Thursday 31 January 2013

Drummer Mark Murdock Releases New Prog CD 'Cymbalic Encounters' Featuring Brand X's John Goodsall, Percy Jones, Kenwood Dennard And Other Guest Artists

Drummer Mark Murdock Releases New Prog CD 'Cymbalic Encounters' Featuring Brand X's John Goodsall, Percy Jones, Kenwood Dennard And Other Guest Artists David Sancious and
Spock's Beard's Ryo Okumotu
Tokyo, Japan - Prog fans worldwide are buzzing with excitement over the new CD release by drummer/songwriter/producer Mark Murdock titled 'Cymbalic Encounters'. Says Mark, "The concept of 'Cymbalic Encounters' represents the 'Encountering of Symbolic Musicians' as my greatest success in music has been keeping company with great musicians."

"Mark Murdock's 'Cymbalic Encounters' fulfills a longtime elusive goal. I tried to feature more the inherent UK prog (progressive rock) element of the fusion band, Brand X - with little success. Mr. Murdock seems to have achieved this combination with remarkable ease." – John Goodsall

The cymbal in 'Cymbalic' symbolizes meeting up with another drummer. "When I was 15, I broke my snare drum head and went into a music store in Phoenix, my hometown, where I was approached by this hippie looking guy with a Liverpool accent, who inquired into the local music scene and identified himself as a drum roadie for a touring band from England and invited me to that evening's concert to meet the drummer and band he was working for. He presented me with backstage passes and tickets." There Mark was introduced to the drummer of the band, a guy named Phil Collins with the band Genesis. "To make a long story short, Phil was keen on American drummers and so we engaged in drummers' talk. I instantly loved Phil's drumming. I met him on every tour that Genesis made to the states and eventually made it over to the UK, just in time to hear Brand X in rehearsal at Islands Studios in Hammersmith, London, where I was introduced to the other members. 

They were preparing to record their first record. But I thought they were just jamming, so I used to jump on a percussion rig there and jam along. Not realizing what I was jamming to was the material for 'Unorthodox Behaviour'. I also went to their very first gigs at the London School Of Economics and The Marquee Club via Phil. He also used to allow me into Trident Recording Studios where Genesis was recording 'A Trick Of The Tail'. There might have been a hidden motive to this as I was sometimes recruited as the unpaid official Brand X 'Fish And Chips boy' and babysitter for Phil. But in return I used to listen to his personal tapes of the 'Lamb' tours and play his red upright piano with a green painting on the purple walls. It was really an ugly site!" laughs Mark. "At any rate, it made a great musical impression on my life - not the interior design, but the music, the creative element, the energy."

"Rated as '8' out of the 'Best 10 CDs in 2012'! Mark Murdock - 'Cymbalic Encounters': Murdock surrounds himself with a group of outstanding players, delivering one of the best solo albums by a drummer that I have heard in a LONG time. Includes the smooth bass sounds of Percy Jones...the always in the right groove playing of John Goodsall – 'THE CLOSEST THING' to a new Brand X album that you'll come close to, with a twist." - Gary Brown, American Corespondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU

Mark Murdock started playing drums at a young age in Phoenix, Arizona. He played in a local jazz-rock band 'Seacloud' gaining local recognition and featured on Phoenix radio KDKB sponsored album. Mark's British connections eventually led him to Peter Banks, original guitarist with YES, who he teamed up with in Peter Banks EMPIRE in Los Angeles where he showcased in Empire and recorded a demo which later was released on CD as 'Empire Mark III' on One Way Records. Mark was also mentioned in the Peter Banks biography (co-written by Billy James) 'Beyond And Before'.
And just how did Mark bring Percy Jones and David Sancious together on the bonus track (song 14) "Waters From Marsh Harbour"?

Mark explains, "In terms of Percy, I have been in touch with him probably the longest out of anyone from Brand X. I moved to New York from Phoenix, only to find that Percy had moved there, as well. So, I just happened to have had the opportunity to write and record three tracks with David Sancious, who I met in Phoenix before moving east. David was touring with Jack Bruce (Cream) and Billy Cobham was their drummer, who had broken his TAMA Octobans stand. The owner of the club called me, knowing I was the only guy in Arizona who possessed one, so I hooked Billy up with my stand and got free tickets and a chance to hang with the band. I played David my recent recording that I had made with keyboardist Allan Zavod (Jean-Luc Ponty, Zappa). I assume David liked what he heard...he suggested that if I was ever on the east coast to look him up, which is exactly what I did shortly afterwards. 

I spent a few days at David's house writing a three song demo which we later recorded. David's playing is so profound! I quickly invited Percy to record bass on our tracks at Unique Studios in NYC. Brand X was actually scheduled for a 2012 tour with David Sancious, but it fell through. As a result I decided to add the track to 'Cymbalic Encounters' to show that they in fact joined forces below. Percy has supported me on numerous projects including 'Eyes Down' with songwriting, recording and playing live gigs. The 'Eyes Down' CD features guest appearances by violinist Shankar (Peter Gabriel, Frank Zappa, Shakti) percussionist Mino Cinelu (Miles Davis, Weather Report) and drummer/vocalist Tony 'Thunder' Smith (John Mclaughlin, Lou Reed) Percy is a 'one of a kind' bassist. He never plays inside the music, but plays outside just enough to keep within musical constraints in a mysterious way. I have always admired his musical sense."

"I met up with John Goodsall after not seeing him since the early Brand X days in London, in 1997 in Tokyo, where I currently reside. John is amazing in the way he understands Percy's playing and visa versus. But more than that, John's chording, melodies and leads are like no other in my book!!! What he contributed to the tracks was so magical! I was also a big fan of Atomic Rooster which was his previous band before Brand X."

Former Brand X/Pat Martino drummer Kenwood Dennard who played in Phil Collins absence of Brand X, due to Genesis commitments, also plays electronic drums on the track 'Unauthorized Recording'. Says Mark, "I had this grand idea of inviting some of the previous Brand X members on board; Robin Lumley and Mike Clark, who had agreed but were swept away with overloaded projects. I later realized I actually had a track of Kenwood playing my old electronic kit at a Tokyo gig that we played together from some years back. I was able to re-trigger the drum sounds and use them on the track. It may be the first time those guys have been on record together since the Brand X 'Livestock' album!"

"Murdock's 'Cymbalic Encounter' is a must hear CD!! Accompanied with Percy Jones, and John Goodsall they made one of the best prog - funk - jazz fusion - adult pop recordings that I heard in ages. Highly recommended!" - Gary Brown - American Corespondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU

Under the microscope, there are eight instrumental tracks and six vocal tracks that Mark is featured on vocals. Instrumental tracks like "Goodsall Funk Railroad/Ballad Of Percy Jones" which gets its name from Grand Funk Railroad and the kid's animation 'Thomas' is very reminiscent of early Brand X with its tight funk groove and soulful guitar melodies. The track "Cymbalic Encounters" has a mellow atmosphere with John Goodsall's signature sound. Vocal songs like 'Artificial Society' which has a pop element of catchy hooks to it, which Mark lyrically describes living in Japan - from a foreigner's view point. "The Manufacturers" is a song about China's manufacturing machine. Mark sings "We are the manufacturers - for better or for worse." Also featured is Spock's Beard keyboardist, Ryo Okumoto, who is no stranger to prog audiences worldwide. Ryo plays some mean MOOG synth on the track "Kaiten Zushi." And guest guitarist, Joe Berger who offers some bluesy/soulful lead guitar on several or more tracks and also mixed and mastered the CD at BEAM AUDIO, NYC. A few of Mark's long time friends, Dave Juteau and Ken Hall helped cover a needed few spots, which Mark is pleased with their contribution.

What does Mark have as a follow-up to this CD? "I am currently working on a follow-up CD with some of the tracks that didn't make this CD, also batch of new songs featuring Percy and John with hopefully some new featured artists - kind of like Ringo's All Stars Band," laughs Mark. "Plus, I plan to release a few other side projects in 2013 as well."

In closing Mark has this to impart to his listeners, "Percy and John really dedicated their talented writing skills and playing to support this CD. I feel honored to have them as the 'Featured Guests' on 'Cymbalic Encounters'."

To purchase Mark Murdock's 'Cymbalic Encounters':
Digital downloads also available from iTunes and Amazon
For information on purchasing physical CD orders:
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Deep Purple California Jam Photo Biography Book!

Only 350 Copies worldwide individually signed by Jon Lord, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes and Ian Paice

On April 6th 1974 Deep Purple appeared on stage at the California Jam festival at the Ontario Speedway in California.Taking top billing at the all-day event, and with great weather, Deep Purple and the other bands drew a crowd of around 165,000 people. It became the largest single-day paid attendance in U.S. rock concert history.

This astonishing concert is now the subject of a new documentary book, Deep Purple at the California Jam, published in December 2012 by Rufus Stone Limited Editions. Collecting together hundreds of black and white and colour images from a number of photographers who had all area access to the concert (and rehearsals), the large 12" by 12" format presentation allows these images to shine. Many of the photographs have never been seen before and have been fully restored and colour corrected.

The book is available in three editions, from the astonishing Signature Edition, signed by Jon Lord, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes and Ian Paice to a Vinyl edition and the book on it's own. The total run is just 1000 copies worldwide making this a true collectors presentation, whatever the format. A contribution from the sale of the Signature Edition will be made to Jon Lord's chosen charity. The Signature Edition is going fast... pre-ordering is advised.

The Signature Edition £300 350 copies
This premium edition is numbered and individually signed by the great Jon Lord in June 2012. Subsequently it has also been signed by David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes and Ian Paice. The 288 page hand-bound coffee table book is bound in Purple recycled leather with a silver foil emboss to the front. Printed on 170gsm artpaper, the pages will be hand stitched. The book comes in a recycled leather slipcase and is presented in a beautiful leather style clamshell box with inlaid colour graphic. Alongside this is a heavyweight double vinyl album of the live recording from the concert, together with reproduction back stage passes, poster and certificate of production

The Vinyl Edition £200 150 copies
Presented in a leather slipcase together with the vinyl recordings this edition of the book features a printed cover with foiled emboss.. Individually numbered with a certificate of production.

The Standard Edition £120 500 copies
The book on its own and quarter bound with a photographic cover and supplied in a card slipcase. Individually numbered.

For More details on all the formats of the book please go to the website

Here is the story of the signatures in the Signature Edition obtained by the publisher Mark Smith in late 2012

When Jon Lord agreed to sign our California Jam book earlier this year we were understandably delighted. A date was quickly arranged and in late June I found myself at Jon's house, cup of tea in hand, sat talking to the great man about the California Jam itself, Deep Purple Mark3, early Whitesnake (the most fun he'd ever had in a professional band) and his classical work, including the new Concerto recording. Jon was amazing, passionate about his work and his musical history. He was very interested in the Cal Jam book and wanted to help further. After an hour of talking it was clear he was getting tired, so with carefully signed sheets in hand I bid farewell to Jon and told him I'd be back in touch.
Three weeks later Jon Lord passed away.

To be honest I was unsure of what to do with my signed sheets. We knew Jon was ill when he signed but hoped the end was somewhere much further down the line. I wanted him to see the final product. After a while it occurred to me that it would be great to see if the other band members from that era would also sign the sheets... a reunion of sorts, even if only on paper. So, I got back in touch with Jon's manager and he started to assist. Our commitment would be to make a contribution from the sale of these items to Jon's charity and in return provide something genuinely unique for the fans.

First on board were Ian Paice and Glenn Hughes. Ian signed the sheets at his home shortly before this year's Sunflower Jam. Like Jon he did a cracking job and I'm genuinely grateful to rock's governor drummer. Glenn Hughes responded to my email with a very positive "yes" and we tried to co-ordinate the signing with his recent UK trip, but as things were getting difficult with Black Country Communion this proved difficult. So, Glenn went back to LA and the task was uncompleted.

And then we got an affirmative from David Coverdale. We thought about sending the sheets via Fedex to the West Coast but quickly put the idea to one side. These sheets could not get lost. A trip was quickly arranged (I hate flying, with a vengeance) and both David and Glenn agreed dates to receive and sign the sheets. Within a few days we found ourselves in San Francisco before driving to Lake Tahoe, where I met Michael Mcintyre. Michael was charming and although we had missed David that day the sheets were left with him and we returned the following morning to meet David and collect the signatures. David seemed genuinely interested in the project and was pleased to help, talking about those early Purple days and his memories of Jon Lord.

The car trip down to LA was long but beautiful. The west coast is an astonishing landscape and we managed to take in some great views at Yosemite and the coast road itself. Great fun.
A few days later I found myself at Glenn's house, overlooking LA. Glenn apologised for not getting together in the UK and proceeded to sign the sheets with gusto, talking about that lineup and also about his ongoing "secret" project. Like David he was full of energy and seemed genuinely happy to sign the sheets and be part of the process.

All too quickly it was over... mission accomplished. So now, we have something unique, a major book signed by almost all band members of what was the biggest band in the world, performing at one of the biggest gigs in the world. I couldn't be happier.

Mark Smith
October 2012

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Dave Kilminster Scarlet-The Director's Cut. Review

Whenever a guitarist noted for his work with others releases an album you do wonder what you are going to get. Sometimes it is meandering  snooze inducing solos or at the other end of the scale a shred fest where the guitarist seems t over compensate for being held  contained and under the cosh of the artist he or she is playing for.Dave has made a name for himself over the last few years as a great guitar player for the likes of John Wetton, Keith Emerson and more famously Roger Waters 

In the case of Dave Kilminster you have a guitarist of  immense talent as a guitar player  but also a fine songwriter and arranger. and with his solo debut Scarlet The Director's Cut you can enjoy all of the above talents wrapped up in an exceptional album. 
This is not just a prog album as many would imaging but an album covering a number of styles and moods and every one of these hits the mark with amazing accuracy. Once you start playing this album it is hard to skip a track or take it off it really is that good 

Song wise the highlights are many but for the sake of example  "Brightest Star","Rain...(On Another Planet)", and the charming "Angel". are all highly recommended.

What I suggest you do is take some time out and just listen to the album all the way through and then play it again. It really does make a massive impression and one that stays a lot longer than  you might think.

For a debut solo album Scarlet The Directors Cut is an incredible piece of work and I for one am hoping that working for Roger Waters aside Dave gets the opportunity to go back into the studio and record a follow up soon.

Albums this good rarely come along and when they do we really should get behind them. Go on tell your friends this is an album that should be heard; well written and well produced and of course it goes without saying the guitar work is excellent but above all this is an album that will strike home in a big way and I have not heard a debut solo album this good for many years. The songs are all incredible  and that is the mark of a good album  and therefore comes with the highest recommendation!

1. Silent Scream
2. Static
3. Just Crazy
4. Angel
5. Chance
6. Big Blue
7. Brightest Star
8. Liar
9. Rain...(On Another Planet)
10. Harkness

Review By
Jon Kirkman CRR 

Ian Anderson To Bring His Thick As A Brick Tour To The Legendary Royal Albert Hall


After the enormous success of his 2012 UK tour, Ian Anderson is back for a very special one-off show at the Royal Albert Hall on 30th June; Thick as a Brick returns ‘home’ to the prestigious London venue after 41 years since it was first performed there. The gig is part of an extensive world tour taking the Jethro Tull’ icon to Europe, USA, Japan and South America; This will be the only production Thick As A Brick UK date in 2013 and tickets are expected to go fast.

Tickets go on sale on Friday 1st February at 9.00am. Ticket prices are £30 and £35 for Circle, £42.50 Front Circle, £47.50 for Arena floor, stalls and second tier - £55 for Boxes and there are 30 special VIP Arena Floor tickets available at £150 each. 
Box Office – 0207 589 8212. 

Online bookings from   
credit card bookings 0844 888 9991.    

Doors open at 6.45pm and show time will be 7.30pm. 

Ian Anderson says So - bugger me, but it’s back to the Albert for a recreation of the 1972 performance. If only Victoria could be there too. She might have rather liked it. In a funny sort of way. I might try to get a few guests in too if they are not washing their hair. But I will have shampoo at the ready and a hot Fray Bentos pie at backstage catering. That might do it. At least I get to sleep in my own bed afterwards. 

Hope to see you there. Bostock rools.  Kiss, kiss."          

The ‘Thick as a Brick’ show is a two part Prog bonanza where Anderson and his band will be performing his Jethro Tull’ 1972 classic in its entirety, followed by recent material from its 2012’ sequel. Both albums will be performed as recorded, seamless 55 minutes long tracks with a 20 minute intermission.  Video projections and theatrical elements will offer a sumptuous background for this unforgettable milestone in the history of rock.

‘Thick as a Brick’ was a concept album based on a poem written by fictitious 10 year old boy Gerald Bostock, behind which hides Anderson himself. ‘Thick as a Brick 2’ was written and released by Anderson as a celebration of the original’s 40th anniversary, and examines the possible different paths that the precocious young schoolboy might have taken later in life; alter-ego characters are used to illustrate the infinite potential twists and turns of fate and opportunity.

Anderson has been leading Jethro Tull for 44 years; they toured 54 countries worldwide and recorded 30 studio albums, selling over 60 million albums in their career. Widely recognised as the man who introduced the flute to rock music, Ian also plays ethnic flutes and whistles together with acoustic guitar and the mandolin family of instruments, providing the acoustic textures which have been an integral part of most of the Tull repertoire and his solo material. In his most recent solo concerts, Ian has been accompanied by orchestras, string quartets and featured soloists; his eclectic acoustic shows are also a hit with fans of the genre. 

Friday 25 January 2013

BID for this SIGNED DRUMHEAD Silent auction via rock cancer charity THE SUNFLOWER JAM

How would you like to get your rock music lovin mitts on THIS piece of rock history? This drumhead is signed by rock greats such as Alice Cooper, Brian May, Ian Paice, John Paul Jones, Bruce Dickinson and Brian Auger.

Drooling yet? We are!!!

Our friends at rock cancer charity The SunFlower Jam ( are running an online SILENT auction (shhhhh!) for this delectable drumhead!

   If you want , desire  and  crave to get your hands on it then  email your best bids to by 12pm  (uk time) on Thursday 31st of Jan 2013

Remember this is SIGNED by Alice Cooper, Brian May, Ian Paice, John Paul Jones, Bruce Dickinson and Brian Auger who were amongst the many talented people gracing the stage at London's Royal Albert Hall in September 2012 for the Sunflower Jam's SupaJam

Please be sure to show your support to this charity. You can also find them on Facebook and on Twitter!

Happy bidding!!

Marilyn Michaels

Thursday 24 January 2013

Time To Get Waysted Again!

Waysted Vices!
Pete Way was the original bass guitarist and founder member of British hard rockers UFO. In 1982, after making 10 studio LPs with UFO since their 1969 start, Pete left initially to play bass on Ozzy Osbourne’s "Talk Of The Devil” tour as well as briefly forming Fastway with Motorhead’s "Fast” Eddie Clarke. Both were short lived, as in 1983 he formed Waysted.
Featuring Fin Muir on lead vocals, Ronnie Kayfield on lead guitar, former UFO and MSG member Paul Raymond on rhythm guitar, keyboards and backing and Frank Noon on drums, their debut LP was originally issued on UFO’s label Chrysalis Records.
Featuring Waysted classics ‘Love Loaded’, ‘Women in Chains’ plus a cover of ‘Somebody to Love’.

The final album was mixed at the Townhouse studios, but research in the Chrysalis archives revealed six songs which had been previously mixed at Maison Rouge studios; ‘Love Loaded’, ‘Sleazy’, ‘Night Of The Wolf’, ‘Right From The Start’, ‘All Belongs To You’ and ‘Somebody To Love’. These unique versions appear on CD for the very first time.
The set features a brand new essay from Classic Rock and Metal Hammer’s Malcolm Dome commissioned for this set.

Pre order Here

Waysted Save Your Prayers!

After releasing their debut album "Vices” in 1983 on Chrysalis, before switching to Music For Nations for the release of "Waysted” (1984) and "The Good The Bad And The Waysted” (1985), the band signed to EMI’s Parlophone label in 1986 for the release of "Save Your Prayers”.

The album is now expanded to include the non-album b-side ‘Fire Under The Wheels’ plus 7” single edits of ‘Black & Blue’ and the new version of the Waysted classic ‘Heaven Tonight’, available on CD for the first time.

The set features a brand new essay from Classic Rock and Metal Hammer’s Malcolm Dome commissioned for this set.

Bernie Marsden Solo Reissues from The Whitesnake Era Released In February Through Cherry Red

Bernie Marsden And About Time Too!

Originally released by EMI on their famed Parlophone label in 1979, "And About Time Too!” has an impressive list of guest musicians; Cream’s Jack Bruce on bass and vocals, Don Airey (Rainbow, Ozzy, Deep Purple, Colosseum II) on keyboards, Ian Paice (Whitesnake, Deep Purple) on drums, semi-legendary session drummer Simon Phillips (Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Judas Priest, Toto), Cozy Powell (Jeff Beck, Rainbow, MSG, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake) on drums, Neil Murray (Colosseum II, Whitesnake) on bass and Jon Lord (Deep Purple, Whitesnake) on keyboards, all make an appearance on the album.

The album was produced, by Martin Birch famed for his work with Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, features the rare non-album b-side ‘You & Me’.
The release features new, updated artwork based on photos from the original album session, plus a new interview conducted in 2012 with Bernie for this release. 

Pre order Here

Bernie Marsden Look At Me Now

Bernie Marsden’s second solo LP, made whilst he was still a full-time member of Whitesnake, was originally released by EMI on their Parlophone imprint in 1981.

"Look At Me Now” features Ian Paice (Whitesnake, Deep Purple) on drums, semi-legendary session drummer Simon Phillips (Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Judas Priest, Toto), Neil Murray (Colosseum II, Whitesnake) on bass and Jon Lord (Deep Purple, Whitesnake) on keyboards.
Produced by Bernie Marsden himself, the album features the rare non-album b-side ‘Always Love You So’.

The release features the cover painting from the original vinyl reinstated, plus a new interview with Bernie conducted in 2012 for this release.

Pre Order here

New Releases from Esoteric On Vinyl!

Well it seems that vinyl is alive and well and some record companies are meeting the demand for vinyl head on with forthcoming releases
Esoteric Records are one of those labels and have some great Vinyl releases available in Limited editions due for release in the coming months. These titles are 
pre-selling now 
Hawkwind Light Orchestra_Stellar Variations, 

Dave Brock--Looking for Love in the Land of Lost Dreams 
(coloured vinyl both 500 copies)
Soft Machine Legacy--Burden of Proof (new studio album)
Lifesigns-Lifesigns (new studio album)

Sanguine Hum-Weight of the World (new studio album) 
(250 copies each only for these 3) Black vinyl. 
all are available exclusively by mail order and will not be at retail
 previous limited edition LPs have sold out.

You can see the releases here and pre order the titles via the website


Tom Fuller To Support Little Feat On Their UK Dates

Since releasing his latest studio album, ‘Ask’, The Tom Fuller Band has been touring North America with the legendary rock band Little Feat. With the European leg of Little Feat’s tour about to get underway throughout February 2013, fans of The Tom Fuller Band can look forward to two UK dates; London’s Shepherds Bush Empire on 8th February and Norwich’s UEA on February 10th.

Hailing from Chicago, where the saying “kick ass and take names” is often used to describe how to get the job done (not in an Al Capone way, you understand - although Tom’s grandmother did work for the notorious gangster), The Tom Fuller Band set about enlisting some of the biggest names in the music industry to produce ‘Ask’, which has garnered rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic since its release in August 2012.

As a kid, when Tom Fuller bought his first Paul McCartney album he never imagined that he would one day record an album of his own with two of McCartney’s band members, but that’s exactly what happened when it came to recording ‘Ask’, with drummer Abe Laborie Jr. and guitarist Brian Ray signing-up for the sessions.

The album was produced by the studio maestro Rick Chudacoff, (Alison Krauss, Smokey Robinson), and mixed by Cenzo Townsend and Dave Bascombe (U2, Bon Jovi, Kaiser Chiefs), further realising the widescreen cinematic vision of Fuller’s music, as was previously evident on his 2005 debut album ‘Chasing An Illusion’ and its 2009 follow-up album ‘Abstract Man’.

The songs on ‘Ask’embrace Fuller’s distinctive blend of innovative melodies and chord structures, alongside lyrics that engage, uplift and resonate with passion and truth.
“It’s been a one hell of a journey,” says Fuller. “The new album’s like a songbook that’s accompanied me all along the trail. Every track means so much to me. I think it’s my strongest collection of songs to date. I can’t wait to play them in the UK”
Check out Tom Fuller's websites here

Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor ,MBE Joint album The Colonel and The Governor Plus UK Tour Dates!

On Monday 4th March, world-renowned Australian fingerstyleacoustic guitarist Tommy Emmanuel, CGP, and Britain’s Martin Taylor, MBE, will release their highly anticipated collaboration album “The Colonel& The Governor” on Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings.
The album coincides with a UK tour of the same name; which starts in Belfast on 2ndMarch. Full details for the album and tour can be found here:

The acoustic duet album stemmed from a simple idea: find songs that Tommy and Martin love and come up with arrangements that could allow both of them to, as Tommy Emmanuel says, “fly their own our kites,” and have some fun playing together in the process.
Track Listing
I Won’t Last A Day Without You
2. Jersey Bounce
Bernie’s Tune
A Smooth One
Heat Wave
One Day
8. Lullaby ofBirdland
The Nearness of You
Down at Cocomos
The Fair Haired Child
Secret Love
Wonderful Baby
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

Tuesday 22 January 2013

The Union Return With New Album and UK Tour Dates

RELEASE DATE: Feb 11th 2013


On 11th February 2013, award winning British duo The Union will release their third album, ‘The World Is Yours’, followed by a 10-date UK tour starting on 13th February.

The release of „The World Is Yours‟ comes hot on the heels of The Union‟s last album, „Siren‟s Song‟, receiving a nomination for „Album Of The Year‟ at Classic Rock Magazine‟s 2012 „Roll of Honour Awards‟.

The Union was formed by guitarist Luke Morley and vocalist/guitarist Peter Shoulder after Luke‟s twenty-year career with Thunder came to an end in 2009. Peter Shoulder was the vocalist, songwriter and musical rudder of Winterville. In 2006 he won The W.C Handy Blues Foundation award, presented to him in Memphis for co-writing the American Blues Song of the Year, „Think of Me‟. The song was performed by blues legend Little Milton. At the time of winning, there were only two other British artists to have received that particular award, the others being Eric Clapton and Peter Green.

The Union‟s eponymous debut album was released in August 2010 to acclaim from both fans and the critics, and saw the band end the year on a high when they were voted „Best New Band‟ at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards, where they celebrated in style by performing live to a hall packed with rock royalty.
2011 saw the band tour with the recently reformed Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake on their respective UK tours, as well as a successful first foray into Europe as the special guests of Belgian rockers Triggerfiunger, before releasing their celebrated second album „Siren‟s Song‟.
When it came to recording „The World Is Yours‟, The Union decamped to Walton Castle. Luke Morley said, “We‟ve used Walton Castle as a writing location on all our albums so far so we thought it‟d be good to record there, too. We set up a temporary control room in one of the turrets and took advantage of all the great sounding rooms. The place has a unique vibe that really suits us ”.

Released on 11th February, „The World Is Yours‟ is set to further enhance The Union‟s reputation as one of the finest rock bands in the UK today.

The Union‟s UK tour dates are as follows:
13 February 2013 - Manchester - Academy 3
14 February 2013 - Glasgow - The Cathouse
15 February 2013 - Ballymena, The Diamond Rock Club
17 February 2013 - Newcastle, O2 Academy Newcastle
18 February 2013 - Leeds, The Cockpit
19 February 2013 - Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
21 February 2013 - London, Islington O2 Academy
22 February 2013 - Newport, Steelhouse Club
23 February 2013 - Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
24 February 2013 - Bristol, The Fleece

Counting Crows Return To The UK For The First Time In Four years

San Francisco rockers Counting Crows have announced their first UK tour in over 4 years. The multi-platinum 7 piece will bring their live show to Birmingham, Bristol, London, Manchester and Glasgow in April, after touring in Australia and a string of European dates.

“All I could say when I saw the plans for a UK/EU tour was ‘It's about time” – says Adam Duritz – “It's hard to explain to fans why bands occasionally let so much time pass between visits. The truth is sometimes life just gets in the way and, before you know it, it's been a few years. Personally, I'm just glad we're going back. I have a lot of great memories of past tours. Remembering where we've been always gets me excited about where we're going.”

The tour follows the release in 2012 of Underwater Sunshine (or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation), a collection of more and less known songs ranging from the 1960s to our days. Produced by Counting Crows and Shawn Dealey, Underwater Sunshine features tracks written by artists such as Big Star, Gram Parsons, Tender Mercies, Kasey Anderson and The Faces. A new live album will be released to coincide with the dates.

Counting Crows formed in 1991 in the San Francisco Bay area and they have sold over 20 million albums to date. They had 5 Top 20 studio albums in the UK (3 of them charting in the Top 10) and all 5 hitting Top 5 on the Billboard 200. The current line up features Adam Duritz (vocals), David Bryson (guitar), Charles Gillingham (keyboards), Dan Vickrey (guitar), Jim Bogios (drums), David Immergluck (guitar) and Millard Powers (bass).

Widely remembered for their 1993 seven times platinum debut release August And Everything After - including hit single “Mr Jones” -  Counting Crows more recently had a US No.1 with “Accidentally In Love”, featured on the Shrek 2 soundtrack, which was nominated in 2005 for a Grammy Award, a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award. Their most recent studio album, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings was released to critical and popular acclaim in March 2008 and charted at No. 12 in the UK.

UK dates are:

APRIL 2013

Fri 19th     Birmingham         O2 Academy               
Sat 20th    Bristol                 Colston Hall
Mon 22nd London                Hammersmith Apollo
Thu 25th   Manchester          O2 Apollo Manchester 
Fri 26th     Glasgow               O2 Academy

Tickets go on sale at 9.00am on Friday 25th January and are priced at  £33.50 adv Reg / £36.50 Bristol / £37.50 London (all subject to booking fee).  Online tickets available from


02 and Counting Crows Community pre sale starts on 23rd January 9.00am
Live Nation pre sale starts on 24th January at 9.00am

Counting Crows will be offering two VIP packages for each show, Early Access and Meet and Greet. They will both include digital download of latest CD, early access to the venue, exclusive merchandise item, and VIP laminate. With Meet and Greet package allowing fans to attend the last 20 minutes of sound check and meet the band. Go to, or the bands website for more info.