Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Nick Drake: The Pink Moon Files: Book Review

Nick Drake: The Pink Moon Files
Jason Creed
Whilst not quite the domain of Classic Roc Nick Drake has fascinated me both as an artist and as a person for more than thirty five years. Of course the fact that when he died in 1974 he had only released three albums of original material means that the canon is somewhat complete and self contained.
This book which is essentially a compilation is a Nick Drake Fan’s delight gathering together  articles that were written for the Nick Drake fanzine “Pink Moon” which for a short time in the eighties built up quite a demand amongst the Nick Drake fan base.
Quite honestly it is a labour of love put together by the author of the original Pink Moon fanzine Jason Creed and rather like Nick Drake’s career the fanzine was only around for a few years and since then Nick Drake’s standing as an artist has become rather larger than it was in the eighties and so many of these articles and features collected here will perhaps have passed many people by.
If you have the two excellent books on Nick by Trevor Dann and Patrick Humphries then this book will be an essential addition to the library.
Containing first-person testimonies by the likes of John Martyn, Island Records employees, Robin Frederick and Drake's Cambridge contemporaries, his family, a psychiatrist, among many others this book will allow you to make your own mind up about Nick Drake a and of course drive you back to those three albums, which in my opinion is what any good book on an artist should do.

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