Sunday 29 June 2014

Pretty Things Celebrate their 50th Anniversary 
With London Concert and Live Album Launch

A north Kent band that helped give birth to the swinging sixties, had Parliament worried and were name-checked by Bob Dylan are preparing to release a Live album to mark their 50th anniversary.

The Pretty Things released their eponymous debut in 1964 and will now launch Live at The 100 Club on July 4, with a gig at the 100 Club in Oxford Street.
The band’s name probably doesn’t mean much to many people now, but they certainly caused a wave in the sixties.

In his phone book, David Bowie wrote next to singer Phil May “is God!”
Van Morrison said in 1995: “The Pretty Things? - one of the greatest R&B bands of all time - real wild.”
Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour said: “The Pretty Things always made The Stones look tame, and the time has definitely come for their renaissance.”

Guitarist Dick Taylor joined his Sidcup Art College buddy, Keith Richards, and his mate Mick Jagger in a band in the early 1960s in the band Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys.
The three, all from Dartford, were then invited to join Brian Jones’ band, the Rollin’ Stones.
Dick, now 71, played with the band for a while before quitting to study at the London Central School of Art.

Who knows what happened to Mick and Keith.
While studying, Dick set up a new band, The Pretty Things, with some friends, including Dartford’s Phil May.

Their debut album went to number 6 and they were part of the cultural sea change of the 60s.
Recently, The Pretty Things have supported the likes of The White Stripes, Kasabian, Iggy Pop and Bruce Springsteen.

Tickets for the album launch on July 4 cost £20 and are available 

Via Telephone On:
 +44(0) 7437204573

Friday 27 June 2014


***1st Single – ‘Gimme A Feelin’ (Radio Edit)***

2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Ace Frehley has signed to Steamhammer / SPV to release his first solo album in five years, ‘Space Invader’, containing 11 brand new original songs, plus a cover of Steve Miller’s ‘The Joker’, on August 16th.

‘Space Invader’, the cover of which was painted by Ken Kelly, the famous creator of KISS’ ‘Destroyer’ and ‘Love Gun’ albums artwork, will be available as a limited edition Digipak CD, (including 2 bonus tracks and poster) as well as a standard jewel case CD. ‘Space Invader’ will also be released as a double gatefold coloured vinyl album, boasting 4 bonus tracks, printed inner sleeves, and a CD in a cardboard sleeve, while the iTunes version of ‘Space Invader’ will include the 14 tracks contained on the digipak.

Frehley has released an official statement surrounding his new studio album:
“Life on Earth has been very good to me, and the body of work I’ve created over the years has withstood the test of time.  Today I see no obstacles before me and my creativity has never been more fine tuned. Growing up in an Alien world has enhanced my senses and allowed me to succeed where others would have failed. The best is yet to come!”

Widely known as the original ‘Space Ace’ and founding guitarist for 16 cumulative years (over 2 tenures) of multi platinum selling rock band KISS, Frehley is demonstrably the most popular original member, having enjoyed the best selling solo album career (vintage or current) of the original foursome.

Frehley’s self titled solo debut ‘Ace Frehley’ album, which was released in 1978, went on to sell well over one million copies, and produced the only Top 40 single, ‘New York Groove’, to be taken from any of the legendary KISS band members’ solo albums to date.

‘New York Groove’, which peaked at #13 in Billboard’s top 100 singles chart, was most recently featured in an episode of cult show ‘Entourage’ and was also KISS’ second bestselling download in 2012, besting such KISS Army anthems as ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’ ‘Beth’ and ‘Calling Dr. Love’ - even after 36 years.
After his departure from KISS, Ace went on to release four more solo albums and one live EP, culminating with his most recent opus, ‘Anomaly’ in 2009, which received a more than welcoming response from critics; "‘Anomaly' shows why many rock and metal guitarists list ‘Space Ace’ as a prime six-string influence," proclaimed Rolling Stone.

Official Websites

Thursday 26 June 2014

SPIKE: 100% Pure Frankie Miller
RELEASED: 8th September 2014
Feat. Ronnie Wood, Andy Fraser (Free), Simon Kirke (Free and Bad Company), Ian Hunter and more

Call it a labour of love. A life’s ambition. Or the chance to keep a precious legacy alive. Call it 100% Pure Frankie Miller. Spike’s sparkling celebration of long-time pal and inspiration Miller is a very special album indeed.

Many years in the making - and finally brought to fruition by a famous band of rock n roll brothers - 100% Frankie Miller is the ultimate tribute to a Scottish legend featuring ‘lost’ treasures and previously hidden gems.

Bringing together the Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood, famed Free rhythm section Andy Fraser and Simon Kirke, Mott The Hoople’s Ian Hunter and the brilliant Bonnie Tyler, this heartfelt collection of classic songs has been lovingly compiled by The Quireboys’ lead singer Spike – a family friend of the Millers and self-styled custodian of an historic back catalogue.

Two decades after suffering the brain haemorrhage that cut short a colourful career, Miller has emerged as one of rock’s great survivors and his music lives on.

“Frankie doesn’t want sympathy,” said Spike. “He just wants his music to be heard. These songs have never been heard before and they’ve been recorded with Frankie’s blessing. They are songs that would have been lost if it wasn’t for the desire of a group of his closest friends and biggest fans to do them justice. Frankie Miller was - and still is - a massive influence on so many musicians, myself included. He has a special talent as a songwriter and that talent deserves to be celebrated.”

Miller enjoyed chart success in the late 70s with Be Good To Yourself, Darlin and and When I’m Away From You and counts fellow countryman Rod Stewart amongst his biggest fans.

In 1999 the BBC filmed the documentary Stubborn Kinda Fella – charting Miller’s long road to recovery in the wake of his brain haemorrhage – and now 100% Frankie Miller brings a remarkable story bang up to date.

100% Frankie Miller features Ronnie Wood, Andy Fraser, Bonnie Tyler, Simon Kirke, Ian Hunter, Luke Morley, Guy Griffin, Keith Weir, Paul Guerin, Tyla, Chris Corney, Mark Stanway, Mick Roobotham, Matt Goom, Pat Mcmanus, Lorraine Crosby, Stuart Emerson, Cherry Lee Mewis, Simon Hanson and Jimi The Piper.

100% Pure Frankie Miller will be released on 8th September 2014 through Cargo Records.

CSNY 1974

David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young announce the release of CSNY 1974, the long awaited boxed set from their historic 1974 tour will be available July 7/8. The forty (40) previously unreleased tracks recorded forty (40) years ago will be packaged in several formats and configurations and released July 7 in international territories, and July 8 in the United States. The box set includes all 40 tracks, a 188-page booklet of never before seen tour photos, and a bonus DVD of previously unreleased concert footage; the box is available as a 3CD/DVD set or Pure Audio Blu-Ray (192kHz/24-bit)/DVD set.

Long-rumored and highly anticipated, CSNY 1974 captures the band’s one-of-a-kind harmonic alchemy during its remarkable outdoor stadium tour, a trek that spanned more than two months, and included 31 concerts, in 24 cities, with combined audiences of over a million people. Produced by Graham Nash and Joel Bernstein, the box set mirrors the electric/acoustic/electric format that the band followed each night on stage, representing an idealized version of a show from the tour.

The box set includes some of CSNY’s best-known music; songs like “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” “Helpless,” “Wooden Ships,” and “Teach Your Children.” During the 1974 tour, CSNY also introduced new songs that emerged later on various albums, like Crosby’s “Time After Time,” Nash’s “Fieldworker,” and Stills’ “First Things First.” Several songs by Young are previously unreleased, including “Traces,” “Love/Art Blues,” “Goodbye Dick,” and “Hawaiian Sunrise.”

CSNY 1974 will be available from CSNY and Rhino in several different configurations listed below, on July 8, nearly 40 years to the date after the tour’s first show on July 9, 1974.
·         CSNY 1974 (3CD & Bonus DVD)  - Boxed set with 40 audio tracks on 3 CDs, a bonus DVD of 8 previously unreleased, restored archival video performances & a 188-page booklet
·         CSNY 1974 (Pure Audio Blu-Ray & Bonus DVD) - 40 high-resolution 192kHz/24-bit audio tracks on a Pure Audio Blu-Ray disc, plus the bonus DVD & a 188-page booklet
·         CSNY 1974 (Digital) - All audio tracks will be available for download.
·         CSNY 1974 (Digital Deluxe Edition) All audio tracks will be available for download, plus digital booklet, and bonus video digital download.
·         CSNY 1974 (Single CD)16 tracks, electric and acoustic, selected from the collection
CSNY 1974

Track Listings for the following configurations:

3CD/ Bonus DVD OR Pure Audio Blu-Ray / Bonus DVD

Disc One – First Set
1.    “Love The One You’re With”
2.    “Wooden Ships”
3.    “Immigration Man”
4.    “Helpless”
5.    “Carry Me”
6.    “Johnny’s Garden”
7.    “Traces”
8.    “Grave Concern”
9.     “On The Beach”
10. “Black Queen”
11. “Almost Cut My Hair”

Disc Two – Second Set
1.    “Change Partners”
2.    “The Lee Shore”
3.    “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”
4.    “Our House”
5.    “Fieldworker”
6.    “Guinevere”
7.    “Time After Time”
8.    “Prison Song”
9.    “Long May You Run”

10. “Goodbye Dick”
11. “Mellow My Mind”
12. “Old Man”
13. “Word Game”
14. “Myth Of Sisyphus”
15. “Blackbird”
16. “Love Art Blues”
17. “Hawaiian Sunrise”
18. “Teach Your Children”
19. “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”

Disc Three – Third Set
1.    “Déjà Vu”
2.    “My Angel”
3.    “Pre-Road Downs”
4.    “Don’t Be Denied”
5.    “Revolution Blues”
6.    “Military Madness”
7.    “Long Time Gone”
8.    “Pushed It Over The End”
9.    “Chicago”
10. “Ohio”

Bonus DVD
1.    “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”
2.    “Almost Cut My Hair”
3.    “Grave Concern”
4.    “Old Man”
5.    “Johnny’s Garden”
6.    “Our House”
7.    “Déjà Vu”
8.     “Pushed It Over The End”

Single CD Track Listing

1.       “Love The One You're With”
2.        “Wooden Ships”
3.        “Immigration Man”
4.        “Helpless”
5.        “Johnny's Garden”
6.        “The Lee Shore”
7.        “Change Partners”
8.        “Only Love Can Break Your Heart
9.        “Our House”
10.    “Guinevere”
11.    “Old Man”
12.    “Teach Your Children”
13.    “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”
14.    “Long Time Gone”
15.    “Chicago”
16.    “Ohio”

Graham Nash with Classic Rock radio's Jon Kirkman October 2013.
Photograph  Carol Clough

You can listen to Graham Nash in conversation with Classic Rock Radio's Jon Kirkman by goign to the Classic Ropck Radio Listen Again Feature Here

Scroll down the page to the bottom of the page where the play link is 

The Scintilla Project featuring Biff Byford of Saxon
New Album ‘The Hybrid’ 
                                                                        Music inspired by the Movie ‘Scintilla’     
             Album Release date: 
                   18 August 2014                   
 SCINTILLA, a science fiction thriller is set deep underground in the wilds of a former Soviet state where strange genetic experiments are taking place. A war weary mercenary is hired to lead a company scientist to the secret underground laboratory and with his team of mercenaries to steal the research in the laboratory. Along the way the good people face dangerous militia involved in a bloodthirsty civil war, strange monsters lurking in the abandoned tunnels of the old Soviet bunker and finally they meet the scientist running the genetic experiments and her terrifying secret.
 The film has inspired a newly formed super-group THE SCINTILLA PROJECT, fronted by SAXON’s own BIFF BYFORD, who will be releasing their album THE HYBRID, featuring songs inspired by the film, on August 18th.


Biff Byford states:’ I was introduced to Lionel Hicks by Toby Jepson while recording ‘Call To Arms’. This was leading Saxon to write a song for the Lionel Hicks produced film ‘Scintilla’. As the film developed through production, our minds began working – maybe we could put together a concept album based and inspired by the film. While I was having a break from writing with Saxon me, Lionel Hicks and Anthony Ritchie ( both ‘Balance Of Power’) decided that I would produce and also sing on the album, I brought in Andy Sneap to co-produce and play guitar on some tracks’.

The Scintilla Project:
Biff Byford (vocals), Lionel Hicks (drums), Anthony Ritchie (bass), Andy Sneap (guitar)


Scintilla (One Black Heart)
Beware The Children – (Video clip ready June 23rd)
Some Nightmare
The Damned And Divine
Life In Vain
No Rest for The Wicked (Saxon recording as featured in the film – taken from ‘Call To Arms’)

Tuesday 24 June 2014


CJ Wildheart is set to release ‘Mable’, his first solo album in 7 years. Having initially teamed up with Pledgemusic to run a preorder campaign, the album is set for a commercial release through Devilspit Records on 4th August 2014.

“Mable” is basically me working in my home studio throughout summer/winter 2013 writing, demoing and going a little stir crazy. It’s a power pop five knuckle shuffle bunch of songs that combines everything I love about music that’s melody, harmonies and guitars all put together with a quirky rock slant.’

The lead track ‘Down The Drain‘ is a chunky no thrills return to form with catchy lead lines and industrial pounding beats. ‘Next To You’ shifts it up a gear until ‘Vitirol’ hits with a furious infusion of catchy lead lines and pop sensibilities. ‘Come with me’ is a groove laden laid back roller with massive choruses until moving on to the anthemic finale ‘Midlife Crisis’.

Alongside releasing 11 solid new hard rocking catchy pop-laced tracks, CJ is branching out with Chilli Devil Sauces to bring you the first in a line of hot sauces, debuting with ‘Devilspit’ and it’s a bumstinger.

‘My brand new hot sauce made to my own secret recipe. Devilspit is a gourmet, hand made, combination of chilli sauce, BBQ sauce and beer. Three of my favourite things all in one bottle. This one will not be the hottest sauce I bring out, but it’s a good introduction to the line and, trust me, it will hurt a little… say a 7/10 on the heat scale. The sauce is handmade with all natural ingredients and definitely no chilli extract just pure honest heat.’

  • Better Late Than Never
  • Down The Drain
  • Next To You
  • Vitriol
  • Always Believe Her
  • Kentucky Fried
  • D.C
  • Come With Me
  • State Of Emergency
  • Devil
  • Midlife Crisis
Rober Plant's New Album 'lullaby and.....The Ceaseless Roar'

Robert Plant's new album lullaby and.... The Ceaseless Roar is scheduled to be release via Nonesuch Records on September 9th.  The album was recorded with Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters.  Robert says of his new album:

“It’s really a celebratory record, powerful, gritty, African, Trance meets Zep,” Plant says. “The whole impetus of my life as a singer has to be driven by a good brotherhood. I am very lucky to work with The Sensational Space Shifters. They come from exciting areas of contemporary music…I have been around awhile and I ask myself, do I have anything to say? Is there a song still inside me? In my heart? I see life and what’s happening to me. Along the trail there are expectations, disappointments, happiness, questions and strong relationships,” Plant explains, “… and now I’m able to express my feelings through melody, power and trance; together in a kaleidoscope of sound, colour, and friendship.” 

Robert talks about what the album means to him

Here is a preview of his new song "Rainbow"




Monday 23 June 2014

Black Star Riders Extensive  UK Dates 
First UK Tour With New Bassist Robbie Crane
Black Star Riders announce the departure of bass player Marco Mendoza after the band’s current US tour, ending June 22ndand the arrival of new bassist, Robbie Crane.

Marco, a founding member of Black Star Riders, has decided to pursue other projects after potential conflicts in schedules.

His replacement will be Robbie Crane (formerly of Ratt, Vince Neil and Lynch Mob).

Scott Gorham ‘I am very sad to see Marco go. We have been together in a band now for almost 20 years and Marco is my brother and we wish him well for the future. It’s an amicable parting of ways and we all respect that Marco wants to do other projects outside of Black Star Riders and there just isn’t time to do both’

Ricky Warwick ‘Marco will always be part of the BSR family and a true friend of ours.  We are very happy to introduce Robbie Crane to everyone as the new BSR bass player. The guy killed the audition and we can’t wait to get on stage with him on our Euro run starting mid July and then of course in the studio in the Autumn for the recording of the second Black Star Riders Record’

Marco Mendoza ‘I loved my time in Black Star Riders and want to thank all the fans for making the last year on road so successful. I am sorry to be leaving the band but I feel it’s time for me to pursue other avenues, some of which I have already been working with, all of which I am very excited about. I wish the guys all success in the future and I am very happy that my friend Robbie Crane will continue to blaze with BSR’

But exciting things are ahead with the addition of veteran bassist Robbie Crane.  “I am very excited to be a part of the Black Star Riders family.  As a long time fan of their music, I am thrilled to be a part of the band”.

Black Star Riders
(Featuring Ricky Warwick – Vocals, Scott Gorham & Damon Johnson, Guitars, Jimmy DeGrasso – Drums and Robbie Crane – Bass)  play the following dates in July and August :

July 18th – UK – Holmfirth, Picturedrome
July 19th – UK – Eddw Vale, Steelhouse Festival
July 20th – UK – Brighton, Concorde 2
July 22nd – UK – Northampton, Roadmenders
July 23rd – UK – Leicester, Academy
July 24th – UK – Guildford, G Live
July 25th – Germany – Bochum, Zeche
July 26th – Sweden – Falkenberg, Falkenberg RockFest
July 27th – Germany – Berlin, C-Club
July 29th – Germany – Munich, Free & Easy / Backstage Werk
July 30th – Germany – Saarbrucken, Garage
July 31st – Germany – Geiselwind, Bike & Music Weekend
August 1st – Germany – Wacken, WOA Festival
August 2nd – Sweden – Rejmyre, Skogsrojet Festival
August 3rd – Sweden – Helsingborg, Tivoli
August 5th – UK – Preston, 53 Degrees
August 6th – UK – Buckley, Tivoli
August 7th – UK – Birmingham, Asylum
August 8th – Sweden – Gavle, Getaway Rock Festival
August 9th – Norway – Alesund, Back in the Fields Festival

The Band then head into the studio to record the follow up to the 2013 release ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ for Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

The album, as yet untitled, will be scheduled for release in February 2015, with European and US tours to follow with other territories the band has not played as yet the first time around.

Friday 20 June 2014


The tracks that Judas Priest has been offering the public as a prelude to the official July 8, 2014 release date of their 17th album overall, 'Redeemer of Souls,' are stirring up quite a buzz within the heavy metal community. On June 17th, eager fans will be able to sample another winning metallic rocker from the legendary band, when "Dragonaut" is made available for purchase via iTunes and other digital retailers.

In the mean time, you can listen to "Dragonaut" via the Rolling Stone site, which has premiered the track:

And you can pre-order the deluxe album version via these links: - iTunes - Amazon

Also, the band has confirmed that the night before the release of 'Redeemer of Souls,' Glenn Tipton, Rob Halford, and Richie Faulkner will appear on the Rockline radio program. Joining host Bob Coburn on Monday July 7, 2014 at 8:30 PT / 11:30 ET, fans are encouraged to speak with Judas Priest at 1-800-344-ROCK (7625). For a station near you and for information regarding how to log onto the Internet for the broadcast go to The show will be streamed for free on the Rockline website
beginning the evening after the day of broadcast.

And on the day of the album's release, Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner will appear on Sirius XM's 'Town Hall' program. Fans are being asked to submit questions that winners will be able to ask the band in person:

Comprised of Rob Halford (vocals), Glenn Tipton (guitar), Richie Faulkner (guitar), Ian Hill (bass), and Scott Travis (drums), Judas Priest is responsible for some of heavy metal's all-time classic songs ("Living After Midnight," "Breaking the Law," "You've Got Another Thing Coming," etc.) and albums ('British Steel,' 'Screaming for Vengeance,' 'Painkiller,' etc.

The countdown to the release of Priest's latest studio triumph has officially begun, and "Dragonaut" provides further proof that 'Redeemer of Souls' will be a prime slice of Judas Priest metal.


Wednesday 18 June 2014

RENAISSANCE's SYMPHONY OF LIGHT Available As Classical Rock Band Plan 2014 Fall Shows
(Symphony of Light's three bonus tracks include a song "Renaissance Man" dedicated to the memory of Michael Dunford, Renaissance's Late Great Songwriter and Guitarist)

Renaissance have secured a distribution deal with Red River Entertainment, which now allows their new music to be heard worldwide.  The new album is called, SYMPHONY OF LIGHT and contains the songs of its 2012 release, GRANDINE IL VENTO, plus three bonus tracks: "Renaissance Man," "Immortal Beloved" and "Tonight.”

“Symphony of Light” is the title track-about and dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci.  Also featured is "Renaissance Man," written by lead singer Annie Haslam and keyboardist Rave Tesar in honor of the late Michael Dunford.  Michael joined Renaissance in 1970; in January 1971 Annie joined the band.  They continued touring and recording until 1987. In 2009 the band reunited, spearheaded by Annie and Michael for their 40th Anniversary tour, they continued to tour and write new songs.  

SYMPHONY OF LIGHT is now regarded as a true testament to the unforgettable melodies and love that Michael Dunford infused into his work. Michael died prematurely in late 2012 after GRANDINE was completed. The album starts off with powerful lyrics by Annie Haslam in the song "Symphony of Light" followed by "Waterfall," a song written about the rainforests in Brazil.  All the songs bathe the listener in flavors from far off countries, with lush orchestral arrangements and unusual lyrical content, with guest performances from Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) and John Wetton (Asia).

SYMPHONY OF LIGHT's album cover was designed and painted by Annie Haslam, who has a flourishing career as an artist known for her unique, signature style.  Annie calls herself an “Intuitive Visionary Painter,” "I channel other dimensions, planes of existence, deep into space. I can tune into people, animals, situations, places, tangible and intangible, all from a simple thought and intention."

Annie has donated paintings to animal groups that include The Farm Sanctuary and the Humane Society of the United States for their fundraising auctions.  She paints musical instruments and has painted acoustic guitars for C.F. Martin Guitars (one of her guitars hangs in their museum) and electric violins manufactured by Mark Wood. Her work was on display at The Florence Biennale in Florence, ITALY in 2005. Fans have commented that looking at Annie's paintings is like looking at her music, and she displays her work at all her concerts for the fans to enjoy.

Nicholas J. Sands, director of Sands & Company Fine Art in New York City, heralded Annie's paintings as “magical, enigmatic and wondrous for their ability to take us to a far-away place… of fluid forms that are at once alien and familiar, primordial yet recognizable, which dance in an endless array of colors that are as rich and intense as molten lava.”

Renaissance is: Annie Haslam lead vocals, Rave Tesar keyboards, David J Keyes bass guitar, Jason Hart keyboards, Frank Pagano drums, Ryche Chlanda acoustic guitars.

1. Symphony of Light
2. Waterfall
3. Grandine il Vento
4. Porcelain
5. Cry to The World (guest appearance Ian Anderson on flute)
6. Air of Drama
7. Blood Silver Like Moonlight (Annie's duet with Asia's John Wetton)
8. The Mystic and The Muse
9. Tonight
10. Immortal Beloved
11. Renaissance Man

(Stay tuned to as more dates are announced.)

October 23   Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield, CT
October 24   The Concert Hall, New York NY
October 25   Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA
October 30   The Center for Arts in Natick, Natick, MA
October 31    Hart Theatre, Albany, NY
November 1  Tupelo Music Hall, Londonderry, NH
November 2  Narrows Center for the Arts, Fall River, MA

Important Websites

Long Awaited Crosby Stills Nash and Young Live Boxed Set available for Pre Order
"CSNY 1974"

The Long Awairted live boxed set from Crosby Stills Nash and Young "CSNY 1974" is now available for Pre Order

CSNY 1974, the long awaited box set from David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young’s historic 1974 tour will be released on July 7th. CSNY 1974 will be available as 3CD & 1DVD set and Pure Audio Blu-Ray (192kHz/24-bit) & 1DVD set plus Digital Download  and a 1CD ‘selections’ edition.
The Box includes
• 40 tracks, all completely unreleased until now •
• A Bonus DVD of previously unreleased concert footage •
• 188 page booklet of never before seen tour photos •

Track Listing 
Disc: 1
1. Love The One You're With 
2. Wooden Ships 
3. Immigration Man 
4. Helpless 
5. Carry Me 
6. Johnny's Garden 
7. Traces 
8. Grave Concern 
9. On The Beach 
10. Black Queen 
11. Almost Cut My Hair 
Disc: 2
1. Change Partners 
2. The Lee Shore 
3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 
4. Our House 
5. Fieldworker 
6. Guinevere 
7. Time After Time 
8. Prison Song 
9. Long May You Run 
10. Goodbye Dick 
11. Mellow My Mind 
12. Old Man 
13. Word Game 
14. Myth Of Sisyphus
15. Blackbird 
16. Love Art Blues 
17. Hawaiian Sunrise 
18. Teach Your Children 
19. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
Disc: 3
1. Deja Vu 
2. My Angel 
3. Pre-Road Downs 
4. Don't Be Denied 
5. Revolution Blues 
6. Military Madness 
7. Long Time Gone 
8. Pushed It Over The End 
9. Chicago 
10. Ohio 
Disc: 4
1. Only Love Can Break Your Heart  
2. Almost Cut My Hair 
3. Grave Concern 
4. Old Man 
5. Johnny's Garden 
6. Our House 
7. Deja Vu 
8. Pushed It Over The End 

Pre Order from here