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Beatlemania:The Real Story of The Beatles UK Tours 1963-1965: Book review

Beatlemania:The Real Story of The Beatles UK Tours 1963-1965
Martin Creasy
 I have to own up here and say that I am a sucker for Books on the Beatles. The Fab Four have been at the forefront of my mind since 1963 when as a 5 year old I heard my Mum playing “She Loves You”
As I got older of course my interest became more profound both musically and in terms of my reading material I have literally read hundreds and probably getting nearer thousands of books on the Beatles and there seems to be another dozen books published every year.
This particular book however really caught my eye because it covers a period of musical history quite unrivalled either before or since then. In the years 1963-1965 it really did seem if the world was screaming at the Beatles.
In addition to the details of the tours the minutia of detail contained in this book literally makes you laugh out loud. The fact that even having read so many books on the “Fab Four” there are still little snippets that make me go “I didn’t know that” is amazing and as a fan of long standing I know that I am not alone in my pursuit of info about my favourite band
The book is well researched and it seems that Martin Creasy interviewed almost everyone who was connected to the band if not any of the Beatles themselves but then having watched Anthology I am not sure that the band themselves could have shed any more light on a subject that for them was part of “The Job” No, it is the thoughts and memories of others who were in their orbit I am interested in and this book delivers in spades. There are of course no major scandals or salacious gossip included here but it is the personal memories of those involved that touch me and really hit home and give me a flavour of just what it was like to be near the Beatles in that very special two year period.
One for music fans then no matter what period of music you are into but if you are a Beatles fan then this book is indispensable
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