Tuesday 10 June 2014

The Silverstone Classic With Gibson Brands

The Silverstone Classic is known as the ‘World’s Biggest Classic Motor Racing Festival’, with around 1000 classic cars competing in 20 races, 9000 classic and exotic cars on display, a live rock concert (the overall event is styled ‘Rockin’ and Racing’) and 160 exhibitors and retail outlets who make up a trade village. There are musical performances by Canned Heat and Bonnie Tyler.
This year Gibson Brands will be making another appearance at this famous event with a prime placement in the trade village with a 400-square foot Gibson-branded tent, for fan activations, interactive product setups (Min-E-Tune-equipped guitars for attendees to “test drive”) and live product demo performances for fans and lifestyle press. They’re also bringing back the ‘Gibson Cyberstage’ which was hugely popular last year, this is green-screen setup where participants are filmed playing guitar on what looks like a real Gibson stage. Participants are taught a guitar riff via an instructor-provided quick guitar tuition method using a Gibson USA Min-E-Tune guitar (beginning with tuning).  

They will then be filmed playing the guitar riff they learned alongside an original backing track. This footage will be uploaded to the Gibson Cyberstage and montages of the performances created that show each participant playing a portion of the song. These will be posted on Gibson UK’s social media channels and participants encouraged to share with their friends.

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