Monday 6 January 2014

Delivering the Black

Frontiers Records
24 January 2014

Release dates:
Europe: January  24th 2014
North America: January  28th 2014

Tracklisting: King For a Day; Rebel Faction; When Death Comes Knocking; Alive & On Fire; Delivering the Black; Road to Asylum; One Night In December; Never Pray for Justice; Born with a Broken Heart; Innocent Man (*); Inseminoid; Man Without Shadow (*)

(*) Only available on Deluxe edition

DVD (Only available on Deluxe edition)– When Death Comes Knocking (video), King For A Day (video), Making of the Album (video).

If you’re talking about today’s European top Heavy Metal acts, then the discussion will head straight towards Primal Fear. Former Gamma Ray vocalist Ralf Scheepers and bassist/vocalist Mat Sinner, two of the most respected German metal musicians founded the band in late 1997.

With nine studio albums released, two live products and a Best-Of, Primal Fear are certainly one of nowadays most beloved and respected worldwide Heavy Metal bands. Their last studio album “Unbreakable” became their highest chart entry in Germany on Pos. 31 and charted in 7 more countries.

After some very serious songwriting sessions and an intense pre-production schedule, the band started to record the new album “Delivering The Black” in summer 2013 at the House of Music studios in Germany, with producer Mat Sinner and engineer Achim Koehler. The direction was to create the most powerful Primal Fear album ever. The band moved to Denmark in September to finish the album with acclaimed producer/engineer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Pretty Maids, Amaranthe) handling the mix.

“Delivering The Black” combines the strongest Primal Fear moments ever, with a well-balanced typical Primal Fear trademark riff-vibe crushing songs and some very ambitious musical journeys. The center of the album are the two epic tracks “When Death Comes Knocking” and the 10 minute opus “One Night In December”, spiced with big orchestral arrangements and complex sound designs.

Classic and ultra-fresh Primal Fear riff-rockers like the title track “Delivering The Black”, the album opener “King For A Day” or the groove monsters “Alive And On Fire” and “Road To Asylum” will hit the bulls-eye, like the untamed speed killer “Rebel Fraction”. Less experiments, more metal! The outstanding ballad “Born With A Broken Heart” shows a new picture of Primal Fear with an acoustic guitar feeling and the addition of Liv Kristine (Leaves’ Eyes) on backing vocals.

Singer Ralf Scheepers says: “We worked hard to create our best album ever. I already felt the vibe during the pre-production, that we were working on something very special this time! And now the result is just an amazing Metal album, I’m extremely proud of!”Producer/bassist Mat Sinner adds: “The songs, the production, the sound – this album is a very special one for me and my career. In my view everybody in the band just did a killer job and Jacob was fantastic choice to mix the album!”

Anticipated by the release of the digital only single “When Death Comes Knocking”, Primal Fear are about to release their strongest album ever: “Delivering The Black”.Don’t miss the German Metal Commando on their worldwide tour in 2014!

Primal Fear
Ralf Scheepers – Vocals
Alex Beyrodt – Guitars
Magnus Karlsson – Guitar, Keyboards
Randy Black – Drums
Mat Sinner – Bass & Vocals

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