’s youth.

Andy is very proud to have pulled off such a coup at getting Girlschool into his venue.
A close friend of Motorhead’s Lemmy, through whose association he also got to know Girlschool, he persuaded the band to do a one off gig at the venue.

Supported by two local bands, Keynuyck from Cornwall and Facemelter from Plymouth, the gig promises to be one of the highlights of Livewire’s record of attracting touring bands, two of which have included The Dammed and The Hoosiers.

In addition to the live music, rock fans will be able to help support the charity STAND UP AND SHOUT which was set up to honour the late, legendary Ronnie James Dio and raise money to help find a cure for cancer during the evening.

Girlschool will sign a guitar donated by Hartnols Guitar Shop Plymouth and this will be shipped to the USA and auctioned along with a whole lot of other guitars to raise money for the foundation, Motorhead have also donated some items to be auctioned off during the night.

Tickets are available on or on the door on the night subject to availability. Livewire’s website can be found at

Friday 4 November 2011

Pink Floyd APP for iPhone and iPad Launched November 14th

This Day in Pink Floyd is the official new Pink Floyd app - the ultimate accompaniment to the ultimate band.

See the promo clip here:

It is designed to bring you closer to the band, and contains thousands of music facts covering 366 days of the year, a guide to every one of the 167 studio tracks the band officially released, as well as more than 100 Pink Floyd images, over 200 quiz questions, over 200 items of trivia, the rarely-seen, newly-restored video of Floyd's 1968 single 'Point Me At The Sky', a free ringtone ('Shine On You Crazy Diamond'), and two wallpaper screen images (the 'Dark Side' prism and the 'Wish You Were Here' cover).

The App will even play your own Pink Floyd music from your iTunes library – and connect you (via WiFi or 3G) to buy the tracks you don't already have!

All this, plus every conceivable official link.

Available as an App for iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

This Day in Pink Floyd is a way to immerse yourself in all of the aspects – audio, visual and factual – that made the band legendary.

This Day in Pink Floyd is available from iTunes priced at £1.99 from Monday 14th Nov.

For more info and press release with screen shots please visit

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Nick Drake: The Pink Moon Files: Book Review

Nick Drake: The Pink Moon Files
Jason Creed
Whilst not quite the domain of Classic Roc Nick Drake has fascinated me both as an artist and as a person for more than thirty five years. Of course the fact that when he died in 1974 he had only released three albums of original material means that the canon is somewhat complete and self contained.
This book which is essentially a compilation is a Nick Drake Fan’s delight gathering together  articles that were written for the Nick Drake fanzine “Pink Moon” which for a short time in the eighties built up quite a demand amongst the Nick Drake fan base.
Quite honestly it is a labour of love put together by the author of the original Pink Moon fanzine Jason Creed and rather like Nick Drake’s career the fanzine was only around for a few years and since then Nick Drake’s standing as an artist has become rather larger than it was in the eighties and so many of these articles and features collected here will perhaps have passed many people by.
If you have the two excellent books on Nick by Trevor Dann and Patrick Humphries then this book will be an essential addition to the library.
Containing first-person testimonies by the likes of John Martyn, Island Records employees, Robin Frederick and Drake's Cambridge contemporaries, his family, a psychiatrist, among many others this book will allow you to make your own mind up about Nick Drake a and of course drive you back to those three albums, which in my opinion is what any good book on an artist should do.

You Can Buy Nick Drake The Pink Moon Files Directly from Omnibus Here:

Beatlemania:The Real Story of The Beatles UK Tours 1963-1965: Book review

Beatlemania:The Real Story of The Beatles UK Tours 1963-1965
Martin Creasy
 I have to own up here and say that I am a sucker for Books on the Beatles. The Fab Four have been at the forefront of my mind since 1963 when as a 5 year old I heard my Mum playing “She Loves You”
As I got older of course my interest became more profound both musically and in terms of my reading material I have literally read hundreds and probably getting nearer thousands of books on the Beatles and there seems to be another dozen books published every year.
This particular book however really caught my eye because it covers a period of musical history quite unrivalled either before or since then. In the years 1963-1965 it really did seem if the world was screaming at the Beatles.
In addition to the details of the tours the minutia of detail contained in this book literally makes you laugh out loud. The fact that even having read so many books on the “Fab Four” there are still little snippets that make me go “I didn’t know that” is amazing and as a fan of long standing I know that I am not alone in my pursuit of info about my favourite band
The book is well researched and it seems that Martin Creasy interviewed almost everyone who was connected to the band if not any of the Beatles themselves but then having watched Anthology I am not sure that the band themselves could have shed any more light on a subject that for them was part of “The Job” No, it is the thoughts and memories of others who were in their orbit I am interested in and this book delivers in spades. There are of course no major scandals or salacious gossip included here but it is the personal memories of those involved that touch me and really hit home and give me a flavour of just what it was like to be near the Beatles in that very special two year period.
One for music fans then no matter what period of music you are into but if you are a Beatles fan then this book is indispensable
You can buy this book directly from Omnibus Here:

Butterfly On A Wheel: The Great Rolling Stones Bust: Book Review

Butterfly On A Wheel: The Great Rolling Stones Bust
Simon Wells
The Sixties is sometimes set in amber as a wonderful time were art music and freedom all came together to make a truly wonderful world for us all to live in. Of course it never was like that and sometimes there was a definite dark undercurrent running through the sixties. In terms of Music the Rolling Stones got off to an early start as “enfant terrible” with headlines such as “Would You Let Your Daughter Marry A Rolling Stone”. By 1967 however the press were much more interested in the Rolling Stones off duty activities suspecting that they were involved in much more dangerous ways of letting off steam than the odd “Scotch and Coke”.
Of course the Stones were no more or less involved in the burgeoning drug scene than any musician had been for the previous thirty years and during the period in question if anything probably reasonably clean but being the bad boys of rock music  set against the wholesome Beatles, became in 1967 a major cross for the band to bear.
Taking the title of his book from the headline in the Times newspaper written by William Rhys Mogg Simon Wells has done an excellent job of research on this book managing as he does to unearth previously unseen information concerning the bust itself and of course the changing attitudes it brought about
The book does however have at its core the full details of what went on that night in February in Sussex at Keith Richard’s mansion. A real tale of sex Drugs and Rock n Roll but also a very good insight to Middle England as it stood in the mid sixties. It is amazing to think that both Mick Jagger and Keith Richard were imprisoned for what now would seem a rather petty case of possession and in the case of Mick Jagger a more than dubious charge of possession of four pep pills that were actually legal in Europe.
For fans of the Rolling Stones there is still much here to read and digest even if they may think that they know all there is to know about the decade’s most notorious and high profile drugs bust but that aside the book is a very good read for those who may not be the biggest Rolling Stones fans in the world; covering as it does rather well the times in which the events happened. In summing up Butterfly On A Wheel is a rather fine social commentary that just happens to involve the Rolling Stones at its centre but an excellent book nevertheless.
You can buy this book directly from Omnibus here:

Christopher Cross plays London Bloomsbury Theatre on Nov 7th

singer/songwriter, Christopher Cross, will perform a one-off concert at London’s prestigious Bloomsbury Theatre on Monday 7th November 2011. Tickets can be ordered from 0871 230 1101 and (

Following the release of his recent solo album Doctor Faith, this concert marks Cross’ only UK appearance of 2011.
Christopher Cross is known to millions of fans around the world for the classic hits Sailing, Ride Like The Wind (covered by Saxon and East Side Beat) and the Oscar-winning Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do) from the hit movie ‘Arthur’ starring Dudley Moore.
Journey’s Enduring Appeal Is Affirmed Everywhere From Rock Band To The Sopranos, from Broadway’s Rock Of Ages to Television’s Glee

CD and gatefold double 180-gram virgin vinyl edition of GREATEST HITS VOL. 2 – AND gatefold double 180-gram virgin vinyl edition of original GREATEST HITS –available everywhere starting today

Journey to Receive ‘Legend of Live’ Honor at Billboard Touring Awards
Journey will receive the “Legend of Live” award at the 2011 Billboard Touring Awards, which are presented by Showclix and are taking place November 10 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York. The awards are part of the Billboard Touring Conference, taking place on the 9th and 10th. Read more at

Stream Greatest Hits Volume 1 & 2
Greatest Hits Volume 1 on Soundcloud
Greatest Hits Volume 2 on Soundcloud

Lionsex: Get It (Review)

Lionsex: Get It
Roar Power
Latest “Big New Thing” to come out of the UK is Milton Keynes band Lionsex. The band’s debut album Get It is a great mix of hard rock classic anthems with a highly commercial edge
Opening with Get It the band really do slam it down in convincing time. Straight away you can hear that the band have presented us with something we can get our teeth into (No pun intended)
The production is taut and tight and the songs stick in your head from the off. Of course it is easy to say that The American market will love this band but to be honest I see no reason why the band should not make big inroads into the lucrative American market and perhaps a few well times support slots could do the band a great deal of good followed by selected  headline  club dates . Make no mistake though this band are a band who can present their act on a big stage they have big songs the type that will fill an arena
Favourites? Well the opener  Get It is a Killer and there are another few great songs on this album that stand out straight away Like M.I.A. (Missing In Action),Rocket To Your Heart, Bringing Back The Heartache and the single Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy. I would also say that they will have to make radio edits of some of the songs due to the language which I know is a drag but in terms of the bigger picture is good for business but if they do that then there are a lot of radio friendly songs on this album and as such the guys should be really proud of delivering a debut of such a high standard.
Now get out on the road Boys and give it some serious stick and yes if you do they Will “Get It”

VICE Presents: Marshall Headphones On the Road

The Californian desert is not just the best place on the planet for partying, but it is
also a delicious place to get creative. “ Jesse Hughes London, (27th October 2011) -
Today VICE and Marshall Headphones premieres episode six of On the Road – the epic documentary series that celebrates what ultimately rock n roll is about – the roadies.

In the final episodes of Jesse’s incredible journey, he heads out to the Joshua Tree and
Rancho de la Luna, a mystical place and spiritual home for musicians to come to
record, play and write. The episode pays tribute to the ranch, which has seen some of
the true greats of music, with the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age,
U2, and PJ Harvey all jamming there. Jesse takes a tour of the compound with his best
friend and fellow Eagles of Death Metal man Dave Catching, and we see this isn’t just a
recording studio, but home to some amazing figures behind the rock ‘n’ roll scene.
Jesse also chats to chief engineer of Eagles of the Death Metal, John, about how he got
into the world of rock, and what his craziest experiences have been. The final episode
concludes with an impromptu secret gig by Eagles of Death Metal at an all night desert

To watch the sixth episode of Marshall Headphones on the Road go to
On the Road, is a twelve part documentary series produced by VICE and Marshall
Headphones. Presented by Jesse Hughes for the first six episodes and Tim Harrington
for the next, On the Road celebrates the travelling rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle playing tribute
to the unsung, behind-the-scenes heroes that make the gigs happen.

British Blues Guitarist Oli Brown has announced British tour dates for Spring 2012.

Tickets for Oli Brown’s solo tour, which kicks off at the Manchester Academy on Wednesday April 11th, will go on sale at 9am on Friday November 4th, mid-way through Oli’s UK stint as special guest to the legendary blues-man John Mayall. Tickets will be available from,, and the national booking hotline 0844 478 0898.

A special 48 hour ticket pre-sale will be made available through Eventim and Ents 24. From 9am on Wednesday November 2nd, fans can get their hands on a limited amount of tickets for each of the concerts by visiting

Since the release his 2010 album “Heads I Win Tails You Lose”, Oli has been almost constantly on the road with tours across Europe, America, Canada and New Zealand.  The album was produced by Mike Vernon (Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton), who came out of retirement especially to work with Oli, after hearing his debut album, “Open Road”.

Following the dates with John Mayall, Oli will be heading into the studio to work on an as-yet-untitled new album, which is set for an April 2012 release to coincide with theUKtour.

Manchester Academy
Wednesday 11 April
Doors – 7.30pm
Tickets – £12.50
Box Office – 0161 832 1111
Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PR

York The Duchess
Thursday 12 April
Doors -7.30pm
Tickets – £12.50
Box Office – 0844 478 0898
Stonebow House, York, YO1 7NP

Edinburgh The Caves
Friday 13 April
Doors – 7pm
Tickets – £12.50
Box Office – 0844 478 0898
8-12 Niddry Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1NS

Glasgow O2 ABC2
Saturday 14 April
Doors – 7pm
Tickets – £12.50
Box office – 0844 477 2000
300 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JA

Aberdeen Lemon Tree
Sunday 15 April
Doors – 7.30pm
Tickets – £12.50
Box office – 01224 641122
5 West North Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5AT

Newcastle O2 Academy2
Tuesday 17 April
Doors – 7.30pm
Tickets – £12.50
Box Office – 0844 477 2000
Westgate Road, Newcastle, NE1 1SW

Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Wednesday 18 April
Doors – 7.30pm
Tickets – £12.50
Box Office – 0845 413 4444
25 Goldsmith Street, Nottingham, NG1 5LB

Birmingham O2 Academy2
Thursday 19 April
Doors – 7.30pm
Tickets – £12.50
Box Office – 0844 477 2000
16-18 Horsefair, Bristol Street, B1 1DB

Exeter Phoenix
Friday 20th April
Doors – 8pm
Tickets – £12.50
Box Office – 01392 667080
Bradninch Place, Gandy St, EX4 3LS

Bristol The Tunnels
Saturday 21st April
Doors – 7pm
Tickets – £12.50
Box Office – 0845 605 0255
32 Bristol & Exeter Mews, Bristol BS1 6QS

London O2 Academy Islington
Sunday 22 April
Doors – 7pm
Tickets – £12.50
Box Office – 0844 477 2000
N1 Centre, 16 Parkfield Street, London, N1 OPS
Mean Fiddler proudly presents two special performances by The Musical Box, who bring their acclaimed reproduction of Genesis’ most loved album, “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”, to Manchester and London.

The Musical Box are the only band in the world given performing rights by Peter Gabriel and Genesis, plus exclusive access to archives, audio tracks and original slideshow for “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway“, re-staged 25 years later in painstaking detail.

The show has been produced in some of the most prestigious venue in the world, including London’s Royal Albert Hall and the Paris’ Olympia. In 2005, Phil Collins joined the band on stage in Geneva. Collins says about the show “I watched and listened. They played that stuff better than we ever did.”

The band are playing just two concerts and these concerts are expected to sell out so you are advised to book your tickets early.

In 2000, The Musical Box received a licence from Genesis and Peter Gabriel for the reproduction of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. No other band has ever obtained these rights. Masks, costumes, make-up, accessories, sets, lights, special effects, choreography and staging of the show were all recreated with meticulous precision. Costumes – including The Slipperman – required nearly 2 months of work, each detail being scrupulously reproduced by hand.

As for the music and sound, The Musical Box used the same instruments and equipment Genesis did for the original album, even down to the acquisition of a Micro-Fret 6 string bass. Genesis also supplied the 1120 slides used during the original 1974 tour.

The Two British Concert Dates Are Below

Thu March 15th   Manchester  O2 Apollo  £21.50/£25.00    08444 777 677

Fri March  16th    London    HMV Apollo    £23.50/31.50     08448 444 748

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Lionsex Have Been Let Out Of Their Cage

Briish band Lionsex release their new single "Nobody Said It Was Gonna be Easy" this week and also play a high profile Media event to  launch their album entitled Get It" released next week on the 7th of November.

The band who hail from Milton Keynes blend the sound and attitude of Classics from Marilyn Manson and 69 Eyes to Guns n Roses and Motley Crue with more than a hint of Pearl Jam and a vibrant modern edge, to make them a new reality to be reckoned with on the "Throbbing UK Scene".

The band also play a special Invite Only Media event  for the launch of the album which takes place at
2pm Thursday 3rd November at the:

Spice of Life
6 Moor Street
W1d 5NA (nr. Leicester Square Tube)

Yes UK Tour and Classic Rock Radio Playlist!

“Photo by Jerry and Lois Photography”. By Permission,
British Progressive Rock legends Yes embark on their UK tour on the 8th of November. The tour, which is part of a FULL European tour, is in support of the bands latest album Fly From Here
The current line up of Yes which includes Chris Squire, Alan White, Steve Howe, Geoff Downes and  Benoit David have been on tour in America since the summer and as such this tour is the first time the band have been able to play material from the Fly From here for British audiences. The tour will include material from the album alongside other Yes classics.
The UK tour dates are below and more details of the full European tour please visit the bands Official Website here:
Here at Classic Rock radio we are huge fans of Yes and in the run up to the UK dates we will be playing lots of Yes tracks  including tracks from the Fly From here album. You can also request Yes tracks by going to the request section on the Classic Rock radio website Here:

UK Tour November 2011
Tuesday 8th November                     Cambridge          Corn Exchange
Wednesday 9th November                Sheffield              City Hall 
Friday 11th November                      Birmingham         Symphony Hall
Saturday 12th November                  Glasgow               Clyde Auditorium
Sunday 13th November                    Manchester          Apollo
Tuesday 15th November                  Brighton                Dome
Wednesday 16th November             Bristol                   Colston Hall
Thursday 17th November                 London                 Hammersmith Apollo